Meghan & Harry: Queen agrees 'period of transition' after crisis meeting

  • Published on Jan 13, 2020
  • There was something Shakespearean about the Royal family crisis meeting today at Sandringham. The warring factions of a troubled family parlayed in Norfolk. Cornwall, Cambridge and Sussex, all huddled under the ire of the Monarch.


    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle went to meet with the Queen to try and clarify their plans to step away from life as a royal couple. They agreed to a ‘period of transition’ before the couple move out of the spotlight of the royal family. ‘Megxit’ appears to be happening.

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  • Emily An
    Emily An 30 minutes ago

    Why are we not talking about Andrew? I think what he did is more serious don’t you?

  • ali
    ali 33 minutes ago

    on Christmas, all royals come together and pray wish for a tunnel
    wish for a drunk driver it worked last time why not again ????

  • ali
    ali 33 minutes ago

    on Christmas, all royals come together and pray wish for a tunnel
    wish for a drunk driver it worked last time why not again ????

  • patricia burell
    patricia burell 3 hours ago

    They have already sat down w/ Oprah for a tell-all!!! They are using the Royal family!!!

    • Emily An
      Emily An 30 minutes ago

      face is actually very pretty but her character is not. She's tired of faking so now she pull the bully/victim card to escape. She's the bully here.

  • Michael JoToya Jackson
    Michael JoToya Jackson 4 hours ago +1

    +Sarah Beth 966 : You didn't buy the Epstein killing his arrogant self either lol 🤣 😂 l didn't buy that freaking "LIE" either that 😈👺 👿👹 Devil is hiding out in one of those D.U.M.B Caves in EUROPE somewhere KILLED himself my behind what a JOKE.....!!!! 😜😝😛
    "LIARS" .......!!!! 😠😤😡

  • Donna Ciorra
    Donna Ciorra 5 hours ago


  • patricia treslove
    patricia treslove 10 hours ago

    The Queen is to blame for a lot of this, she has known what they were doing and has chosen to keep her head in the sand, when is the Queen going to do something for the people, her reign has been one long episode of her families disgraceful behavior, and yet when the people want something done like we wanted the Union Flag flown over Buckingham Palace when Diana died at half-mast, day after day we asked, in the end, all she agreed too was for the duration of Dianas Funeral, she wasn't even there, so what was the problem, well for a start she had no respect for Diana, even though Diana was the mother of a future King of this country─ and the Queen was never going to give in to a request from the people who support her lavish lifestyle. I am sick and tired of this heartless spiteful woman, who thinks that we should all bow down to her, she has done nothing for this country, that she hasn't been very well rewarded for, I have lived through her entire reign and it has been one scandal after another from her family, in the case of Charles disgraceful treatment of his young wife we had to watch Diana suffer for 12 years before the Queen did something, and that something was to end in 3 people dead in a Paris tunnel, taking Diana's protection of HRH away was the most spiteful act, the mother of a future King not having an HRH, Diana would have been much more difficult to murder with an HRH, but to then give it to the woman who was really the guilty party, shows what the Queen is really all about. She is only happy with her head in the sands, however, this time her family scandals have surpassed anything we could have imagined, remember she has paid hush money, which has made Andrew look even more guilty, and she has shielded in full view.

  • soinu foig
    soinu foig 11 hours ago

    Yall are a bunch of crybabies. A man is wanting to take his wife and live his own life without being in the spotlight as much as they are. Leave them be

  • Pure Explorer
    Pure Explorer 13 hours ago

    Meghan pretending she’s not listening when Harry asks for a job on behalf of her :))

    • Cassie
      Cassie 6 hours ago

      This trumps trump

  • Pip Pipster
    Pip Pipster 13 hours ago

    And here’s my one fingered salute 🖕

  • Pamela Meadows
    Pamela Meadows 15 hours ago

    Let's go back 9 and 10 years to how Kate was it one time treated by the press! That woman more than paid her dues with all the awful publicity much worse than what Meghan's went through. And summer trying to make it about race so we don't focus on the self-centeredness and mistakes Meghan's made

  • Pamela Meadows
    Pamela Meadows 15 hours ago

    I totally believe now Harry had mental health issues prior to meet Meghan. This would explain a lot.

    • Cassie
      Cassie 6 hours ago

      Dat grandma is smart

  • Cassie
    Cassie 16 hours ago

    I don't think Harry ever wanted to be part of this hoopla; Megan or not

  • Georgie Salgado
    Georgie Salgado 16 hours ago

    Meghan is a bit stupid or naive. She married Harry thinking “oh yay! I’m a princess and I get to live a lavish lifestyle, spend tax payers money.” When you marry a prince, you don’t just marry him, you marry his family too and all that comes with it including media scrutiny by the British press. If she doesn’t want the scrutiny, she shouldn’t have married Harry. It’s the same reason Cressida Bonas didn’t want to marry him because she knew her life would never be her own.

  • Martha Mendoza
    Martha Mendoza 17 hours ago

    Psalm 91

    • Cassie
      Cassie 16 hours ago

      If they going to mess up 👉🏼 I just wish they should leave the Queen alone . She’s old and she need respect 👉🏼 they are all selfish including her partner .

  • Elizabeth Mclaughlin
    Elizabeth Mclaughlin 17 hours ago

    Everything Meghan Markle has done is true what the Press has written and said about her they picked all these people here that stalking on this video I like her what about all the people who don't give me a break

  • 120metatron
    120metatron 20 hours ago

    There is so much money in the Royal family. They need to support Harry and Megan finacially not the public.

  • RA. J
    RA. J 20 hours ago

    Middle east crisis ? Australia crisis ? Do u know what crisis means ? Well I still say Meghan's wedding dress ruined her life.

  • dbedazzling1
    dbedazzling1 20 hours ago

    Bullshit!!! Y'all want Meghan to be a selfish brat, breaking rules and disrespectful n yet we must not notice or voice our opinion. When we do it's racist. I couldn't care less what colour she is. In fact her race is mixed. She could be blue, pink or green. Her character was always at question not her race. William always saw through her fake smile. Now she's suing the Sun bc he father willingly provided them with his medical records to prove he was sick n couldn't attend the wedding. She has no heart to put her father throught this at 72 with heart failure. My mom died few months ago with heart failure at 71. Meghan need to understand why ppl do not like. How she look is the least of our complaint. Her face is actually very pretty but her character is not. She's tired of faking so now she pull the bully/victim card to escape. She's the bully here.

  • Janet Conton
    Janet Conton 21 hour ago

    The moderator wont allow the woman in red to speak. She handled herself well.

  • Teatra Joseph
    Teatra Joseph 21 hour ago

    This krazy! Calling it Megxit, Megan is NOT the only one steppimg back! These cruel people need to get ah life, thier own life. God help the couple
    - Jesus loves ALL ✌

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni 22 hours ago

    the so called royal experts and correspondents, bunch of losers!

  • Rula Armoush
    Rula Armoush 23 hours ago

    Meghan as much as you broke Royal laws but you will never be Lady Diana...

  • Molly M
    Molly M 23 hours ago +1

    It’s not a disaster... it’s shameful. Everything the Monarchy does aids in the mystic of tradition. MM would have no tradition unless it was of her own making. MM probably gave Harry a choice. With little Archie, Harry knows his duty and his son will always come first. For that thought, Harry maintains and embraces his role as a father.

  • Dezy blue
    Dezy blue Day ago

    Dat grandma is smart

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni 22 hours ago

      Je rends grâce à Dieu pour une telle grand-mère. Avec un cœur plein d'amour et de compation pour ses enfants et surtout les petits enfants. Je lui souhaite une longue vie e

  • graham robinson
    graham robinson Day ago

    This trumps trump

  • northbadger
    northbadger Day ago


  • Alpha Diallo
    Alpha Diallo Day ago

    Devant moi votre arme du terre me pas puissant devant moi

  • Alpha Diallo
    Alpha Diallo Day ago

    Je entandu que arme Angleterre de terre et le plus puissant du monde entier ce faux

  • Alpha Diallo
    Alpha Diallo Day ago

    Si vous voulez ce mille ans de crises

  • evangeline cassinelli

    If they going to mess up 👉🏼 I just wish they should leave the Queen alone .
    She’s old and she need respect 👉🏼 they are all selfish including her partner .

  • James Jay
    James Jay Day ago +1

    Prince Harry acted like s real man 🤝🏼💪🏽much respect. God bless this young family 🙏🏼

  • Tom Brady
    Tom Brady Day ago

    Stop blaming Harry and mental illness. This is all about Megan's ambitions royalty and being the center of attention..

  • Tom Brady
    Tom Brady Day ago

    Speaking of color. The world is seeing Megan's true colors.. using royal family for her own personal gains. Let her walk away. Relinquish her title.. watch her cry foul, playing race card.

  • R A
    R A Day ago

    Its not messy.The tabloid makes it messy.

  • Elena Quah
    Elena Quah Day ago

    Does the Queen realize that this so called Royal family crisis is creating a Canadian Financial Crisis for ordinary Canadians expected to cover an annual Royal security cost of over a million pounds? This is not only UNFAIR for Canada, but also constitutes a disastrous reputation for the British Monarchy - especially the Royal couple on-the-move, who claims "financial independence" while depending on another country/a politically weak & financially-strained Canadian minority government to entertain this long-term security extravaganza - at the horrid expense of local Canadian taxpayers. If the British monarchy & the Royal couple still carry a sense of crown dignity, they should be covering whatever costs involved. After all, Canada did not invite them - they pick Canada. Just what kind of a "financial independence" are they talking about? Don't they understand the term enough that it also means financial independence from their "chosen" country of refuge? Who is in real crisis here?? The wealthy British Royals, or poor, ordinary Canadian folks?? If the Canadian PM has any sense of righteous governance & care for the Canadian people, he should be articulating a NO to what's happening - however politely he wants. Otherwise Canada as a nation will likely "revolt" (CTV) against this event. Unpleasant consequences, unfortunately, are deemed inevitable for all responsible/concerned. What an illogical world!

    • Elena Quah
      Elena Quah 8 hours ago

      @Deep hug Can sure appreciate that. However, on a fair and professional note, the UK Royal protagonists and the immediate Family should undertake to resolve their own crisis "responsibly". Expecting or leaving it to Canadian taxpaying families to bow in and shoulder their annual Royal security costs posts an international joke. Are they Canadians yet?

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug Day ago

      HIS WIFE|!

  • Pamela Meadows
    Pamela Meadows Day ago

    Since these differences have come out people are now pulling out tabloids from when Kate first hit the scene. The tabloids were horrible to her much worse than they had been to Megan!!!!so they're going to bring these differences up between Meghan and Kate they need to bring it all out in the open with what Kate had to put up with!!!!! Unlike man Kate handle things with Grace and dignity didn't force herself on people and people grew to love her by her actions. People accepted Megan right away unlike Kate and yet because of her behavior people became. Again Megan was accepted a lot quicker than Kate was. So Megan has only herself to blame it doesn't help with the kind of follower she has that are saying horrible things about Kate.

  • SA S
    SA S Day ago

    does Meghan believe in the saviour Jesus Christ .No she doesnt bc if u support what God calls an abomination then u are not true believer .Lord Jesus i pray u reveal yourself to MM and P.H

  • hashtag Speach_impedament

    15 minute Video and only one mention of the Andrew scandal which was quickly brushed off.

  • arbina Phonglo
    arbina Phonglo Day ago

    Run as much as news you want to distract... All we watch and hear is Andrew the paedophile

  • Helena Jalbert
    Helena Jalbert Day ago

    Je rends grâce à Dieu pour une telle grand-mère. Avec un cœur plein d'amour et de compation pour ses enfants et surtout les petits enfants.
    Je lui souhaite une longue vie en pleine santé et de bénédictions divines.

  • Sandra Ramos
    Sandra Ramos Day ago

    Well sadness Harry has a duty to his royal family , I think Magan is just selfishness on her part and wants to do her way Not thinking of Harry's future, he loves UK. She is trouble he will regret much....

  • Alex Guerriero
    Alex Guerriero Day ago

    And Andrew’s Epstein affair ? Stop distracting us.

  • Reina Chung
    Reina Chung Day ago

    How about stop funding the royal family to have privileged, lavish lifestyle just to have few pictures of their life events. Instead, funnel that money to the poor people living in their own country. Use that money to fight climate change, fires in Australia, saving wild life and so much more. Seriously! I know the monarchy has been in their culture for centuries but there are a lot more productive things they can use with that money instead of funding these people. Really, an adulterous future king and his Pedophile brother?! Good grief!

  • Emah Goldmann
    Emah Goldmann Day ago

    Harry did say he has mental struggle since the death of his mom. Even the strongest person is vulnerable sometimes

  • niduoe stre
    niduoe stre Day ago

    Imagine your kids telling you they wanna move out now that they’re married, but you still have to pay certain bills for them...😂

  • Wendy S. King
    Wendy S. King Day ago

    Meghan has been treated very cruelly, viciously, and meanly by British people. I don't blame them for wanting to leave. Until the royal family en masse stands up and sues the yellow press for racism, bullying, slander, and instigation to violence and murder, Meghan is not safe there. They killed Princess Diana and are well on track to do the same to Meghan.

  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson Day ago

    Who who voted white folks of various opinions to runnnnnnnnnnnn there Love ....such privileges....shessssssss blk. Hes blk Queen

    • niduoe stre
      niduoe stre Day ago

      The royal family is the largest welfare family supported.

  • Sandie Hiti
    Sandie Hiti Day ago

    And there is a question whether Canada will pay for their much is Megan being payed for doing a voice over for Disney? If u have a job, you don't get payed when u quit!

  • Sandie Hiti
    Sandie Hiti Day ago

    Sick of their playing the "race card."

  • bohemoth1
    bohemoth1 Day ago

    Why blame Megan for the stepping down. It's inherently racist to blame everything on her and to name it Megexit. You get a great BIG THUMBS down all around from me.

  • Elky PM
    Elky PM Day ago


  • Jessica Puerta
    Jessica Puerta Day ago

    I love how grandma is all dressed up at home for the interview. My grandmother would have pulled out her best dress.i love that pride.

  • Saved by his grace *G2G*

    Another distraction before another war. Yawn. Time to wake up guys

  • Rita Rakambaye
    Rita Rakambaye Day ago

    I don’t care about those people who stole diamonds 💎 and gold from the mother land.

  • Wind of Roses
    Wind of Roses Day ago

    In my country, there is a proverb as follows. Do not refuse those who come to you, do not pursue those who leave you. It teaches us that we should have broad minds to respect the will of others. It means we cannot change the will of others after all. Harry and Meghan would have bitter responsibilities in exchange for sweet independence.

  • My Time
    My Time Day ago

    Spot on ANDREW

  • My Time
    My Time Day ago

    Meghan is nothing like Diana!!

  • My Time
    My Time Day ago

    Meghan hasn’t accepted Meghan

  • Shay Watson
    Shay Watson Day ago