You’re Making Me Blush | {THE AND} Blind Date Kate & Dario

  • Published on May 1, 2019
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    Kate & Dario may be strangers to one another, but it doesn’t take long for them to find a comforting sense of familiarity. Witness the two of them navigate the unfamiliar landscape of their chemistry and how attraction brings their newfound relationship to a much more intimate level.
    {THE AND} Blind Date is an opportunity for two strangers to take part in the intimate space we're fostering here at The Skin Deep. The project aims to create sincere connection and encourage thoughtful interactions within our community. This community includes our viewers, participants and even our own team. In {THE AND} Blind Date, our first priority is to stimulate thought-provoking conversation and if connection occurs - romantic or platonic - that's great! We believe you can learn from every exchange. Sharing ideas and starting sometimes difficult but necessary conversations can change the world.
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    You’re Making Me Blush | {THE AND} Blind Date Kate & Dario
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Comments • 1 215

  • SSF Hh
    SSF Hh 12 hours ago

    She’s not into him

  • M Owais
    M Owais 17 hours ago

    This is my guess about their star signs: he is a Libra, she is a Pisces/Cancer

  • Holly Lanagan
    Holly Lanagan 17 hours ago

    What an interesting young woman. She has a gravitational pull. There’s just something raw and imperfectly beautiful in her face.

  • NuttyMongrel
    NuttyMongrel Day ago

    Is anyone else getting a sexually INexperienced vibe from the guy? I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he was a virgin. He's overly secretive about his sexual history and the excessive sex talk feels like overcompensation for something.

  • akia goldsmyth
    akia goldsmyth 3 days ago

    I felt like a fly on the wall . . .this was very sweet. She's very lovely!

  • mariposas blancas
    mariposas blancas 3 days ago +1

    ok so...he says he wants "freedom"....and she is like "I take things too personal" not gonna work out.....

  • Moaiad Aljamal
    Moaiad Aljamal 3 days ago

    Wow everyone in this comment section is shitting on this random stranger!

  • lRomez
    lRomez 3 days ago +7

    She’s one of the prettiest women I’ve ever seen in my life.

  • Faissal Loussaief
    Faissal Loussaief 3 days ago

    His lack of confidence and his low mindset made of him a pussy beta male.
    She is gorgeous and emotionally pure, she deserves a great alpha Male.

  • Gage Lewash
    Gage Lewash 5 days ago

    He’s Playyyyyyer

  • sydmmr1985
    sydmmr1985 6 days ago +1

    He seems very empty.

  • Arc66
    Arc66 6 days ago

    If I were her father, I would have told her to lose contact with this guy, he's gonna hurt her.

  • Alex Karthik
    Alex Karthik 7 days ago

    everyone here is thinking in a over protective way regarding kate by saying things like "I'm getting a bad vibe of the guy" or calling him a "Fuckboi" which I think isn't fair. People have so many different types of relationships in short term or long term and vibe in completely different ways at times than your typical stance on building chemistry. I think it's nice how he's being completely honest and true to himself because many people just lie on camera to make themselves look nice.

  • Anirban Deuri
    Anirban Deuri 7 days ago

    alicia Vickander

  • Priyanka Rani
    Priyanka Rani 8 days ago

    Can't be the only one thinking taht hair doesn't suit him. He could use a good haircut

  • Sahiba Mushtaq
    Sahiba Mushtaq 8 days ago

    Can we get a part 2 of this

  • A-S NT
    A-S NT 12 days ago

    Un pur fuckboy.

  • P the Gamer
    P the Gamer 14 days ago

    Smooth, he’s definitely gonna smash next time he sees her no questions asked 😂😂

  • NobleStar Lion
    NobleStar Lion 14 days ago

    A man is a little reserved, a little shy, shows nervousness, flirts a little, even shows he thinks quite a bit because he questions the rationale behind the prepared question...
    women in comments : OMG HES SO SHADY.
    what? oh yeah they are too used to those fuck boys type and expects every man to behave like that. And then they complain why they couldn't land with a decent guy. lol

  • Dan-baba Oat
    Dan-baba Oat 14 days ago

    She is not ready. He needs some work to do.

  • Geezey Tree
    Geezey Tree 14 days ago

    She's an absolute sweetheart, him not so much.

  • Sean Phillips
    Sean Phillips 14 days ago

    3:11 *How Deliciously Moist*

  • Carmen El
    Carmen El 15 days ago

    She's so beautiful and so smart.

  • Raquel Porfirio
    Raquel Porfirio 19 days ago

    He looks like nick from handmaid's tale

  • Vasu Kohli
    Vasu Kohli 28 days ago +1

    I'll die single. Thank you.

  • Brent Hearn
    Brent Hearn 28 days ago

    Can we cut him out and just have her? He's dead weight

  • Yellow Stone
    Yellow Stone Month ago

    Winter is coming

  • Jameson Oof
    Jameson Oof Month ago

    God. I can only imagine how her pussy look like..

  • Fawad Amin
    Fawad Amin Month ago +2

    The girl has the map of "the Gambia" on her eyebrow.

  • Nayyar Iqbal
    Nayyar Iqbal Month ago

    Her Eyes are Soo intoxicating

  • Erica Raths
    Erica Raths Month ago

    Oh okay so here were have an advanced fuckboy. Seems really intelligent and could through you off the scent, but he’s definitely only looking for someone to sleep with and ditch.

  • Makhni G
    Makhni G Month ago

    Be superficial n leave!

  • Casual Dreamer
    Casual Dreamer Month ago

    They will have sex a few times , maybe 2 months tops, then on to the next.

  • Hombrequemiralaluna
    Hombrequemiralaluna Month ago +1

    I'm a dude and Hispanic (he's also Hispanic, judging by his name. He could also be Italian, but his accent is definitely Hispanic). Yeah, I don't like him either. He's a player.

  • Lions Gorrilla
    Lions Gorrilla Month ago

    Its definitely raising the temperature between them two

  • ridhita ghose
    ridhita ghose Month ago

    She looks so much like alicia vikander!!!!!!!! I cant unsee it

  • b
    b Month ago +1

    he's obviously a cad, lothario, dandy, and a douche....but what was up with Kate? Seen her on a few other videos and she's obviously intelligent, wise, in touch with her feelings....but here, she was clearly gaga for this idiot...or maybe just horney? He kept saying creepy, stupid, unimaginative shit and she was giggling like a school girl and eatting it up! She can do so much better....seems to have a thing for jerks.....sigh....unfortunately many women do.

  • Love bug
    Love bug Month ago

    That is what she says when she want to use you

  • Dee prince
    Dee prince Month ago

    I think he’s a Virgin

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez Month ago

    I found him sooo attractive till I read the comments about him and he did lose his appeal once I realized how sexually driven he was?? Lol
    But I love her 🤩🤩

  • LC Mason
    LC Mason Month ago

    He just seems a bit awkward and nervous, not bad or anything

  • Emmanuel Naranjo
    Emmanuel Naranjo Month ago

    Your soft spot your clitoris

  • Zion Akinjide
    Zion Akinjide Month ago

    she loves deeps, he comes across as only available for something mainly physical..she knows he's bad news but probably won't stay away... 5months later, well, here we are...

  • Dj Shocks
    Dj Shocks Month ago

    She wishes this could just end

  • Thomas
    Thomas Month ago

    He is immature=unreliable.

  • Spec Goody
    Spec Goody Month ago +7

    Everyone is killing homeboy in the comments acting like she DIDN'T want to get her green eyes spun out her head by Dario En Espanol

  • R E G I S MARK V
    R E G I S MARK V 2 months ago

    Most of you females talk all these "facts" but when faced with this guy in person especially if he's over 6ft panties drop like leaves in fall.

  • Shakerah Speight
    Shakerah Speight 2 months ago

    He made terms... right there... like you can’t follow up on this question.
    Plus he named all primary seduction areas ..
    She’s gorgeous..

  • Hot Chocolate Fitness
    Hot Chocolate Fitness 2 months ago

    Kate is very pretty and unique.she seems likes someone fun and intriguing.

  • Lost Traveler
    Lost Traveler 2 months ago +1

    I was being cautiously optimistic until the last part around 11:52. Eww

  • Ducky
    Ducky 2 months ago

    he is soooo creepyyyy

  • 83Jude
    83Jude 2 months ago

    Dario was disqualified from my book the minute this began...
    There's confidence and then there's cockiness.That aggressive pose-- Lean back into the chair homie!

  • Turki Alhusaini
    Turki Alhusaini 2 months ago

    one word: FUCKBOY

  • Gabriel Belmonte
    Gabriel Belmonte 2 months ago

    The guy isn’t a fuckboy just has mild psychopathy only answered truthfully to the ones he thought would make him seem empathetic but still has a clash inside him on being a powerful person he claims her attention with eye contact the whole time to see when she’s most vulnerable but lacks to show emotion especially at the end when he tries to make conversation it’s not to be mistaken with nervousness since he continues to breath yet maintain eye contact and is aware of where the conversation is and can go next

  • Cynthia O
    Cynthia O 2 months ago

    He thinks seduction is only physical? Weird.

  • dcoleman4444
    dcoleman4444 2 months ago

    She's dated gaslighters and narcissist who probably said hurtful things and then told HER she was the problem. For that guy it's mostly about sex.

  • sun flower
    sun flower 2 months ago +1

    Reading the comments before actually watching the video.. i am already biased and can't like the guy🤣

  • Orrin Ogen
    Orrin Ogen 2 months ago

    So the answer to how would he seduce her is basically that whole conversation...

  • Claire
    Claire 2 months ago

    Wait... these two! Definitely something going from when they first saw each other... what is this connection? Have they really not seen each other before start shooting? Is there a follow up? ?

  • A
    A 2 months ago

    That guy's a pervert 😂😅