A Quiet Place - Movie Review


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  • Devin L
    Devin L Day ago

    Question which bear is best?

  • Dylan Sullivan
    Dylan Sullivan Day ago

    SO MANY TIMES I wanted someone to just THROW. THE. FLASHLIGHT.

  • Starboy
    Starboy 2 days ago

    I think that the makers of this movie should come out with something (either a movie, or a short film) that shows how the apocalypse started and how the outside world is doing. I want it to end there though because if this movie turned into a series, in wouldn’t be unique anymore.

  • noobslayer135
    noobslayer135 3 days ago

    the last half of this movie was some of the most intense shit I've seen in a movie in a long time

  • Kid Rocket Vlogs
    Kid Rocket Vlogs 3 days ago

    I screamed like a little girl at one point! Didn't quite like the ending either but overall it's great movie imo!

  • Grunge Gaming
    Grunge Gaming 3 days ago

    John Krasinski looks like a mixture of shia labeouf and tom hardy

  • Drew s
    Drew s 3 days ago

    Movie could of been great but the 2 adult characters desided to get pregnant. That single handily is the stupidest thing you could do to an otherwise smart movie like this. That killed almost everything about the movie for me. 6/10 rating. If it wasnt for her getting pregnant 8/10

  • CJ Rocky
    CJ Rocky 4 days ago

    the movie at times was almost as stupid as the walking dead i thought jeremy was more clued in than this

  • Yoshi Dinono
    Yoshi Dinono 5 days ago

    Holy shit! This was a good movie!

  • Abel Leyva
    Abel Leyva 5 days ago

    I think the most surprising thing in this movie was when I saw Michael Bay in the credits

  • Move_I_Got_This
    Move_I_Got_This 5 days ago

    This movie is going to be ripped to shreds by CInemaSins.

  • Move_I_Got_This
    Move_I_Got_This 5 days ago

    It's a horror movie. If a horror movie doesn't have suspense, then it probably sucks.

  • Leo Vela
    Leo Vela 6 days ago

    How bout just a something out of something 😑

  • spook
    spook 6 days ago

    Humans are loud so is the nature as a waterfall scene shows. There could have been no movie if they simply used ambient noise for their advantage to mask themselves. Simply living near the waterfall could have made everything simple ;)

  • Feel the Bern 2020!
    Feel the Bern 2020! 6 days ago

    Great tension, but I just kept asking myself, Why didn't they just live near the waterfall?

  • Jedidiah Elias
    Jedidiah Elias 7 days ago

    But I thought you put your review on that Stardust app instead?

  • Jacob Shabazz
    Jacob Shabazz 7 days ago

    This movie is trash. Everyone is dumb except john.

  • Ross Watson
    Ross Watson 8 days ago

    Is anybody in that family going to pull that nail out of the steps?

  • Brayden Dean
    Brayden Dean 9 days ago

    I really loved a quiet place. It’s just all perfect. There are moments I didn’t care for but they never lasted long. It was so intense. It was great!!

  • Northstar_004
    Northstar_004 9 days ago

    hey hey hey, can you review Your Name?

  • Ryan Scherbluk
    Ryan Scherbluk 10 days ago

    Just watched this movie today got the 4K Blu Ray and I liked it. I'm also happy to tell you that this film had a budget of 20 million and it made 300 million and a sequel is in the works. I just hope they don't try to explain were the aliens came from in the next instalment just keep it a mystery.
    Okay with that out of the way I wanna talk about what I liked about the film. One John Karinski I liked him in 13 Hours and speaking of that film Michael Bay helped produce this well not Bay him self his team. John directed the film and his real life wife Emily Blunt plays his wife in the film. I like how different it is and it's a nice refresh there are times it's so quiet you can hear things in your own house making noise. The creatures remind me of the clickers from The Last Of Us there blind and can't see but are very sensitive too sound. There are some scenes that are really well done the movie is just made with care and respect and you don't get that much with movies anymore.
    9/10 for me it's not perfect but dam close I can't give it a full ten cause I thought some things didn't make sense like I understand really loud sounds blocking out the little sounds but why couldn't they just whisper to each other too talk like there were things they were doing that made more noise then not talking. At least I thought watching it but overall it's a good movie go watch if ya haven't yet.

  • Douglas Haggerty
    Douglas Haggerty 10 days ago

    I guess no one snores anymore.......? And, they just have dragged a shit load of sand to create all those paths, strange they didn’t make any noise while doing that.

  • jackystone
    jackystone 10 days ago

    Solid Snake would survive the longest in the Quiet Place y’all as he rarely makes any sound...

  • Jason Wessling
    Jason Wessling 11 days ago

    what scene was he talking about that should have taken ten minutes but was longer?
    (also, liked the movie, but live by the waterfall duh!)

  • MrKiraBR
    MrKiraBR 12 days ago

    Is this review sponsored by the movie crew? I had much more things to complain about this movie, and I'm not even a critic. Basically, the alians doesn't work good in loud environment, they don't fly as well and they die with a shotgun shot. So why not use a bunch of really loud helicopters to kill them all? How could they take the world, or US or a city whatever captive?

  • Nishanth Raj
    Nishanth Raj 14 days ago

    Movie doesn’t make sense at all, but is somehow still enjoyable and executed well.

  • TheKing
    TheKing 14 days ago +1

    It was kinda boring.

  • Dex
    Dex 14 days ago

    While the ending was very much an action movie style of ending, I loved it lol. I was so ready for that release and so were the characters! Schklikt!

  • jgr
    jgr 15 days ago

    Ending was perfect. It's not an action movie but from that moment on out it would have been.

  • shepdog069
    shepdog069 15 days ago

    Loved this movie. I personally loved the end: left with the feeling of hope, but without an answer as to how it would end for the family. This keeps you from leaving with an over simplified "hunky dory" ending, but also without a "that sucked" feeling too. Just no sequels, please!

  • Siefer Tombchew
    Siefer Tombchew 17 days ago

    I know I’m VERY late but I find it interesting he didn’t like the ending, when I watched it was actually thinking, how are they going to end this? Because it would be lame and cliche and totally implausible for them to just have a hoora we won apocalypse over type ending. So the one we got was great, it didn’t force you to extend your belief by them pulling off some crazy stunt, but it gave you just enough hope to think, maybe they can do something with this

  • gibboanx1
    gibboanx1 17 days ago

    Jeremy, this is a horror movie. Trust me.

  • Ben McDonald
    Ben McDonald 17 days ago

    This movie was the biggest surprise of the year for me so far, leading up to it I thought it was just gonna be a generic, by the numbers, jumpscare horror flick, I saw it and was really liked it

  • Shadow Seeker
    Shadow Seeker 19 days ago

    and if u don't adapt good news u get to die early lol the best line here

  • Barry Villacarillo
    Barry Villacarillo 19 days ago +1

    Michael Bay produced this movie.
    Let that sink in for a moment.

  • Александар Матић

    I definitely made some sounds while watching this film - usually laughter or scoffing. Because, damn this film is stupid. Actors did a good job, but who ever wrote this should not be allowed to write anything ever again. Compared to this, The Last Jedi had amazing writers and story cohesion. Yup, that's the level of bad we are talking about folks. But let me put it this way - how long would it take you to figure out what's the best weapon to be used against a creature that is HIGHLY sensitive to sound? 10 seconds huh? Yeah, I thought as much - and you are right. But for some reason, the world power fell to those creatures until a girl figured out a vulnerability of those creatures. Because why the fuck not -.- RIDDLED with plot holes, skip - really not worth it.

  • simon thg
    simon thg 21 day ago

    Their daughter gets on my nerves lol. She always makes the dumbest decisions.

  • Feras Nj
    Feras Nj 22 days ago +2

    So.. u didn't like interstellar coz it was full of plot holes who ere wrong and explained by ur fans, but u liked this when it has shit ton of plo holes LOL ? this is a movie made for literally brain dead ppl. the movie made no sense and the ending were horrible.
    gotta say thou that the acting was great, the only thing that i liked about this movie.

  • The Camaro Kid
    The Camaro Kid 22 days ago

    Michael bay produced this, could you tell?

  • infinitycrops
    infinitycrops 23 days ago

    Anyone else cheer when the kid got eaten at the beginning?

  • ACK Preacher
    ACK Preacher 25 days ago

    One fart and you're dead

  • Rohan Purohit
    Rohan Purohit 25 days ago

    half the time i thought its the transformers dude

  • gordon Freeman
    gordon Freeman 29 days ago

    dude, considering i've farted so loud to wake myself up, i would have lasted 1 week tops in this situation.
    about the ending though...i kinda loved it, just to avoid any remote spoiler i'll do way down

    so the whole thing (that jeremy talked about too) is that this family, simply could not express any emotion or have any reaction that we'd give for granted for who knows how long. they had to lives maybe years of total silence, not being able to laugh, cry or just vent...express any emotion the way we normally would.
    with the ending, the characters find an outlet, a way to vent, a way to...voice their frustration.
    if i have to nitpick i'd say i would have preferred if emily blunt's expression at the last second was less of a slight smile and more of an angry face, as to say "FINALLY you get to hear what i have to say!"
    minor thing really, in the end i was so happy to see a creature feature flick that finally took some chances in the way it tells it's story

  • vickerson
    vickerson 29 days ago

    my only question why did they have a baby

  • BlK 10
    BlK 10 Month ago

    I’d hate to live in that world because I would never be able to hear the roblox *oof* again

  • Michael Colun
    Michael Colun Month ago +1

    So, in this universe people do not fart

  • Rex67Diego9 fandub
    Rex67Diego9 fandub Month ago

    the biggest surprise in this movie is that michael bay was a producer

  • Leo T
    Leo T Month ago

    I like the ending.

  • Jesse P
    Jesse P Month ago

    Spoiler! Does nobody see the ending of this movie as a nod to "Mars Attacks"? The rest of the film was original and tense. At the end I'm waiting for Slim Whitman and exploding heads.

  • LivingEveryday
    LivingEveryday Month ago

    Phenomenal movie, and I say that as one who cannot stand “horror” movies. So unique, so intense, loved it. You nailed the review Jahns! Only ‘thriller/horror’ movie that’s had a deep sense of drama mixed in and actually made me tear up a little in one scene. 2 thumbs up

  • Matt Kramer
    Matt Kramer Month ago

    In this movie does John Krazinski look directly into the camera time to time and emote or convey a thought without talking using only body language or certain faces

  • B C
    B C Month ago

    One of my favorite movies

  • LeadCounsel
    LeadCounsel Month ago

    Thoroughly unimpressed. Shoot the monsters and be done with them, or play loud noises and then shoot them. So many technical and practical nonsense. Yes, it was suspenseful and at times scary. But as much as I wanted it be convincing, it simply came across as stupid. Spoiler: Really loud high pitch noises disable the monsters. A total plot copy of the War of the Worlds with water or oxygen. And gee, you don't think the government with tanks and scientists must *might* have figured this out. I thought of it in about 5 minutes. These monsters can't see and can't smell, apparently. So they have sensitive hearing. So blast loud noises. Problem solved. Further, they aren't bullet proof. Simple deer rifles and semi-auto rifles would solve the problem. And where is all electricity generated? Generators are VERY loud and require fuel. Who planted 100 acres of corn? Grain mills aren't "quicksand" unless they are active... A baby is going to be extremely noisy. They never flatted the nail on the stairs (seems like that would be a big priority; and who builds stairs with nails facing upwards???). In all, the move had a few good scares, but overall was just plain stupid.

  • christian velasco
    christian velasco Month ago +1

    Search LRAD.
    Earths greatest weapon agains the monsters.

  • Jimmy Boomsma
    Jimmy Boomsma Month ago

    fucked up stupid movie .
    who the fuck is going to have a baby if you need total silence .
    the very moment i saw the bitch was pregnant .... the whole movie was ruined .
    there was absolutely nothing scary about it anymore; those folks were just having a fuckfest , they were not scared at all !!

  • Sharkonabicycle
    Sharkonabicycle Month ago

    This movie was terrible.

  • 90's Baby 80's Baby Heart

    who is hotter jeremy or chris stuckman??

  • ElfHostage
    ElfHostage Month ago

    Well, I give it an Awesometacular.

  • Magsi Rover
    Magsi Rover Month ago

    watch the review all the way till the end. Awesome fast review and still make sense with what you're saying! :) thanks for this! it'll help with my writing! rang the bell too! looking forward to more reviews from you.

  • MICHAEL Meraz
    MICHAEL Meraz Month ago

    This movie just is werid side of John krakaisickie

  • studivan
    studivan Month ago

    Ok let's take the world back to the 1990's where all deaths take place off screen so you have to assume they died even though you did not see it and let's have a baby even though we know the creatures react to sound and congratulations for having the first baby that doesn't cry when being born, it must take real practice to step on a two inch nail without making a sound,sure this makes a great movie, and how can you have great acting when the whole movie is silent?

  • Allen Bell
    Allen Bell Month ago

    I’m just gonna leave an appreciation comment on their use of “Harvest Moon” in the movie. I love that song so much

  • Theexotic Empress
    Theexotic Empress Month ago

    Great movie 👍

  • Gasmilla Suarez
    Gasmilla Suarez Month ago

    so what happens when you let out a really loud fart ?

  • Tidal Wave
    Tidal Wave Month ago

    I’m not a fan of stuff like that
    But I want to watch it

  • jayyTeęe s
    jayyTeęe s Month ago

    I would be fucking dead cuz I got this thing in my ankle that cracks every time I walk

  • Rabbi Steve
    Rabbi Steve Month ago

    Loved it. Loved the ending, but I can see JJ’s POV also.

  • kiki
    kiki Month ago

    I really like your review, also, a little side note, if you have SEVERE anxiety like my cousin and I had be cautious seriously we didn't know it was gonna be that kind of movie and were VERY close to having heart attacks like 15 minutes in. LOL

  • O R
    O R Month ago

    Funny thing he said people talking in the movie cause the same happen to me only difference is a person got security to kick them out and everyone was clapping their hands cause does people wouldn’t shut up

  • Who Knew 22
    Who Knew 22 Month ago

    I think that Tom cruise with the whole Scientology thing is a influence on this film

  • BatOchir Dorj
    BatOchir Dorj Month ago

    I mean how they fuck so quietly

  • fresh freshh
    fresh freshh Month ago

    Just finished watching it and I loved it. But I agree on the ending. I actually imagining that's exactly what's going to happen and thinking I hope it doesn't end there and that exact thing happened lol. Either good movie!

  • chris berg
    chris berg Month ago

    Not in my theater. Everybody was coughing, eating what sounded like the crispest chips ever, and rocking back and forth in their chairs

  • JonnyCashh
    JonnyCashh Month ago

    good movie until the father dies................oops spoiler alert

  • Boris Ward
    Boris Ward Month ago

    The concept for the movie may have looked good on paper, but when executed defied logic in the narrative. The ending was awkward as hell, and the plot holes were so numerous that when you realize the huge list in front of you, the movie just seems pretentious.

  • P Carnochan
    P Carnochan Month ago

    One of the most STRESSFUL movies I've ever seen

  • bob mcmillan
    bob mcmillan Month ago

    I wish you would be quiet for 1 damn second you shit head. Your so damn annoying.

  • Pro Sports Central
    Pro Sports Central Month ago

    That ending was such a letdown tho

  • Lachy Mckenzie
    Lachy Mckenzie Month ago

    Absolutely loved this film

  • animedudevid
    animedudevid Month ago

    A Quite Place is THE LAST OF US movie.

  • lololaughing
    lololaughing Month ago

    I went to watch this movie for a first date and he just wouldn’t shut up and kept chewing his popcorn loudly. 😡😤

  • muguripon
    muguripon Month ago

    I shit my pants with this movie

  • Maita Garcia
    Maita Garcia Month ago

    I just got annoyed that they didn't take the nail out after she stepped on it.. Just seems urgent

  • Olivia Prine
    Olivia Prine Month ago

    Watched it last night, absolutely incredible!

  • Chris 13
    Chris 13 Month ago

    I love the movie it was a unique thriller movie

  • GM H
    GM H Month ago

    I was told this movie sucked because it's nothing but cheap jump scares..this coming from my basic white girl sister who saw it in the theaters

  • S B
    S B 2 months ago

    my only problem with this movie was that it is too short!

  • J D
    J D 2 months ago

    It was a good film . I liked it

  • HollowedPaladin
    HollowedPaladin 2 months ago

    MOvie sucked

  • Ambulance
    Ambulance 2 months ago

    Didn't enjoy it at all

  • Badre L
    Badre L 2 months ago

    The movie was going very well for me, but as soon as they started introducing the "aliens" and how they work i started to see how stupid the movie really is, here is my humble take on it:
    -Aliens are totally blind, super sensitive to sound.
    -Once they start hunting they don't stop.
    -Aliens can tell the difference between natural sounds and human (or prey) made sounds.
    the list keeps going on til the point where the girl notices the obvious and uses HIGH FREQUENCY SOUNDS TO COUNTER THE ULTRA HEARING HUNTER.
    And then they just show you that you can actually kill the aliens by shooting them.
    They are literally in country side 'MERICA, there are guns in every corner. Bait the bitches out using made up sounds or live animals and blow shit up.
    I am salty, i know.

  • The One Above All
    The One Above All 2 months ago

    I'm surprised M Night shyamalan isn't filing a lawsuit. This looks like something he wrote.
    Anyway. Good movie. Perfect length. Campy ending. Like the end of a Romero movie.

    MONET8iAM 2 months ago

    I had to sneeze watching this movie 😭

  • BlackSparrowStudio
    BlackSparrowStudio 2 months ago

    Hey Jeremy can you do a review of Evil Genius on Netflix. I think you'll like this a whole lot.

  • Nathan Zimmermann
    Nathan Zimmermann 2 months ago

    Can’t even use the bathroom

  • DrCrayG
    DrCrayG 2 months ago

    This is your best review this year. Actually speaking of the movie and how it works instead of just talking about the events in chronological order like you have done in the past. well done.

  • Cade Lulow
    Cade Lulow 2 months ago +1

    Am I the only one who didn’t like this film?

  • Ankul Upreti
    Ankul Upreti 2 months ago +1

    I pity the character you cant even release a fart

  • Sedition Society
    Sedition Society 2 months ago

    When I saw this movie a lot of people laughed through it and completely ruined it for me.

  • Oscey Juarez
    Oscey Juarez 2 months ago

    Movie was badass!!!!!