St. Louis Rams Highlights 2015-2016

  • Published on Jan 5, 2016
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    Welp, another losing season under Jeff Fisher. There were some bright spots though, such as the emergence of Tavon Austin and Todd Gurley, or the play of Aaron Donald and Trumaine Johnson on defense. Here are the best plays of the season, lets hope the rams stay in St. Louis and make the playoffs next year.
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    Odyssey by No Wyld
    Bang Bang Pow by T-pain
    Keak da Sneak by San Quinn
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Comments • 109

  • Alex Hamm
    Alex Hamm Month ago

    Watching in 2019 the good ol struggle days

  • spectators turner
    spectators turner 8 months ago

    Hey, Guys! If you want the Rams back to St. Louis sign this petition at

  • Rob Navarro
    Rob Navarro Year ago +1

    Been a ram fan since 99. I'm 25 now. I don't miss that stadium or that color scheme so glad were in la & have a team to be proud of! No disrespect to st. Louis. Towards the end even that dome seemed depressing.

  • Steven Snyder
    Steven Snyder Year ago +1

    This team had to be the biggest waste of talent. thanks Jeff.

  • Mario Meza
    Mario Meza Year ago

    watching RAMS highlights just gets me pumped up!!!! we going to the top this season!!! finally to brag how amazing our team has become!

  • Garren Robertson
    Garren Robertson 2 years ago

    Go Rams

  • Aarya Saranathan
    Aarya Saranathan 2 years ago

    This video wasn't that good

  • Jdogg7565
    Jdogg7565 2 years ago

    It doesn't sound right as Los Angeles

    • Montoya
      Montoya Year ago

      Jdogg7565 it sure does sound right.

  • JoJo S
    JoJo S 2 years ago +2

    Please give us a 2016 highlights video. The team was trash this year but you make the best highlight vids

    • mitchhit234
      mitchhit234  2 years ago

      Sorry but i'm not planning on making another rams highlight video. Lost interest in them once they moved to LA. I know someone else that makes great rams highlight videos though, his channel name is yrba1, last I heard he plans on making one for 2016

  • Ry The hecker
    Ry The hecker 2 years ago +4

    We'll take em back LA if you don't want them

  • 88Rocko
    88Rocko 2 years ago +3

    Rams suck this year I doubt there wont be a Los Angeles Rams 2016 highlights video

    • dago6911
      dago6911 10 months ago

      Look at us now!! Haha! 9-1 plenty of highlights now. LA Rams baby!!

    • Mario Meza
      Mario Meza Year ago

      man, I just don't get it,, we had good players but we just could never come up with the win... they were all great players!

    • Renegade
      Renegade 2 years ago

      88Rocko true it would be a very short vid too, rams started good then died down. jeff fisher fired, rams getting blown out. i like what weve done so far this off season.

  • Paddy J
    Paddy J 2 years ago

    fire THE GM TOO. He has to take the responsibility more than Fisher

  • Paddy J
    Paddy J 2 years ago

    I had goosebumps seeing the white horns. But I was reminiscing about Roman Gabriel and Jack Snow. PLEASE. Until you are at that caliber....DON'T WEAR THE WHITE HORNS

  • Paddy J
    Paddy J 2 years ago +1

    I've been a Rams fan for over 40 years. And this is THE dumbest organization in football. That trade for Goff was unbelievable. I'm not a professional nfl exec. But I would NOT have made that trade. Pure DUMB. How do they not see that? How do we see it? IDIOTS

  • NoScope Chase
    NoScope Chase 2 years ago

    pacers then rams since they went to los angeles

  • Orlando Jr Ayala
    Orlando Jr Ayala 2 years ago

    rams suck they have only won one game , cowboys are the best we are number one because we dem boyz

      NEWBEAT MUSIC. 2 years ago +2

      Orlando Jr Ayala -awww. buddy they just fell off from the road to the super bowl....the DEM BOYS ...but at home...behind the tv😬😁

    • 88Rocko
      88Rocko 2 years ago +1

      That's right!

  • Luís Sánchez
    Luís Sánchez 2 years ago

    i oike the raiders GO Raiders and football

  • Diego Alexander
    Diego Alexander 2 years ago

    panthers fan here. just saying tomorrow in week 9 my panthers are gonna kick some ram ass. #keeppounding

  • J B
    J B 2 years ago

    Fire Fisher

    • dvferyance
      dvferyance 2 years ago

      I find it strange that he was even hired. Since when does a team win a super bowl then later hire the other teams coach?

    • Rawket
      Rawket 2 years ago

      J B You're wish was granted

  • Ryan Nicholson
    Ryan Nicholson 3 years ago +1

    todd Gurley is good at football

    • 88Rocko
      88Rocko 2 years ago

      This year he aint doing well

  • Max the mind
    Max the mind 3 years ago

    wat will the do with the St Louis stadium?

    • dvferyance
      dvferyance 2 years ago

      I could see another team in St Louis but nor for awhile. Who knows perhaps the Rams will move back since the Chargers are now in LA.

    • Ry The hecker
      Ry The hecker 2 years ago

      Max the mind right now they have concerts and things there but it's really dead. We probably won't get another football team. It's also way to big for basketball. I would love another team but sadly I don't think that's going to happen after losing two teams in stl

    • iee4g6
      iee4g6 3 years ago

      Doubt that

    • Mike Miller
      Mike Miller 3 years ago

      I have a feeling that if the chargers don't get a deal done in San Diego that they'll head to the Lou.

  • Ace Gonzalez
    Ace Gonzalez 3 years ago +2

    should've never at Jenkins go

    • David J
      David J 3 years ago

      they let him go because they still have trumaine Johnson

  • Joe Torres
    Joe Torres 3 years ago +2

    this team is way to talented to be a sub .500 team. this year they'll take the NFL by storm and compete hard for the division and a playoff spot. Go Rams!

    • Ace Gonzalez
      Ace Gonzalez 3 years ago

      need to learn how to win out the division

  • mary jimenez
    mary jimenez 3 years ago

    he quited because Goff tocke his spot

  • ceo1964
    ceo1964 3 years ago +2

    THANK YOU STAN! If it wasn't for you my team would still have lawyers making Draft Day decisions and we'd still be stuck in St. Louis. Now let's get our colors back as soon as possible. Hate the gold.

    • Joe Torres
      Joe Torres 3 years ago

      the current colors aren't horrible. although I will say the all navy doesn't look good. once the new stadium opens we'll have our colors back with new uni's.

  • Garrett Schupp
    Garrett Schupp 3 years ago

    I'm a lifelong Rams fan, thus I've been in therapy most of my life. But anyways that turf at Edward Jones is one of, if not the worst fields in football, so old and outdated and ugly.

    • David Barraza
      David Barraza 3 years ago +1

      You obviously haven't been to the Oakland coliseum.

  • Hurst Industries
    Hurst Industries 3 years ago +1

    Benny Cunningham is an absolute goon! That man is so elusive for his size it's not even funny! Todd Gurley/Benny Cunningham! Dynamic duo!

  • Tom Shady
    Tom Shady 3 years ago

    I feel the Rams La Super Bowl cmon Welker Austin Gurley Keenum Donald

  • Darius G
    Darius G 3 years ago

    Hope Tavon get more touches this season

  • YouthfulSavage on Twitter

    Nice vid

  • Michael Horton
    Michael Horton 3 years ago

    13:17 dab

  • Ryan Walker
    Ryan Walker 3 years ago +2

    Let's go Los Angeles Rams! Welcome home baby!!!

  • Antonio Reid
    Antonio Reid 3 years ago +1

    St Louis Rams always and forever !
    314 NFL STL one day again 😊
    just wait...😐

    • Montoya
      Montoya Year ago

      Mike Miller :/

    • Mike Miller
      Mike Miller 3 years ago

      I have a feeling that if the chargers don't get a deal done in San Diego that they'll head to the Lou.

  • Jennifer Sutterfield
    Jennifer Sutterfield 3 years ago

    I miss you

  • Coregame3
    Coregame3 3 years ago

    these LA rams are pretty good

  • Pancakes Maker
    Pancakes Maker 3 years ago

    booo the rams suck

    • Azures
      Azures 3 years ago

      I bet your team lost😂

  • галама83
    галама83 3 years ago +4

    My first NFL game ever i watch was rams vs eagles in Philadelphia 2001 when i visit my uncle is states. He take me to that game, because he was big fun of eagle and he wanted me to see a game that you Yanks call Football. At first, the game was strange for me, somehow not logical because I did not know the rules. As the game progresses, more and more i was like it because it was different from our European football (u yanks call it soccer i dont know why, because we hit friking ball with foots). Jokingly I told him that I root against him and his team. The team was called STL Rams who won game against his beloved Eagles. After that game i start to watch every game of STL via satellite in my home country Serbia in EU and i never missed any game until 2016 season. Season that even start is finished for me.
    It was the most beautiful 15 years of my life as a big fan of St. Louis Rams. Now i will put all my stuff in big box and disposed them. Maybe one day in future Rams will be again STL RAMS and i will use it again.
    Until then stay SUCK my ex-RAMS.....

    • lcrossmk8
      lcrossmk8 5 months ago

      @whosaidthat84 The Rams were already home in St Louis. And they ARE the same team, Los Angeles or St Louis...they're the Rams. To me, they're the St Louis Rams, but they are the Rams. And I'll stick by them any day.

    • Jim West
      Jim West 8 months ago

      галама83 I don’t know if you’ll ever read this but the LA rams are one of the best teams in football

    • whosaidthat84
      whosaidthat84 Year ago +1

      You're in Europe. Why do you care if they're in LA or St. Loser? But the Rams are home!! And they're the best team in the league!!

    • cockoroach
      cockoroach Year ago +1

      Check them out now lol

    • Marco Williamson
      Marco Williamson 3 years ago


  • Tay Gaming
    Tay Gaming 3 years ago

    tavon lost his speed
    he was faster,he still is fast but not like he used 2
    im still a fan doe

    • Tay Gaming
      Tay Gaming 3 years ago

      ok i was wondering why he was so slow
      well thanks for telling me lol
      @Anthony Saldana

    • Tay Gaming
      Tay Gaming 3 years ago

      ok i was wondering why he was so slow
      well thanks for telling me lol

    • Anthony Saldana
      Anthony Saldana 3 years ago

      he's waiting for the running lanes to open up so he has to slow down since he's so damn fast

  • SiviliZe93
    SiviliZe93 3 years ago

    rams already a legit team. only things preventing them from having a a good run every season is poor qb play, a shitty coach, and perhaps a tough division. They need to get rid of seriously, what has he accomplished for management to keep him around? Get a good coach that can actually put this talented team back on the board. The run game is already there with Gurley and the defense can give teams nightmares. They just need help at O-line and qb.

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 3 years ago

    We beat the Hawks twice!!!
    LA RAMS!!!

  • Baked Potato
    Baked Potato 3 years ago

    La fans you bunch of goofs have fun lol

  • World of Bronies
    World of Bronies 3 years ago

    st Louis gave the rams a Superbowl win :) let's hope gurley can get us a SB win in the future

  • Nick Oetting
    Nick Oetting 3 years ago

    Definitely have some work to do on the offense... great vid tho

    • Nvm Nvm
      Nvm Nvm 3 years ago

      +Sam Mueth the draft my man. They have Jared Goff.

    • Sam Mueth
      Sam Mueth 3 years ago

      Not while Fisher is the coach, plus those fucktards have no QB, it is a shame Gurley's career will be wasted like Steven Jackson's was.

    • mary jimenez
      mary jimenez 3 years ago

      rams are the best of the west

  • Ryan Foster
    Ryan Foster 3 years ago +19

    I went to the 1st Seattle vs. Rams game. easily....fucking easily the best day of my life

    • joseph hoyle
      joseph hoyle 2 years ago

      i love rams

    • Karsten Schroeder
      Karsten Schroeder 3 years ago +1

      You're a Ramsfan too?Greetings from Germany.

    • randys950
      randys950 3 years ago

      +Ryan Foster What happened to Foles after this game?!

  • AngryRamsFan
    AngryRamsFan 3 years ago

    Kenny Britt can be our number one reciever! I believe, I met him, he one big strong athletic dude.
    Gurley is the truth!

  • Chris Moore
    Chris Moore 3 years ago

    Awesome video man!! Go Rams!


    fuck stan kroenke

  • Blake Skeleton
    Blake Skeleton 3 years ago

    13:59 that's my favorite thing in this video

  • Blake Skeleton
    Blake Skeleton 3 years ago

    13:59 that's my favorite thing in this video

  • Edgar Coronado
    Edgar Coronado 3 years ago +13


  • NLX
    NLX 3 years ago +4

    Nice highlights, just would've liked to see more of Aaron Donald. Great work, though!

  • felipe avila
    felipe avila 3 years ago

    Nice work homie... Where was Aaron Donald sack highlights

  • Michael Frank
    Michael Frank 3 years ago +2

    great video brother!

  • Quackalaking
    Quackalaking 3 years ago +10

    Loved watching your videos, sadly the Rams have moved to LA, I don't think I will be a fan anymore

    • spectators turner
      spectators turner 8 months ago

      Quackalaking you can sign this petition to bring back the St. Louis Rams! Go to

    • wsterrett
      wsterrett Year ago

      Montoya They're home? Nah man, they're in LA. If they were really going home they'd be in Cleveland.

    • Montoya
      Montoya 2 years ago

      Quackalaking sadly? They're home now! LA Rams!

    • Michael Horton
      Michael Horton 3 years ago

      +Quackalaking I hate that the Rams are moving i'm not going to be a fan anymore because they moved.

    • Mike Ruiz
      Mike Ruiz 3 years ago +2

      +Daniel Schu we have a big fan base here, even without them being good there are true ram fans out there and some from back in the day. Will see

  • Logan Lopez
    Logan Lopez 3 years ago +3

    Fantastic job. Not how I wanted the season to go, but at least I look forward to your highlights every year.

  • Cyrille Vansteenkiste
    Cyrille Vansteenkiste 3 years ago +3

    Man, I miss Bailey...

    • Mario Meza
      Mario Meza Year ago

      tavon Austin was my favorite. never was able to get his jersey.. but now new year new people new offense. it's gonna be a good season this year!