A Quiet Place - Movie Review


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  • East Craven
    East Craven 7 days ago

    I can appreciate what they did but ultimately it was... boring.

  • KonicavaBR
    KonicavaBR 10 days ago

    American teenagers would die first.

  • Nicholas Moyo
    Nicholas Moyo 12 days ago

    Does it have subtitles for the sign language ?

  • MDM Sketch Comedy
    MDM Sketch Comedy 14 days ago

    This is one movie I watched twice in one day

  • Karlon Ellis
    Karlon Ellis 15 days ago +1

    Fell asleep twice watching this movie, hated the little girl’s character and had no emotional connection to any of the characters. I don’t see how it’s not get worse reviews. Maybe I need to take a different approach to the movie hmm.

  • Tashi Tobgay
    Tashi Tobgay 19 days ago

    I guess we all know whats gonna happen to the noisy eaters

  • hemanta phurailatpam
    hemanta phurailatpam 20 days ago

    At the last the girl turned on the mic and released the sound from the hearing aid. Mom went out to shoot all the monster with shot gun. And suddenly battery in hearing aid ran out,, couldn't find any replacement in time. They all got fucked,, thats how the story was suppose to end.

  • Salmon -Nooba
    Salmon -Nooba 24 days ago

    My mother always falls asleep during movies. And especially movies with hardly any dialogue, she would doze off quick. But nope! She was on the edge of the seat and couldn’t take her eyes off the film the whole time lol.

  • ThaDevilsJester
    ThaDevilsJester Month ago

    Went and saw it on opening weekend with my wife and a couple friends. This random guy beside me had a bag of popcorn and as soon as the movie started in the store, he immeidately rolled it up and put it between his feet. It was go time from the opening scene and such a great movie!

  • Derpy Leo
    Derpy Leo Month ago

    When happens when you have to sneeze, or cough? Are you just dead at that point? What about hiccups?

  • Plastic Tank
    Plastic Tank Month ago

    I thought this movie was SOOO dumb! 90% of the movie could have been saved if they took out the part about the sign language. The other part I didn't like was the military not being able to over power these creatures. It made no sense! If one mother welding a shotgun could take one down so easily. Then bullets and bombs should have been more effective because they are more powerful than shotguns? Another thing is, why didn't the military find the monsters weakness and use it against them.. No one except a little head strong retarded girl could figure it out? give me a break! Also where did those things come from? Good job explaining that.. I feel like I could have done a better job writing this movie. When I think that the movie definitely sucks. I rest my case.

  • aaryan grover
    aaryan grover 2 months ago +1

    It remembered me of THE LAST OF US

  • Kiki Lang
    Kiki Lang 2 months ago

    The movie made no damn sense. It was a piece of crap. I want my money back. It was just plain dumb.

  • Jorge Ordorica
    Jorge Ordorica 2 months ago

    Some asshole started talking on his phone during the movie, he even had the fuckin' nerve to (loudly) say to the person on the other side of the line: "No, don't worry, I'm at the movies, what do you need?"
    So, if that shit is annoying in any movie, it became anger-inducing in this film...

  • John Patz
    John Patz 2 months ago

    So, if it wasn't for a couple speaking lines most if the characters had, would they have been paid less because of the non-speaking roles? 😄

  • Andrew Guilmain
    Andrew Guilmain 2 months ago

    See I loved the ending because Emily Blunts character has had to live out her most tragic moments in silence. Her sone was killed right before her and she couldn’t even let it out. The cocking of the shotgun is a loud noise. It’s a unique and memorable sound. The cocking of it is like you said. Her release.

  • Michael Streich
    Michael Streich 2 months ago +1

    Why are they barefoot???

  • Ravus
    Ravus 2 months ago

    We need these monsters on black Friday... do the world a favor.

  • Sasdos
    Sasdos 2 months ago +2

    Is this the dude in the elevator in spiderman 2 or is it just me.

  • theAidster
    theAidster 2 months ago

    Some dude's phone started ringing loudly during one of the super intense quiet moments in this movie. TWICE.

  • Crunch Buttsteak
    Crunch Buttsteak 2 months ago

    Thought it was ok not great.

  • William Mackinnon
    William Mackinnon 2 months ago

    I'm sorry people what did you see in this piece it was s***. Great review . but of course everyone's going to be over this movie like like like a horse on a on a pair of balls. Comedy actor should stay with comedy.

  • Tamás Szabó
    Tamás Szabó 3 months ago

    There are so many ppl who liked this movie.. In my opinion it was a piece of sh*t.
    I know this is not real, and not even close to reality.
    I thought this movie will scare the sh*t out of me, but all it did was just pissing me off.
    I mean
    1. why would you want to have a baby when these aliens are around?
    Why would the girl give that spaceship toy to her bro, when she knew how dangerous it could be (she caught the toy when the little guy dropped it)
    I know she is only a kid, but why would you not listen to your dad, when clearly he is the leader of the family?
    Yeah it’s “okay” to do the opposite of what your dad says in real life but there are f*cking alien monsters killing everything that makes a bit of noise, so even if she is mad at her dad, why wouldn’t she sticks with her mother???
    What the hell is that nail????
    All the stairs were painted as where they can step without making a noise, so what the hell is that nail doing there??
    The door of the metal granary made noises, and nothing happened to it. Why?
    To be honest I got so pissed off when the guy dropped the axe and gets himself killed, allowing his kids to make another STUPID idea: roll with the car. Isn’t that noisy???

    It was sooo disappointing.

  • nicodimus2222
    nicodimus2222 3 months ago

    I need these creatures for my apartment building. I would be perfectly fine, and I would be the only one left.

  • from TheLIVINGroom
    from TheLIVINGroom 3 months ago

    Can anyone explain to me this guys noting system? Like we have, already forgot in T minus 1 2 3 days. Then we have alcohol, then no alcohol, then blue ray then awesometacular? is this correct?

  • H.Qoqar
    H.Qoqar 3 months ago

    Jeremy !!How the HELL did you like this movie more than Hereditary?!!! Aside from the acting, there was nothing special (at least to me) both had build up but hereditary felt waaay better because the made you understand each character while this movie was a straight snore-fest at some points.

  • Kickex
    Kickex 3 months ago

    Ever heard of condoms?

  • Shawn Su
    Shawn Su 3 months ago

    my review of the presenter: loud, noisy, neurotic, annoying, a rapper wanna be

  • mcsuchnsuch
    mcsuchnsuch 3 months ago

    How do you say, “This movie sucked balls” in sign language?

    • The Troll Killer
      The Troll Killer 3 months ago

      Obvious troll is pretty obvious. Seriously, you're pathetic. Fuck off, dickhead.

  • incatata
    incatata 3 months ago

    Reminded me of the book "In the After"

  • Kim Nis
    Kim Nis 3 months ago

    Good movie, but shit ending. If they just had cut that shotgun click click out. It would have been good. It is way to 80/90s action movie like.

    MAGA MAN 3 months ago

    This movie was terrible.

    • The Troll Killer
      The Troll Killer 3 months ago

      Obvious troll is obvious. Your comment is the terrible thing here, my friend.

  • w_R Andrs
    w_R Andrs 4 months ago

    I heard that this was supposed the scariest movie of the year but that was a giant lie thrown in my face like a pie...
    Was it tension-building and written clevery? Absolutely!!
    But did it make me piss my pants - No, no it did not.
    I tried to turn all the lights off in the living room to get more immersion out of the film, but what was the point?
    There was nothing horror-like in this movie. What i felt was horror-like was when the monsters closed up on the family or when loud noises were made - and i prayed that they wouldn't be teared to shreds.
    ...Also I felt John Krasinski's character had so much more to offer on the table - so his death felt like missed opportunities. Fortunately for Blunt's character and the daughter, there will be more unique moves in the sequel. And I know there'll be a sequel because that was the most meanest cliffhanger ending i've seen in a while!

    THE TOY TIME MACHINE 4 months ago

    YOou are the best reviewer... this looks awesome, i would die if you did a review for the toy time machine. . how much would i have to pay for that

  • Freakster1970
    Freakster1970 4 months ago

    Why didn't they just build a house next to that waterfall and shout at each other all day like most families? or put loud music on all day and talk normal like most families? It was a good film despite a few mistakes and contradictions. btw- why do aliens always have to look ugly?

  • dustyb58
    dustyb58 4 months ago

    these people seemed to be very good at not making sound unless a bag gets stuck on a nail and you don't drop it, step down and carefully get it, no, you just decide to tug it and boom, the whole movie happens because of it

  • snipersev07
    snipersev07 4 months ago

    That's what when you move to Schrute Farms

  • goodguynow
    goodguynow 4 months ago


  • Nikki Sweet
    Nikki Sweet 4 months ago

    I'm sorry, but I don't see how people like this movie. Everything in this movie makes absolutely no sense. How long were these aliens there? Why are the kids dumb enough to be like "I know there are sound seeking murderous aliens out there but.. fuck it, let's make some noise,". Like... what? Then it makes no sense to not live in a bunker so you'd make a minimal amount of noise.I just do not understand.

  • Leonardo DaVinci
    Leonardo DaVinci 4 months ago

    The ending wasn't very fulfilling, because you can only assume they all got dead.

  • Jedi CraftMaster
    Jedi CraftMaster 4 months ago +3

    Great idea for a film awesome atmosphere made me very excited for this but the horrible story stupid and annoying characters and plot holes in this film annoyed me to the point where I thought it was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

  • queen7123
    queen7123 4 months ago

    Can we just talk about how they never knew where their kids were 🤔

  • Fred Rhodes
    Fred Rhodes 4 months ago

    Loved his movie. But my family took it too seriously, like they still hunt you as the credits start to roll.

  • Tom Shenton
    Tom Shenton 4 months ago

    I just bought it on Blu-Ray

  • j18s17
    j18s17 5 months ago

    Definitely an excellent Movie grade A

  • Cats Rule
    Cats Rule 5 months ago

    A quiet place should be nominated for best picture
    Fight me

  • Oakeye
    Oakeye 5 months ago

    This movie was fucking boring.... and where the hell did they get all the sand from?

  • 3dagalathor
    3dagalathor 5 months ago

    did this movie have subtitles while the movie played?

  • denis
    denis 5 months ago

    Don't watch that movie.

  • DragonFury10123
    DragonFury10123 5 months ago +4

    Top 10 loudest things on earth:
    *1: Jeremy Jahns intro*

  • Boomer
    Boomer 5 months ago

    There were a few holes in the story though like how tf can those thing hear the tiniest noises inside a house but couldn't hear a baby crying underneath a mattress, or hear the humans RUNNING on sand.. the thumps that would make they'd surely hear those low frequency noises.. just being picky hehe

  • Fangs sister
    Fangs sister 5 months ago

    Nachos are not a good food to eat during this movie. I didn't even finish them.

  • Mikey Gaming
    Mikey Gaming 5 months ago +13

    Wow! Everyone seemed to like this, but I found it extremely cliche, and annoying. Right down to the end, where "the moment when the supposedly dead killer comes back to life, for one last scare." The only original thing was the extreme silence required by the actors.

    • Creeperlord 684
      Creeperlord 684 15 days ago

      If you read the sentences on the Dad's research you'd see that there were 3 confirmed monsters. So no, the monster didn't come back to life for one last scare. It was simply the other ones in the area

    • banana studio
      banana studio 2 months ago

      IK. It was so predictable. The concept of the movie is good but they made the movie too cliche. I got pretty annoyed by the lack of logic of the characters(pretty usual for a horror film).

  • ELT1078
    ELT1078 5 months ago

    I loved the ending, leaves it open to your imagination.... Did they kill the two incoming aliens? Did they die? Did they get to spread this message of how to defeat them? Plus it cool to see Emily Blunt with the shotgun, she has this badass look on her fave. It was cool.
    Great review by the way.

  • William Perry
    William Perry 5 months ago

    This sounds like a movie to watch at home not in a theater.

  • Samsara Moriarty
    Samsara Moriarty 5 months ago

    I watched it on youtube last night, and it was a waste of 5$. There were so many stupid things that it's difficult to name them all, but
    1. How come a 5 year old child or plus doesn't get that the toy will make sounds, his father just told him, and that when the toy starts making noise that he is just like "cool!".
    2. That they think having a baby is a good idea, use protection dude!
    3. Why are the monsters hearing for like half a mile away, and can't hear a baby and a woman breathing in the same room.
    3. If they are killed by guns, how come people are all dead, aren't there guns everywhere in the US?
    4. As people were aware in the newspaper that monsters were hearing really well, not one scientist in the whole world thought of messing up with high-pitched sounds?
    5. How did these beasts of monsters came to Earth? Can't imagine them flying a spaceship.
    6. CGI monsters aren't scary, no matter how many teeth you put on them.
    7. How come the sack you carry upstairs stucks in something and you don't even go look what it was.
    8. If the waterfall and river is safe, why don't you live there.
    9. If you can make noise, as long as it's not louder than another background noise, you are safe. But this doesn't make sense, as if a woman screamed during fireworks, I'd be able to hear the woman screaming AND the fireworks.
    I was not scared or stressed once, and these things made it impossible to enjoy, and they tried too hard to make us cry or care.

    • infamousthethird
      infamousthethird 5 months ago

      Samsara Moriarty It could only be killed in the end because the noise was making it expose a weakpoint. Otherwise they have impenetrable armor and no one knew how to expose that weakness.

  • Edwin kaulia
    Edwin kaulia 5 months ago

    gonna see it now and cough it all out lol

  • Speedwell
    Speedwell 5 months ago

    Really liked it but the ending left me confused. Didn’t like it didn’t hate it

  • Batman
    Batman 5 months ago

    Just watched it, masterpiece

  • Darklightau
    Darklightau 5 months ago

    Why do you act like you are high on crack? why do all youtubers act like juvenille morons rather than normal people? 1.4m subs? i couldn't tolerate you for the duration of this video.

  • firebird_SPLEEN
    firebird_SPLEEN 5 months ago

    This movie sucked! I expected so much more

  • Some Buddy
    Some Buddy 5 months ago +3

    What if one of the family member farts? Are they going to die? Lol ~Some Buddy

  • Max Mburu
    Max Mburu 5 months ago

    If you don't like it... Then state what you would have done different...

  • TM Martin
    TM Martin 5 months ago

    I guess there was no family dog unless vocal chords were cut.

  • Ionasku Alexander
    Ionasku Alexander 5 months ago

    buying this piece of garbage on blu-ray? What are you stupid?
    this movie makes little to no sense at all!
    1. how did the aliens got on Earth? ( considering the fact that they are so savage interstellar travel is impossible)
    2. why didn't they move closer to the waterfall and live there.
    3. who in their right mind would consider giving birth to a baby in this post-apocalyptic world?
    4. the Entire mankind couldn't figure out that low frequency sounds will drive these creatures crazy?
    5. how many creatures are there?
    6. movie has no ending or a beginning to speak of
    7. the conflict between the girl and her dad was superficial
    maybe it's a good movie to watch if u turn your brain off but if u think about it more the movie is very dumb rating:4/10

  • John Kirkvold
    John Kirkvold 5 months ago

    I think the part where John died was poor writing bc we as the audience were aware that the girls hearing aid was the weakness for the monsters but she took way to long to come to that realization. She could have saved her dad if she did something the whole audience was thinking she should do.

  • Beka Kopenski
    Beka Kopenski 5 months ago

    Totally agree!! I loved this movie! And I HAD to get my friends to watch it! Not even a week after I saw it for the first time, I rented it again and for girls night, two of my friends and I watched it. It was more to fun to get scared with friends verses when I watched it alone!

  • Nikolai Ego
    Nikolai Ego 5 months ago

    Terrible film

  • Panda Dani
    Panda Dani 5 months ago

    "Good news. You get to die early" 😆

  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla 5 months ago

    I want to know just how much blow this guy consumes? Could you get any more manic?

  • Devin
    Devin 6 months ago

    Question which bear is best?

  • Dylan Sullivan
    Dylan Sullivan 6 months ago

    SO MANY TIMES I wanted someone to just THROW. THE. FLASHLIGHT.

  • Starboy
    Starboy 6 months ago

    I think that the makers of this movie should come out with something (either a movie, or a short film) that shows how the apocalypse started and how the outside world is doing. I want it to end there though because if this movie turned into a series, in wouldn’t be unique anymore.

  • noobslayer135
    noobslayer135 6 months ago

    the last half of this movie was some of the most intense shit I've seen in a movie in a long time

  • Kid Rocket Vlogs
    Kid Rocket Vlogs 6 months ago

    I screamed like a little girl at one point! Didn't quite like the ending either but overall it's great movie imo!

  • Grunge Gaming
    Grunge Gaming 6 months ago

    John Krasinski looks like a mixture of shia labeouf and tom hardy

  • Drew S
    Drew S 6 months ago

    Movie could of been great but the 2 adult characters desided to get pregnant. That single handily is the stupidest thing you could do to an otherwise smart movie like this. That killed almost everything about the movie for me. 6/10 rating. If it wasnt for her getting pregnant 8/10

  • CJ Rocky
    CJ Rocky 6 months ago

    the movie at times was almost as stupid as the walking dead i thought jeremy was more clued in than this

  • Yoshi Dinono
    Yoshi Dinono 6 months ago

    Holy shit! This was a good movie!

  • Abel Leyva
    Abel Leyva 6 months ago

    I think the most surprising thing in this movie was when I saw Michael Bay in the credits

  • Move_I_Got_This
    Move_I_Got_This 6 months ago

    This movie is going to be ripped to shreds by CInemaSins.

  • Move_I_Got_This
    Move_I_Got_This 6 months ago

    It's a horror movie. If a horror movie doesn't have suspense, then it probably sucks.

  • Leo Vela
    Leo Vela 6 months ago

    How bout just a something out of something 😑

  • spook
    spook 6 months ago

    Humans are loud so is the nature as a waterfall scene shows. There could have been no movie if they simply used ambient noise for their advantage to mask themselves. Simply living near the waterfall could have made everything simple ;)

  • Duckmeister
    Duckmeister 6 months ago

    Great tension, but I just kept asking myself, Why didn't they just live near the waterfall?

  • Jed Elias
    Jed Elias 6 months ago

    But I thought you put your review on that Stardust app instead?

  • Jacob Shabazz
    Jacob Shabazz 6 months ago

    This movie is trash. Everyone is dumb except john.

  • Ross Watson
    Ross Watson 6 months ago

    Is anybody in that family going to pull that nail out of the steps?

  • Brayden Dean
    Brayden Dean 6 months ago

    I really loved a quiet place. It’s just all perfect. There are moments I didn’t care for but they never lasted long. It was so intense. It was great!!

  • Northstar_004
    Northstar_004 6 months ago

    hey hey hey, can you review Your Name?

  • Ryan Scherbluk
    Ryan Scherbluk 6 months ago

    Just watched this movie today got the 4K Blu Ray and I liked it. I'm also happy to tell you that this film had a budget of 20 million and it made 300 million and a sequel is in the works. I just hope they don't try to explain were the aliens came from in the next instalment just keep it a mystery.
    Okay with that out of the way I wanna talk about what I liked about the film. One John Karinski I liked him in 13 Hours and speaking of that film Michael Bay helped produce this well not Bay him self his team. John directed the film and his real life wife Emily Blunt plays his wife in the film. I like how different it is and it's a nice refresh there are times it's so quiet you can hear things in your own house making noise. The creatures remind me of the clickers from The Last Of Us there blind and can't see but are very sensitive too sound. There are some scenes that are really well done the movie is just made with care and respect and you don't get that much with movies anymore.
    9/10 for me it's not perfect but dam close I can't give it a full ten cause I thought some things didn't make sense like I understand really loud sounds blocking out the little sounds but why couldn't they just whisper to each other too talk like there were things they were doing that made more noise then not talking. At least I thought watching it but overall it's a good movie go watch if ya haven't yet.

  • Douglas Haggerty
    Douglas Haggerty 6 months ago

    I guess no one snores anymore.......? And, they just have dragged a shit load of sand to create all those paths, strange they didn’t make any noise while doing that.

  • jackystone
    jackystone 6 months ago

    Solid Snake would survive the longest in the Quiet Place y’all as he rarely makes any sound...

  • Jason Wessling
    Jason Wessling 6 months ago

    what scene was he talking about that should have taken ten minutes but was longer?
    (also, liked the movie, but live by the waterfall duh!)

  • MrKiraBR
    MrKiraBR 6 months ago

    Is this review sponsored by the movie crew? I had much more things to complain about this movie, and I'm not even a critic. Basically, the alians doesn't work good in loud environment, they don't fly as well and they die with a shotgun shot. So why not use a bunch of really loud helicopters to kill them all? How could they take the world, or US or a city whatever captive?

  • Nishanth Raj
    Nishanth Raj 6 months ago

    Movie doesn’t make sense at all, but is somehow still enjoyable and executed well.

  • RacingXHunter
    RacingXHunter 6 months ago +1

    It was kinda boring.

  • Dex
    Dex 6 months ago

    While the ending was very much an action movie style of ending, I loved it lol. I was so ready for that release and so were the characters! Schklikt!

  • jgr
    jgr 6 months ago

    Ending was perfect. It's not an action movie but from that moment on out it would have been.

  • shepdog069
    shepdog069 6 months ago

    Loved this movie. I personally loved the end: left with the feeling of hope, but without an answer as to how it would end for the family. This keeps you from leaving with an over simplified "hunky dory" ending, but also without a "that sucked" feeling too. Just no sequels, please!