Mcdonalds employee throws cone at my face

  • Published on Aug 1, 2012
  • Me and my friends were coning and the employee decides to throw the cone at my face, but we ended up getting free meal
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Eli Avila
    Eli Avila 11 months ago

    And it was thrown on your lap MORON

  • Eli Avila
    Eli Avila 11 months ago

    One day you bitches will get the same treatment

    ZZXXFiREMANXXZZ 5 years ago

    You deserve even more..

  • camilo19201920
    camilo19201920 6 years ago

    Stupid prank. You deserve two cones in your face.

  • James Rivera
    James Rivera 6 years ago

    Yeah go back fucken idiot

  • caotsstoac
    caotsstoac 6 years ago

    Dumb bitch deserved it, otherwise it wouldnt be funny, you are immature and obviously never had a job.

  • Chaotic Colleen
    Chaotic Colleen 6 years ago


  • TaskForceHorse
    TaskForceHorse 6 years ago

    turn your phone the other way