The Golden Jaguar Suit Explained | Black Panther

  • Published on Jan 16, 2018
  • In the first few Marvel Cinematic Universe films, there was a trend of heroes facing a negative version of themselves. Iron Man fought the Iron Monger, The Hulk fought Abomination, & Captain America fought Red Skull. Many fans and critics alike have expressed disappointment in Marvel’s villain choices, and many were excited about Killmonger until the reveal he’s wearing a suit akin to T’Challa’s Black Panther suit...
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  • Riley Lynn
    Riley Lynn Day ago

    1:28 no, those arrows are VISIBLY much less powerful. Although it wouldn't have hurt him anyway.

  • Tyrique 2000
    Tyrique 2000 2 months ago

    I heard he’s gonna be in Black Panther 2

  • Amazing 101
    Amazing 101 2 months ago

    Audio edit is so bad :|

  • Catarino jaguar Rodriguez

    Love the golden jaguar but not is heart

  • Jordi Ogando
    Jordi Ogando 5 months ago +1

    How about a Lion suit and a Tiger suit for a Black Panther 2???👀

    ADEM CARNEY 5 months ago

    I got into a argument over its "golden black panther" "golden panther"

  • Hamza Chakouh
    Hamza Chakouh 5 months ago

    You did see the movie yet so how did you now😕😕😕😕😕 😕

  • CLEV Z
    CLEV Z 6 months ago

    why dose he have so much spots lord

  • Winifred Amonoo
    Winifred Amonoo 6 months ago

    Guys the Black Panther movie already passed February 16th

  • pedro vela
    pedro vela 7 months ago +1

    Why does everyone keep saying jaguar? It's a damn leopard, jaguar's are from central to south America and leopards are from Asia and Africa depending on the type. A panther on the other hand could be both, it just refers to the dark color of either a jaguar or panther but that doesn't mean they're the same spices of cat. Americas, jaguar... Africa and Asia, leopard... get it right and stop making people stupid.

  • lucas firesteel
    lucas firesteel 8 months ago

    It's actually the black jaguar

  • Ghost Fresh
    Ghost Fresh 8 months ago +2

    ...when you watch the movie and realize Bast is a God of cats and the jaguar is the American panther 👀

  • Andew, Seventh Sun of Edwad

    'Black Panther Suit Explained'*

  • Andrew 5272
    Andrew 5272 9 months ago +1

    Killmonger dint take the tech it was a suit option t’challa truned down bcs he dint want to be noticed you should of watched the movie then done the back video so it won’t be embarrassing wacthing you ty to know your movie and comic stuff 🤣

  • harbinger200
    harbinger200 9 months ago

    Movie was good for up to 12 years old.

  • Rory O'Brien
    Rory O'Brien 9 months ago

    How does kinetic energy get redistributed as an energy pulse do the nano machines convert it into electricity than it produces a force field

  • Adorn XdGamer
    Adorn XdGamer 10 months ago +1

    Jaguars Are My Favorite Big Cat, Marvel Made Me Sad :(

  • tedd gray
    tedd gray 10 months ago

    lol misleading

    TATO PeRSoN 10 months ago

    Captain America stole vibranium

  • Marvel Pakistan
    Marvel Pakistan 10 months ago


  • Nishith Barua
    Nishith Barua 10 months ago

    shuri makes 2 suits, black panther chooses the silver one, Killmonger picks up and steals the gold one

    • Going Places
      Going Places 7 months ago

      Not really, it's mostly given to him since you know, he's the new black panther.

  • ImNonZ3RO
    ImNonZ3RO 10 months ago

    Is anyone else wondering what happens in the sequel of Black Panther since killmonger burned the heart shaped herb place

  • CDA_ 14
    CDA_ 14 10 months ago

    Its the other suit

  • Mr. CookieCat
    Mr. CookieCat 10 months ago +1


  • Prince Quagraine
    Prince Quagraine 10 months ago

    wrong kilmongers suit is the other black panther suit that Tchalla turned down cause it was to noticeable

  • Prince Quagraine
    Prince Quagraine 10 months ago

    wrong kilmongers suit is the other black panther suit that Tchalla turned down cause it was to noticeable

  • Prince Quagraine
    Prince Quagraine 10 months ago

    wrong kilmongers suit is the other black panther suit that Tchalla turned down cause it was to noticeable

  • Sniper Mark
    Sniper Mark 10 months ago

    completely wrong

  • Ivan Peaches
    Ivan Peaches 10 months ago

    I really wish black panther wore that Gold suit. Killmonger should've made his own.

  • iEnVy Tay
    iEnVy Tay 10 months ago

    Why question is why would shuri have a *GOLDEN JAGUAR* suit when he is taking the mantle of *BLACK PANTHER*

    • Going Places
      Going Places 7 months ago

      It wasn't a golden Jaguar suit when she made it, she just made a second cooler looking suit.

  • Tony Rios
    Tony Rios 10 months ago

    This video was so wrong lol

  • EncGaming Z
    EncGaming Z 10 months ago +2

    What if Erik Kilmonger actually got revive by Shuri and Tchalla at the end??would he help at infinity war??

  • Luke Braun
    Luke Braun 10 months ago

    I realized a lot of the villains are clones of the hero, iron monger iron man, yellow jacket ant man, hulk abomination, black panther gold jaguar

    • Going Places
      Going Places 7 months ago

      About every hero has a clone villain. It's inevitable.

  • Saffy_Waffy_Wan
    Saffy_Waffy_Wan 10 months ago

    It's not a jaguar it's a panther

  • UlingBoy
    UlingBoy 10 months ago

    I saw my daddy with panther claws in his chest!

  • Vector Z
    Vector Z 10 months ago

    He scratched the paint of the shield not the shield itself and the paint is a titanium oxide coating not vibranium

    • Going Places
      Going Places 7 months ago

      The paint survived being constantly scraped on the ground and a grenade to the surface.

  • Omar Roa vlogs
    Omar Roa vlogs 10 months ago

    it's the golden panther

  • Richard Page
    Richard Page 10 months ago

    T'challa said that suit was his design.

    • Richard Page
      Richard Page 10 months ago

      Arun Subramanian I never said the Golden Jaguar suit was T'challas design. Of course she created it, the necklace was right their with the suit T'challa chose, so was the suit that T'challa designed, the one Shuri referred to as old tech, that's the suit I said he designed.

    • Arun Subramanian
      Arun Subramanian 10 months ago

      Richard Page the golden Jaguar suit is not T,challas deisen its shuris deisen.

  • YuNg_FaYe
    YuNg_FaYe 10 months ago

    Your just talking about the design :/ your dodging the subject completely

  • YuNg_FaYe
    YuNg_FaYe 10 months ago

    You made this wayyy too complicated. It's just Shuri's 2nd black panther suit.

  • MegatronusOrionpax 137
    MegatronusOrionpax 137 11 months ago

    I'm retry sure that was the gold version of the two shots that Suri shows T'Challa and u fortunately not a representation of the gold comic Black Panther suit

    TAPKING13 XX THE KID 11 months ago

    His suit is amazing

  • Owen Hyatt
    Owen Hyatt 11 months ago

    That is a panther not a jaguar

  • Gluff
    Gluff 11 months ago

    His claws are made of a metal found in Antarctica called Anti-Metal his suit literally stops bullets in their path not just bullet proof

  • oof oof
    oof oof 11 months ago

    all hail king killmonger

  • Explosive Muhammad
    Explosive Muhammad 11 months ago

    One of these days, the White Wolf will wear a suit.

  • King Shu
    King Shu 11 months ago +1

    It is a Golden Leopard

  • TheLegendaryGiraffeMan
    TheLegendaryGiraffeMan 11 months ago

    “Heart shaped erb”

  • Galaad Biganda
    Galaad Biganda 11 months ago

    Galaadbigandart on insta

  • James Meaden
    James Meaden 11 months ago

    The golden suit was a secondary option for t’challa wasn’t made by killmonger

  • Andrew Marc
    Andrew Marc 11 months ago

    You got everything wrong this time

  • iotaken
    iotaken 11 months ago

    Did you even watch the movie? Both suits were options to is this video about 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Nomi TV
    Nomi TV 11 months ago

    Killmonger didn't suit was also made by shuri. In the movie t chala was given to choose from two suits he chose the one with less color variation to keep it low profile and stealth so kinda declined the one with gold accents. Then later the only suit left for killmonger was that and it kinda portraits his character as well cuz he is more flashy and want to show out his power

  • Cosmonaut Crusher
    Cosmonaut Crusher 11 months ago

    The jaguar is also native to America

  • AsianEatzNoodlez
    AsianEatzNoodlez 11 months ago

    cough cough its not a panther... its a PANTHER SUIT smh

  • Hazzy YT
    Hazzy YT 11 months ago

    No, in black panther Shuri makes 2 suits. The lighter Black Panther suit which he uses in Black Panther and Infinity war and the golden jaguar suit which Killmonger uses

  • Pokeandhan
    Pokeandhan 11 months ago

    It’s a golden panther suit...

  • Eileen Pitts
    Eileen Pitts 11 months ago

    I want it now.

  • Kay Reacts
    Kay Reacts 11 months ago

    That nun doe lol

  • PoorKid'sCar rolla
    PoorKid'sCar rolla 11 months ago

    Killmonger did not created the golden jaguar suit.. shuri made it right??

  • Christian Cabrera
    Christian Cabrera 11 months ago

    you can see the suit in shuris lab and t’challa said it was “tempting” but the idea was “to not be seen”

  • Az Slump
    Az Slump 11 months ago +2

    Aii so what I don’t get, why is it called golden jaguar when jaguars are only in South America

  • HVK LoganYT
    HVK LoganYT 11 months ago

    Shuri already made the suit killmonger didn’t take bits a peace’s from the old suit from civil war in 2016 it was already made for T Chala but you’re video was good

  • Eckhart V
    Eckhart V 11 months ago

    We need more tchala solo movies

  • ElliBadboy
    ElliBadboy 11 months ago

    Why is killmonger always stronger then t challah black panther

  • dy14n sp0k3s
    dy14n sp0k3s 11 months ago

    Omg he’s wearing the other necklace in from the scene where black panther chooses his new suit. That is what it would have looked like for black panther as well genius

  • cha thor
    cha thor 11 months ago

    Killmonger is vegeta

  • Water Nebula
    Water Nebula 11 months ago

    Ant Man and Wasp isn't having a mirror villain yay

  • Shao Xun Leong
    Shao Xun Leong 11 months ago

    Can i just point out that how does the fake eyes on the suit work?

  • Rajib Das
    Rajib Das 11 months ago

    iron monger vs killmonger

  • Erwin Swagger
    Erwin Swagger 11 months ago

    Wasn't Black Panther's name changed into Black Leopard back in '71, because of political issues back then, but they then changed it back to Black Panther. So simply this guy is a leopard, can't remember anywhere where he was associated with jaguars, if there is any then kindly share it to me, thanks.

  • alex martinez
    alex martinez Year ago

    Kilmonger was able to eat the herb because he is a Royal descendant, he was able to wear the suit because it was just another variant of the original black panther suit, you don’t need the herb to wear the suit you need it to have the full characteristics of the black panther

  • alex martinez
    alex martinez Year ago

    This could of been a cool ass Aztec warrior

  • Leavell Windfield

    He didn't make the suit it was just the gold version that chachala didn't want

  • Waylon Jones
    Waylon Jones Year ago +1

    He was the best thing in Black Panther

  • Devin Andrews
    Devin Andrews Year ago

    You ruin movies with your unconvincing acting. There can only be one MJ 🏀

  • Opinunate ted
    Opinunate ted Year ago

    The vibranium absorbs all the energy put into it by bullets and etc. The more you hit it, the more power the person wearing it gets.

  • Atul Kamath
    Atul Kamath Year ago

    Lol thats not how he got the suit

  • AGENT GAT H2980
    AGENT GAT H2980 Year ago

    the suit is not a jaguar its a puma as seen in the movie

  • Michael Abraham
    Michael Abraham Year ago

    already saw the movie

  • YoungDrizzyJay ET

    this guy doesnt even know the source of black panthers powers

  • Tea_VlogZ
    Tea_VlogZ Year ago

    It’s a panther not a Jaguar retard

  • Jayt Tabarcea
    Jayt Tabarcea Year ago

    You know I was thinking of calling him the Golden jaguar as well.

  • Julius Ranillo
    Julius Ranillo Year ago

    I watched that movie in cinema

  • Hugh GShep
    Hugh GShep Year ago

    Why is Killmonger a Golden Jaguar? Jaguar's are located in South America - they aren't in Africa. Why isn't he a Golden Leopard? He literally has a pet Leopard named Preyy. (I was thinking maybe it was because T'Challa is already a Leopard (technically), since Black Panther's aren't a separate species; they are just Leopards with a special coat) What do you all think??

  • Garazzo Africa
    Garazzo Africa Year ago

    There are no Jaguars in Africa.

  • Richard Davis
    Richard Davis Year ago

    Omg people does anyone realize that the "golden jaguar suit" is just the more flamboyant suit that shuri showed him also jeez

    • Richard Davis
      Richard Davis Year ago

      Just reałized this video is before the movie sorry

  • Black Hoodie
    Black Hoodie Year ago

    Well the panther is not just black tho

  • glo Snowyy
    glo Snowyy Year ago


  • Galaxy art Lord
    Galaxy art Lord Year ago

    How are captain America & red skull alike

  • AccuServices, LLC Singleton


  • Nura1171 M
    Nura1171 M Year ago

    Shuri(black panther sister) made two suit for black panther.Black panther choosed the grey one and while Erik kilmongger ruled wakanda,he choosed the other one which is the gold one

  • Danny V Hit the yeet

    Wakandan Knuckles

  • Henry Ortiz
    Henry Ortiz Year ago

    Best Mask in the MCU, mask was scary good.

  • Darth Plagueis
    Darth Plagueis Year ago +22

    i don’t understand why his sister would give him a choice between a panther suit and a jaguar suit... why would black *PANTHER* choose a jaguar suit, like whaaat?

    • Amir-Hamza
      Amir-Hamza 3 months ago

      Its likely because the Wakandan Royal family is called the Golden Tribe in narration of the film. The golden tribe is basically the Panther cult. Also note how T'Chaka visits N'Jobu wearing an older Panther Habit that is Black with gold on it. Its likely Gold is a signiture colour for the panther cult alongside Black. T'Challa prefers practicality over design as the Black silver habit is more stealthy than the Golden habit. Also in a nod to the comics and contrasting stereotypes of black people. Erik dons a Golden Jaguar habit as Jaguar are native to the americas not africa symbolising how many Black people descended from slavery and conolisation (Black americans, Black Latinos and Black Caribbeans) have a distintly different values, norms and ideals to someone who is Nigerian, Somali, Ghanaian ect (in UK most of the black people I gree up with came from very religious or traditional model minority immigrant families) Leopard/Panther representing ties to African culture. Jaguar somewhat representing how Black people in the Americas have their own distinct culture despite share ancestry. For me it is normal for me to meet a Black person called Adewale, having a surname like Ansah or having a strict doting Dad and Mum who would smack them for being naughty and want them to excel in education and do something prrstigeous like be a doctor or something. Whilst I hear from americans Blacks from the americas have more leniency from their parents, stereotypically have single parent families (I was unaware of the black men dont do dad responsibilies stereotype until I learnt about racism at skl), generally not traditional or religious, might encourage them to go into art, music, dance or sport. Honestly my views on Black people is mostly from my African friends and black on films and tv have little to no similarities to them.

    • Andrew 5272
      Andrew 5272 9 months ago

      Darth Plagueis ikr

    • Wyatt Lavoie
      Wyatt Lavoie 10 months ago

      it was just a version of the panther suit you moron

    • K_Man
      K_Man Year ago

      Not more than the 'fans' clearly.

    • Darth Plagueis
      Darth Plagueis Year ago +6

      K_Man she could just have liked jaguars :|

  • Mr. Wallfle
    Mr. Wallfle Year ago

    Spoilers,in the movie T'challa gets all of his strength such as falling from great height from a heart shaped power plant (forgot the name)

  • InFlames TR
    InFlames TR Year ago

    Why jaguar? I think it is need to be Golden Panther?

  • Natethanh P.
    Natethanh P. Year ago +1

    Him stuttering and stopping was making me cringe

  • Richard Franklin
    Richard Franklin Year ago

    I like black panther better than killmonger

  • Cris pin
    Cris pin Year ago

    Isnt that for T'challa cause his a king like hes dad but he prefer the silver one