Getting Ready: First Day of Freshman Year vs. First Day of Freshman Year

  • Published on Aug 30, 2019
  • hey guys!
    i’m so excited for todays video! i did a get ready with me for my freshman year of high school vs. my freshman year of college! i think this is a really cool idea since i filmed my first day of high school! (wow i can’t believe that was 4 years ago, it literally feels like last week LOL) anyways, so i do my hair, makeup and outfit for a high school/ college look!

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Comments • 650

  • Caroline Evans
    Caroline Evans 4 days ago

    you look the same but so different yk?

  • Denitsa Shahova
    Denitsa Shahova 5 days ago

    Yessss vampire diaries is the BEST!!!

  • Taylor Kaufmann
    Taylor Kaufmann 7 days ago

    I love your long hair but I miss your short hair you had a while ago it was so cute

  • GachaLlama
    GachaLlama 13 days ago

    I kinda like ur high school self better idky

  • v i v i a n
    v i v i a n 14 days ago

    ah s*, she has become a vsco girl-

  • Ryann M
    Ryann M 27 days ago

    0:34 she says dog as if she hates him or her

  • Viviana Gonzalez
    Viviana Gonzalez 28 days ago

    What collage does she go to I want to go to that when I’m older

  • Alexia00
    Alexia00 Month ago

    I had to read the tittle so many times to myself

  • Serrya Hoggro
    Serrya Hoggro Month ago +1

    She is definitely a VSCO GIRL and I oop sksksksksksksksksksksksk

    BTS ARMY FOR LIFE Month ago

    Omg the makeup under her eyes when she was in hs omg 😢

  • Leafy turtle Roblox


  • Lindsey Stone
    Lindsey Stone Month ago

    Her younger self looks like Maggie Ziegler 👍🏻 if you agree

  • Brook Franz
    Brook Franz Month ago +1

    she got less annoying since she was a high school freshman (i’m not saying she’s annoying or anything she’s probably grown a lot so being less annoying than yourself as a high school freshman is a good thing)

  • Karyn Andreozzi
    Karyn Andreozzi Month ago

    My high school was forty minutes from home 😂

  • Joseline Rojas
    Joseline Rojas Month ago +1

    i don't like how she hasn't admitted that she's an actual vsco girl

  • kelly bald
    kelly bald Month ago

    14 yr old: *im using the smash box... new primer* 😂
    present: *moisturiser*

  • Potato Fry
    Potato Fry Month ago

    Lol we started the same day

  • anxietyy
    anxietyy Month ago

    She vsco

  • Kiersten von Dorn
    Kiersten von Dorn Month ago

    Freshman Zhirelle: “I gUeSs”

  • razor skooter
    razor skooter Month ago

    “i’m a little crazy” mood

  • Yamilet Janet Vilchez

    Hi Zhirelle.IT IS ELLIE TYPING.I don’t know what else to type but all I wanted to do is say HI

  • Peacelovehippie HELPTHEEARTH

    Before VSCO After VSCO like if you argree

  • Ishika Jaiswal
    Ishika Jaiswal Month ago

    14 year old zhirelle owns more makeup than i everrr willl

  • KitDaUnicorn
    KitDaUnicorn 2 months ago

    Her:I'm here watch the best show "vampire diaries"
    Me:ahhaha I'm here watching the best show "sponge Bob"

  • KitDaUnicorn
    KitDaUnicorn 2 months ago

    👀 I see a vsco girl 🙎

  • angie
    angie 2 months ago +1

    I just noticed that the perfume spray you used for your first day of high school is the perfume my grandma uses .O.

  • bella codd
    bella codd 2 months ago

    u can tell you’re a vsco girl

  • Ginny The Bunny
    Ginny The Bunny 2 months ago

    Vsco meets Emma chamberlain anyone ? 🧐🤔

  • Bob McUnicornTrainer4000

    you can tell she grew up rich lmao

    • Livy D
      Livy D 2 months ago

      Bob McUnicornTrainer4000

  • Esther O.
    Esther O. 2 months ago

    all I saw as vsco girl transformation xD

  • Bethany Mouw
    Bethany Mouw 2 months ago

    Your a vsco girl

  • megan elsaesser
    megan elsaesser 2 months ago

    “Breakfast is the most important meal of the I’m having a toaster strudel” 😂

  • Vanessa Guthridge
    Vanessa Guthridge 2 months ago +1

    you can’t be VSCO. you can’t be an app. y’all are annoying tbh b

  • Isabella L.
    Isabella L. 2 months ago

    I’m late but we have the same perfume omg haha

  • Unicorn _Family
    Unicorn _Family 2 months ago

    Next thing you know "my first day being 58."

  • Ella kelley
    Ella kelley 2 months ago

    Your a vsco girl you have the brackets, scrunchies, shell necklace, hydroflask, and backpack that no one knows how to spell

  • Andrea Martinez
    Andrea Martinez 2 months ago


  • Mudhawi Algannas
    Mudhawi Algannas 2 months ago

    U should part ur hair in the middle

  • TOII
    TOII 2 months ago

    I thought the title was a typo

  • Arden Worthington
    Arden Worthington 2 months ago

    This was a really unique video I found it super interesting

  • Katharyn Zawid
    Katharyn Zawid 2 months ago

    you're so vsco

  • Lilly Vlangas
    Lilly Vlangas 2 months ago

    I’m sorry but I thought people would’ve grown out of the vsco girl thing by the time they’re in collage

  • Lili Henderson
    Lili Henderson 2 months ago

    We want a tour tour if you dorm and we would like to meet you roommates

  • Hannah
    Hannah 2 months ago

    What is the song at 7:18??

  • natalie
    natalie 2 months ago


  • Aysha Grazer
    Aysha Grazer 2 months ago

    now you’re a vsco girl

  • marley*
    marley* 2 months ago

    damn a whole vsco girl😭😭😭😭 it’s okay still cute

  • marley*
    marley* 2 months ago +1

    lmao you dress like a freshman now😭

  • Skaistė M
    Skaistė M 2 months ago +1

    Oh so you're a VSkskskskskCo girl now...

  • Baker Girl
    Baker Girl 2 months ago

    Like if she is a vsco girl

  • Lyssa Heart123
    Lyssa Heart123 2 months ago

    I smell a vskskskco girl😂

  • Addie
    Addie 2 months ago +10

    She is literally the queen of vsco:
    Over sized tshirt
    Hydro flask
    A million scrunches
    Shell necklace
    One of those backpacks

  • NunOFyourBuZZ
    NunOFyourBuZZ 2 months ago

    You a vsco girl. Eewww

  • Zoe Stricker
    Zoe Stricker 2 months ago

    Vsco gal

  • Marisa Russell
    Marisa Russell 2 months ago

    I was 7 in 2015

  • Ari. C
    Ari. C 2 months ago

    I love your nameee

  • banana milk
    banana milk 2 months ago

    you are sounding so sad and it makes me sad too:(

  • Ariana Grande
    Ariana Grande 2 months ago +1

    pls upload new vid i miss u

  • Ella Luking
    Ella Luking 2 months ago +1

    I laughed soooo much bc she was like “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” “so I’m having toaster strudel” hehehehe

  • sadie bugz
    sadie bugz 2 months ago

    You look the same 😂
    Why you always doin that hair part😂