Film Theory: Wall-E's SECRET Villain (Disney Pixar's Wall-E)


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  • Rad Slime
    Rad Slime 2 hours ago

    yeh cars.

  • Rook
    Rook 2 hours ago

    But all jobs in the ship are done by robots. If they were forced to spend their money in that ship, wouldn't their money eventually run out if they don't have any income?

  • Stan Mollin
    Stan Mollin 3 hours ago

    Boy, it sure seems like you keep a lot of your theories on the top shelf

  • Γιώργος Τσιαμασιώτης

    BUT People don't have an income in space. So what would BnL profit off of?

  • SuperSand
    SuperSand 6 hours ago

    BNL is no better than media companies. There's no difference between them

  • Ani Bryan
    Ani Bryan 6 hours ago

    you changed the way I look at kids movies .FOR. EVER.


    is disney ever going to do something about the increasing number of hard-to-spot BNL logos littered in EVERY modern movie they make? (stuff discluded would be things like Moana, Brave, Frozen, and all other Disney princess movies) like, it seems like there is, as Matpat repeatedly says, something bigger going on. sorta like a "DISNEYVERSE, UNITE!" type thing. idk what im saying lol

  • rishard daniels
    rishard daniels 7 hours ago

    So the plan is clear right?

    Flatten deleware and make it landfill.

  • Mel Clifford
    Mel Clifford 7 hours ago

    *Phew*. This video just gave me a relief. Thanks MatPat, your the best:)))

  • Wigglytwig Twitch
    Wigglytwig Twitch 8 hours ago

    One thing about this theory makes no sense . No one on the ship works to play for said monopolize the goods.

  • Noozzaa & Palloozza
    Noozzaa & Palloozza 8 hours ago

    No one is producing income or spending money everything is free so how is this BnL's big plan If they aren't making any money

  • Collin Hayward
    Collin Hayward 9 hours ago

    20% less plastic I saw a bottle that was 50% less plastic

  • Soull3ss
    Soull3ss 10 hours ago

    Ya know, I'd like to know: is Ains (from the show overlord) in a coma? I mean he in the same game he loved (sort of), Everytime his heart rate goes up he gets "calmed down" by some mysterious power (like if someone who's hospitalized gets meds for that). I really feel like he went into a coma the moment the servers went down and now he's in his mind.
    I know this has nothing to do with this video but I feel like it's worth a theory

  • Tristan Camacho
    Tristan Camacho 10 hours ago

    Can you do a theory about Ready Player One?

  • RedGamer ThePvPG
    RedGamer ThePvPG 10 hours ago

    You know,with these technoligy,it would make even more sense,because you can throw it in the sun

  • LittleLordM
    LittleLordM 10 hours ago

    Syndrome invented the AI in Wall-E (according to the Pixar Theory)

  • Karla Arizpe
    Karla Arizpe 10 hours ago

    How will those guys steal money if there isn't a single tree in the spaceship they navigate? need trees in order to make money and by the looks of the movie earth does not seem to have many trees left anymore so how are those guys even stealing money?....Hence why i think there is a different reason as to why the stuff is happening in the movie.

  • Maxical
    Maxical 11 hours ago

    I knew it!!! Even when I was younger I noticed the total control that BnL had over everything, both on the ship and in the time the movie took place on Earth. So glad you brought this up!!!

  • Ben Lash
    Ben Lash 11 hours ago +1

    BNL seems to have already had a monopoly on the world before going into space (According to 10:57, BNL appears to rule the world. Also they have a ubiquitous presence in previous pixar film. Also, they have the resources to transport the whole of the earth's population to space) They could easily eliminate any competition. Why would they need to go to space to do that?

  • godAlseif
    godAlseif 11 hours ago

    only problem i see is that nobody on the axiom actually works. the crew is fully automated and the passengers are living a life of luxury. if nobody works then nobody has money to spend. there would be no economy on the ship. BnL owns the ship, the food, the clothes, and everything else. in its current form that we see it as in the film it is the purest form of communism. everyone is provided with everything they could ever want for their entire lives. there is no competition, there are no payed employees, BnL isnt even run by people anymore because every person is fully provided for and the ship runs it self with the highest ranking human being nothing more than a figurehead while the ships computer runs it all. there is no profit because money wouldn't mean anything to the company that is literally the only company in existence and already owns all things.

  • Demonic Gamer Azazel
    Demonic Gamer Azazel 11 hours ago

    I usually hate the little intros but this one was hilarious! well done.

  • Sam Hornyak
    Sam Hornyak 12 hours ago

    I drink tons of mountain dew and I always recycle the cans

  • Cherry Bomb Studios
    Cherry Bomb Studios 12 hours ago

    One word. Chills.

  • Rift Shredder
    Rift Shredder 12 hours ago

    Wow, you make this video but you also made a video saying Thanos was right? Which one is it? You can't have both

  • Mattdog 0616
    Mattdog 0616 12 hours ago

    Do a vid on the Pixar theory

  • Chadian TheThespian
    Chadian TheThespian 13 hours ago

    Yeah we have Delaware but also like

  • Cuck You Up
    Cuck You Up 13 hours ago

    But what’s the point of money if they literally control all of humanity

  • Mad dog from Cyberspace

    2:27 your videos.
    Do Some Research

  • Eleven I love Stranger Things

    Aww I love that movie🤗🤧😥🤣😭

  • Live, Love,SING Kline
    Live, Love,SING Kline 14 hours ago

    You fooled me in the begging

  • noregrets92
    noregrets92 14 hours ago

    Who's paying BnL? Everything's automated, the people don't have jobs so they're not paying anything, they're not paying taxes to a Government so they're not funding it. What's their end game, to be the only mega corporation around once the the Earth is habitable?

  • enough - A P L A U S E -

    Where's mat pat from

  • Irene Criel
    Irene Criel 14 hours ago

    This video is gibeing buisnessmen ideas...

  • Cameron Eiler
    Cameron Eiler 14 hours ago

    Canada has a lot of unused space so the furture would just have people giving trash to Canada

  • potato servent
    potato servent 15 hours ago

    Why so much pictures of its always sunny in Philadelphia

  • TwoTerribleTwins2017 That Make Movies

    Im the trash man

  • John Davis
    John Davis 15 hours ago

    that is war on waste

  • James Tolls
    James Tolls 15 hours ago

    It's 2 am and when I heard that laugh at 2:42 it scared me...

  • Max van der Honing
    Max van der Honing 16 hours ago +1

    Me during the entire video: PO-KE-MON! PO-KE-MON!!!

  • Nickolas Lopes
    Nickolas Lopes 16 hours ago

    I'm Brazilian

  • Bruce Dunham
    Bruce Dunham 16 hours ago

    I missed out on the notebooks....will i be able to get one later on?

  • EastSideFBK
    EastSideFBK 16 hours ago

    Your theories are garbage now. Were the fuck is the proof. These are what if assumptions

  • Tyllrrr Mudd
    Tyllrrr Mudd 17 hours ago

    Who else is offended that you put trash on OKC
    Oh and Texas

  • Lilithia Abendstern
    Lilithia Abendstern 17 hours ago

    well I'm sry but the huge plastic isle floating in pacific proofs you wrong - and it's growing and growing

  • Greek Revolutionary Democratic Socialist

    It is not the human desire to accumilate useless stuff. It is the effect of consumerism that was enforced by capitalism

  • Haitus should sleep
    Haitus should sleep 17 hours ago

    Can you do twenty one pilots I know they're a band but you will love it so much it's so cryptic it's like fnaf in music, or could you do mr robots, I don't have any immediate theories for it yet I feel like there's something intwined in there I just can't get it, P.S with twenty one pilots I have spent hours and page upon pages of notes constructing a story line if you want to look into it to get you interested visit ik it sounds like it could be a virus but if you search it up it's really popular so there are many people
    who can help already, if you do try and
    figure out who clancy is from the cryptic
    letters from

  • DargonCaptain
    DargonCaptain 17 hours ago

    12:35 pun indeeded?

  • StarBeam's World
    StarBeam's World 17 hours ago +1


  • C&A Hintz
    C&A Hintz 18 hours ago

    Edible water bottle, all I'm thinking is "edible water bottle

  • Wolf Tamer
    Wolf Tamer 18 hours ago

    I didnt notice the comercial was on a T.V screen until the last second! XD

  • Ali H
    Ali H 18 hours ago

    In this future, they needed Teddy Roosevelt for a president. Destroy the monopolies.

  • Puppywinkles I
    Puppywinkles I 18 hours ago

    Socialism... Socialism everywhere

  • NerdyDragon42
    NerdyDragon42 18 hours ago

    Tbh I never did trust BNL from the Wall-E universe now I have proof why I was right. Moral of this episode: Corporations can be good for the environment when utilized right give both consumer and producer win win but if they are like BNL they've either doomed us all and/or themselves.

  • MLG Pug
    MLG Pug 18 hours ago

    Why cant we just burn the garbage?

  • Professor Logan Berry
    Professor Logan Berry 19 hours ago

    so it's not consumerism that's going to destroy the world but captialism... sounds about right.

  • potato UnicornTM
    potato UnicornTM 19 hours ago

    This makes me have faith in society. I thought that was impossible

  • Best of the Worst
    Best of the Worst 19 hours ago

    My only question is why did they want money when they have nothing to buy? They are the only company left and care for all of humanity.

  • Nether Dimensions
    Nether Dimensions 19 hours ago

    You have to have that much stuff at first to make that much trash, they don’t have enough stuff to make that much trash

  • TearsOfCourage -w-
    TearsOfCourage -w- 19 hours ago

    *е а с н s о l d s е р е г а т е l у*

  • Mypropicisnotjimin lookleft

    Wait lmao mat you used the Crappy Ohio version from Ready Player One XD

    MICHAEL CHARLONIS 19 hours ago

    Wall e is another favorite pixar film of mine

  • Daniel Manzor
    Daniel Manzor 19 hours ago

    I'm here from the Moana Vid with the link

  • Odin G.S
    Odin G.S 19 hours ago

    but... the people in space clearly do not generate income as they seem to be 100% involved in leisure activities. I don't see how BNL can get a profit from this...

  • Ben Hammers
    Ben Hammers 19 hours ago

    But where do people get the money to buy the BnL products on the ships??????

  • Frost Bite
    Frost Bite 19 hours ago

    Hey that's just a theory a... Wait no let me redo this outro. Hey but that's just a fact of film fact thanks for watching. Or at least that's what I thought should have happened bye-bye bye-bye BNL bye bye bye BNL

  • PlaidBandit42
    PlaidBandit42 19 hours ago

    Is it just me or is Matts voice a bit deeper in this one?

  • V Senpai
    V Senpai 19 hours ago

    Would they really make a lot of money from future generations because i don't think they don't have jobs
    Do they?

  • cremecookie
    cremecookie 19 hours ago

    it would be the people around Wal-e ‘s settings fault. There could have been a landfill in the setting, and the people were just oblivious. The land fill got too massive, so they send robots to clean it.

    But that’s just a theory, a film theory!
    And cut!

  • Prof C
    Prof C 19 hours ago

    It would've been funny if after he said "contamination zone" he added the sonic scene, where the game says: "Contamination Zone ACT 1".

  • Comedy King
    Comedy King 19 hours ago

    Did anyone notice the BFDI mouth assets?

  • _Echo _
    _Echo _ 20 hours ago

    But wait
    You said all of the trash in America
    And you said it yourself, other countries like Mexico create more trash
    Is it possible that BNL did it to smaller countries instead of the ENTIRE world? Or even just America? Americas population is MILLIONS of people, so still enough to make profit, and cheaper than doing it to the WHOLE world, America is big, but easier than say Asia, India, etc.
    (Like so he can see this, I don't care about the likes I just want to share my thoughts

  • Toxic Light
    Toxic Light 20 hours ago +1

    Each sold seperately!

  • Sansepticeye
    Sansepticeye 20 hours ago

    True, BnL could take everyone's money on the axiom, but then what is it for? There aren't any more products, and they are the government, so there is no need for money. In fact, there wouldn't even be money anyway, because it all goes to BnL so nobody can pay for anything (since nobody has a job). Within the first year or two, BnL are giving all their products away for free, with a bunch of useless paper sitting in some bank run by them.

  • Gaming With Style
    Gaming With Style 20 hours ago

    "Cars" -Matpat (that intro honestly made me laugh when Matpat said "Cars")

  • Jaden Evertz
    Jaden Evertz 20 hours ago

    9:06 I was like "ooooohhhhhhhhhh"

  • Zeke Polaris
    Zeke Polaris 20 hours ago


  • Awesome Films
    Awesome Films 20 hours ago +1

    THE (cup cake in a cup) CAKE IS A LIE

  • Abi Johnson
    Abi Johnson 20 hours ago

    Dr. William looks like Mark Ruffalo!?!?

  • Levi Rosenthal
    Levi Rosenthal 20 hours ago

    If you drink Diet Coke, you are nasty. Like me. But at least I admit it

  • Star Amazing
    Star Amazing 20 hours ago

    1:33 well banana peels eventually decompose back into soil tho...

  • Sparc 7610
    Sparc 7610 21 hour ago

    Hey MatPat, why does Vanellope still glitch?

  • PlaylistzOnline
    PlaylistzOnline 21 hour ago

    This is one theory I hope is true

  • farhana haque
    farhana haque 22 hours ago

    hey when are you going to make another video

  • Adriel Velasquez
    Adriel Velasquez 22 hours ago

    Do corline

  • Cynthia Robles
    Cynthia Robles 23 hours ago

    I just want to know why you hate cars. I'm not mad I just want to know why.

  • Upchuck Games
    Upchuck Games 23 hours ago

    Mat Pat, just..... Stick to...... Game theory, k?

    NEXUS 23 hours ago

    Next video suggestion FINAL SPACE ending theory

  • Upchuck Games
    Upchuck Games 23 hours ago

    WALL-E is my FAV Pixar movie.

  • Lazer Chaser
    Lazer Chaser Day ago

    Better then the new coke scandle

  • Great Lenin
    Great Lenin Day ago +1

    Do a theory on what kingdom/ empire/ whatever the family of brave ruled. Maybe part of the Holy Roman Empire.

  • Star Crystal
    Star Crystal Day ago +1

    This is kinda off topic but can you plz do a theory on Star vs the Forces of Evil?

  • Cooldog 0309
    Cooldog 0309 Day ago

    GO GREEN ......🤑

  • Cooldog 0309
    Cooldog 0309 Day ago +1

    He does look into stuff to much hey he might be giving them more credit then they wanted so 🤔

  • Elisa Ramirez
    Elisa Ramirez Day ago

    Please do Interstellar!! The black hole scene???🤔🤔

  • Nerfi Mcnerfnerf

    But who pays BnL if noone is working anymore?

  • Abigail Saldin
    Abigail Saldin Day ago

    you gave pokemon references and a gravity falls reference. mat pat deserves a like.

  • BlackBoi
    BlackBoi Day ago +3

    He should really make a video on the marvel cinimatic universe timeline

  • light sprite
    light sprite Day ago

    Pls make a theory about Slenderman story

  • Fredrik Almnes
    Fredrik Almnes Day ago

    Can you guys make an episode were you find out the real name to the doctor in Doctor who

  • KyleTheCookie.
    KyleTheCookie. Day ago

    How many things in Futurama are possible? Specifically those heads.