Water War?! Foamboard Boat+Gatling Gun VS Dive-bombers 🚢😲

  • Published on Jun 16, 2019
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  • FliteTest
    FliteTest  5 months ago +150

    Previous Battleship Video: tvclip.biz/video/x80M6oUZcWE/video.html
    A10 vs Tank Video: tvclip.biz/video/4BBnYPuM2s0/video.html

    • rubylyn dela cruz
      rubylyn dela cruz 15 days ago

      Are tou selling airplane

    • Josiah Hinton
      Josiah Hinton 3 months ago +1


    • PoorManRC
      PoorManRC 4 months ago

      I absolutely NEED that Kneel Chair that Jeremy recommended. I've had serious issues, and that looks like a good solution!!
      That Battle... EPIC!!
      Carmine ✈🚂🚙

    • Spade Tv
      Spade Tv 4 months ago

      @Salima Manowa yeah thats cool but i made the same thing using cardboard ducktape flextape flexseal expabding foam and spraypaint . in other words top that flight test

    • Salima Manowa
      Salima Manowa 4 months ago


  • Jotelaa
    Jotelaa 6 minutes ago

    eggs would make better bombs

  • PRO Plays
    PRO Plays Day ago

    You should put airsoft in the “turrets” and move them with servos!

  • PRO Plays
    PRO Plays Day ago +2

    Do airsoft dogfights with airplanes!

  • devon mrfluffyface

    Those no bombs

  • Tammy
    Tammy Day ago


  • m3c taka
    m3c taka 3 days ago


  • Emily Milano
    Emily Milano 3 days ago

    That’s lobs of bucks

  • Christopher Fralick
    Christopher Fralick 4 days ago

    I wonder if you could use a buffalo turbine debris blower as a turbine and be able to fly it in a homemade plane

  • Bobjeffmcmac B
    Bobjeffmcmac B 4 days ago +1

    Thanks. This channel helped me get onto the RC airplane hobby!

  • he he
    he he 4 days ago

    I'm a okhama steffes

  • Hrugomemez
    Hrugomemez 5 days ago

    Make a video that there are some WWII tanks and planes like war Thunder. Can u please if u do it can u pleasy please add SU-85. I love ur Chanel

  • Steve Lewis
    Steve Lewis 6 days ago

    So someone could build a small fishing boat out of foam board!?

  • Game_Over
    Game_Over 6 days ago

    Blackbeard is that you?

  • Corey Kennedy
    Corey Kennedy 6 days ago

    Hey build a 50 ft flying cannon

  • John Thomas
    John Thomas 7 days ago

    WW2 video

  • Angela Lambka
    Angela Lambka 9 days ago

    turn it into titanic.

  • Navi Is Faze
    Navi Is Faze 10 days ago +1

    What if you make a rideable plane vs rideable boat ? Its gonna be cool !!

  • Duke The Creator
    Duke The Creator 11 days ago

    Seemed so fake when he spoke about his grandpa, I swear YT's just bring/make things up for content!

  • Duke The Creator
    Duke The Creator 11 days ago

    Cluster bomb system- drop three bombs from each wing.....🤔.. I dont think how that works!? Lol..... a cluster bomb releases one bomb that outer housing shell opens to allow the dispersion of the smaller ordinance inside.

  • sid thesquidman
    sid thesquidman 13 days ago

    I love the respect to the veterans also the kamekazis were very brave people

  • Mike Robert Tabayocyoc

    How could I try this at home do I look like Phineas and ferb

  • Zaiden Bundt
    Zaiden Bundt 14 days ago

    Yeah....equating your experience sitting on a cardboard boat about to get bombed by rubber duckies is exactly the same as what your grandfather must've felt when he was about to get bombed by the Japanese

    SUPREMELEADERBORK76 15 days ago +1

    I cant belive jermeys dad shot down the last kamakazie of the WWII

  • Levi Dawson
    Levi Dawson 15 days ago

    can you guys please put a video on how you built the bubble top p 47

  • admiral chirp
    admiral chirp 16 days ago

    Now make a second one and attach guns and make them fight until one sinks

  • CT-5555
    CT-5555 16 days ago

    How bout an 80-90 ish pound person?
    Totally not referring to myself, nope, never

  • ScoutMaster_LP 007
    ScoutMaster_LP 007 17 days ago

    You should have hired a midgit to drive the boat

  • Devin Russell
    Devin Russell 17 days ago

    That foam suit Stephen was was wearing,looks like armor in the pc game Minecraft.It's Minecraft meets reality/the real world LOL!😂.

  • Ela Wisniewska
    Ela Wisniewska 17 days ago

    Can you do waterproof kamikaze planes??

  • hayes butler
    hayes butler 17 days ago


  • Moms Email Account Do NOT change it!

    Hey flight test I have a Idea for a build B-25 MICHELE WITH GUNS! AND I LOVE HISTORY SO MUCH I would like to have a pack for it after you get it done plz

  • Rafael ifshsm
    Rafael ifshsm 19 days ago

    why not drop those bb grenade's

  • yuan reem yumuya
    yuan reem yumuya 19 days ago

    Build a buggatti

  • Zachtus Beanzo
    Zachtus Beanzo 23 days ago

    Anyone else notice the f18?

  • Thumb Egg
    Thumb Egg 23 days ago

    I got confused because I live in Edgewater but it’s in Florida

  • Kyle Merrill
    Kyle Merrill 24 days ago

    XX x

  • jcbstauffer
    jcbstauffer 25 days ago

    You should make a model of the Titanic or the Britannic or just make the Britannic and then make mini torpedoes or bombs and sink the HMHS Britannic

  • Dwayne Venzon
    Dwayne Venzon 26 days ago


    Sunken Yamato:Are you copying me?

  • Mark Hahn
    Mark Hahn 29 days ago

    You guys have so much fun. It would be awesome to be a part of your crew! Jealous 😎

  • Terri Herlitz
    Terri Herlitz Month ago +1

    Tell Jeremy that the wasp sank in the battle of midway 😭

  • Jeremiah Bayles
    Jeremiah Bayles Month ago

    Putting all your ducks in one basket... wait.. is that how they say it??

  • anna gillott
    anna gillott Month ago


  • Ethan Hofstetter
    Ethan Hofstetter Month ago

    try to build a plan that you can go on

  • Dave Brown
    Dave Brown Month ago

    You should make them remote control booms 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  • Juice Squid
    Juice Squid Month ago

    ancient hobo dude

  • Jase Walters
    Jase Walters Month ago +1

    THAT was cool, my father was a dive bomber radio man in WW2 so this held a super special meaning for me. THANK YOU fellas - quit having so much fun willya! LOL



  • Md Ia
    Md Ia Month ago

    Do a nasa space shuttle and try to fly it

  • Nicolay Brovold
    Nicolay Brovold Month ago

    Make a plane have the minigun

  • Ryland Pullen
    Ryland Pullen Month ago

    You should make a airsoft war ship that can actually shoot by itself And then put air soft on the airplane

  • I hope You're offended

    Shoot the battleship up with the multi barrel gun! That! Would be cool! 🍺😎👍

  • bryan diel
    bryan diel Month ago


  • Estrella Baltazar
    Estrella Baltazar Month ago

    Can you build titanic like if u agree

  • Henny Nagy
    Henny Nagy Month ago

    Try to build : Disney's Planes, Fire and Rescue. Thank you.

  • Ege Elçin
    Ege Elçin Month ago

    Round 3 4 i wanna watch all of them

  • Stabler Padron
    Stabler Padron Month ago

    Me sitting thinking how many sponsers they have😂😂🤔🤔

  • Owen Brenton
    Owen Brenton Month ago

    You should drop chunks of sodium on the boats. Water + sodium = awesome

  • Ismael Barrientos
    Ismael Barrientos Month ago

    Add fireworks

  • Wit Wunsz
    Wit Wunsz Month ago

    Oh shet