Film Theory: Wall-E's SECRET Villain (Disney Pixar's Wall-E)

  • Published on Jul 31, 2018
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    What if I told you that the Earth being ruined with garbage in Wall-E wasn't an accident? That is was all a big SCAM being run by the one organization set to benefit from it. That's right! Today Theorists I am going to show you how good 'ole BnL ruined it for everyone!
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  • Mr.Green Booger
    Mr.Green Booger 14 hours ago

    0:30 CARS🤗

  • Kids Got Game
    Kids Got Game 14 hours ago +1


  • Noneof yourbeeswax
    Noneof yourbeeswax 16 hours ago

    Not to mention the auto pilot that did not want the plant to be delivered back to earth

  • LeAndre Batts
    LeAndre Batts 23 hours ago


  • xd Mixer
    xd Mixer Day ago

    No no nononon not my fav movie no nonoonno

  • Eli Mohr
    Eli Mohr Day ago

    Heeeey mat pat you forgot that the trash will decompose plz respond

  • game portal
    game portal Day ago

    OH NO I live in Kuwait!?!?!

  • Kaz White
    Kaz White 2 days ago

    Ok so yea they get peoples money, but what do BnL spend it on? It's just them...

  • eivis13
    eivis13 3 days ago

    I'd say "Go out and never buy an Apple product again".

  • Eclipse Syxthz
    Eclipse Syxthz 3 days ago

    Kachow+wheezing kid=obviously a weird car game 😉👍

  • Beast Dragon
    Beast Dragon 3 days ago

    Why can’t we burn trash and throw the ash in the oceans

  • The Flash Channel
    The Flash Channel 3 days ago

    BUZZ LIGHTYEAR 8:45 and 8:49

  • Advancedgamer 3000
    Advancedgamer 3000 3 days ago

    But that’s just a theory a ga- I mean film theory!

  • Dog Zilla
    Dog Zilla 3 days ago

    I AM BACK! From bill cipher

  • Edward Z Norton
    Edward Z Norton 3 days ago

    Crack in the theory, in Wall-E no one works, everyone are as heavy as hippos, even the infants bear more resemblance to basket balls then actual children so isn't BnL paying these hundreds of people to freeload and taking the money back for goods and services? Also another point that needs to be brought up is how can civilization remain on a space cruiser for generation after generation with everyone as round as the earth and reproduce? I'm not a scientist and I have in no way studied reproduction but natural procreation isn't feasible, so that brings us to another loss for BnL, farming and distribution of children, as if they were crops in a field, so that brings us to a conclusion, Buy'n'Large are either greedy money hungry monsters (like my grandmother) or their communist, fascist, dictators deriving joy from the inherent control of an entire planets population of human citizens for hundreds of years, much like other film theories on the channel brings us right back into a loop, BnL are the Hitlers' of the future, which is why they are brought to a downfall by dozens of gargantuanly overweight apes in the end of the movie

  • RedKitty Poptart
    RedKitty Poptart 3 days ago

    Wait cars? Matpat, I thought we were talking about walle!

    ANDROMADA 4 days ago

    The real problem here is that Wall-E is blatant socialist propaganda.

  • Poison AngelZz
    Poison AngelZz 4 days ago

    My biggest thought on the WALL-E movie is exactly this, the amount of trash we can put in the planet. We gotta stop wasting

  • Cowerdnerd Despacito

    It’s nice seeing you still make videos

    A ARI PIE 4 days ago

    Here is another kids movie to take away happy memories of children

    PETER PAN. You can do a dark theory

  • L
    L 4 days ago

    the only problem is everyone on the shit does nothing, but consume how does BNL make any income from this

  • The world is crazy and you know it

    Aluminum cans can (mostly) be recycled almost 100% which does create emissions (but then again, what doesn't?), the real long-term problem is plastic :/ We HAVE to stop producing and throwing away so much fucking plastic.

  • James Hewitt
    James Hewitt 4 days ago

    Capitalism + Comunism... Better together.

  • Forwardstory
    Forwardstory 4 days ago

    you forgot... stuff decomposes... and the land mass you said it would take is incorrect, because EVERYTHING on earth is a cycle. That's how it sustains life. The trash came from the environment, was used by the environment, and is returned to it. Also, think about the fact that you'd run out of trash. 10,000+ years of trash sounds like it would accumulate and be a big big problem, but it takes resources to make products to dispose of the products. There is, technically, a limit to how much trash can exist. Additionally, don't forget that BnL made spaceships and filled the spaceships with products. Not only have we established the existence of a limit, but the fact that the spaceships exist means that the limit would be lower than in real life. Sorry, but your debunking has been debunked. Either way, Pixar's wrong, so whatever.

  • Vincent Gonzalez
    Vincent Gonzalez 4 days ago

    Why are we making things out of parts that outlive their use, like a plastic wrapper around a pack of gum?

  • memelyfe42
    memelyfe42 4 days ago

    uhh no they own the planet they own everyones money why would they need money? and also, this is an alternate universe so there could have been TRILLIONS and the planet could have been smaller as there seems to be a slightly smaller roa as thing fall

  • John David Peña
    John David Peña 5 days ago

    If bnl is ai why does it need to sustain people?

  • Angel Orea
    Angel Orea 5 days ago

    Can the fat people in the spaceship be the spaceships fuel?

  • KeRon Morey Jr
    KeRon Morey Jr 5 days ago

    Uf gardivor was real would he sell for millions of dollars because hes made if garbage and is alive

  • devil's music
    devil's music 5 days ago

    T H I N K P A D

  • Its Zendro
    Its Zendro 5 days ago

    Can't forget how the ship didn't want them to return to earth and leave the ship

  • Hailey Choi
    Hailey Choi 5 days ago +1

    Me: waaaaaaaaaah waaaaaaaaaaaah
    Mat pat: what’s wrong
    Me: you ruined my child hood

  • Its Zendro
    Its Zendro 5 days ago

    Okay so halfway through I forgot I was watching a video about Pixar. Deadass thought I was learning about trash disposal.

  • Leo Olguin
    Leo Olguin 5 days ago +2

    U just dissed Texas, ur gonna get hurt

  • Toxic Waste
    Toxic Waste 5 days ago

    ToO mUcH gArBaGe In YoUr FaCe? ThErE’s EnOuGh SpAcE iN sPaCe

  • 5tr4nGe
    5tr4nGe 5 days ago

    So, the problem is capitalism. Gotcha. A lot of people have been saying that for a long time.

    • David Palmer
      David Palmer 3 days ago

      5tr4nGe in the movie, yes. In reality, no.

  • Max Lopez
    Max Lopez 5 days ago

    You are doing it to

  • FBI
    FBI 6 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks the movie is very depressing

  • Emma Carpio
    Emma Carpio 6 days ago

    I’m gonna regret watching this.

  • Charity Baker
    Charity Baker 6 days ago

    The Pixar theory. Dint think MatPat would got that far. I respect it.

  • Garrett Mitchell
    Garrett Mitchell 6 days ago

    I think it’s a little unrealistic to assume we would keep the same rate of trash deposit. We would have more and more people making more and more garbage.

  • Thewolf143278 1
    Thewolf143278 1 6 days ago

    I wasn’t sure if this worked by if you were to put
    It underground then close it up the blow it up every time
    It’s too close.

  • Dom the Bomb
    Dom the Bomb 6 days ago

    Matpat's search history must be weird.

  • lps lover 123
    lps lover 123 8 days ago +1

    Can you make a fiery video of how how strong Pikachu splosions are like it's sad

  • Timee 2 Shoes
    Timee 2 Shoes 8 days ago

    Hey if you turn Delaware into a "trash state" I'm not gunna be happy with my hometown disrespected.

  • DermaGiga 1985-08
    DermaGiga 1985-08 8 days ago +2

    When you said that the earth would have enough space after 10000 years of garbage disposal, you didn't really think it through. Are we really going to dig a landfill the size of DELAWEAR?? So uuh, aclot more space would have been filled up...

    • Daniel Glossop
      Daniel Glossop 7 days ago

      DermaGiga 1985-08 well before that happens a disease will wipe humans all out so there will be more space for trash !!! Problem solved !

  • Endlez Crazy
    Endlez Crazy 8 days ago

    i had a headaech each time i watch a theory

  • MLG Master Gamer
    MLG Master Gamer 9 days ago


  • Robert Zinkus
    Robert Zinkus 9 days ago

    Ok, then what are the captive passengers doing to earn that lifetime income while cruising around the galaxy in the BnL liners?? What is in it for the profit based company? Sudden case of altruism bursting forth at the cusp of earth's trash saturation? Come on The Film Theorist, think about it a bit. How do simple economic principles get convoluted here?

  • gato_feliz
    gato_feliz 9 days ago

    But if there are no jobs how can BNl make money?

  • Vikas Chaurasia
    Vikas Chaurasia 10 days ago +1

    What if someone is inspired by this...and we end up in space...

    • Daniel Glossop
      Daniel Glossop 7 days ago

      Vikas Chaurasia well since we are fucking earth over, I hope someone will be before some new deadly disease comes and wipes us out

  • twin squids
    twin squids 10 days ago

    1% of the size of Uncle Sam

  • Jenine Hancock
    Jenine Hancock 10 days ago

    What about 10 billion?

  • Zoleroid
    Zoleroid 10 days ago +2

    The real problem plaguing earth is overpopulation and the amount of land needed to sustain these people.

    hjkl PRODUCTIONS 10 days ago +1

    Actully, banana peels come from nature. Why do we use them for compost?

  • Koldo Clips
    Koldo Clips 10 days ago

    Even though it may only take up that much space in the United States another reason why they may have left earth is because of the carbon from the trash polluting the air so causing air pollution. This might not make sense but you know I want to make theory’s of my own

  • Bruwer van Vrede
    Bruwer van Vrede 10 days ago

    BnL is Amazon in 100 years

  • ray-ray
    ray-ray 11 days ago

    U ar wrong Cuz. U dindt mention that the population Will rays the yearly trash outcome and this teory is not rigth at all its mor like a Child taking. Tray to think out of the boks and it and that Will give u a beter video tray to combine the growing population X trash and = u Will get the answer

  • PhoenixXD
    PhoenixXD 11 days ago

    What's with all the Pokémon

  • I love BTS & BLACKPINK potato

    No that thats out of the way... what about global warming?

  • Alex Grant
    Alex Grant 11 days ago +5

    The bigger WALL-E on the ship would have made the job go by ALOT faster

  • Cyrus Takem
    Cyrus Takem 12 days ago

    lol, glass botttles were reused,while plastic ones are the ones that end in the landill, so, we didn't reduce waste with that measure, we incremented

  • Itz Rapidzz
    Itz Rapidzz 12 days ago

    Honestly you should delete your channel

  • Mcgravier
    Mcgravier 12 days ago

    This is one of the worst film theories I've seen. First, availability of AI means this is basically a post-scarcity society in which AI does pretty much all the job required to sustain human race. Second, since they have AI and space travel technology, it means they had access to pretty much all of resources in the solar system - this is easily enough to bury entire planet 10 times over. Also because it's a post scarcity society, there is no money in garbage removal business since if it would be done by AI anyway. In such conditions it's very easy to mismanage AI resources and create huge imbalance that will end up with lots and lots of excessive materials on Earth.

  • jeanniecartwright cartwright

    Ruined some part of my childhood

  • Sunset Flames
    Sunset Flames 12 days ago +1

    Me: Boy do I want a car kit!
    Me: Wow...

  • ThisRandomChild :P
    ThisRandomChild :P 12 days ago

    So, I live in Delaware, and if y'all dump all your trash on our state I'mma get mad.

  • Gaming with clashers
    Gaming with clashers 12 days ago

    This explains why the wheel was bad af about the plant he was probably programmed to not let anybody find a plant so no one can go back to earth it all ties up now BNL ur evil

  • NukDuk
    NukDuk 13 days ago

    City was filled with garbage because they needed space for the starships . You can see those big machines at the beginning

  • SamRoyerFilmz SRF
    SamRoyerFilmz SRF 13 days ago

    But hey, it's just a theory, a Carlin brothers theory.

  • Sarah Congdon
    Sarah Congdon 13 days ago

    But how could the people in space pay if they aren’t working. Everything’s automated so there isn’t any labour to do and I doubt there’s many artists so... BnL makes an initial profit then what?

  • dm9910
    dm9910 13 days ago

    To take the money of the people on the Axiom is somewhat pointless: BnL already owns the Axiom which is staffed entirely by robots, and doesn't require the people on board to do any work. So even if money still exists in this world, what could they possibly spend it on? In a post-work society, there isn't really much of a business reason for the BnL owners to keep the vast majority of humanity alive. The pure greed approach would probably be to have a two-tier system: Owners at the top using their total power over the machines to live in unimaginable luxury, with a larger lower-class who are basically there to widen the gene pool and thus prevent inbreeding. We don't really see any evidence of such a class system: instead, the people all seem to live in reasonable equality and a robot is at the top of the food chain.

    So, that leaves only two options, really. One is that BnL have undisclosed plans for humanity - they don't need them for work *now*, but maybe they have some plan in the future that will require a vast horde of compliant, indoctrinated humans? The second is that the BnL owners have a genuine altruistic interest in keeping humanity alive. I think the most realistic answer, though, to both this motivation issue as well as the "impossibly high amount of trash" issue from this video, is option 3: that the rabbit hole simply doesn't go that deep. The world of Wall-E isn't intended to be fully self-consistent and realistic, it's a caricature of extreme consumerism rather than a serious prediction of what would really happen if one company ruled the world. Theories like this are fun but stray pretty far from the actual *point* of the film.

  • Night Troll
    Night Troll 14 days ago

    This is somehow true and also not true because yeah we might have that big place but dont you even realize that we might lose a land throw a garbage we humans are increasing in number so the space we take to build a house,apartments,condo,towers and more and more building so your video didnt even consider that so just talk and talk that this wont even be possible but did you really researched well yeah its true that if we use the methods that are in your video we might last but its not for long why because humans increase therefore the lands that we need will have to increase so your explanation that a wasteland apocalypse will not happen for my own opinion is not true

  • Ben The Bird
    Ben The Bird 14 days ago

    oh ok so the layer of trash cubes over everything is fake, got it

  • Marcie Smith
    Marcie Smith 14 days ago +1

    Evil is BAL

  • Martin Smouter
    Martin Smouter 14 days ago

    7:50 duh corpses are also production waste

  • Martin Smouter
    Martin Smouter 14 days ago

    5:20 here in the Netherlands we don't have that kind of space nor that kind of laxs law enforcment system here we process our trash.

  • Caleb Farmer
    Caleb Farmer 14 days ago

    So matt... If some company tries to do this after seeing your vid, then it'll be your fault

  • Ian Rosado
    Ian Rosado 14 days ago

    Make a theory about inside out and how they kind of like robots(the people and animals)

  • Purnima Singha
    Purnima Singha 15 days ago

    You are giving fnaf recete

  • YouTube Cat
    YouTube Cat 15 days ago

    How do they get money on the ship they have to have money to buy the drinks right. eventually they would run out of money during that 700 years

  • Tanya Garduno
    Tanya Garduno 15 days ago +1

    You saw Danny davedo in a movie before you made this video, didn't you?

  • Nicki Lamirault
    Nicki Lamirault 15 days ago

    Garage collecting?That sounds like a TRASHY business.I'll see myself out.----->🚪

  • Claire Martin
    Claire Martin 15 days ago +1

    How does that MAKE wall.e evil

  • SomeRandomPokemon 42
    SomeRandomPokemon 42 15 days ago

    I would be willing to go to space, I love space
    Not to another country though

  • Ev Hav
    Ev Hav 15 days ago

    But the hole shown from gravity falls when stuff falls in eventually come out of the hole

  • Leo Chuen
    Leo Chuen 15 days ago

    Cars man... Each sold separately...

  • Axolotl Maniac
    Axolotl Maniac 15 days ago

    one question: if BnL run everything, why do they need money? no-one else sells anything!

  • Tom Foolery
    Tom Foolery 16 days ago +1

    But why would BnL want all that money if there's no planet to spend the money on? What's the point?

  • Willy Will
    Willy Will 16 days ago

    I thought he said "Your wanton lust for Vore." Oops.

  • tyler graley
    tyler graley 16 days ago

    not even 40 seconds into the video and then I hate you LOL (no i not)

  • Mystical_ Owlz
    Mystical_ Owlz 16 days ago

    The funniest part of a Mat Pat video, the intro😂😂😂

  • game x player
    game x player 16 days ago

    Its your pav movi to i love this film

  • Yolanda Krieger
    Yolanda Krieger 16 days ago

    Film theory: how rich is b and l

  • Izzi
    Izzi 17 days ago

    What about laws against monopolies?

  • Iced Foxer
    Iced Foxer 17 days ago

    You changed the subject for like 10 minutes

  • antthony b
    antthony b 17 days ago

    why would buy and large want to make money if there is nowhere to spend it

  • Dior Raices
    Dior Raices 17 days ago +1

    what if the wind pool it into the city

  • Kalijah Anderson
    Kalijah Anderson 17 days ago

    The resistance of the AI to going back to earth kind of supports this theory as well.

  • MafaTheGamerLady MTGL
    MafaTheGamerLady MTGL 17 days ago

    If you make something what you need for school/job/friend and so on you actually print it out some times that means the paper is still coming