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  • Published on Oct 20, 2012
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    A lone wild dog comes across a hyena after calling for hours as he walked down a road at Londolozi Game Reserve, bordering the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Filmed by: Sean Carter
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  • bucky rocky
    bucky rocky 15 days ago

    Two similar animals who never wants to live alone.

  • Clyde Pratt
    Clyde Pratt 21 day ago

    I think that they were playing together

  • Marcio K9
    Marcio K9 2 months ago

    Wow.Like from Brasil.

    CHERI ROSS 3 months ago

    I think that hyena could of eaten that dog, but maybe they both were just"looking for company",lol

  • Александр Попов

    Встретились две родственные души по духу ! Два социальных изгнанника ! Только понять не могут почему мы такие разные внешне, а желания одинаковые !!! Видимо это такой момент когда инстинкт отключается и появляется что то более сильное , возможно разум .

  • Wisdom of Nod!
    Wisdom of Nod! 8 months ago

    Ah-h...amoré shines in the malevolent eyes of these cruel skull crushers as they gaze pathologically into each other's soul. This brings to mind many famous deadly unions of the past:
    Bonnie & Clyde
    Wild Bill & Calamity Jane
    Henry Lee Lucas & Ottis O'Toole

  • MataElang404 Project
    MataElang404 Project 8 months ago

    Wildog : hey fella, lets play!
    Hyena : not now, leave me alone
    Wildog : ah, come on play with me
    Hyena : No
    Wildog : why fella, i will be a good friend
    Hyena : you are ugly
    Wildog : Ok, i will find another one
    Hyena : hey hey hey, wait!! i was just kidding

  • roseforyoubabe
    roseforyoubabe 9 months ago

    the hyena would kill the wild dog if it gets a chance

  • Abyss
    Abyss 9 months ago

    Must be a male hyena..

  • Cedric J
    Cedric J Year ago

    Survival is the number one priority in the wild and all the animals realize it. They're very smart. They don't engage in unnecessary fighting only when it's necessary. That's why lions put up with hyenas, hyenas put up with wild dogs, etc. And sometimes you see weird associations because survival is number one.

  • WildlifeObsessed
    WildlifeObsessed 3 years ago

    'Hit' - read 'the'.
    F@@@ing Microsoft.

  • tamtam
    tamtam 3 years ago +28

    a stray wild dog and a depressed hyena?

  • Banditka 95
    Banditka 95 3 years ago +10

    It looks like the Wild dog wants to play with the hyena? It looks so cute ^.^

  • Steven Cassidy
    Steven Cassidy 4 years ago

    Thats a male hyena, much less nasty then the females

  • Taher Saad
    Taher Saad 4 years ago

    yes great video

  • Sonny Gough
    Sonny Gough 4 years ago +1

    Natural enemies. Was the Hyena sick?

  • WeylandYutaniInc
    WeylandYutaniInc 5 years ago

    Well they had no food to argue over....throw some meat and let the sparks fly.

  • Eric Leong
    Eric Leong 5 years ago

    What kinda bird is that?

  • leon3
    leon3 5 years ago +2

    their pack instincts are strong.

  • wyx dhy
    wyx dhy 5 years ago +6

    If it were not for the starvation all those animals would be friends.

  • A. C.
    A. C. 5 years ago +1

    Nature is just perfect! :D

  • Lus Ceebtoom
    Lus Ceebtoom 5 years ago +16

    They're saying to each other,
    "Can't we all just get along!?"

  • Patrick Carlin
    Patrick Carlin 5 years ago +15

    They should team up!!

  • dwayne johnson
    dwayne johnson 5 years ago

    its funny because he thought the hyena was a dog at first, but they are related to wolverines actually, or was it bears, maybe Tasmanian devils?

  • dwayne johnson
    dwayne johnson 5 years ago +24

    That hyena knows damn well he is not about that canine life, but you know what this just gave me a good idea. A wild dog kicked out of the pack forced to go it alone. On the way he meats the hyena, and the two set out on a journey to find a wildlife refuge where they can be safe and live the good life. They will face many dangers on the way, poachers, predators, assholes with cameras, and worst of all Justine Bieber.

    • InsaneYandere
      InsaneYandere Year ago

      lol I didn't expect this wild Justin Bieber that has just appeared

    • Jesus Ortiz
      Jesus Ortiz Year ago

      dwayne johnson jaja Justine bieber.

    • George Drake
      George Drake 4 years ago

      well you can write a book about that haha

  • TheSick83
    TheSick83 5 years ago +1

    they knew they were both predators but like humans when on your own, theirs none of this influential bullshit put on by ur peers

    • Mason Gallant
      Mason Gallant 5 years ago +1

      Very interesting way to look at it. I agree :)

  • TheSanityInspector
    TheSanityInspector 5 years ago +6

    Identity crisis.

  • Anna Pauletta
    Anna Pauletta 5 years ago +14

    Very interesting... I have never seen anything like it!

  • josemuytigre
    josemuytigre 5 years ago

    Somebody has noticed that a road is there ??? very soon you wont see hyenas you will see houses....

    • 4exgold
      4exgold 5 years ago +3

      no, all wildlife parks in South Africa have dirt roads (and sometimes tarmac roads) through them for people to go and watch the animals from vehicles. There will be no houses built here I am 100% sure.

  • megaabhij
    megaabhij 5 years ago +7

    they understood that that was not the right time to fight with eachother. hyenas n wils dogs hunt in groups. group is their main strength. moreover there was no prey for them at all so why they fight???

  • douglas mccullough
    douglas mccullough 5 years ago +34

    I think they were both lonely outcasts.

    • Sir.Cheney Clinton Bush
      Sir.Cheney Clinton Bush 11 months ago

      Ali Hussain
      I like buth. yeah they can be very cruel but life is cruel. Us humans are cruel

    • Ali Hussain
      Ali Hussain Year ago +1

      Brandon wright exactly. The only time one could actually like wild dog and hyena.

    • brandon wright
      brandon wright Year ago +2

      douglas mccullough agreed nice to see no blood shed

  • Omerath9
    Omerath9 5 years ago +11

    temporary truce

  • xxwhatevahxx
    xxwhatevahxx 5 years ago +3

    Hyenas are their own species, Hyaenidae.... they are are the last of its kind.... consider yourselves lucky, because these are the smallest Hyaenidae, they used to run around 1000 lbs.... chewing Lions for breakfast...

  • fml3131
    fml3131 5 years ago +1

    Awww they should be the best of friends instead!

  • fuzzywzhe
    fuzzywzhe 6 years ago +2

    The markings on that dog are incredible. I've never seen a coat like that on any dog.

    • Arnold Hans Decierdo
      Arnold Hans Decierdo Month ago

      It's really beautiful. I like to have a shirt with a wild dog print.

  • Bucky Raymond
    Bucky Raymond 6 years ago

    I don't like Wild dogs...

  • ray charls
    ray charls 6 years ago +2

    good job

  • Balataraz Balatarin
    Balataraz Balatarin 6 years ago +1

    حکایت رفاقت هاشمی رفسنجانی و خاتمی

  • a pile of dung
    a pile of dung 6 years ago +2

    wow, that's really awesome. it's like the wild dog wanted to play, but the hyena was more interested in checking him out. haha.

  • tigger1995Magi
    tigger1995Magi 6 years ago

    A hyena is not related to a mongoose they are scientifically proven to be cats bahaha also to those saying they are gonna mate... A hyena is a cat a African wild dog, well it's in it's name

  • bofursgun
    bofursgun 6 years ago

    Amazing. Never seen the likes of it.

  • lonesome ricky
    lonesome ricky 6 years ago

    Maybe a new bride will rise... A.. Wild doyena :D

  • Schöneberger
    Schöneberger 6 years ago +2

    What the hell? That seems very odd to me. I would never imagine those two together

  • Aaron Brennan
    Aaron Brennan 6 years ago

    I hate Hyenas!

    • JeuneEtdur
      JeuneEtdur 8 months ago +4

      Aaron Brennan they hate you too

  • Goog Le
    Goog Le 6 years ago +2

    Yes, thank you anyways. They are closer to the mongoose than cats or dogs. But, are really Hyaenidae their own species.

  • Jakob Hensler
    Jakob Hensler 6 years ago

    you know that hyenas aren't even canidae

  • Victor Leading Horse
    Victor Leading Horse 6 years ago

    wow that's some amazing stuff. *Subscribed*. The blog link explainer is really nice too as so many of these clips end up on youtube without key context. Well done!

  • Goog Le
    Goog Le 6 years ago

    It looked like the Hyena was in heat?! Evolution in action. So that's one way new species come about? Hyena could have torn the dog apart. Hyenas hunt alone many times, and steal prey from even leopards in some cases. It's like the Grizzly and the Polar Bears when they meet were the ice and forest end. Sometimes they create a Ursid Hybrid (Grolar Bear).

  • Ikki La marca
    Ikki La marca 6 years ago


  • Navid Khan نویدخان يوسفزاي Yusufzai

    I think they are town mates thats why respecting eachother.

  • CbrF4i600
    CbrF4i600 6 years ago

    hyenas are bigger then i thought they were

  • Auggie
    Auggie 6 years ago

    Disney needs to get on this. I can already feel a song coming on...

  • Rex Bernard
    Rex Bernard 6 years ago

    I think they are both wondering: "Can I eat you?"

  • Edvin Saul Gonzalez
    Edvin Saul Gonzalez 6 years ago

    Que raro, increible.

  • tlig
    tlig 6 years ago

    Imagine the pungence in that "meeting".

  • Carl Perez
    Carl Perez 6 years ago

    Only Humans kill without reason or for pleasure, the hyena was probably full so why try to kill the wild dog, also the dog is faster and most likely smarter.

  • Jack the Tripper
    Jack the Tripper 6 years ago

    That lonely horny wild dog wants to mate with the hyena.

  • Lenny Drake
    Lenny Drake 6 years ago

    I wish you kept filming. These moments are rare treasures

  • Daniel León
    Daniel León 6 years ago

    clear the pair have things in common, such as getting married and devour their prey alive as it is not going to get along.

  • Geraldo Neto
    Geraldo Neto 6 years ago

    Painted dogs - definitly the most succeded hunters on earth...

  • SocalPerspective
    SocalPerspective 6 years ago

    I been watching a lot of dog/hyena videos and they have really strange reactions to one another... they are like homies but they don't know it yet.. wouldn't be so hungry if they did.

    BLACK JACK 6 years ago

    alpha dog and the hyena matriarch ,, hyena crossed the border so the talk goin on

  • rafael solorzano
    rafael solorzano 6 years ago

    The hyena could have killed him.or does the dog have domination?

  • Michael Harris
    Michael Harris 6 years ago

    The dog is lonely and looking for company. Laid down to establish a place of closeness. When the hyena walked away the dog got up and engaged further. Fatal attractions might explain it. Animals do this if there is none of their own species around or other similar reasons like rejection. The bites were to get a playful response but none came. A hyena who didn't laugh back.

  • Parker Wagstaff
    Parker Wagstaff 6 years ago

    painted dog?

  • Londolozi Game Reserve

    That is the sound of a wild dog calling

  • ste doran
    ste doran 6 years ago

    imagine what a hunter their offspring would be like

  • MrSeanw1978
    MrSeanw1978 6 years ago

    Is this the famous friendship where they team up to live their lives?

  • Saddie Spookei
    Saddie Spookei 6 years ago

    This is beautiful. The Wild Dog, does not even seem fearful he/she actually seems interested in wanting to play. And the Hyena eventually joins in and follows. This is this is amazing! Have you spotted these two anymore? Or was this a one time spotting?

  • Frank Burns
    Frank Burns 6 years ago

    lol, yeah, they are pretty ambitious with their prey for their size. Dogs are pretty smart, so they might be able to set their sights lower when they're on their own, but it's hard to say.
    One thing's for sure, this puppy was lucky that hyena was being so submissive for whatever reason. Those jaws would make short work of him.

  • Frank Burns
    Frank Burns 6 years ago

    No, under normal circumstances, one wouldn't, but this was a very weird situation. Both are pack animals, yet when they encountered each other, they were both solo. And the dog seemed to be lost and confused from the start, and probably hungry. I definitely don't think those nips were friendly or playful; they seemed much more like an attempt to size the situation up.

  • Frank Burns
    Frank Burns 6 years ago

    I know coyotes and probably wolves too will do that nip and flinch to prey that they're not sure about, hoping to trigger a flight response. I think that's probably what this wild dog was doing. Good thing for it, the hyena didn't run.

  • Justin S. L. Kesler
    Justin S. L. Kesler 6 years ago

    Wonderful video! I love your series, but this one takes the cake. What an interesting turn of events. Looking forward to learning more about what happens with the players in this story.

  • scoldedcat
    scoldedcat 6 years ago

    The Hyena might be sick.

  • Kevin
    Kevin 6 years ago

    The wild dogs run in packs similar to Wolves. They are also known as the most efficient hunters in all of Africa. They're also called, Painted dogs.