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  • Jess Buchanan
    Jess Buchanan 7 minutes ago

    Please tell me what the name to the I am not a stranger to the dark song

  • Noel Magwood
    Noel Magwood 52 minutes ago

    Zendaya and Zac 😍 I’m here for it!!

  • Catherine Dong
    Catherine Dong Hour ago

    *Did I just watch Zendaya kiss Zac Efron*

  • olga flores
    olga flores 4 hours ago

    Everyone has an act

  • Emilly Alves
    Emilly Alves 5 hours ago

    Zendaya Babes

  • Joey Lopez
    Joey Lopez 5 hours ago

    I smell American Horror Story: Freak Show

  • Sylveon D21
    Sylveon D21 5 hours ago +1

    But it's sad that the Ringling bros. and Barnum & BaileyCircus ended😟

  • Lily The Amazing
    Lily The Amazing 5 hours ago


  • LoneWolf528491
    LoneWolf528491 6 hours ago

    What Did Rebecca Say??!?!?

  • Natalie Murphy
    Natalie Murphy 6 hours ago

    What song is this?

  • Gigi Ouija
    Gigi Ouija 7 hours ago

    How does Hugh Jackmen seem younger now than when he did Les Miserables???

  • Digo Digoer
    Digo Digoer 7 hours ago +1

    Is Hugh Jackman aging?

  • Phoebee Benjamin
    Phoebee Benjamin 8 hours ago

    I can already feel the sequel coming

  • Julius Madrow
    Julius Madrow 8 hours ago

    ★★★★ ★★★★★★★★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★★★★★★★★
    *Jesus Christ said, whoever believes in me, I'll give them everlasting life.*
    *Whoever ask me, I'll will heal their bodies*

  • Daniel Farquharson
    Daniel Farquharson 8 hours ago

    at the end, He looked just like jacob fryer

  • The Creed
    The Creed 9 hours ago

    This reminds me of something that's awesome inspiring to me

  • Joel Prakash Noel Francisco

    First is Tom and Zendaya.. next I bet its with Zac Efron😑😑

  • Sinem n.
    Sinem n. 10 hours ago

    Wowww 😯 Ekin Beril sings in this film😇😇😇it s really effective to us

  • Mathias Haug
    Mathias Haug 11 hours ago

    Peace apple colonial watch bow moderate involvement monument boss after summer picture symbol.

  • Fathiya Hassan
    Fathiya Hassan 11 hours ago

    I want to watch it solo badly

  • Macdonald Koffi
    Macdonald Koffi 11 hours ago

    yes! yes! yes! Fuck yes!!!

  • Tobile Jempallix
    Tobile Jempallix 12 hours ago +2

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  • Joseph Armynde
    Joseph Armynde 13 hours ago

    A completely contrived false account of a man who was a monster. Releasing same time as SW, gonna flop real hard. I love Zendaya, but sadly this will fail.

  • Aylene Muller
    Aylene Muller 13 hours ago

    I can’t wait to see the movie!!!! 🍿

    • movieweb
      movieweb 12 hours ago

      🔴➜ The Greatest Showman FuII Movie available NOW!
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  • Lloyd Zed
    Lloyd Zed 14 hours ago

    I just wanted to say something, this is very obviously incredibly fictionalised the real Barnum was a bad person, but this film isn't exactly about real life Barnum the Barnum Hugh Jackman portrays is very clearly different in every conceivable way, hell if they had given the circus and characters different names and maybe changed the location I doubt anyone would be able to tell that it was based off Barnum and Baileys

  • Kybella Donat
    Kybella Donat 15 hours ago

    This is beautiful 😭😭

  • erjan melisuulu
    erjan melisuulu 15 hours ago

    Logan wat ar yoo duing hire?

  • Pratik Ranjane
    Pratik Ranjane 22 hours ago

    Madagascar ....

  • Heather Salad
    Heather Salad 22 hours ago

    Zendaya looks so freaking gorgeous in this !

  • Angie T
    Angie T 23 hours ago

    This looks so good

    • movieweb
      movieweb 12 hours ago

      🔴➜ The Greatest Showman FuII Movie available NOW!
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  • Kayt G
    Kayt G Day ago

    This movie needs to be out now I’m so excited to see it!! Hugh jackman is such an incredible singer I can’t wait to see his talent in this movie and I’m actually excited to see zac efron do another singing role this movie is sure to be amazing!

  • bocaboci
    bocaboci Day ago

    I get the same feeling wheni watch danish girl trailer.... and it won oscars.... this look good

  • Mary Grace Nakao

    Im already crying and it is still the trailer. Smh

  • Tabitha Howard
    Tabitha Howard Day ago

    Gahhh it looks so good!!! And can we just take a minute to acknowledge Hugh breaking out his singing chops again??🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🎩

  • Carter Sauce
    Carter Sauce Day ago


  • Teresa Williamson

    My boy Zac back at it again with the singing

  • TheXalos
    TheXalos Day ago

    But the theme song here is horrible!

  • The Progress Report

    bumps good goose

  • Dot Polka
    Dot Polka Day ago

    I'm really stupid, I thought the title said, "The Greatest Snowman"

  • Amaranthine Cheshire

    Shut up and take my money

  • 10,000 subs with 1 video

    ladies and gents this is the moment you've been waiting for
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Joann Hernandez
    Joann Hernandez Day ago

    This looks amazing 😍😍😍

  • Vivi Teh
    Vivi Teh Day ago

    This gave me goosebumps

  • Vivian Obreque
    Vivian Obreque Day ago

    Muchoooos actores que me encantan, espero verla pronto😁 lo espero con ancias

  • Nadia Bhatti
    Nadia Bhatti Day ago

    Hugh Jackman singing a pop song.....but Zendaya!

  • Izzy Bell
    Izzy Bell Day ago

    Chills people CHILLS

  • gek indrayanti
    gek indrayanti Day ago

    Looking forward to watch it 😃

  • S E R R A infinity
    S E R R A infinity Day ago +1

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  • Rose Kween
    Rose Kween Day ago


  • Steph Saure
    Steph Saure Day ago


    • movieweb
      movieweb 12 hours ago

      🔴➜ The Greatest Showman FuII Movie available NOW!
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    • طاهر آتاخان
      طاهر آتاخان Day ago

      Steph Saure

  • Vamonos yendo
    Vamonos yendo Day ago

    Yo solo vengo a ver el trailer porque espero ver a ilonka :)

  • Kitsune Koneko
    Kitsune Koneko Day ago


  • Amira Kyouka
    Amira Kyouka Day ago

    #Zendaya my babe

  • Januel DeSouza
    Januel DeSouza Day ago

    Now this will be a movie worth watching!

  • Elif Yıldırım

    Türkiyeyede gelecekmi acaba

  • David Ginsberg
    David Ginsberg Day ago

    This looks awful.

  • Phantom - Agario
    Phantom - Agario Day ago +1


  • PwoperBrownie
    PwoperBrownie Day ago

    2:17 Oh, well imagine...

  • Jenniffer Soto
    Jenniffer Soto Day ago


  • SuperChiko4000
    SuperChiko4000 Day ago

    Nice movie

  • Larry Chatanuggs

    ★★★★ ★★★★★★★★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★★★★★★★★
    *Jesus Christ is the Son of God & promises you eternal life if you simply believe Him.*
    *He promised to also heal your body. (Just ask Him)*

  • Adrienne Hepworth
    Adrienne Hepworth Day ago +1!

  • Rayna wong
    Rayna wong Day ago

    I really can't wait to watch it

  • Sam S.
    Sam S. Day ago

    Can’t wait for this! Zendaya is amazing ❤️

  • Team Garrix
    Team Garrix Day ago

    When this started I thought it was some Panic! At The Disco movie 😂

  • Team Garrix
    Team Garrix Day ago

    That singing voice though 😍😍😍

  • captain pro
    captain pro Day ago

    Wolverine can sing

  • CreativeNickname

    Looks like prestige in bad

  • DVDClips1
    DVDClips1 Day ago

    It’s called The La La Prestige Land.

  • Witchy
    Witchy Day ago

    I can't be the only one that thought it said the greatest snowman lol I was wondering how they were going to christmas-ify some circus acts and then reread the title😂😂😂

  • Leah Hassler
    Leah Hassler Day ago


  • Budi kurniawan
    Budi kurniawan Day ago

    i will cry watch this.

  • NutellaLover 1720
    NutellaLover 1720 Day ago +2

    Zac and Zendaya in one movie.....December, hurry up please.

  • Pigi Pigi
    Pigi Pigi Day ago

    ARE YOU EVEN KIDDING ME WITH THIS TRAILER , I literally got goosebumps like 3 times just by watching it once 🤩🤩

  • Cryzz xx
    Cryzz xx Day ago

    Watching that on Christmas

  • Christiane Amare
    Christiane Amare 2 days ago +2

    My life is always fulfilled by Hugh Jackman's vocals.

  • makayla Lawrence
    makayla Lawrence 2 days ago

    Zendaya and Zac❤️

  • Lækker 111111111 1
    Lækker 111111111 1 2 days ago

    I want randomly to Shawn Mendez should be in this movie !!

  • Kemosabe85
    Kemosabe85 2 days ago

    Fuck yea Zac efron love him man

  • Eunice Concha
    Eunice Concha 2 days ago

    I love Hugh Jackman's voice while singing 😍😍😍😍😍😇😇😇😻😻❤❤❤💗💗💗💖💖💖💕💕💞💞(I'm 10 years old)

  • Dahnyel M
    Dahnyel M 2 days ago

    I see Zendaya, I click!

  • Exo Forever
    Exo Forever 2 days ago

    Totally going to see this. That was very inspiring!

  • Agostina Garcia
    Agostina Garcia 2 days ago


  • Ivana melon says
    Ivana melon says 2 days ago

    maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan if i cried with the trailer..................

  • Seneca Davalos
    Seneca Davalos 2 days ago

    I can already tell this is gonna be a classic

  • Day Dreamer
    Day Dreamer 2 days ago

    He gave them a chance to shine :) that usually only come once in a lifetime

  • Pombonyo Productions

    Can’t wait for this

  • Crispy K
    Crispy K 2 days ago

    Why can't it be called "Showwomen"! !!! !!!!!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE TRIGGERED IMPEACH TRUMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nolomouscheval
    Nolomouscheval 2 days ago

    Either this is gonna be really cheesy or zac efron really uped his gam

  • Nolomouscheval
    Nolomouscheval 2 days ago

    Moulin rouge??

  • Expect fatal_wrench
    Expect fatal_wrench 2 days ago

    Oscars are coming!!

  • cevry x
    cevry x 2 days ago

    +You are risking everything you've ever build!
    -Well how do you think ı built it? 🙌

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan 2 days ago

    This movie has so many feels “no one ever made a difference by being like everyone else” YASSS LOGAN.

  • nic The hybrid
    nic The hybrid 2 days ago +15

    Song: This Is Me
    By: Keala Settle.

  • priyanka mudgal
    priyanka mudgal 2 days ago

    oh dear god!! sweet christmas is here

  • Daisy Chainsaw
    Daisy Chainsaw 2 days ago

    Zendaya in a pink wig? And Logan? *And* the hottest guy in Hollywood? In a movie about a fantastical circus? It's like someone took my very specific obsessions and made them into a movie.

  • Marvin Martin
    Marvin Martin 2 days ago

    I'm not familiar with this history so I'm confused. If you're tiny I get it, and if you're Siamese twins etc I get it. But if you're a lady with a beard can't you shave?

  • Daphnée M
    Daphnée M 2 days ago

    2:17 makes me think about Panic! at the disco I write sins not tragedies

  • Mary
    Mary 2 days ago

    quando uscirà in Italia?