The truth about us.

  • This video is a response to a lot of the feedback that came from the last video I posted for my birthday with Mario Adrion. I know that video elicited a lot of strong feelings on your guys' part, which I apologize for, and hopefully this video helps to address and clarify some of the things that might have come up.
    If you have any questions about it I'll be answering them below. Thank you again for all the love and and just know that you are very much appreciated.

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  • Vijay Suryavanshi
    Vijay Suryavanshi 20 hours ago

    TRAVIS I Appreciate U Say Mario Happy Makes Me Happy. TRAVIS U R A Such A Great. Don't Loosing Ur Self
    .Move On My Dear. Take Care Of Yourself. God Bless U My Dear. Big Hug, Love U ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Otty Tama
    Otty Tama Day ago

    i mean, you have to made up your mind first too Travisss!!!!! im so sorry but all i hear is, you said something like okay nobody knows what the future will holds, but mario still kinda uncertain, so you dont want to fall for him much. but you still doing all this thing with him cause you love him much and love the way things are. BUT IF YOURE NOT BEING CAREFUL, its sooo tricky you could hurt yourself bad. i didnt say that youll loose yourself cause i know youre a grown up man and you have a really great personality, but to just doing that kind of relationship where you AT SOME point love each other DEEPLY, but at some point TRYING TO FEEL LIKE YOU DONT WANT TO FALL THAT MUCH, and at some POINT FEEL LIKE THERES A CHANCE, and at some point FEEL TRYNA GET WHATS BEST FOR EACH OTHER, BUT THEN ALSO @ Some point YOURE BOTH UNCERTAIN. itSSS RREALLY REALLY TRICKY and can lead to SOMETHING UNHEALTHY. JUST BE CAREFUL OK. IM A NEW SUBSCRIBER HERE BUT. TRAVIS I LOVE YOU BOII AND PLS BE CAREFUL WE LOVE YOUU YOURE SOO GREAT YOURE DOING GREAT. JUST BE REALLY CAREFUL OK LOVE. we love you as much we love mario too. WERE HERE FOR YOUUU. I LOVE YOU Travis

  • Otty Tama
    Otty Tama Day ago

    youre so great and all, but believe me youre being denial. yeah shes so lovely, but yeah youre hurting. you said you were sad cause you might lose mario and things that you have now, but you also said im so happy he met this lovely girl and to see him happy with no boundaries in his own skin bla bla bla. congrats. just be careful. REALLY CAREFUL. AAAAND its okay to be lil selfish bro. i know youre his world and i know hes your world. but JUST BEING REAL dont get too ideal abt it. pls i beg you TRAVIS

  • Einrev Gee
    Einrev Gee 2 days ago

    I do appreciate your honesty Travis!
    Somewhere along the road..
    you'll meet that person who'll absolutely be your reason to live your life to the fullest😊

  • Victor Asack
    Victor Asack 2 days ago

    Get with me, I am good looking and will treat you like a king 🔱

  • Victor Asack
    Victor Asack 2 days ago

    It's a shame because you two would make the hottest couple on TVclip. It's awesome that you two have such an open and honest relationship

    BOSSKING CANIGA 2 days ago

    Oh, I feel so sad about the issue. I Mean maybe I should label this as an issue. Clarrifications about this was done really good. At the end of the day good relationship with someone is the most important . Label is not important. Acceptance and have a good relationship is more important.
    Travis . I'm here always for you, to support you with Travis as friends maybe.

  • Mark Ian Lara
    Mark Ian Lara 4 days ago

    New sub

    ACE ENCORE 7 days ago

    I went through the same thing here in Vegas, but now I know .....we’re all going through the same things, but different multiple versions. Thank you.

  • John Lerry Magdaong
    John Lerry Magdaong 10 days ago


  • Filly Beverhousen
    Filly Beverhousen 12 days ago

    The scream is my mood right now oh my god GFJCHLUFJIBB JA GINBF

  • Hamilton Ly
    Hamilton Ly 14 days ago

    I feel you Travis. Its hard to see the person who you love is into someone else; but in another way, as far as you friendship is still on, try to keep it still. Its hard to watch you about to cry but its still better than the relationship had been more than 10 yrs already ended, even the friendship was also over as well. You are strong and kind Travis!

  • Marc Fr
    Marc Fr 14 days ago

    7:20 this the time that i want to hug 🤗 you 😌. But im here in the 🇵🇭

  • iFauxPas
    iFauxPas 14 days ago

    To all of these expert analysts and naysayers, please take several steps back and consider this:
    You only know Travis through the filtered lens of a camera. For any of you to feel as though you have some sort of deeper intuition or insight into Travis’ life than he has himself is completely delusional and, quite frankly, very egotistical.
    Just because you’ve been following a person’s content for a long time does not truly make you any more acquainted with them than you would be with any other given stranger.
    If you have any respect for his character or his judgement at all, then you ought to respect his right to analyze the dynamics of his own life accurately. How would you feel if some random came up to you thinking that they somehow have the authority to inform YOU of YOUR life?

  • Bruce Prins
    Bruce Prins 15 days ago

    I respect your boundaries and mature approach to this dynamic. But, please be careful.

  • Neal Hogg
    Neal Hogg 16 days ago

    They are both gays. Please don't use your fans and subscribers.

  • Hery Liam
    Hery Liam 18 days ago

    Sometimes you should release all the feelings that you keep inside for so long...
    Go find someone no matter is it therapy or someone you really close..
    It's really unhealthy to keep doing like this...I really like your charisma,your act,you enthusiasm
    You and Mario make my day
    Be healthy please

  • Hery Liam
    Hery Liam 18 days ago

    Fear is something we can overcome but regret doesn't have a medicine...
    I know you still love Mario but you try really hard to forget it and make a boundary because you scared you will got hurt...i just want to say that if you believe from the bottom of your heart that by setting a boundary will help, you are wrong..
    Mario love you as a lover but he's very confuse..he never done something or dream of that he will love a guy..
    I know you say you have move on about your feelings for Mario but from your move,sound and still love him as a lover
    And i proud of giving up your feelings for Mario just to make him say you ok with Mario dating other but you not..
    Eyes is a window to our soul
    Im proud because you sacrifice your feelings just to make him happy
    And someone will need a lot of courage to do that
    I hope you got your happy ever after ☺ #peace

  • dennis lazo
    dennis lazo 18 days ago

    I and maybe someone else's felt related to what Travis said.
    There are certains things in life that we don't really want to change., like their friendship(not ordinary as what he said)..although they love each other.. Friends are Friends.
    In lots of cases.. Friendships lasts more than romantic relationships.

  • Dumpling Dokhyun
    Dumpling Dokhyun 20 days ago

    But your eyes is can't to lie travis. For sure you really love him. Not like a brother but like a special one of course. I think you has been hesitation bout that situation how to liquefy of him to you... Just my opinion..

  • K Baker
    K Baker 22 days ago

    You all who are yelling at Travis to not have feelings obviously have never been in this type of situation before. It's not like any of this was intentional from either of them. But, Mario cannot put himself in Travis's shoes to understand what it is like to have someone you are best friends with and wants to spend so much time with you and is cool being physical touchy and stuff to keep it as friends only. Certain straight men have this vulnerable side to them in which they want attention. Period. They don't understand that by opening up so much and cuddling and physically touching one another and all of that... how could a guy like Travis who is physically attracted to men... not develop feelings? Mario loves Travis for giving him the attention he needs. But, Mario does not want the physical side of things. But, imagine if Mario had this kind of friendship/relationship with a girl. Of course Mario would develop feelings. How could any straight guy not develop feelings for an attractive girl that is there for Mario like Travis is. Mario would literally drive himself crazy by not being able to be in a relationship with the girl. Yeah Travis is trying to be the bigger person here and just wants to keep Mario. But, over time this will either end as Mario and Travis being in a relationship or they will not be friends at all. Or Travis will keep putting his feelings aside the rest of his life so he could have Mario. He will love the moments they are together but will hate when they're apart. It's one of the hardest situations to be in. But, there is no reason to yell at Travis. He and Mario have to figure this out together. I wish them the best.

  • LeMonds Perinchief
    LeMonds Perinchief 23 days ago

    Are you wasting your time with Mario because you guys spending alot energy with other!

  • İsmailefe Kececi
    İsmailefe Kececi 24 days ago

    What does straight guy mean?

  • Missy Dee
    Missy Dee 26 days ago

    IMO...Travis is a passionate TRUE person who wears his heart on his sleeve and is 100% genuine. Mario IMO threw that on Travis during the video looking at it as an opportunity to create "dramatic content". Observing these two for a while this was easy for me to figure out immediately. Really... Why else would he casually throw that at Travis under those circumstances? And for Mario to not consider Travis' feelings and not think about how that would make Travis speaks volumes. I like Mario, don't get me wrong, but he's self absorbed and a tad selfish a lot of times. And that's what I've observed just from 10 min videos here and there with them together! Travis is going to find his Prince Charming. It's just not Mario.

  • C L
    C L Month ago

    Cut the crap! Your in love with Mario and it’s plane to see and your settling for a little piece of him instead off losing him to a girl ... That’s fine but don’t draw us into your dilution. I wish you well because when you love someone it’s hurts. I would suggest you watch MJ Harris for advice.

  • Ocean's Wonders
    Ocean's Wonders Month ago

    I adore your from-the-heart, authentic attitude and have always appreciated that about you.

  • Rhaka Katresna
    Rhaka Katresna Month ago

    I'm with you, Travis. Love, share it, the best one of life coach.

  • Iuno I
    Iuno I Month ago

    You're so cool. Don't label your relationship, just freely enjoy it. I think it's so special and it's so true, I just love to see this kind of open mindness. I also believe that true, honest love can't hurt you, we hurt ourselvs with our thoughts about how it must be, but feelings, vibes, that conection does not lie and I think we should value that more than our preconceptions about how things should be. As long as you are free, not egoistic, have unconditional love for eachother and communication you'll have the best time of your lives.
    I don't usually comment but I really felt to do so cause I see a lot of people labeling what you guys have, advising you to not fall in love.. and that's bullshit. Mario is not just a straight guy, he's very special and awake and he loves you for your soul. Our souls care about souls in spite of gender or sexual orientation, cause souls and connections are deeper than that.
    Sorry for blabbing, probably you won't even read this, but I felt like writing this because I can relate to this type of freedom and I love that you share it and encourage people to see this beautiful side of human connection!
    All the 💜

  • Rogel Sodoso
    Rogel Sodoso Month ago

    Is making you bad or its making you happy that mario is with his gf or a guy that he is dating for.....???
    Answer me travis.....

  • Christopher Mahon
    Christopher Mahon Month ago

    Music to “A boy is a gun” is in my head for this.

  • Witt Serf
    Witt Serf Month ago

    Mario is despicable. He has gone mad with his suppression of homosexuality.

  • Rainando
    Rainando Month ago

    If he's dating. either its girl or a guy it wont change the dynamic of our relationship. Gurl wait until he dates a guy who is not you...and talk...

  • Bruce Coleman
    Bruce Coleman Month ago

    You do you. The End.

  • thomas fritz
    thomas fritz Month ago

    Dude it comes down too is it love or the idea of being in love.I get Mario is a player you deserve better and if it is love you shouldnt have to work on it.No one should ever have too work on it. It just happens.

  • KEH Hogan
    KEH Hogan Month ago

    I agree Mario is not ready to commit and settle down , I'm not sure if he will ever be . I feel it is the hardest thing to go through when you love someone and want to be exclusive to that person , but that person is either not ready for a relationship or does not want to be in an exclusive gay relationship, loving someone and not getting the same TYPE of love back is heart breaking!! It's hard to move on, but Travis please move on from Mario, time is too precious and you have too much love to give someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with .

  • Matthew Pippin
    Matthew Pippin Month ago

    We have all been there as gay men... It's the thrill of the unattainable. For Mario the thrill of being loved needed and admired. This experiment in my opinion has been doomed from the start. We are human and emotions come with that. You deserve whatever you want Travis, just be happy and open about your feelings like you have been.

  • Prepare for Trouble

    @0:31 hideki kyoka suigetsu

  • Justin Saine
    Justin Saine Month ago

    It’s all click bait. He should flex his abs in a gay direction. More orgasm potential.

  • Carlisa Giselle
    Carlisa Giselle Month ago

    Aquarius-Very BAD Liars

  • K G
    K G Month ago

    Sam Sam Sam

  • stoli091
    stoli091 Month ago

    Wish I had someone like you to talk to about my situation. After watching this video, now it makes me want to work on myself and have that one great relationship with someone.

  • scruffle
    scruffle Month ago

    you're very expressive, I do love that. don't let your pattern for unavailable men keep continuing by falling for Mario, its evident there's still a part of you that wishes it could be. if you get a boyfriend all that cuddling and cutesy stuff with Mario will have to stop?

  • Jay Avery
    Jay Avery Month ago

    So... Not to say or define Mario or anyone else, don't know him personally and even so, who am I to say who anyone is or isn't?
    *THAT BEING SAID* : I KNOW ALL TOO WELL the frustrations of men, specifically very close friends who suddenly, or even over time, go through a bi-curious phase ( I'm using the term phase very loosely and only based on my own experiences, please hear me when I say I know bi-curiousity is a very real thing, I went through it myself as I was straight until the age of 11/12 when I started having feelings for males) and decide to use their gay friends as trials.
    My "journey" was a short lived hell, trying to pray away my feelings, being abandoned by some of my closest friends, verbal and physical abuse from my parents, suicidal attempts, etc. By 13 1/2 or 14 I hadn't fully accepted myself but I HAD accepted that I was a bisexual man.
    At 33 I'm a comfortable, completely happy gay man. My healthy boundaries? Many, but in regards to this very poignant, personal video, my number 1. I never purposely or intentionally hit on straight men. 2. I never allow myself to be someone's experiment, test run, etc. The pain of having friends which decide, without asking or conversing it out like you both have, that because I'm gay I'm automatically going to be game to be their trial run is something I refuse to ever go through again. It's been many moons and these days I'm a lot less emotional about it as I once was, but I know that pain. Thanks for the video, love and light to you both.

  • Josh Midgley
    Josh Midgley Month ago +1

    Can't believe this got snubbed by the Oscars

  • Christopher Barr
    Christopher Barr Month ago

    Far too sensitive. GOD!

  • AL Parish
    AL Parish Month ago

    Not buying what you're trying to sell, I suspect both of you are not being honest to yourselves. Even indicating your desire not to change your dynamic if another person was added is telltale. As far as Mario, there is that old saying about protesting too much. But hey, you are adults, at some point; hopefully not when it is too late; you may figure it all out. Straight folks and gay folks only get along when the parameters are clearly defined.

  • Dhruba Nath
    Dhruba Nath Month ago

    TVclip dramas are amazing. And the drama queens. lol

  • shahzad N
    shahzad N Month ago

    Mario is making you look bad. In the end he is straight and you will be the one to blame.

  • marcburo
    marcburo Month ago

    A 3way relationship is on the way. Bro.

  • Zachary G
    Zachary G Month ago

    I totally get not wanting to be someone's Guinea pig. I feel the same way in my own life right now. Plus, I've been out of the closet waaaaay to long to go back in for anyone!

  • J Christopher
    J Christopher Month ago

    Don’t care

  • Paul Dunn
    Paul Dunn Month ago

    Not a delicate flower, but able to be vulnerable. 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Arthur David frances

    I was cry 😭😭

  • Kalitoz Kaliente
    Kalitoz Kaliente Month ago

    we miss you friend... we love you

  • Bikini Burger
    Bikini Burger Month ago

    I’m really sick of this . STOP BEING A PREDATOR. He is STRAIGHT.

  • GM GTA
    GM GTA Month ago

    Mario used only you🤬😔

  • mashed potato
    mashed potato Month ago

    Mario is not healthy OMG... Just date Sam or stay single

  • R M
    R M Month ago

    You’re so stupid and vapid

  • kasterborous
    kasterborous Month ago

    Jesus fucking Christ 🤦‍♂️

  • AyPapi Mercado
    AyPapi Mercado Month ago

    With all due respect, the blatant irony behind the title of this video seems to be lost on you: The Truth About Us. Your video, your reaction, is full of denial. Sorry. I'm sad for you. But, I do hope you are able to truly move forward, starting from now. And, that your relationship continues, but in a more healthy fashion.

  • aniokay
    aniokay Month ago

    ❤❤ Don't apologize love. You are doing good!

  • Reuben&Lemn
    Reuben&Lemn Month ago

    Dude like it or not friends come and go and yes for a girlfriend he will eventually choose her over you. I’m not saying that to be rude but it seems your trying to justify what happened without being honest. You like him more than friends and that’s that. You will need to end it, because u don’t view him just as a friend, trust me, make an ugly friend you’ll know the difference then.

  • Eric Martin
    Eric Martin Month ago +1

    Travis you have are love and we will always have your back. But your eyes dont lie. Your voice dont lie. We are here for you and we will always be here for you. Mario I know why he told you on the video, because it was a safe zone. I heard it in his voice. He was so nervous to tell you. That tells me you mean a lot to him.

  • Mike H
    Mike H Month ago

    I've been down this road before. Abort.

  • dragonzlyric
    dragonzlyric Month ago +1

    Your articulation and eloquence aside, it’s great to hear how collected you are at this stage in your life and I’m happy to hear you’ve become a life coach so you can help others in their personal sojourns. Not many people can understand this philial love you have for your friend which is beyond romance and it’s great that Mario understands and shares that with you also.

  • Alveen Litala
    Alveen Litala Month ago +2

    Meeen , is it me the only one , when the background music started playing , I tear dropped, then another one followed . Boom I was crying silently. I reached for my handkerchief 🤧🤧

  • Lee Junn Wei
    Lee Junn Wei Month ago +1

    I would just like to offer a cyber hug

  • S T
    S T Month ago

    Best thing for u is to just lose contact with him cuz at this point he’s playing with u and it’s not a healthy friendship if u want it to be something more and he doesn’t

  • iPhyzx
    iPhyzx Month ago

    Bruh giving people too much can hurt you , giving some one a lot of happiness can drain your happiness 😩

  • YourGoogle Reviewer

    I can't believe I been following both of u for the longest time and you guys are so close now.... I'm like ahhhhhh 💕 love you both

  • Acosta vega
    Acosta vega Month ago

    You are a good person travis.

    LOTUS MINGIS Month ago

    Am still looking for Mario comment.

  • Zar Rumentang
    Zar Rumentang Month ago

    I knew this story would end like this, that's why I didn't follow the whole 'series'. I only saw the beginning and waited for this moment 😬. I just want to know if they will keep making videos together or let us consider all of this as a 'reality tv (youtube) show'

  • Jitendra Singh Parihar

    It's fine, I love you , we love you, and you are no one's Guinea pig

  • Joey Lloyd
    Joey Lloyd Month ago

    dam you are just milking this for all its worth. Learn to love yourself dude and stop trying to force things especially with a straight guy. stop gay-baiting. You could have had a great friendship with Mario but you also fall for every guy you come into contact with. Just be happy with yourself and love yourself

  • Her_ poetry
    Her_ poetry Month ago +1

    Dont let them toy you,Be a friend but dont be a foolish
    No offence just giving you some tips😉

  • Samson Michael
    Samson Michael Month ago

    Ok. This may be way outta context...but I've been thinking...don't you ever come across homophobes or get homophobic slurs thrown at ya? How do you cope with all these? Coz it seems like you never come across them at all. Please talk about this in your next video. *fingers crossed*

  • Michael Fernandez
    Michael Fernandez Month ago

    Sam. Choose Sam.

  • Sbahle Van Der Merwe

    Travis I am gonna give to you real straight...Forget Mario And Move On plzzzz😢.....after watching all yourls videos I feel like half the time you are giving your 100% to him but he ain't giving anything back....You Can Do Better Travis💯♥️ still a TRACK fan😂🙊🙈

  • Rodney Fuqua
    Rodney Fuqua Month ago

    So raw and honest. I have had 2 relationships as this one. We're still best friends now.