• Published on Jan 6, 2019
  • Hey Larlees, todays video I tried the Labelle Ultrasonic Skin spatula. This product is meant to deep clean pores and get rid of blackheads. Did the product work or was it a gimmick? Keep watching to find out more! xo - Laura
    THUMBS UP in the name of tylers face lol.

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  • Laura Lee
    Laura Lee  2 months ago +971

    Thumbs up for Tyler :)

    • Akesha Chapa
      Akesha Chapa 2 months ago

      Laura Lee poor Ty!! Thats true Love!!
      Love ya guys!!💜
      From the California Valley❤

    • Kelly M
      Kelly M 2 months ago

      Blackhead Betty! 🤣🤣

    • Itsonly Jackie
      Itsonly Jackie 2 months ago

      Dr. PimplePopper is out the house 🤣💁🏻‍♀️

    • beby
      beby 2 months ago

      thumbs down for u

    • Ben Hampton
      Ben Hampton 2 months ago +2

      Remember when you faked cried lol

  • Chase ☑️
    Chase ☑️ 16 days ago

    Looked like it was just tearing skin off honestly.

  • sundragon1976
    sundragon1976 21 day ago

    His face should have been WET, and you should have cleansed before treatment and then again before the infusion part.

  • a.
    a. 23 days ago

    First time watching Laura Lee's videos, all I wanted to know is that, does she even know how to use tissue? lol

  • Salomé A
    Salomé A 27 days ago

    This video interested me because I wanted to try a device like this one !

  • Paulina Kehler
    Paulina Kehler 28 days ago

    he gives you the eye ….ur hurting meeee

  • Paulina Kehler
    Paulina Kehler 28 days ago

    ur torturing tyler haha poor guy

  • Madi Kaye
    Madi Kaye Month ago

    Anybody else catch her nail being chipped at 5:40? 😞😫 #rewatching #lauralee

  • Ashley Herring
    Ashley Herring Month ago

    There are so many licensed estheticians in these comment. 🕵🏼‍♀️

  • samler pill
    samler pill Month ago

    It’s sebum. And natural oils

  • K Whitney
    K Whitney Month ago

    anyone else only came here bc you thought she was going to use a kitchen utensil? clickbait.

  • Brooklynn Love
    Brooklynn Love Month ago +1

    I was expecting for there to be more..

  • Ashley B
    Ashley B Month ago

    I kept flinching each time you got near his eyes lol...he could probably rock an eye patch though

  • Vovan Hz
    Vovan Hz Month ago

    I have a cheap ultrasonic skin scrubber and I've made a close-up FullHD video with it -

  • Chelena Yahyel
    Chelena Yahyel Month ago

    😂 You funny girl

  • Rebecca Pagan
    Rebecca Pagan Month ago

    "ow it hurts" keeps cleansing pores

  • coloringbluee vlogs
    coloringbluee vlogs Month ago +1


  • N S.
    N S. Month ago

    I can literally tell how much you two love each other from this video.

  • Brooklynn Love
    Brooklynn Love Month ago

    I loveee candels😍

  • Stacy Hillenbrand
    Stacy Hillenbrand Month ago

    I love u and ur husband! U guys r so cute ❤️

  • C Momtoboys
    C Momtoboys Month ago

    Got a great one for 40-50 bucks on amazon. Works great.

  • Taagol
    Taagol Month ago

    You get the same amount out of your pores just dragging a fingernail across =/
    Seems like a waste of money tbh

  • Michelle Lewis
    Michelle Lewis Month ago

    I own this product and I swear by it during the summertime for pore clean out and for the winter to warm the products/serums I use into my skin. I enjoy it overall but use it about 2 times a month. If you don't use this right, it'll dry out the skin really bad and there's steps you have to do before you use this ever. You'll feel like a sunburn if you don't use it right. I have other tools I use and products I use that do about the same thing. The only thing different for me with this product is the warming part. :) Love the video, dear

  • K Sterling
    K Sterling Month ago

    Try this again but steam your face first

  • Jackie Sos
    Jackie Sos Month ago

    i bought this for 50 dollars in amazon and work very well.

  • Kristie W
    Kristie W Month ago

    Ty is so funny! Y'all are perfect for eachother!?! What's his sign?!?! lol

  • Where I watch videos

    Everytime you make a joke you scream. Loud does not equal funny💀.

  • Jessica Long
    Jessica Long Month ago

    Did the storage unit video get deleted??👀

  • i am chocking
    i am chocking Month ago

    Oh see! I just found that the fake ass girl still does videos! Wow! And she still has views! Wow! More stupid asses on the planet earth!

  • Anabel Kütt
    Anabel Kütt Month ago


  • Grace Gattuso
    Grace Gattuso 2 months ago

    The mascara on her eyelid is LITERALLY ME😂😂😂

  • Alexander Leimone
    Alexander Leimone 2 months ago

    How does the tool work?

  • Deborah Reaney
    Deborah Reaney 2 months ago

    It seems you could do this with just a little scraper type thing that costs $2 and not waste $150.

  • Attila Takács
    Attila Takács 2 months ago

    Who's this hot guyyy?

  • Ynesia Sanchez
    Ynesia Sanchez 2 months ago

    STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE WHILE YOUR PORES ARE STILL OPEN. You’re putting oils back into your face.
    This tool isn’t a gimmick, it just needs to be used correctly

  • Zuhaily Son
    Zuhaily Son 2 months ago

    Pause at 0:08

  • Allison Miller
    Allison Miller 2 months ago

    *deep cleaning twitter with a spatula*

  • Katie Hoyt
    Katie Hoyt 2 months ago

    get you a mans like tyler who lets u use a pore cleaning knife on his face

  • Shrein Darzie
    Shrein Darzie 2 months ago

    Tyler after the gizmo: basically knows what a dry piece of toast getting buttered now

  • dotty roads
    dotty roads 2 months ago

    I've wanted one of these since cosmetology school!!!

  • kyia whoriskey
    kyia whoriskey 2 months ago

    8:25 look what's coming out

  • Wombo Chrombo
    Wombo Chrombo 2 months ago

    Omg he's really cute

  • Heather Hernandez
    Heather Hernandez 2 months ago

    I have this an esthetician said to get get this. It works

  • Veronica Roberts
    Veronica Roberts 2 months ago

    I use one of these tools for work because I’m an esthetician! They are so great for cleaning pores! They would really come out if you used it right after a shower when your face is hot and pores are open! I love this tool!

  • Genevieve W
    Genevieve W 2 months ago

    It doesn’t show how many likes and dislikes the video has???

  • Ashley Hurley
    Ashley Hurley 2 months ago


  • Fairy Clot
    Fairy Clot 2 months ago

    Love you!!!!

  • Veronica Duran
    Veronica Duran 2 months ago

    Omg! Please try that suction pore cleaner on ty!!!!! I see it all the time on Facebook and have been wondering about it. I think that would be so cool!!! Please think about it :) love u

  • Coffee's Cup
    Coffee's Cup 2 months ago

    Ewwww, the thumbnail

  • Emily Morrison
    Emily Morrison 2 months ago

    Maybe to increase your results steam your face to open up your pores.

  • Bianca Chow
    Bianca Chow 2 months ago

    Lol why is she wiping it on an ENTIRE ROLL of toilet paper???? Like what a waste just get a small part of it!!

  • Caroline Quedenfeld
    Caroline Quedenfeld 2 months ago

    Oml one of my bffs is going to mexico for a wedding and she is going to be on the same plane oml she is really lucky she loves u

  • Catherine Perrier
    Catherine Perrier 2 months ago

    So satisfying

  • the psycho
    the psycho 2 months ago

    Ummm gross.

  • Heidi Cameron
    Heidi Cameron 2 months ago

    Sending some love your way Laura!!!!!

  • Evelyn Boggs
    Evelyn Boggs 2 months ago

    this seems like it would produce bacteria!

  • Evelyn Boggs
    Evelyn Boggs 2 months ago

    omg pooooor tyler!!!!!!

  • Ayaila Sims
    Ayaila Sims 2 months ago

    thumbs for ty😤

  • Loo Loo
    Loo Loo 2 months ago

    You should try and do asmr love youuuu ❤️❤️💗💗💗xxx

  • Gloriana Gressel
    Gloriana Gressel 2 months ago

    I work at Amazon and when I tell you your boxes are getting thrown like frisbees I’m not joking. 😂

  • sammiemarie14
    sammiemarie14 2 months ago


  • trayleemia
    trayleemia 2 months ago

    No Tylers were harmed in the making of this video.

  • Mandela Residue Research
    Mandela Residue Research 2 months ago +3

    WOW I’ve never bashed you, never put you down, stood up for you on drama channels and you have ME blocked? Obviously not THIS account lol but I did a test and guess what? My comment that I made a minute ago isn’t showing hmmmmm. UNLESS you’re holding ALL comments for review? Either way, Disappointed.

  • Sandy DiVa
    Sandy DiVa 2 months ago

    Thumbs up for Tyler but ewwwwww lol!
    (Love how autocorrect changed Tyler to Taylor 😂)

  • Janna Hamade
    Janna Hamade 2 months ago

    why did i think laura was the thumbnail

  • Priya Thomas
    Priya Thomas 2 months ago

    You know what a pore is right?...

  • Priya Thomas
    Priya Thomas 2 months ago

    The toilet paper tho...

  • Jenna Garcia The Cuban
    Jenna Garcia The Cuban 2 months ago

    You honestly look so beautiful with and without makeup

  • Erin Briggs
    Erin Briggs 2 months ago

    Your hair in this video is amazing 😍

  • Autumn Arrieta
    Autumn Arrieta 2 months ago

    In love with your stacking ring on your left hand, do you mind sharing where it’s from? Xo

  • xraag.x
    xraag.x 2 months ago

    Does anyone know where Laura got her heart ring ?

  • Michelle Houlgrave
    Michelle Houlgrave 2 months ago

    Order and try the one that's like a suction cup. It will pull/ suck everything out. Then do a video

  • Melissa Zambrano
    Melissa Zambrano 2 months ago

    I love you giiiirrrllll thumbs up for Tyler 🤪

  • Morfin/Baza family
    Morfin/Baza family 2 months ago

    Can you recommend some retinols please

  • Ines Matute
    Ines Matute 2 months ago

    Am I the only one that felt bad for Tyler?? Poor guy, he’s such a trooper 😂😂

  • BangtanArmy Boi
    BangtanArmy Boi 2 months ago

    the bigger the hoop the bigger the hoe

  • Elena Medina
    Elena Medina 2 months ago

    Why don’t you wear a wedding ring ? Or do you have any wedding pics of you guys? I’m just curious and you could do a video of how your makeup was on your wedding day

  • Mel Herrera
    Mel Herrera 2 months ago

    You have to open the pores to actually get it all out

  • amshirah83
    amshirah83 2 months ago

    Ty is such a good sport!

  • laineymariebeauty
    laineymariebeauty 2 months ago


  • Carmen Sleewa
    Carmen Sleewa 2 months ago

    Omg I could watch pore extractions all the time😭

  • Courtney Robertson
    Courtney Robertson 2 months ago +18

    Being a licensed esthetician, this video was painful to watch. The bacteria you spread, the damaged you caused your skin. Ugh please stop!!!

  • Kimberlea McCall
    Kimberlea McCall 2 months ago

    I use string and it gets lots out of your pores if you do it right. (The string not this tool). Love you

  • Samantha Stanley
    Samantha Stanley 2 months ago

    Love your honesty! And love Tyler being a team player!

  • Gabriela Georgieva
    Gabriela Georgieva 2 months ago

    “Con sellar”

  • emma owen
    emma owen 2 months ago

    who wants to be youtube friends?!

  • BattleCat
    BattleCat 2 months ago

    Could it just be the top layer of skin coming off?

  • Angel Cross
    Angel Cross 2 months ago

    Part of me feels like it’s just scraping the top layer of dead skin off.

  • Buhayraa Shah
    Buhayraa Shah 2 months ago

    I legit found about u from ksi's new vid making fun of u hahahhaa

  • Brittany Stryminski
    Brittany Stryminski 2 months ago

    I feel like the biore strips pulled out more pore gunk then this machine.
    Such a gimmick lol.
    Ty "you can press harder"
    Laura tries "owe.owe.owe"-same

  • Karissa Ellis
    Karissa Ellis 2 months ago

    You should try out the pore vacuum sucky thing!!! It’s on Amazon & they have videos of people using it & it seems like it works but you guys should try it so we can get the real tea lol LOVE YOU GUYS😍

  • Aiffam1
    Aiffam1 2 months ago

    This video is so satisfying. I feel like I'm watching a Dr pimpelpopper

  • Brittany Olson
    Brittany Olson 2 months ago

    Ty is such a trooper such a lucky girl to have such a great guy!

  • Autumn Taylor
    Autumn Taylor 2 months ago

    Ty's life flashed before my eyes every time you got near his eyes..hell no lol

  • Lin1031
    Lin1031 2 months ago

    Was so exited to check out this new pore thingy BUT... she’s so annoying I just can’t 😒
    Isn’t she like 30-40 something so why she still acting like she’s 20?

  • HeyMizzBellaMAC
    HeyMizzBellaMAC 2 months ago +1

    *her saying REALLY killed me every time 😂*

  • Jen
    Jen 2 months ago

    Yep my dad used to do this all the time, just by scrunching his nose with his fingers. Called it "nose cheese" lol I don't know why this is so revolutionary

  • Zoe Christiansen
    Zoe Christiansen 2 months ago

    Had to go back because I thought he said “balls chattering” 😂

  • Tammy Brock
    Tammy Brock 2 months ago

    It’s more than likely a sun spot. Not a age spot although people do refer sun spots as age spots. No worries Black head Betty. lol.

  • Amanda Whoso-Ever
    Amanda Whoso-Ever 2 months ago

    OH mugh gawd look at poor Ty's face after!!! It looks so painful