• Published on Sep 11, 2017
  • reuploaded because of copyright issue
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Dark Divine
    Dark Divine Hour ago

    Iowa state cyclones is my hometown team😂

  • Sir'e MarkePau
    Sir'e MarkePau 5 hours ago

    Хорошо что я смотрю это видео в туалете)

  • Samanta Mackare
    Samanta Mackare 6 hours ago

    THATS why u should never play with matches, kids!

  • cool boy
    cool boy 18 hours ago

    remoow dears

  • Ty Sipes
    Ty Sipes 19 hours ago +3

    In 2019 you shall play Minecraft with James Charles

  • Carrl gaming
    Carrl gaming Day ago

    Tell me pewds,dou you know bjergsen?

  • Loilicorne 17615

    I know it’s bizarre, but Pewdiepie looks like Trotsky with this glaces

  • Carrl gaming
    Carrl gaming Day ago +1

    You know Bjergsen?pewds

  • Melissa L
    Melissa L Day ago

    Glasses 😍

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord Day ago

    Just don’t go over any bridges

  • Seal
    Seal Day ago

    What a fucking ni🅱️🅱️a

    USE CODE CEEDAYY Day ago +1

    hello everyone my name is NICK GER

  • Failed Hook
    Failed Hook Day ago +1

    “You know I’m gonna mess up”
    Bridge: Allow is to introduce ourself

  • GUY guy
    GUY guy Day ago

    Why was the last one awkward????

  • DogeDigger 123
    DogeDigger 123 Day ago +4

    PewDiePie: “I’m bound to end up in this list.”
    One year later: and I oop

  • Zachary D. Botelho

    If this pewds could see what he's doing now

  • Hakon Moor
    Hakon Moor Day ago


  • Hakon Moor
    Hakon Moor Day ago


  • Hakon Moor
    Hakon Moor Day ago


  • Danny Pittman
    Danny Pittman Day ago

    Shout out to whoever types up the subtitles !!!!!!!!!

  • Guarishi
    Guarishi 2 days ago

    Pewds can't piss him self.
    He doesn't have legs.

  • Angry Reinhardt
    Angry Reinhardt 2 days ago

    Pewds with beard > pewds with baby face

    SOLGRYN 2 days ago +1

    PEWDIEPIE:"I know the people wearing those kind of shirts don't actually care about the team!" (1:27)

    also pewdiepie in his another video (we are storming Area51) **wears TeamSesh Bones merch long sleeve**

      SOLGRYN 9 hours ago

      @Philip we are storming area 51

    • Philip
      Philip 9 hours ago

      Bruh wich video

  • OwenKroeger Is here
    OwenKroeger Is here 2 days ago

    This aged badly

  • Eli Bashwinger
    Eli Bashwinger 2 days ago +2

    2017-2018 pewds is best. Bring back the beard.

  • monstersince
    monstersince 2 days ago

    whilst youtube show you to me felix; why are over 50m of your subs fake. we are not allowed to sell you anymore

  • monstersince
    monstersince 2 days ago

    explain that. before it goes to court again

  • Redhood0982 2
    Redhood0982 2 2 days ago

    Felix predicted his future stream fail

  • Polino4ka Cat
    Polino4ka Cat 2 days ago +1

    Пюдипай лучшый

  • Jarys Satre
    Jarys Satre 3 days ago

    I literally shit myself. This always happens!! 😂😂👍👌

  • Night
    Night 3 days ago

    А есть видео где она играет на гитаре?

  • OPS- random numbers
    OPS- random numbers 3 days ago +1

    Pewds looks old lmao

  • Oli Bernstein
    Oli Bernstein 3 days ago

    I remember when i did a stream in my cat's birthday. I gave him a catnip plant and all the other cats went crazy. Then i stream, everythings going smooth until these cats turned into maniacs. They almost knocked over my laptop and Wii. They also fought like crazy. Playfully though.

  • Jared Ma
    Jared Ma 4 days ago


  • Іван Вікторович

    lukas for 'just gona end this stream here` rofl xD

  • nite mare
    nite mare 5 days ago

    This is content pied

  • GG Hunge34
    GG Hunge34 5 days ago +1

    the fire is in my house what to do ??
    1 . put more flamable stuff in it
    2 . ignore it
    3 . ran away and let the fire burn

  • Avoid Misfitz
    Avoid Misfitz 5 days ago

    That one dude that donated 20.00 dollars to Tim his name was fap_midget

  • Dark Ronin
    Dark Ronin 5 days ago +1

    People in 2018 after the bridge thing: oooooof

  • Pengu Squad
    Pengu Squad 6 days ago +23

    "I'm bound to end up in this list"
    *flashbacks to sleeping in the nether*

  • bad gameplays
    bad gameplays 6 days ago

    You look so old

  • Kj_Build_PvP noob
    Kj_Build_PvP noob 6 days ago

    Did anyone else notice that the video was posted on 9/11 🧐🧐🧐

  • G Money
    G Money 6 days ago

    Dumpling Nation!

  • Friendly Fire
    Friendly Fire 7 days ago

    10:45 how this logic works
    and girl is gay? Wtf It must be lesbian.

  • Friendly Fire
    Friendly Fire 7 days ago

    10:16 SovietWomble's most hated word.

  • Anjellike1
    Anjellike1 7 days ago


  • sir baglez rules
    sir baglez rules 7 days ago

    Pewds a few months later "fucking n******" lmao

  • Adaptive_ Path_188
    Adaptive_ Path_188 7 days ago

    I was eating

  • Red Zhask
    Red Zhask 8 days ago

    Annndd this is why pewds never stream

  • Johnny Truong
    Johnny Truong 8 days ago +10

    "What's that under my bed? It's a, it's a.... probably a guitar. It's definitely not a vibrator..."

  • Jay Mon
    Jay Mon 8 days ago

    Bjergsen no

  • Tom Falconburg
    Tom Falconburg 8 days ago

    hipster pewds

  • Xx Tobi Xx
    Xx Tobi Xx 9 days ago

    what is the name of the vid?

  • Nimakoko Channel
    Nimakoko Channel 10 days ago

    I don't see the "SPONSOR" or the "JOIN" button...

  • Votive Smug
    Votive Smug 10 days ago

    Its funny that the first one was Timthetatman

  • itzKylxz
    itzKylxz 10 days ago

    why he look like a robot in the intro

  • Itz Gacha Universe
    Itz Gacha Universe 10 days ago


  • Rasmus
    Rasmus 10 days ago +1

    5:25 got me laughing so hard !

  • Kai Cyreus
    Kai Cyreus 10 days ago

    Almost TWO YEARS

  • TurtleWeirdo
    TurtleWeirdo 11 days ago

    I’m gonna slip up one day
    Pewdiepie: Yo what a fucking Ni...

  • Edward Hartwick
    Edward Hartwick 11 days ago


  • Animeonlylife
    Animeonlylife 11 days ago

    3.30 what's the name of the streamer girl pls tell me??.

  • daniyal naqvi
    daniyal naqvi 11 days ago

    Could someone tell what happened in the last part?

  • Dayyyvid
    Dayyyvid 11 days ago

    Was this reuploaded on the cursèd day of the bridge?

  • ydg nova
    ydg nova 12 days ago +1

    tim before fortnite

  • ImThatMystic Gaming
    ImThatMystic Gaming 12 days ago


  • Ralph Justin Maliwat
    Ralph Justin Maliwat 13 days ago +1

    Girl: Level 24 is the highest level
    Me: I was level 26 two years ago

  • Eika May
    Eika May 13 days ago

    The first one is timthetatman 😂

  • DBZ Legends
    DBZ Legends 13 days ago

    DoN't iGnOrE mE AdAm 😂😂😂