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Tony Christie - Avenues and Alleyways 1973

  • Published on Jan 24, 2008
  • Tony Christie - Avenues and Alleyways 1973

    Sleep like a baby, my little lady,
    Dream till the sunrise
    creeps into your eyes
    Dream till the sunrise
    Turns on the day.

    In the Avenues and Alleyways
    while you sleep there's a whole world coming alive
    Able and his brother, fighting one another
    in and out of every dive Able and his brother, fighting one another

    The Avenues and Alleyways
    where the strong and the quick alone can survive
    Look around the jungle
    see the rough and tumble
    Listen to a squealer cry
    Then a little later
    in the morning paper
    Read about the way he died.

    Wake up my pretty
    Go to the city
    Stay through the daytime
    safe in the sunshine
    stay till the daytime
    turns into night.

    In the Avenues and Alleyways
    Where a mans gotta work out which side he's on
    any way he chooses
    chances are he loses
    no one gets to live too long.

    The avenues and alleyways
    Where the soul of a man is easy to buy
    everybody's wheeling
    everybody's steeling
    all the low are living high.

    Every city's got em
    can we ever stop em
    some of us are gonna try.
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Comments • 392

  • colibridorado7
    colibridorado7 3 days ago

    polyester was the king!

  • Acehh21
    Acehh21 10 days ago

    Also in 2018 Great music

  • June Steed
    June Steed 13 days ago

    This was the feem toon to the Protectors

  • Rashid Sahat
    Rashid Sahat Month ago +1

    Great voice👍👍

  • John Thomson
    John Thomson Month ago

    Memories are made of this!!

    MIKECNW Month ago

    He must have been unknown in the USA.

  • melv fasttrack
    melv fasttrack Month ago

    love honour and obey movie

  • Saturnfiverocket
    Saturnfiverocket 2 months ago +1

    love this song.

  • Kenneth Drewary
    Kenneth Drewary 2 months ago

    The shirt didn't catch on, trust me. Lol

  • agnes dei
    agnes dei 2 months ago

    After thought - Ben Sherman shirts. I had a shocking Laurel and Hardy shirt in this era. Forgive us our fashion faux pas.

  • agnes dei
    agnes dei 2 months ago

    This is my favourite. Seen him live. Performed his Amarillo to 450 at a charity event. He is a class act and he had good material which people have always wanted to join in. Its a shame we don't make more of our true stars. God bless you aka Tony.

  • Sylvia Brookes
    Sylvia Brookes 2 months ago

    Love this song it's a long time since l heard it xx

  • Stephen McLaughlin
    Stephen McLaughlin 3 months ago

    I want that shirt so badly..

  • Nick Burd
    Nick Burd 3 months ago

    The Protectors!!!!

  • matthew franklin
    matthew franklin 4 months ago

    Brilliant 🇬🇧💋🇮🇪

  • Patricia Carter
    Patricia Carter 4 months ago

    This is for Bradley - Queen Victoria May 2018 - great voice

  • Cotswold Cuckoo
    Cotswold Cuckoo 4 months ago

    Love, Honour and Obey .... Jude Law's karaoke song. Good film, too !

  • Adam
    Adam 4 months ago

    Love Honour and Obey

  • NashSpaceRocket
    NashSpaceRocket 4 months ago

    Why is he holding a black pudding?

  • Robert Gay
    Robert Gay 5 months ago

    Shirt is ok.

  • Philip  Robinson
    Philip Robinson 5 months ago

    If I was to suddenly shout 'FIX BAYONETS", would anybody here get the reference?

  • DokktorDeth
    DokktorDeth 6 months ago

    I'm into Heavy Metal, but I love this man's voice.

  • Peter Alderson
    Peter Alderson 6 months ago +11

    Brings back childhood memories, not the song his shirt . We had curtains like that

    • June Steed
      June Steed 13 days ago

      Your comment made me laugh. We did have some crazy curtains then.

  • Patti Smythe
    Patti Smythe 6 months ago +3

    I love Tony Christie.... he has a great voice and is a brilliant entertainer.... sadly I think he has a chip on his shoulder about not receiving the fame and recognition he believes he deserves....I think he may have point....

    • jessie james
      jessie james 21 day ago

      +Christopher Cotton hes definitely bitter. who wouldnt be? he said he went to america and was promised a lot in his contract. but was cheated...the record company stole alot ... I guess i would be too..he had so many number one hits.

    • Christopher Cotton
      Christopher Cotton 2 months ago

      Quite agree. I am involved in the entertainment business. I think he had a great voice. Sadly he lost a great deal of money with his investments. After this period he changed and has one almighty chip on his shoulders. Unless he is playing to a packed house, his performances can leave a lot to be desired. Saw him last at North Pier Blackpool and he was diabolical. The way he spoke to the 77 in the audience was appalling and there is no need for this behavior, as he was on very good money for the night.

  • lycan gypsy priest
    lycan gypsy priest 7 months ago +5

    The good ole days when ya dads shirt matched the wallpaper in ya kitchen!!!!! Hahahaha🎋

  • lycan gypsy priest
    lycan gypsy priest 7 months ago +1

    Memory lane.🎋❤🎥🎥🎥🖤🐺🎁👣👣👣👣👣👣

  • Alan Fox
    Alan Fox 7 months ago

    All I know about the protectors Tony Aholt was underused a lot at least in Howard way and the second season of space 1999 he was used more.

  • Joel Holmes
    Joel Holmes 8 months ago

    No wonder actor Robert Vaughn died three days after Trump was elected!

  • Miss Wendy
    Miss Wendy 8 months ago

    Great he miming

  • NylonShorts Fan
    NylonShorts Fan 8 months ago

    I loved this when I was a kid, and still love it now. The Protectors . was a brill show too, we love ya Tony, very well done m8ty.

  • tiggywinkle1000
    tiggywinkle1000 8 months ago

    I was tripping on LSD (twenty years ago) when I last heard this. Fu%$£ing A! The girls were gorgeous.
    They just can't tell you to stay out with connections this deep.

  • John Thomson
    John Thomson 9 months ago

    Gerry Anderson's the protectors brilliant series with Robert Vaughn,nyree dawn port,tony anholt watch it guy's on you tube..jy

  • Lucy Taylor
    Lucy Taylor 9 months ago

    Das Hemd ist geschmacklos aber der Titel toll. Stammt aus Kein Pardon für Schutzengel mit Robert Vaughn

  • wayne oldham
    wayne oldham 9 months ago

    As good as Ton Jones and Englebert Humperdinck , failed to get same notoriety though , a shame

  • liverush24
    liverush24 9 months ago +6

    Somewhere in the 70s there was a backdrop that this shirt could blend in with.

    • David Anthony Lambert
      David Anthony Lambert 5 months ago

      Brilliant comment..ah...the seventies, how can us '70'ers forget the music, the cars, the strikes etc etc!

  • sargentstephens45
    sargentstephens45 10 months ago

    This was a theme song to a '70's TV show, I remember watching but for the life of me can't think of the name of it....!!!

  • jazzbojudas
    jazzbojudas 11 months ago +2

    What a belter and what class act Mr Christie is

  • Liz B
    Liz B 11 months ago +2

    Very underrated singer, he was brilliant!

  • LepuooL Nydazx
    LepuooL Nydazx Year ago +11

    RIP Robert Vaughn :'(

    • Edward Pennacchini
      Edward Pennacchini Year ago +2

      Very sad that all of the protectors are dead. Robert Vaughn, Nyree Dawn Porter and Tony Anholt.

  • Jack Ryan
    Jack Ryan Year ago +1

    At the beginning he looks like i do when some twat has put my name down for Karaoke without me knowing and not been able to get out of it!!

  • magicmulder
    magicmulder Year ago

    As a little kid, I knew an entire album of his by heart (though I didn't know all the words yet). Fond memories.

  • CULT68
    CULT68 Year ago +2


  • jessie james
    jessie james Year ago +8

    what a voice

  • Alistair Milner
    Alistair Milner Year ago

    The avenues and alleyways
    Where the soul of a man is easy to buy
    everybody's wheeling
    everybody's steeling
    all the low are living high.

  • Martin Platt
    Martin Platt Year ago +30

    A very underrated of our best... this track is amazing.

    • john crane
      john crane 8 months ago +1

      You are not t wrong about Tony Christie Martin, I saw him live, I must admit thirty years ago now and he held the crowd of 5,000 in the palm of his hand like I have seen no other. I still play his music regularly and still have the same high opinion of him. Very underrated international artist indeed Martin

  • marc lacoste cillieres
    marc lacoste cillieres 2 years ago +2

    his voice sounds like tom jones!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mark60123
    mark60123 2 years ago +1

    A good song that holds up. I use it for background music when I'm writing, gets me in the mood very easily. Tony Christie was underrated. I liked the The Protectors series but have only seen a handful of episodes. The half hour time slot prevented much characterization, but kept things moving at a brisk clip. Thank you very much for making this video available.

  • Daniel Wilson
    Daniel Wilson 2 years ago

    Alguien podría traducir correctamente al español la letra del tema? En internet no se entiende bien, gracias!

  • peterpaints
    peterpaints 2 years ago +4

    What a great song, and what a great singer !

    • Martin Platt
      Martin Platt Year ago +1

      Underrated by a mile.....this track shows his full potential.

  • Robert Stanley
    Robert Stanley 2 years ago +4

    Tony Christie is an incredibly talented guy, as well as being a wonderful singer, he also wrote loads of songs (even I think one or two for N. Diamond). One of the best. They don't seem to make them anymore.

  • mark60123
    mark60123 2 years ago +5

    Tony Christie really nails this song, one of the best things to come out of The Protectors TV series. If they ever remake the series, they have to keep this song. Thank you for making this video available.

  • Mizzy Roro
    Mizzy Roro 2 years ago +2

    I was born the wrong time.

  • Lucius Aquila
    Lucius Aquila 2 years ago

    Was that Jodie Foster at the front 3:09 ?

  • Truth Will Out
    Truth Will Out 2 years ago +10

    Loved The Protectors!!

  • Olivier Frey
    Olivier Frey 2 years ago

    The Protectors : men from the U.N.C.L.E.

  • Darren Wilson
    Darren Wilson 2 years ago

    Was the Tony Christie on the Peter Kay charity song an impostor - he looks nothing like this guy !!!

    • jessie james
      jessie james 2 years ago

      so cute what you said. Hes older definitely but aged well.

    • Ian Stacey
      Ian Stacey 2 years ago +2

      Yes, that's what getting 40 years older does for you!

  • Vauven Ar
    Vauven Ar 2 years ago +1

    I was born 1973rd. Thank you for this song :-)

  • Dag Nabbit
    Dag Nabbit 2 years ago +1

    Some of those 70's Clothes were awful. This guy wears them well and that song and that voice . Exquisite .

  • david metcalfe
    david metcalfe 2 years ago +15

    this was the theme song to a 70's TV show called the The protectors!!

    • Clint Davies
      Clint Davies Month ago

      and the beautiful and classy Nyree Dawn Porter.

    • jessie james
      jessie james 2 years ago

      thank you are correct. sorry

    • Robin Gomes
      Robin Gomes 2 years ago +1

      @ jessie james I beg to differ. Avenues and Alleyways by Tony Christie was the theme of The Protectors starring Robert Vaugh and Tony Anholt.
      The Persuaders theme was an instrumental.

    • jessie james
      jessie james 2 years ago

      i think the protectors and the persuaders were two different programmes.....The persuaders with this song was with tony curtis and roger moore. this song was played at the end of each episode.

    • Robin Gomes
      Robin Gomes 2 years ago +3

      +david metcalfe I remember that series vaguely...Robert Vaughn (Man From U.N.C.L.E.) and the late Tony Anholt (Space 1999)

  • Tracey Hudson
    Tracey Hudson 2 years ago

    OMG - no wonder Peter Kaye took the ****

    • Russell Thompson
      Russell Thompson 2 years ago +5

      Hey! This guy is a great singer, and his songs are cool. Peter Kaye is not funny at all!

  • GhostPanic
    GhostPanic 2 years ago

    Great song, but Fk they were a boring crowd in those days! All look bored...

  • barney mcgoo
    barney mcgoo 2 years ago +2

    sounds very much like myself singing in the bath

  • NialasDubh
    NialasDubh 2 years ago +1

    How does that roaring voice come out of the dorky little guy? Amazing.

    • jessie james
      jessie james 2 years ago +1

      when you got it, you got it....

    • kevin heming
      kevin heming 2 years ago +2

      +NialasDubh Strange how some people just have to be insulting. But they're usually the ones who are not happy with themselves...

  • z zed
    z zed 2 years ago +3

    That is by FAR the most kick ass outfit I have seen in forever. If you can can rock that sh*t you are so the man. Although the crowd does appear not all that excited...lolz. In fact the whole vid is kinda creepy in a Logans Run/ 70's cult kinda way.

    • jessie james
      jessie james 2 years ago

      how do you know the crowd wasnst excited. i bet the girls were..

  • Will Baillie
    Will Baillie 3 years ago

    They mimed allot in theses days,his lips are like a Chinese movie duped in England

  • loosewheels1000
    loosewheels1000 3 years ago +1

    Wasn't this the theme tune to a detective programme in the 60/70's

      NICK KLUGE 3 years ago +3

      +loosewheels1000 Yes, it was a TV series called "The Protectors " starring Robert Vaughan

    • loosewheels1000
      loosewheels1000 3 years ago +1

      Thank you Debbie, if I remember rightly, as the theme tune played, a white car overturned, oh boy that's over 40 years ago !

    • Debi Williams
      Debi Williams 3 years ago +4

      +loosewheels1000 It was from The Protectors TV Series first shown in 1972.

  • Feisty Friar
    Feisty Friar 3 years ago +4

    The audience don't seem too impressed

    • Bobby V
      Bobby V 3 months ago

      Kevin David Crinks Because they are on drugs.

    • jessie james
      jessie james 2 years ago

      i think they were told to keep still . was it beat club or one of those shows?

    • Feisty Friar
      Feisty Friar 2 years ago


    • Andy Rainford
      Andy Rainford 2 years ago

      +Kevin David Crinks It was a week after they met Jimmy Saville - they're all sitting down in protest

    • Fi J
      Fi J 2 years ago +1

      +Kevin David Crinks probably because they're all stoned

  • david taylor
    david taylor 3 years ago

    superb voice, bought all these on vinyl, love las Vegas too

  • Johnny Elvis
    Johnny Elvis 3 years ago

    hi 0n 30 july 2015 peace

  • Jonathan Peake
    Jonathan Peake 3 years ago +6

    Nice shirt!

    • lycan gypsy priest
      lycan gypsy priest 7 months ago

      Jonathan Peake wen dads shirt usd to match the kitchen wallpaper!!! The good ole days!!! Hahaha

    • jessie james
      jessie james 2 years ago

      would guys dare wear it nowadays. its not too bad. i have seen guys wearing worse.

    • lewis1544
      lewis1544 2 years ago +2

      +Jonathan Peake It's a magic eye shirt, can't you see the dolphin?

    • Feisty Friar
      Feisty Friar 3 years ago

      +Jonathan Peake Has he been sick down it? Love the song though

  • dakippins
    dakippins 3 years ago +9

    Ultimate singer. Owns the stage

    • nfelvis68
      nfelvis68 3 years ago +1

      +dakippins it was about 10 years ago.

    • dakippins
      dakippins 3 years ago +1

      +nfelvis68 Recently ? Or back in the day ?

    • nfelvis68
      nfelvis68 3 years ago +2

      I saw him sing this live and he was superb.

  • Andy Stenson
    Andy Stenson 3 years ago

    Hhmmm! Good song, crap 70's clothes.

  • Johnny Elvis
    Johnny Elvis 3 years ago +1

    great on 3 of april 2015 tcb

  • robert harding
    robert harding 3 years ago +3

    corny set up ! but this guy has a great voice, if he had the right image he would have been massive.

  • Mole Town
    Mole Town 3 years ago +67

    Is it the entertainment lounge on Moonbase Alpha?

    • Roland Bendig
      Roland Bendig 4 months ago

      I think that`s the crew of the enterprise...and they have some fun :)))))

    • Rich K
      Rich K 11 months ago

    • Christian Hanneman
      Christian Hanneman 11 months ago +1

      Not only was Tony Anholt in The Protectors and Space: 1999 but both shows were produced by Gerry Anderson. I'll guess Mole Town knew that the shows were connected when he posted!

    • josie parkin
      josie parkin Year ago


    • Truth & Justice
      Truth & Justice Year ago +1

      Affirmative, Earthling.
      ; ¬)

  • Thomas Hodge
    Thomas Hodge 3 years ago +2

    clasisic anglo british 70s series powerful vocals by tony christie

  • Simon
    Simon 3 years ago +2

    The shirt keeps bringing me back.

  • bazthehandyman
    bazthehandyman 3 years ago +17

    One awesome voice

  • ChrisXn777
    ChrisXn777 3 years ago +3

    Nice to see a face to Tony

  • howard poole
    howard poole 3 years ago +8

    Theme to the TV show " The Protectors"

  • Joey Valentine
    Joey Valentine 3 years ago +3

    Where are all the girls twerking and all the people holding their iPhone to record this?

  • bernie sharp
    bernie sharp 4 years ago +6

    the couple behind him at 1.45 know how to party don't they, i bet there new years eve party's are legendary ,

    • Steve p
      Steve p 7 months ago

      bernie sharp why, cause they are complete idiots doing stupid look at me moves. Gees , you dam humans

    • Trance_World_Artists 2014
      Trance_World_Artists 2014 3 years ago

      +Stans soapbox another thing....i think the Germans are proud of their language and music tradition - all this English singing just bugs em a bit , just the feeling i get...

    • Simon
      Simon 3 years ago +1

      +Trance_World_Artists 2014 Don't mention the war! Tony mentioned it before he came on, I think he got away with it.

    • bazthehandyman
      bazthehandyman 3 years ago +1

      +Trance_World_Artists 2014 Dead funny

    • Trance_World_Artists 2014
      Trance_World_Artists 2014 3 years ago +1

      they're Germans....dont forget, they're still suffering from shell shock (via the RAF bombing around the clock from 1942 - 45),30 years after the war ended.

  • The Batman
    The Batman 4 years ago

    I wish I had his singing voice! This was always being sung (badly) in the playground when I was a kid.

  • jessie james
    jessie james 4 years ago +1

    love his voice. not only a great voice. cute too

  • Jeff Stewart
    Jeff Stewart 4 years ago +3

    He used to sing the corn flakes jingle in the 70s - open a packet of Kellogg's Cornflakes...pour out the sunshine'

    • The Batman
      The Batman 4 years ago +1

      Oh god, that hit a memory bell!

  • June
    June 4 years ago +25

    He sounds a little like Tom Jones does anyone else think so?

    • kevin heming
      kevin heming 4 months ago

      I think Tom Jones sounds a bit like Tony.

    • A Very Private Gentleman
      A Very Private Gentleman 5 months ago +1

      Only better in some cases the sign of taurus the voice.

    • vordman
      vordman 5 months ago

      I think at the time Christie was seen as a bit of a bargain-basement Jones, but that doesn't detract from the fact he was a brilliant singer.

    • lycan gypsy priest
      lycan gypsy priest 7 months ago

      June yea!!mybe a clone!!!?!!wink!! Hahaha

    • Steve p
      Steve p 7 months ago

      June nope. Tom Jones is rubbish and very over rated

  • Tmetrvlr
    Tmetrvlr 4 years ago +11

    Actually a rather poignant British tune, Yet very much overlooked....

  • Ride With Vision
    Ride With Vision 4 years ago

    Fantastic video - See Tony Christie LIVE this summer for #picnicinthepark

  • antibling
    antibling 4 years ago +3

    No matter how you look at it, some of these old dudes made some beast music, even if you like other, cool stuff ya can't knock it imo! That shirt isn't that nasty either, as funny as the bunker comment is, I had a few like that in my teens (30s here).:D

  • Brad Tessier
    Brad Tessier 4 years ago +48

    One of my favorite parts of watching The Protectors; hearing this song.

    • Gall ery
      Gall ery 9 months ago

      Same time in Rochester N.Y., too.

    • Jane O'keeffe
      Jane O'keeffe 9 months ago

      Brad Tessier me to

    • Rich K
      Rich K 11 months ago

    • T Arnold
      T Arnold Year ago +3

      Brad Tessier . The show wasn't that bad now was it? It used to air at 10:30 on Sunday nights in Cleveland.

    • jessie james
      jessie james 3 years ago +3

      +Brad Tessier yeah me too. I used to wait till the song ended to switch off the tv...everytime

  • adrian hickman
    adrian hickman 4 years ago +6

    Notwithstanding the Germans et al this an awesome frickin song!

  • TheDriverr
    TheDriverr 4 years ago +2

    Ladies n gentlemen the "Shirt" has landed. I want it more than my last breath. Can anyone tell me which nuclear bunker it's buried in and I will go and dig it up

    • The Batman
      The Batman 4 years ago +2

      I had the exact same shirt back then. Except it was for me when I was 9.

    • antibling
      antibling 4 years ago


    GITNA ROONA 4 years ago +11

    The Protectors TV Show, remember it growing up, great theme music!

  • dily44
    dily44 4 years ago +5

    Oh the memories this song brings back. Soo happy to hear it back on the radio. Sang it in my car this morning and stopped traffic literally haha

    • lord geoffrey
      lord geoffrey 4 years ago +1

      +helder sufiano better than crap like gaga and one direction

    • helder sufiano
      helder sufiano 4 years ago

      just love it!! brings me back a lot of memories also!!

  • The Moore Show
    The Moore Show 5 years ago

    Watch my interview with Tony Christie on The Moore Show.

  • skat1140
    skat1140 5 years ago

    Came here because its the theme song to The Protectors (1973).
    This is such a dark song. It's hilarious the way he sings it and how everyone in the audience claps along like it has upbeat lyrics.

  • Smash Embro
    Smash Embro 5 years ago

    What an absolutely brilliant idea `X' - GP is one of my greatest idols...mate - you talk about underestimated voices...wonder who he peed off in the industry to not get bigger recognition, because he had one of the best multi octave voices you've ever heard...Lou Christie as well. Just imagine a band with these dudes..and then the Big `O' doing a bit of a 4 octave melody...buga I'm creamin' meself.

  • Ed Poe
    Ed Poe 5 years ago

    Call the Fashion Police!

  • Joe Cryer
    Joe Cryer 5 years ago

    It was probably well in fashion back then.

  • James Moran
    James Moran 5 years ago

    Is that the worst shirt ever?