The mysterious tribal music of Sephardic Jews - Kondja mia (official video)

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
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    Kondja Mia - My Rose
    lyrics & composition: traditional Jewish Sephardi-Turkish
    arrangement: Aviv Bahar
    Talya G.A Solan - lead vocals
    Aviv Bahar - kopuz, back vocals
    Yonnie Dror - duduk, clarinet, back vocals
    Nur Bar Goren - percussion, back vocals
    Avri Borochov - double bass, bendir, back vocals

    recorded live By Marko Gurkan at Kicha Studios
    mixed by Avri Borochov
    Director of Photography & Editing: Zohar Ron -
    dress: Dodo Bar Or
    styling Talya: Julie Ardon
    ~ קונג׳ה מיה - ורד שלי ~
    מילים ולחן: יהודי ספרדי
    עיבוד: אביב בכר
    מרפרטואר שירת מגורשי ספרד, קהילת יהודי טורקיה
    טליה ג. סולאן - שירה
    אביב בכר - קופוז, שירה
    יוני דרור - דודוק, קלרינט, שירה
    נור בר גורן - כלי הקשה, שירה
    אברי בורוכוב - קונטרבס, בנדיר, שירה

    בימוי, צילום ועריכה: זוהר רון -
    הקלטה: מרקו גורקן, אולפני קיצ׳ה
    מיקס: אברי בורוכוב
    סטיילינג טליה: ג׳ולי ארדון
    שמלה: דודו בר אור

    Kondja mia is a Jewish Sephardi song from the repertoire of Jewish community that settled down in Turkey after the expulsion from Spain in 1492
    A young man is suffering from the torments of love and swears he would never fall in love again. He is captivated by the charm of his dark-skinned lover who broke his heart.
    canción sefardí antigua en Ladino. / Sephardic Judeo Song / traditional Jewish Sephardic music.

    Canciones Sephardies de Turkey. Judeo-Español - Canción tradicional Sefardí
    Ladino, otherwise known as Judeo-Spanish, is the spoken and written language of Jews of Spanish origin. Ladino was consolidated as a specifically Jewish language after the expulsion from Spain in 1492, when it came into contacts with Turkish and other Balkan languages, and adopted a massive vocabulary from Hebrew. It is also known as Judezmo, Dzhudezmo, or Spaniolit.
    When the Jews were expelled from Spain and Portugal they were cut off from the further development of the language, but they continued to speak it in the communities and countries to which they emigrated. The further away from Spain the emigrants went, the more cut off they were from developments in the language, and the more Ladino began to diverge from mainstream Castilian Spanish. Ladino therefore basically reflects the grammar and vocabulary of 15th century Spanish, but has heavy Hebrew and Turkish components.
    Jewish Sephardic repertoire, Ladino, Judeo - Español
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  • Yamma Ensemble - יאמה - يمة

    For those who ask what is mysterious about the song:
    ​This language is rare, unique and mostly unspoken, it's a blend of Turkish, old Spanish from 15th century and other influences the Jews collected during years of exiles.
    The music is influenced by Turkish music where the creators of the song used to live.
    it's unusual to bring to the front that rare mysterious songs and still keep them watched, heard and relevant.

    • Alex Petrelis
      Alex Petrelis 7 days ago

      Find your cave and crawl back in chaver.

    • Nat Sarim
      Nat Sarim 8 days ago

      @Alex Petrelis Find some rocks, and kick 'em..

    • Nat Sarim
      Nat Sarim 8 days ago

      @Sven3xs Thank you. Too bad they exist to make their attitude known. These are the times we're in.
      Like mama said..if you have nothing good to say...

    • Sven3xs
      Sven3xs 8 days ago +1

      @Alex Petrelis

    • Rock Stone
      Rock Stone 9 days ago +1

      I am sad that this Jewish culture is so ignored by the world,eclipsed by the more political and warlike Germanic Ashkenazi branch of Judaism.
      Sefaradim Jews should show more of their beautiful Hispanic Oriental culture, more ancient and more connected to biblical Jews.

  • AlmazB
    AlmazB 4 hours ago


  • Patrick Porco
    Patrick Porco Day ago +1

    The look and feel is very gypsy

  • MusicOfEpirus
    MusicOfEpirus 3 days ago +3

    Isn’t this a mix of Armenian, Kurdish, Gypsy, and Ladino?

  • resonantfrequency7125
    resonantfrequency7125 3 days ago +1

    What an incredible synthesis of languages and sounds! I've never heard anything like it in my life. It is astonishing.

  • Lee Gee
    Lee Gee 5 days ago +1


  • bleedinggums roberts
    bleedinggums roberts 7 days ago +3

    The evil ones still sacrifice animals. Their backwards nature is reflected clearly in this music.

    • Kada Vara
      Kada Vara 2 days ago

      bleedinggums roberts
      Your antisemitism is useless here. Long live the Jews.

    • kathleen seret
      kathleen seret 7 days ago +3

      Mansevo, a young boy before going to the army. But you wouldn't know anything anyway of this song :))

  • rupert pupkin
    rupert pupkin 7 days ago +5

    Satanic chanting, it'll do you no good though, you have angered the Lord for too long, cease and desist.

    • Darth_Sprinkles
      Darth_Sprinkles Day ago

      As an agnostic American, can't we just enjoy the music and save our aggression for better things than arguments on TVclip?

    • paritosh bnm
      paritosh bnm Day ago

      @Kada Vara long Live isreal and Jews love from an Indian hindu

    • Kada Vara
      Kada Vara 2 days ago

      rupert pupkin
      You know. You anti Semites amuse me. As a Jewish myself. I just love the anger from you imbecile. We Jews are a great people. We ain't going anywhere,

    • Jacob macLeod
      Jacob macLeod 3 days ago

      @rupert pupkin What the fuck is "you lot"? Ha ha ha, you're an imbecile.

    • rupert pupkin
      rupert pupkin 3 days ago

      @Jacob macLeod Do you want a gold medal you capricious little one or are you gonna throw a temper tantrum now like you lot always do?

  • David Scott
    David Scott 8 days ago +5

    Beautiful music

  • SuperDeut4
    SuperDeut4 10 days ago +6

    How absolutely exquisitely beautiful! Thank you! Thank you! It awakens my sephardic blood! Deep calls to deep.

  • Yitzhakhazak
    Yitzhakhazak 13 days ago +5

    Kondja = blossoming flower.....a young woman in her prime.....a Turkish word. Chichek = flower...also a Turkish word. Nothing mysterious about it. The tune can be medieval and Turkish. Origin Saloniki or Thrace. Very much like Thracian Turkish songs.

    • John Soudas
      John Soudas 5 days ago

      This not a Turkish melody
      It may have Turkish works
      But the music is copied from the tradition of northern greece

    • Yamma Ensemble - יאמה - يمة
      Yamma Ensemble - יאמה - يمة  13 days ago +5

      The song originated by the Jewish community in Istanbul Turkey. 🤗

  • Kate Collins
    Kate Collins 13 days ago +5

    I’m Catholic and love this music. God Bless you

  • SuperDeut4
    SuperDeut4 14 days ago +11

    I am proud to have sephardic roots.

  • 3Marron
    3Marron 14 days ago +7

    Your voice comes through beautifully and powerfully. The players are awesome!

  • Manuel Moreira
    Manuel Moreira 15 days ago +7

    Sefardí pride ❤

  • Jacob macLeod
    Jacob macLeod 15 days ago +3

    What's "mysterious" about it?

    • Jacob macLeod
      Jacob macLeod 5 days ago

      @Gayle Earnhart The mystery is why you talk meaningless, pretentious nonsense.

    • Jacob macLeod
      Jacob macLeod 5 days ago

      @Yamma Ensemble - יאמה - يمة Well, if you know so much about it, then it's not "mysterious" is it? Or don't you actually know what the word "mysterious" means?

    • Gayle Earnhart
      Gayle Earnhart 5 days ago

      The mystery is that you don't see, hear or understand what is before you.

    • Yamma Ensemble - יאמה - يمة
      Yamma Ensemble - יאמה - يمة  15 days ago +11

      Jacob, this language is rare, unique and mostly unspoken, it's a blend of Turkish, old Spanish from 15th century and other influences the Jews collected during years of exiles.
      The music is influenced by Turkish music where the creators of the song used to live.
      it's unusual to bring to the front that rare mysterious songs and still keep them watched, heard and relevant.

    • Jacob macLeod
      Jacob macLeod 15 days ago

      @Yamma Ensemble - יאמה - يمة What?

  • Efren Montes
    Efren Montes 17 days ago +3

    where can I learn to speak "ladino"?
    I speak, read, write spanish.....but "ladino"?....are there schools?

  • Nessuno
    Nessuno 17 days ago +3

    Amazing!! Ladino vive.

  • Vinicius Oliveira
    Vinicius Oliveira 18 days ago +6

    Keep up the good work !✌
    Shalom from Brazil 🙏

  • Mario Mirshafiey
    Mario Mirshafiey 22 days ago +9

    Blessings from iran for you and your famigliy and your country and your ministry of god Israele amen amen amen

  • Theo Lopez
    Theo Lopez 22 days ago +10

    That almost Spanish I found myself listening and understanding the lyrics without reading the subtitles 🤯

  • joeysimply
    joeysimply 25 days ago +10

    I love the way y’all are saving our Sephardic heritage, May G-d bless each and every one of y’all, Shalom and howdy from the Lone Star State

  • 9 beta
    9 beta 28 days ago +6

    Very touching and tragically beautiful prayers thank you for sharing.

  • Tabunga Etuati
    Tabunga Etuati 29 days ago

    I really love and enjoy all different kind of your creation, Praise is to G..D. Salom.

  • Gute Gute
    Gute Gute Month ago +3

    Great job guys!

  • Itai Armon
    Itai Armon Month ago +2

    wow , beautifull music and video ❤

  • jr ch.
    jr ch. Month ago +3

    Praise the lord of dance Jesus of Nazareth GB.💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Slavik Shoolman
    Slavik Shoolman Month ago +2


  • Sarit Montoya
    Sarit Montoya Month ago +4

    Me gusta mucho desde que escuché esta música me encantó

  • Aaron Henriques
    Aaron Henriques Month ago +1

    Preciosa musica muchas gracias por este regalo para los oídos y para nuestras raíces Shalom alejem

  • nicolas arosemena
    nicolas arosemena Month ago +2


  • Shahram Khodaverdian
    Shahram Khodaverdian Month ago +2

    Great song... may God bless you

  • whirlypop313
    whirlypop313 Month ago +3

    This sounds like the music from Xena Warrior Princess, whenever she was kicking ass, like her theme i guess

  • Eyton Shalom, L.Ac.
    Eyton Shalom, L.Ac. Month ago +5

    whatever sephardic music may be, its certainly not "tribal"....last time there were jews divided into tribes was over 2000 years ago, exception being maybe some of the Amazigh Jews of Southern Algeria...this is more what you would call some kind of fusional modernist interpretation of a simple sephardic song.. Sephardic music was classical and Andalusion or religious...this is rave music, well done rave music, bravo, but its tribal in the way white kids in usa in dreds like to call anything trancey as any case, mabrouk..

    • ¿?
      ¿? 20 days ago +1

      @Ibadibam it's called marketing and advertising, soft sell them with the exotic so they stay and listen to the rest.

    • Ibadibam
      Ibadibam 27 days ago

      There's also nothing "mysterious" about it. The way this is presented is unnecessarily exoticized.

  • MilanMessina
    MilanMessina Month ago +1

    Greetings from Belgium… love this song/music… it's new to me/

  • M C Smith
    M C Smith Month ago +1

    This music has a real medieval feel to it. I like it very much!

  • jasonrevi
    jasonrevi Month ago +1

    Toda raba

  • Sabina Aluia
    Sabina Aluia Month ago +1

    שלום לישראל bravi graat Song

  • Anna R
    Anna R Month ago +2

    I love this music♥️

  • David V
    David V Month ago +2

    This song hit me to my core, I've been in that place before. Songs like this awaken the soul.

  • Ali Nobody
    Ali Nobody Month ago +5

    02:10 The enstrumant is called "saz" in Turkish. Its a Turkish entrumant. Also called in Turkish; "bağlama, kopuz, cura" in diffrent types but same phisic.
    There is no religion in the world in fact, from a god or from gods. There is only human/people... And only people do all those things... The bad and the good things...
    Hope people/world sociaty will find only the good end of the this history...
    Peace we only need for all world !!!
    I am the side of only the good people. Not a race, religion or a group...
    Loves from Turkey !

    • Ali Nobody
      Ali Nobody 17 days ago

      @dick orange Allahhuuu Akbaaarrrr ☝️😜

    • dick orange
      dick orange Month ago +3

      @alinobody don't confuse the believer with the belief. hypocrites exist in every culture and religion but the history books and scholars have said that only 8 percent of wars in human history where caused by religion. out of that 8 percent the fast majority where caused by Islam. the highest death count still however belongs to the atheist communists who killed more then 100 million people in only 100 years time. google it if you don't believe the numbers. don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. don't reject god because of the wickedness of man. free will cannot be used as an argument against god. the bible prophesied all major events that have come to pass in the last 3000 years and it makes astonishingly accurate scientific claims that where thousands of years ahead of its time. i can give you countless examples if you're interested. god bless Ali

    • Yamma Ensemble - יאמה - يمة
      Yamma Ensemble - יאמה - يمة  Month ago

      ♥️Turkish traditional music is soooooo beautiful.

    • Yamma Ensemble - יאמה - يمة
      Yamma Ensemble - יאמה - يمة  Month ago +1

      Thank you so much Ali for such heartwarming words.
      peace & love from Tel Aviv ♥️🙏🏻 😍

    • Ali Nobody
      Ali Nobody Month ago

      And same music with this "saz":

  • Suko-fu Senseï
    Suko-fu Senseï Month ago +1

    It is a tzigan song even a latino understand half of it " que no vi nada de bueno" hebrew ?? Lmao

    • Ibadibam
      Ibadibam 17 days ago

      @Suko-fu Senseï the usual term is "Hinglish", and once it has existed for several more centuries it will probably be considered its own language in much the way that Ladino and Portuguese are now considered distinct from Spanish, as English is now distinct from Frisian.

    • Suko-fu Senseï
      Suko-fu Senseï 17 days ago

      @loobylouboti but if you read what i said.. The "ladino" is juste spanish with hebrew pronounciation.
      Which means that it is not hebrew nor jewish.
      Like i said... Indians have there own english. Indienglish ?

    • loobylouboti
      loobylouboti 17 days ago

      But if your read the descriptions first before making your comment..... Then you wouldn't be laughing.
      Instead, we you. (Or at least we rolling our eyes. *eye roll*)

    • Suko-fu Senseï
      Suko-fu Senseï 27 days ago

      @Ibadibam of course not. It is spanish with hebrew pronounciation.. Nothing to deal with the religion (judeo).
      Like indians speaking english.. It is not BuddheoEnglish but indians speking english with endians pronounciation.

    • Ibadibam
      Ibadibam 27 days ago

      It's in a language called Judeoespañol, also known as Ladino.

  • Anna R
    Anna R Month ago +4


  • RJ Lugo
    RJ Lugo Month ago +5

    ❤ beautiful and mystical , please more ladino / more songs 🌹

  • M. C.S.
    M. C.S. Month ago +1


  • DiskFull
    DiskFull Month ago +4

    Can't stop listening to this song, beautiful ! Greetings from the Netherlands.

  • Salvatore Fanara
    Salvatore Fanara Month ago +2

    excellent track!!

  • Suleman gill
    Suleman gill Month ago +5

    i love israel and God bless israel
    love from pakistan

  • Alks Smith
    Alks Smith Month ago +3

    Wow! Both music and video first class!

  • dani dani
    dani dani Month ago +4

    What the heck about tribal mystery

  • jack lacksz
    jack lacksz 2 months ago +3

    I doubt women would be singing back than as most of them were religious Jews.

    • David Saxton
      David Saxton Month ago +2

      Generally speaking the woman sang in Arabic (from the culture they lived in) and the men sang in Hebrew. But there were woman who knew Hebrew - and could sing in it too. This song is not, however, a religious melody.

    • David Saxton
      David Saxton Month ago +1

      @Salvador Ceja-Monroy • Yamma Ensemble is Messianic. Listen to their other songs.

    • Salvador Ceja-Monroy
      Salvador Ceja-Monroy Month ago

      @David Saxton they aren't messianic I think they're agnostic

    • David Saxton
      David Saxton Month ago +1

      This is not a religious display. Hint - bonfire (considered goy) and etc. Everything that they do is not religious. Besides, the Yamma Ensemble is "Messianic" in other words, Christian. That is a very long way from Orthodox Judaism. It is in Orthodox Judaism (or Ultra- Orthodox Judaism) that only the men would be singing or praying.

  • God is my fortress Acts2:38

    Jesus is the way . No one nothing else . He loves you turn to the messiah!!!

    • Zevviews8
      Zevviews8 13 days ago

      @McKenzie Hellum u have low reading comprehension but thats ok id recomend u re read what i wrote then re read the old testamwnt then read the nt and see how its totally incompatible. Jesus was a Sabbath desecrator and was Excomunicated by 70 Rabbis he was uncapable of saving himself much less anyone else. Repent to the Lord Soverign of the Universe YHVH is Lord not Yeshua Hanotzri. One who is hanged on a tree is accuresed of God Deuteronomy

    • McKenzie Hellum
      McKenzie Hellum 21 day ago

      @Zevviews8 actually Yeshua does fit the description of the Messiah that is said to come in the old Testament

    • Zevviews8
      Zevviews8 Month ago +3

      The core Xtian belief that you must believe in Jesus to be saved and that there is no forgiveness without the death of Jesus is pagan, unbiblical and contradicts what HaShem tells us about forgiveness and His nature.
      The Tanakh says that to be forgiven you must repent of your sins. This means you need to:
      • Stop the sin
      • Turn wholeheartedly to HaShem
      • Keep His mitzvot
      • Confess your sin to HaShem
      • Ask HaShem for forgiveness.
      If you do all these, HaShem will forgive you. There is no mention in the Tanakh of worshipping and believing in the messiah to be saved. There is no mention that anyone has to die for our sins. Worshipping anyone other than HaShem is idolatry.
      Tanakh verses about forgiveness
      Ezekiel 18:​21 But if the wicked will turn from all his sins that he has committed, and keep all my statutes, and do that which is lawful and right, he shall surely live, he shall not die.​22 None of his transgressions that he has committed shall be remembered against him; in his righteousness that he has done he shall live.​23 Have I any pleasure at all that the wicked should die? says YHWH God; and not that he should return from his ways, and live?
      Isaiah 55:​6 Seek YHWH while he may be found, call upon him while he is near;​7 Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; and let him return to YHWH, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.​8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways, says YHWH.
      HaShem is the only saviour
      Isaiah 43:​11 I, I myself, am YHWH; and beside me there is no savior.Claim 26: Claim: The Messiah would be the Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6-7)
      Isaiah 9:​5 For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government is upon his shoulder; and his name shall be called "Wonderful counsellor of the mighty God, of the everlasting Father, of the Prince of peace".​6 For the increase of the realm and for peace there without end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from now and forever. The zeal of YHWH of hosts performs this.
      Refutal: This is not about Jesus. The prophecy in Isaiah 9:6-7 has already come to pass. It is speaking about Hezekiah who ruled Judah in the 8th and 7th centuries BC. The name Hezekiah means “YHWH strengthens”, a child being given this name does not mean the child is God as Christians claim. Hezekiah was king so he ran the government as verse 5 says. In contrast, Jesus was never a king and never ran a government.

    • Etobicoke67
      Etobicoke67 Month ago +5

      G-d is The same yesterday, today and forever. Worship the Eternal Unseen One, Who lives in all Creation, even if we do not see His presence in our lives or nature. Worship the Eternal One, not one of His sons who died like many Jews because we will not bow down to any created being.


    yah -allah

  • Giovanni Serafín
    Giovanni Serafín 2 months ago +3

    wonderful song, it really touches your soul and takes you back in time-Shalom brothers and sisters✡️

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake 2 months ago +2

    it's so awesome! . Thanks and love from India.

  • Lazer Axelman
    Lazer Axelman 2 months ago +1

    There are a few words I can't catch....please post the lyrics, so I can learn it!

  • Dave Garcia World
    Dave Garcia World 2 months ago +5

    Is this on a full album somewhere???

  • James D. Swanson
    James D. Swanson 2 months ago

    Asher Betyth Rapha

  • Yosef Lopez
    Yosef Lopez 2 months ago +9

    Love it. So wonderful that our Ladino culture hasn’t died. I need to learn more of it since all my family is from Mexico but we have come back to our roots. Thank you for keeping the Sephardi culture alive. It’s so full of life with ancient Spanish. Loving it