Megavalanche - Best Of

  • Published on Sep 16, 2011
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    Thanks to Lionel @ WW Productions! The Megavalache 2011!

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Comments • 392

  • Dale olson
    Dale olson 9 months ago

    Absolute shit music junked video

  • wilder9777
    wilder9777 10 months ago

    Xtreme racer

  • Вершитель Судеб

    чямпеёнат по тасканию велика ?

    ARTSECTIONS Year ago

    Wow like your video

  • rosmaryn
    rosmaryn Year ago

    I usually don't get why people complain about the music in this kind of videos, but this time I'm one of them

  • marin daniel
    marin daniel Year ago

    décidément, l'Alpe d'Huez et moi on a pas la même conception de la montagne!!!

  • Garry FPV
    Garry FPV Year ago

    ahh the music lol im dying

  • zuuzch _
    zuuzch _ 2 years ago

    Music is horrible

  • rajen rai
    rajen rai 2 years ago

    Loved the fuckin music...

  • nokiatel
    nokiatel 2 years ago

    it was.

  • Ben Kempa
    Ben Kempa 3 years ago +10

    Who thought this was a good idea?

  • toasty bear
    toasty bear 3 years ago +5

    i love the guy at 0:50 "fuck this, I'm going home..."

  • levent kaya
    levent kaya 3 years ago

    hay massallaahhh

  • Brozilla McBad
    Brozilla McBad 3 years ago +3

    where is mike tyson when you need someone to bite your ears of. dude your music is bad and by bad i mean it sucks shit

  • The Nordic
    The Nordic 3 years ago


  • Chase Eckey
    Chase Eckey 3 years ago +9

    Nigga was dying in the background at 1:50

  • Czechoslovakian SpuderMan

    that was sick

  • notagoon695
    notagoon695 4 years ago +2

    Motocross riders would destroy this race

    • DreamBreakerNMaker
      DreamBreakerNMaker Year ago

      Most of Mx riders would have fainted by the half of the race. I don't say all of them because some guys started from DH, but the majority jumps straight to motor racing

    • Nathan Hardwick
      Nathan Hardwick 3 years ago +1

      +KTMBlade I do both, and an mx rider that has never done DH before would find it nearly impossible. Your argument is based on totally biased grounds

    • notagoon695
      notagoon695 3 years ago

      +Patrick McReary ok I admit I was in the moment but I would assume people would understand

    • RBUgaming
      RBUgaming 3 years ago +5

      +KTMBlade obviously you have either never seen a real mountain bike race or never been on a mountain bike ...

    • notagoon695
      notagoon695 3 years ago

      +RBUgaming dumbass I didn't mean on a dirtbike. I've been racing for 7 years I know what I'm talking about. I meant because they have to deal with ruts leaning back and a bunch of shit

  • Nick PK
    Nick PK 4 years ago +2

    Fat Bikes?

  • Ray Gorissen
    Ray Gorissen 4 years ago

    You like wet pousy

  • chris iodice
    chris iodice 4 years ago

    that's where a fat bike would rule

  • Ryan
    Ryan 4 years ago +4

    worst song ever

  • the legend
    the legend 4 years ago


  • Hayden Hume
    Hayden Hume 4 years ago +23

    hated the music with all of my fucking soul

  • Pey Tron
    Pey Tron 4 years ago +90

    Your music choice gave me cancer

    • Peter Rent
      Peter Rent Year ago

      blekfut wrong

    • blekfut
      blekfut 4 years ago +8

      +Pey Tron This is typical DH/enduro music. DH/enduro riders are not too much sophisticated.

    • SlashCamp
      SlashCamp 4 years ago

      @Pey Tron k

  • highroots man
    highroots man 4 years ago

    Mdr courir sur la neige je sais faire aussi!

  • W0pper
    W0pper 5 years ago +5

    hahahaha do they even ride the bikes? looks like they are just walking around with it

  • Mr_Keni102
    Mr_Keni102 5 years ago

    съежали бы хотябы по 50 а не сотнями

  • Андрей Рябых

    Что за база?!

  • ahmad SIBAI
    ahmad SIBAI 5 years ago +2

    Bonjour, quel est le prix pour participer a une mégavalanche?

  • Glen Groves
    Glen Groves 5 years ago

    There's these things called skis, and snow bikes dipshits!! This is stupid

  • Apephis
    Apephis 5 years ago +1

    the snow part is seriously unnessery, it just looks annoying as hell, most people just ran anyway.

    • Brozilla McBad
      Brozilla McBad 3 years ago

      +kasp580a don't worry there is only snow when it was snowing before :)

    • Evan Forst
      Evan Forst 4 years ago

      It gives the race character

  • 김인철
    김인철 5 years ago


  • Bernard Schirmeyer
    Bernard Schirmeyer 5 years ago

    Contest for me completely stupid ..poor mecanic ! So expensive...I am a professional swimmer instructor now very old.

  • Laila Tho
    Laila Tho 5 years ago +8

    the song is terrible...

  • J Thom
    J Thom 5 years ago

    I still think this wouldve been best tackled by an old steel heavy as balls 1950's huffy stingray cruiser with fatbike tires.. looks like crazy fun all the same..

  • Bernd Budts
    Bernd Budts 5 years ago

    I the best of the world

  • Митя Абросимов

    Я должен быть там !! )))

    • 1koss2
      1koss2 5 years ago


  • Maciej Kaczor
    Maciej Kaczor 5 years ago

    Winner have cannondale rz one twenty ?

    • bitumen83
      bitumen83 5 years ago +1

      definitely strongest and fastest legs..

  • Shadow Wolf
    Shadow Wolf 5 years ago +1

    I would love to try this but how much would it cost to get in

  • neznaju999
    neznaju999 5 years ago

    Ну и дибилы)))

  • benjamin preynat
    benjamin preynat 5 years ago

    someone know where can I have information on this race ?

  • Charlie Owen
    Charlie Owen 6 years ago +13

    Change the music!what is the point of having explicit music in a video like this!

    T. MEDINA 6 years ago


    • T. MEDINA
      T. MEDINA 5 years ago

      claro! seria un sueño hecho realidad

    • guadalupe diaz
      guadalupe diaz 5 years ago

      mucha adrenalina que circula por tus venas, lo intentarias?
      vive la pasion por el deporte extremo

  • Flippin eck Phil
    Flippin eck Phil 6 years ago +1

    Would be great to try this. Maybe in 2015.

  • Regan Hurley
    Regan Hurley 6 years ago +1

    poor bikes 8(

  • Andrey Luiz
    Andrey Luiz 6 years ago +2

    Insane... :)

  • Dominic Sorby
    Dominic Sorby 6 years ago +4

    Love this video.

  • gašper sedej
    gašper sedej 6 years ago

    music by ?

  • byrdsoutdoors
    byrdsoutdoors 6 years ago

    This is intense!

  • LukiCamper
    LukiCamper 6 years ago

    and on ur channel u have oly movie where bunch of kids are doing something stupid?

  • Dani2wheels
    Dani2wheels 6 years ago

    Do yourself a favor and hit *mute*

  • with omar
    with omar 6 years ago

    i want this ...but im from algeria........?!!

  • horsesshotatdawn
    horsesshotatdawn 6 years ago


  • TheBigBosnian
    TheBigBosnian 6 years ago

    more like sideways but because of sun position it looks like he goes backwards :)

  • Matt Bandola
    Matt Bandola 6 years ago

    that's because he was flying/hovering backwards

  • MagicOmar The
    MagicOmar The 6 years ago

    è veramente spettacolare!

  • TheBigBosnian
    TheBigBosnian 6 years ago

    0:33 shadow of the copter goes backwards LOL xD

  • Greg Rable
    Greg Rable 6 years ago +1

    song: Death In Vegas - Dirt