TOP 4 Golden Buzzer America's Got Talent 2017

  • Published on Jun 29, 2017
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    ^^^^^ International Talent Spotlight ^^^^^
    1. Christian Guardino
    2. Darci Lynne
    3. Dancers Light Balance
    4. Mandy Harvey
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  • Rebecca Gonzalez
    Rebecca Gonzalez 2 hours ago


  • Mahmut Tırış
    Mahmut Tırış 5 hours ago

    What's the name of the song Christian gordinho sang?

  • Teresia Jelek
    Teresia Jelek 5 hours ago

    Get talent new

  • Togata Mirio
    Togata Mirio 6 hours ago

    The 3rd one was just.. PERFECTION

  • 回転石
    回転石 7 hours ago

    「今 ここで夢が叶うぞ」的な

  • M Miya
    M Miya 7 hours ago


  • Way 2islam
    Way 2islam 8 hours ago

    Hod protect you MJ .thanx mr Trump....

  • Blue Bird
    Blue Bird 8 hours ago

    Who is watching this episode in 2020 ?

  • Estelle Kate
    Estelle Kate 9 hours ago

    Pendant ce temps en France, un des golden buzzer c’est LOUŸS DE BELLEVILLE, LOUŸIS AVEC UN Y ET UN TRÉMA SUR LE Y, qui fait des poetumes

  • 9 hours ago

    I can’t stand that Heidi klum.

  • MaRliFoRTeN [WT5K]
    MaRliFoRTeN [WT5K] 10 hours ago +1

    The 4th was the best one!

  • cadence maniscarco
    cadence maniscarco 13 hours ago

    Mel b pushed that buzzer SO HARD

  • Ahlam Benahmed
    Ahlam Benahmed 14 hours ago

    Title of music in 9 :49

  • Aion ・
    Aion ・ 14 hours ago


  • ナツメ
    ナツメ 16 hours ago


  • Biggen 1228
    Biggen 1228 16 hours ago

    5:20 if I see this girl again ima freak I don’t like it I’m sorry but I don’t

  • Young cryp On the gang
    Young cryp On the gang 17 hours ago

    Who ever doesn’t want to see these people succeed get out of here

  • Young cryp On the gang
    Young cryp On the gang 17 hours ago

    First dude has a beautiful voice no homo

  • Thangte bre
    Thangte bre 18 hours ago +1

    bHh Malli man amo O oa lal mal por la👯💵🍸👯💵🍸👯💵🍸👯💵🍸 iu

  • Murtuza Ali
    Murtuza Ali 19 hours ago

    Where is Courtney hadvin🙄🙄🙄

  • 견잭
    견잭 19 hours ago

    와 형님 축하 드림

  • NFX_Wolfy YT
    NFX_Wolfy YT 19 hours ago +1

    Who cry when the last perfomance😢


  • ゲスミン ゲスレルト伝説のサイコパス


  • 곰 곰
    곰 곰 22 hours ago +1

    I think lightbalance is best

  • よろしくおねがいしますねこです


  • Speechless Ai
    Speechless Ai Day ago

    3.50 what song ?

  • Liza Ferret
    Liza Ferret Day ago +1

    Тут, кто-нибудь есть из русских? Скажите что означает золотая кнопка?

  • Саха Наримов

    Что это было?

  • Wixpo Style
    Wixpo Style Day ago +1

    Simon : you know What

    Janitor: why are you so mean with me?!

  • 최우진
    최우진 Day ago

    골드버튼 무슨 의미인지 알려주실 분...?

  • foop
    foop Day ago

    Category: *Animals*


    • foop
      foop Day ago

      lol, baited

  • Alex freak
    Alex freak Day ago

    Y pa qué me meto en estos vídeos si ahora me siento inútil

  • Antto Haapala
    Antto Haapala Day ago

    8:59 music please?

  • 혼글
    혼글 Day ago


  • Marcello Fernandes
    Marcello Fernandes Day ago +1

    A menina foi dms

    ANUSHA JOHN Day ago

    Oh my god the first one 😘😘

  • Arpan Rai
    Arpan Rai Day ago +1

    I love the first reaction of Simon

  • Elif Karakuzu
    Elif Karakuzu Day ago +1

    why am ı crying now?

  • DrEffect YuRu1
    DrEffect YuRu1 Day ago

    got talentの英語わからないけどなんとなくわかる感じ
    got talentすき

  • king kawauso
    king kawauso Day ago


  • 황미희
    황미희 Day ago

    1번째랑 2번째가 남맨강..

  • JJ Jake
    JJ Jake Day ago +2

    Every time when the judges push the golden buzzer my tears run out

  • Hadya Khan
    Hadya Khan Day ago +1

    I wonder how much the janitor earns!

  • 월월
    월월 Day ago

    진짜 보면서다울었다.... 정말행복하겠다 그만큼한 노력이 거의 다 보상받은거니까

  • 임한삼
    임한삼 Day ago +1


  • 紅茶カルピス


  • Cere Nicole
    Cere Nicole Day ago


  • G MAIL
    G MAIL 2 days ago

    j'ai pleuré pour la numéro 4 magnifique 💯🤩

  • CrazyZee 2
    CrazyZee 2 2 days ago +7

    Sings a song and wishes for the golden buzzer wish comes true
    Me: sings a song "mom can we have spaghetti for dinner"
    Mom: *no*

  • ethan DuBose
    ethan DuBose 2 days ago

    when that first guy started to sing you could see this "HOL UP" moment on his face

  • ethan DuBose
    ethan DuBose 2 days ago

    all of these moments can be summed up with one word...


  • saifullah askari
    saifullah askari 2 days ago +4

    I don't understand in second part how she did it.. ?
    It's unbelievable

  • debanjan jr
    debanjan jr 2 days ago

    Im saimon no sir wow 🤗

  • Manon gns
    Manon gns 2 days ago +3

    Manifestez vous les seules français

    • ISK_Obey
      ISK_Obey 16 hours ago

      Manon gns saluut mdr, viens snap florianlad stv

  • caNon
    caNon 2 days ago

    что делает золотая кнопка :D?

  • Olczi :3
    Olczi :3 2 days ago

    Są tu jacyś Polacy? XD

  • 뿡뿡이상
    뿡뿡이상 2 days ago +1

    나만 한국인인가

  • UNseriously
    UNseriously 2 days ago

    O M G His voice is so high!!!!

  • phuc hoàng
    phuc hoàng 2 days ago

    Việt nam : 11/12/2019 ?

  • Prezident TJ
    Prezident TJ 2 days ago +1