Extras from "How it FEELS to Play Pyro in TF2"

  • Published on Oct 29, 2019
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    Songs used:
    0.00 Short Break in Toad Town - Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story
    0.20 halo flood songs again lol
    1.16 Friendly Field - Kirby Star Allies
    3.48 City Escape - Sonic Adventure 2
    3.52 space odyssey classical song
    4.51 The Water's Great - MOTHER 3
    4.57 Pretend You're Nice - Stationary Sign
    5.30 Birth of a Knight - Max Anson
    6.29 Time Man - Mega Man Powered Up
    7.09 DOOM 2016 - Rip and Tear
    7.54 Big Blue Eurobeat Remix
    7.55 Married Life
    8.17 Naruto Opening 4
    8.55 Ancient Lake - Diddy Kong Racing
    9.28 Star Wars - Duel of the Fates
    10.10 Chariots of Fire
    10.48 Mystic Lake - Wario Land 4
    11.22 windows 95 startup
    12.48 Bomberman Hero - Redial
    14.21 Ducktales - The Moon Theme
    15.55 Gremlins 2 - Stage 1
    17.00 Paper Mario Main Menu
    Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound (royalty free music website)
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  • LazyPurple
    LazyPurple  2 months ago +3400

    Alright 1.5million views later I've finally decided I've had it with copyright claims and replaced o fortuna at 15:14, honestly it doesn't even change the segment I don't know why I let it be claimed for so damn long. Thanks for understanding, and thanks for all the support for this series! The comments mean the world to me

    • VidzCC
      VidzCC Day ago

      Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story
      best game ever

    • supersmily 5
      supersmily 5 4 days ago

      So you may never see this but if you do just know that I love the fact that even the extra clips are occasionally interspersed with small bits of sfm for emphasis. It makes the video feel like a secondary "how it feels" series video, and the more in depth analysis of the character from what you missed the first time combines with it to make quite the entertaining video in spite of trying to be more of a casual discussion.

    • Gregory Mirabella
      Gregory Mirabella 7 days ago +1

      i thought i remembered the music being different. goddamn copyright claims.

    • Armaan Mohammad Khan
      Armaan Mohammad Khan 7 days ago

      plz, answer me as soon as possible.

    • JaRetro Reviews
      JaRetro Reviews 8 days ago

      Are there any backups to other platforms (like DailyMotion)? I would like to see the originals.

  • Acookrez
    Acookrez 11 hours ago

    15:14 Anyone else notice the music changed and the voices removed on the part with the SFM glitches?

  • katana 257257
    katana 257257 16 hours ago

    why is it called dollar shave club when its 5 dollars

  • Cuntus Fuckoffus
    Cuntus Fuckoffus 20 hours ago

    The glitches look like that shrooms and pipes video

  • De Jules b
    De Jules b Day ago

    Did you get copyrighted for the sign glitches part? Cause that’s not the original sound.

  • Eli Shepherd
    Eli Shepherd Day ago

    What the bloody hell? - SHIT

  • Jacobi Corpuz
    Jacobi Corpuz Day ago

    16:57 that's how I feel when I carry the team as a heavy main

  • Bendy Plush 2
    Bendy Plush 2 Day ago

    I as a pyro main will find you, we are pissed

  • Casual Commons
    Casual Commons Day ago

    you know
    when lazy was running from the pyros
    i got reminded of disk 11 (or was it 13) from minecraft

  • Drawing_Gaming Nerd

    Can we get a hand reveal?

  • Mr. S 297
    Mr. S 297 2 days ago

    Backstab them

  • debílek Vejpr
    debílek Vejpr 2 days ago


  • Home time mayhem
    Home time mayhem 2 days ago

    9:42 or pooping

  • Home time mayhem
    Home time mayhem 2 days ago

    9:42 craughing

  • Jackman
    Jackman 2 days ago

    16:01 nate fox seems to be dead in this current state

  • Jackman
    Jackman 2 days ago

    9:05 sonic

  • Morgana From Persona 5

    14:35 i do that all the fucking time

  • The Roterrian
    The Roterrian 3 days ago

    Someone please tell me what song 15:00 is?

  • GodDoesntLoveMe
    GodDoesntLoveMe 3 days ago

    the Moon part.. omg i laughed so hard

  • Michael Cooke
    Michael Cooke 3 days ago

    Where do get cat

  • TheLittleHollow
    TheLittleHollow 3 days ago

    Medic and demoman are next

  • ninjabo 01
    ninjabo 01 3 days ago

    12:22 link please

  • Lymarys Maldonado
    Lymarys Maldonado 4 days ago

    5:05 is reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Uncooked poptart
    Uncooked poptart 4 days ago

    13:08 he had the conch which regenerates health so he wouldn't have died there, just pointing it out.

  • Kami Snyder
    Kami Snyder 4 days ago

    11:38 to 39 is actually 3 from an ally

  • Alex Lee
    Alex Lee 4 days ago

    a horror game where a team of pyros chase u would be terrifying

  • Tristen Elkins
    Tristen Elkins 4 days ago

    I think purple is dead

  • Guerrilla
    Guerrilla 4 days ago +1

    Does anyone know the name of the music?

  • NiccyCage
    NiccyCage 5 days ago

    15:36 okay that was kinda spooky.

  • Cheese
    Cheese 5 days ago

    Stop being sponsored

  • Eracnet
    Eracnet 5 days ago

    So when are we gonna see How it FEELS to play medic? Or how it a FEELS to play demo? I know it takes a while, but you can’t blame me for being bored

  • the au sans
    the au sans 5 days ago +1

    I know what happened at 13:03 he dies and his ragdoll probably gets stuck on a building

  • szellem 990
    szellem 990 5 days ago

    2:50 bonus hotboys

  • Fezziwig Fatass
    Fezziwig Fatass 5 days ago +1

    16:56 *you are safe now child*

  • April Honeycutt
    April Honeycutt 5 days ago

    Can you make a how it FEELS to play demoman

  • Chael Cudia
    Chael Cudia 5 days ago

    Previous video:
    God:i will give u a second chance
    The video:
    Lazy:*use the philsolgie*
    God:am i a joke to you?

    (Im bad at spelling)

  • Gold Byte
    Gold Byte 5 days ago


    Ok, that's weird.

  • Kiệt Tuấn
    Kiệt Tuấn 5 days ago

    At 6:16 there is a bunch of random crap on his computer

  • toastbrot97
    toastbrot97 5 days ago

    13:45 oh my god, i love redial from bomberman hero

  • toastbrot97
    toastbrot97 5 days ago

    0:39 you misspelled. It's W+M1.
    You're welcome.

  • Raygun Miller
    Raygun Miller 5 days ago

    1:52 every waw Russian mission ever (if anything its more of a chocolate alomond than nutshell... Hey can someone write that down?

  • 22Parker Kent
    22Parker Kent 5 days ago

    Please lazy do how it feels to play medic

  • hou hou hou hou
    hou hou hou hou 5 days ago

    What's the new song used at 15:14?

  • Kelo
    Kelo 5 days ago

    14:44 look at the spy's name

  • flareblitz 207
    flareblitz 207 6 days ago

    Can you do how it feels to play medic in tf2

  • Pyro the Flementic
    Pyro the Flementic 6 days ago

    Trade me pls name is pyrotheflementic

    DEUS VULT 6 days ago

    "Ah CraAAH!"
    Demoman, probably

  • Aiden Taveras
    Aiden Taveras 6 days ago

    16:55 our god is here

    EXCALIBUR 7 days ago

    “Pyro completely counter Demoknight”
    **laughs in Gibus Pyro W+M1ing directly at a 6 Headed Demoknight**

  • dallas williams
    dallas williams 7 days ago


  • Armaan Mohammad Khan
    Armaan Mohammad Khan 7 days ago +1

    give me 50 likes in this comment so LazyPurple can make how it feels to play Demoman!

  • Armaan Mohammad Khan

    LazyPurple you just miss one character in this series, it's one and only Demoman.

  • MrRandomGamers
    MrRandomGamers 7 days ago +1

    Ok I’ll save you!
    *Calls 911*
    911: hello need an emergency for us to deal with?
    911: OK What is the LOCaTION
    Me: ITS alOCATED AT. HmIsjdundhebf
    911: this is a joke ok goodbye sir

  • Ezekiel Dewart
    Ezekiel Dewart 7 days ago

    Speaking of demo knight tf2 where is how it feels to play demoman

  • Ferno Live
    Ferno Live 8 days ago

    8:08 He got strait up launched

  • RMwPL - The Black Demon

    See Lazy complaining about second pyro update?

  • Joshua Varney
    Joshua Varney 8 days ago

    Aww at 15:22 you got rid of the "Woooooohoooooooo!"

  • Assasinsking 55
    Assasinsking 55 8 days ago

    Lazy from 15:13 to 15:47 why did you change the music for that scene

  • Ulrich Meintjes
    Ulrich Meintjes 8 days ago

    Scorch shot in x10 is the most annoying thing on the planet

  • Stanislaw Ch
    Stanislaw Ch 8 days ago

    U forgot the legendary pyro main that died for referencing the extinguisher