73 Questions With Hailey Bieber | Vogue

  • Published on Feb 8, 2019
  • While model Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) gets ready to shoot her Vogue cover, she answers 73 intriguing questions. Hailey talks about planning her wedding with Justin Bieber, her desire to learn the Shake Shack secret sauce recipe, and (almost!) shows us how to open up a beer with your teeth.

    Shot on location at Villa Carlotta, Los Angeles.

    Interviewed and directed by Joe Sabia
    Producer: Marina Cukeric
    DP: Jess Dunlap
    PM: Josh Young
    Edit and Color: Ryan Powell
    Post Sound: Bang World
    Styling: Taylor Angino
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    73 Questions With Hailey Bieber | Vogue
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  • Vardy J
    Vardy J Hour ago

    Spotted Ciara And Russel in a Restaurant and she felt embarassing.. Girl I'd be dead acting crazy and ask them to adopt me

  • Kitty Cali
    Kitty Cali 5 hours ago

    I like the way she look straight while answering questions, nice house, nice smile!

  • Jennifer Magallanes
    Jennifer Magallanes 13 hours ago

    Most of the questions are link to Justin..shows how irrelevant girly without Justin

  • Toys in action
    Toys in action 15 hours ago

    Interviewer: what are you frightened of ever losing
    Hailey: my engagement ring
    Selena: people i love

  • chanoknet wichainet
    chanoknet wichainet 17 hours ago

    i like her

  • TheHeadless Singer
    TheHeadless Singer 19 hours ago

    She reminds me of my cousins wife, but my other cousin reminds me of Justin, so weird

  • hanna w
    hanna w Day ago

    She's a supermodel? Not hating but she looks average to me. I guess you can be anything when you have famous parents

    ARUN DUTTA Day ago +1

    This is the first time I heard her voice. By the way, her voice is beautiful!

  • Raco Moore
    Raco Moore 2 days ago +2

    6:51 most awkward position you been in
    Her: when justin proposed to me
    Justin: am I a joke to you

  • xoxogg
    xoxogg 2 days ago

    Why does she low key look like a duck

  • bilal kolil
    bilal kolil 2 days ago

    Omg she doesnt have personnality

  • Dawson
    Dawson 2 days ago

    I hate this series.

    FIGHT LIKE A GIRL 3 days ago


  • yikes
    yikes 3 days ago


  • Margaux R
    Margaux R 3 days ago

    The couple Jelena 😭❤️

  • Milan Fergus
    Milan Fergus 3 days ago

    Most of the questions were about Justin 😂

  • Chelsea Chelsea
    Chelsea Chelsea 4 days ago

    Justin Bieber has no heart for people he is a jerk I hate him!!!

  • Johnny Vanakey Vance


  • Rizky Arifin
    Rizky Arifin 4 days ago

    I'm Sorry, Her INSTA Comments CANNOT opened or LIMITED COMMENT, so i truly doesn't love it instead.

    GAMING PANDAS 5 days ago +2

    waiting for 73 questions with SHAWN MENDES

  • Mak J
    Mak J 5 days ago

    Why does she have a Stockholm room???

  • Maryann Lee
    Maryann Lee 5 days ago

    ❤️❤️❤️Hailey....looks great, great clothes style....great heart.

  • Myalay Flowers
    Myalay Flowers 5 days ago +3

    Vogue: what is the best song for a runway
    Hailey: anything kanye
    Justin: this engagement is over

  • Misuki Jeon
    Misuki Jeon 5 days ago

    Why is they're house so simple?
    ...are they not rich??

  • xxx Magsx
    xxx Magsx 5 days ago +2

    She look more! Like auntie to justin

  • Anastasia Stewart
    Anastasia Stewart 6 days ago

    She's sweet... It's just this was boring

  • King
    King 6 days ago +2

    She's sweet,I can see why Bieber fell in love with her.

  • Status Quo
    Status Quo 6 days ago

    Her favorite portugese saying is 'Hi, how are you?' ?? really??

  • I don't know who
    I don't know who 6 days ago +8

    wtfffff.... In Selena's 73 questions they were like " wot r u most scared of" she said " loosing someone i love" BUT HAILEY SAID "Loosing my engagement ring"

    tbhhhh. idek what to say.

    • baby doll
      baby doll 4 days ago

      Golddigger I'd like to call hayley

  • Gabrielle Clement
    Gabrielle Clement 7 days ago

    She is so perfect and delicate it is amazing. She is know my Female Celebrity Crush.Funny story Justin used to be my Male Celebrity Crush.

  • Lara Ferreira
    Lara Ferreira 7 days ago


  • Gregorio Suter
    Gregorio Suter 7 days ago

    Almost feels like she is a figure. Not a real person.

  • Roxanne Heart
    Roxanne Heart 7 days ago +6

    Absolutely nothing about this video seemed genuine. It's very clear that she studied the questions prior to the interview.

  • Laurie
    Laurie 7 days ago +2

    For some reason i expected her to have a deeper serious sleek voice

  • Josshers
    Josshers 8 days ago

    This is the blandest and most awkward 73 questions of all

  • Maureen
    Maureen 8 days ago

    I will never get used to *'Hailey Bieber'*

  • Kade McCay
    Kade McCay 8 days ago

    The 'What do you mean' at the end was the only bit I thought was actually cool.

  • Harry Sanjaya
    Harry Sanjaya 8 days ago +1


  • Purple Sky
    Purple Sky 8 days ago

    Is there nothing to talk about her?

  • Nora Elrharrafi
    Nora Elrharrafi 8 days ago +1

    I was never really of fan of hailey Baldwin but after this video I realized how sweet and kind she is compared to other celebs

  • Janvi Chawla
    Janvi Chawla 8 days ago

    *waiting for 73 questions with BILLIE EILISH*

  • l u n a
    l u n a 8 days ago +5

    “what would you throw away”
    hailey : nothing i think he has great style
    me : remembers he dresses like a homeless man (sometimes) .... and i oop-

  • Mellow Near
    Mellow Near 8 days ago

    Sponsored by post mates

  • Alex Jul
    Alex Jul 9 days ago +1

    Is it just me or the question guy sounds so nice

  • Adriana M.A
    Adriana M.A 9 days ago

    Neta no entiendo cómo es que tiene seguidores y gente que la apoya, este mundo ya está muy podrido como para que tener gente así de maldita y presumidas como las hermanas nacashan si naaaacaaas

  • Sareda Hazelwood
    Sareda Hazelwood 9 days ago

    I hate how they made the one server a black woman in this white woman's video, wearing all white.

  • Diya Sinha
    Diya Sinha 9 days ago +8

    I think 50 % of all the questions thrown to HER included Justin and not her. 😓😞 That's not so good ! 😐

  • shingfo Bae bae
    shingfo Bae bae 9 days ago +1


  • ya00007
    ya00007 9 days ago

    What do you admire about him? "His heart for other people". Really? Divorce coming as soon as she wakes up!

  • Whajurgbo
    Whajurgbo 9 days ago

    Honestly who cares about her?

  • L Crisd
    L Crisd 10 days ago +5

    If she didn't have Baldwin for a surname, would she be in the cover of vogue?

  • Sofía Amaro.
    Sofía Amaro. 10 days ago


  • jane 123
    jane 123 10 days ago

    I still can't believe justin and she are married

  • Mehjabeen Ajaz
    Mehjabeen Ajaz 10 days ago +8

    *_So after watching this video I feel Selena is more natural, prettier, & nicer. I love her but probably Selena is better for me? Yup. (NO HATE OR NEGATIVE COMMENT.)_*

  • Coyte Coyte
    Coyte Coyte 10 days ago

    haley BIEBER is marrying justin BIEBER??? i feel like thats stoopid!

  • Salam Hamza
    Salam Hamza 10 days ago

    I still have not get used to the name hailey bieber

  • Rowena Labrado
    Rowena Labrado 11 days ago +2

    Selena is the best 😍😍😍

  • _you_ _zii_
    _you_ _zii_ 11 days ago +7

    I don't know why I hate her maybe cuz of Selena I really liked Justin with selena

    • no Puput
      no Puput 8 days ago

      I'm so sorry.. Sometimes dream not come true, but reality are much better

  • Theweirdbritishkid 67
    Theweirdbritishkid 67 11 days ago

    Poor girl has to see Justin bieber every day

  • Miranti Martin
    Miranti Martin 11 days ago

    She's very likeable

  • Davionna Evans
    Davionna Evans 11 days ago

    I love haily Bieber ingaged with Justin Bieber

  • emily reynolds
    emily reynolds 11 days ago

    it sucks how most of the questions are about clothes

  • Margaret Dell'Oglio
    Margaret Dell'Oglio 12 days ago

    Too many questions about Justin, why? This was about Hailey

  • ሶልያና ሶልያና

    Beautiful haliey so Ilove u😍❤

  • Daniyal kazmi
    Daniyal kazmi 12 days ago

    She's very protective when talking about Justin

  • Mickey_ Mess
    Mickey_ Mess 12 days ago

    2:10 Meth

  • Mj Lyngdoh
    Mj Lyngdoh 12 days ago

    Is it only me who feels that none of the Q were worth

  • Blotted
    Blotted 12 days ago +4

    these are so fake and full of ads. "Post mates! Corona!" etc.) its overdubbed as well. its so cringy how

  • Joey DeLeon
    Joey DeLeon 12 days ago

    This girl only got a Vogue cover because she’s related to Bieber. And I’m pretty sure she knows it and yet she went for it anyway. At least she doesn’t look like shes hoarding nuts in her cheeks for winter.

  • Viola Pablo
    Viola Pablo 13 days ago


  • D Romero
    D Romero 13 days ago +4

    74 question: How does it feel to be the mistress of a wife? How did you get it?

  • prince crid
    prince crid 13 days ago

    Wish i could wake up 10am everyday.

  • Luna Linde
    Luna Linde 13 days ago

    so cringey & fake

  • Kyntiew Lin
    Kyntiew Lin 13 days ago

    She seen sweet and kind ❤

  • Yash Pednekar
    Yash Pednekar 13 days ago +1

    73 Questions with Justin Bieber!

  • Life With Olivia
    Life With Olivia 14 days ago

    Hailey : Justin’s heart for others
    Justin : takes a photo with everyone but a disabled guy

  • Kelani Paea
    Kelani Paea 14 days ago

    Vogue: Ooo that's a good one. Never say never on that

  • kristy vlogs
    kristy vlogs 14 days ago

    What is this guy talking about I only heard about one of Justin’s songs titles 7:59

  • K Jay
    K Jay 14 days ago

    She looks like her dad it's scary

  • K Jay
    K Jay 14 days ago

    Very cryptic I don't trust it

  • TheÿKñōw __Áñÿłâ
    TheÿKñōw __Áñÿłâ 14 days ago +2

    When she said Justin his heart for everybody
    Me **cough** lies he doesn’t have a heart his heart is black like his soul

  • ManIsha Rane
    ManIsha Rane 14 days ago +1

    she is so cute😘😘

  • christina
    christina 15 days ago

    her voice is so pretty aww

  • iguerino
    iguerino 15 days ago

    I want to know if Justin take a bath🛀 ever because seems that he don’t know nothing about water 💦 an soap 🧼🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Josephine Kuyateh
    Josephine Kuyateh 15 days ago

    Ahh grey’s anatomy

  • Niv Zora
    Niv Zora 15 days ago

    That acting tho....

  • S & Hearts
    S & Hearts 15 days ago +16

    No shade, but I liked Selena’s better 🥳

  • TheWiseHippie
    TheWiseHippie 15 days ago +1

    73 questions we can see how blinded by love she is

    SARAH GORE 15 days ago +6

    I'm STILL not over the fact that they're married!😭🤪🤯

  • Monalisa Nisha
    Monalisa Nisha 16 days ago +1

    her voice is so beautiful

  • sarah Basim
    sarah Basim 16 days ago +2

    She is so kind ❤

  • Sandy reddy
    Sandy reddy 16 days ago +4

    Waiting for 73 questions for Justin biber

  • killinp1208
    killinp1208 16 days ago

    Omfg do 73 question with Billie eilish😊💙💙

  • Kashaf Altaf
    Kashaf Altaf 17 days ago +1

    Is it justin and hailey house

  • Sofia Simon
    Sofia Simon 17 days ago +1

    She is really pretty though

  • amina khalid
    amina khalid 17 days ago

    73 questions with Justin bieber

  • jai sri Ram
    jai sri Ram 17 days ago +1

    I don't know how to pronounce her name

  • Layal Lala
    Layal Lala 17 days ago

    With lana del rey


  • Angie Santacruz
    Angie Santacruz 17 days ago +1

    Aaaw she’s sweet!!! I dont dislike her nomore 😢❤️😘 God bless them she's super sweet no wonder he married her and not drama.