Going to the WORST Reviewed *NAIL SALON* in my City (1 STAR)

  • Published on Jan 25, 2019
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    Hey s-club! Today video, I go to the WORST rated nail salon in my city to see if it's really as bad as the reviews say it is... the results are interesting. Enjoy! xo
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  • Pauline Lang
    Pauline Lang Day ago

    Hi Sylvia when I get my nails done they don’t charge to remove the old nails my full set is 40$ for gel nails

  • Alexys Todd
    Alexys Todd Day ago +1

    Go to the worst rated makeup artist !!!

  • Nava Broujerdi
    Nava Broujerdi 2 days ago

    I hate how u click bait ppl 🤦🏻‍♀️ ur literally annoying.

  • Rymia H
    Rymia H 2 days ago

    This is lily how old can she be👶🏼

  • جبروت مافيا


  • Jana Badwan
    Jana Badwan 3 days ago

    You are the best☆☆☆☆☆

  • Athenas and Nevaehs world Chavez

    Like anything for the money and views

  • Athenas and Nevaehs world Chavez

    Could you please stop click-baiting us thank you

  • Haleigh Brinkman
    Haleigh Brinkman 4 days ago

    My mom does nails for a living and she is amazing you should meet her by the way love you

  • Ameenah Borno
    Ameenah Borno 4 days ago +1

    I have a channel make sure to subscribe and click on the notification bell

  • Avka's Youtube
    Avka's Youtube 6 days ago +1

    6:23 do you see how much selfie she took

  • olive boswell
    olive boswell 7 days ago

    Go to the worst reviewed movie theatre!!

  • sound so good
    sound so good 8 days ago

    Your eye makeup❤️😍😍😍

  • marimadat
    marimadat 8 days ago


  • Chanmolyta Kim
    Chanmolyta Kim 8 days ago

    SYLVIA GUESS WHAT!!! Khloe Kardashian commented on you insta

  • Kirah Taylor
    Kirah Taylor 8 days ago

    Scroll fast

  • kayla lilly
    kayla lilly 10 days ago

    oml I went to a salon & wanted new set and had to take off old nails and tried to pry them off with another acrylic, it’s hurt SO bad

  • kayla lilly
    kayla lilly 10 days ago

    what y’all do to break nails?? I’ve played softball wearing them & never broke them 😂

  • Lea Cookiez
    Lea Cookiez 11 days ago


  • Rihanna Sahar
    Rihanna Sahar 12 days ago

    You are really pretty and you look a lot like Cardi B😂😂😂 (not a bad thing tho)

  • Emma Johnson
    Emma Johnson 12 days ago

    Did you see there nails

  • Danielle Schaper
    Danielle Schaper 12 days ago

    you copy joey

  • Life _with _dragons
    Life _with _dragons 14 days ago

    Where do you usually go

  • Toniya manning
    Toniya manning 14 days ago

    “Tick tock honey 🍯 bunny” 😂

  • Bts Forlife
    Bts Forlife 14 days ago

    Those are so cute!

  • X_Rionite_X
    X_Rionite_X 14 days ago

    Damn your city must actually care

  • MsEymy1
    MsEymy1 14 days ago

    I don’t know if this is even a thing but can you try doing a video going to the worst reviewed makeup store

  • 그림자Losty
    그림자Losty 15 days ago

    4:50 look into her face and TELL ME she doesn't remind you of Sandra Bullock.

  • April Cousar
    April Cousar 15 days ago

    Who came because of thumbnail

  • JoudJ OP
    JoudJ OP 16 days ago

    You look like Barbie’s friend no hate

  • Mobushra Khan
    Mobushra Khan 19 days ago

    7:25 they start to work on her nails.

  • Vicki Glenister
    Vicki Glenister 20 days ago

    Julie Kardashian commented on it Instagram

  • coldand lazelle
    coldand lazelle 21 day ago +1

    Omg i went there before, THEY DID A HORRIBLE JOB!

  • malti31july@gmail.com
    malti31july@gmail.com 21 day ago +2

    Do a collab with simply nailogical aka cristine

  • kiara marie
    kiara marie 22 days ago

    he seemed so sweet 🥺.

  • Gaia 22
    Gaia 22 24 days ago

    “Finito” 😂😍🇮🇹

  • Disy Guy
    Disy Guy 25 days ago

    False thumbnails annoy me so much

  • Anchu Patani
    Anchu Patani 26 days ago +1

    Im guessing your fav pokemon is Silviòn ps:dont really know how to spell! Sorry!

  • Danica Clasen
    Danica Clasen 29 days ago

    You makeup is so awesome

  • Nidia Reyes
    Nidia Reyes 29 days ago

    Click bait

  • Nusrath Jahan
    Nusrath Jahan 29 days ago

    Roses are red
    Violents are blue
    I got catfished
    So did you

  • Emma_ ASMR
    Emma_ ASMR 29 days ago

    Box of chocolates- Run forest RUN

  • Elanah Figueroa
    Elanah Figueroa 29 days ago

    Your nails are so pretty

  • Miah Goodle
    Miah Goodle Month ago

    I like what you got more than the video. Or what you wanted

  • Qxeep Roblox
    Qxeep Roblox Month ago

    Why can’t simply nailogical do this

  • Paige Carpio
    Paige Carpio Month ago

    Ughh I just started watching you and I’m obsessed!! I absolutely love you !

  • Gab Man
    Gab Man Month ago

    who saw her foundation match

  • tiffany deitrich
    tiffany deitrich Month ago

    you look like j lo

  • bistra 1234
    bistra 1234 Month ago

    Can you go to the worst makeup salon

  • Kelly Ineak
    Kelly Ineak Month ago

    I was in Ottawa around this time and the weather was amazing for me. Don't mind my aboriginal self loving the winter weather

  • Samantha Gunkel
    Samantha Gunkel Month ago

    I just want to point out that taking someone before you happens for a few reasons:
    1) Could be miscommunications.
    2) Some technicians (at least where I’ve been) focus on certain nails. Some only do pedicures. Some only do manicures. Etc etc.
    I wouldn’t really look at that as a flaw.

  • Random Things
    Random Things Month ago


  • Randall wright jr
    Randall wright jr Month ago

    Click bait

  • Silvija Cvetkovic
    Silvija Cvetkovic Month ago

    Pretty 🔝💛

  • Caroline L.
    Caroline L. Month ago

    I literally go to rose nails all the time and I love how my nails turn out after...
    I do live in a different state but stiilllll...

  • Max Phoenix
    Max Phoenix Month ago

    I think they charged extra for the long nails and shaping. If not $20 for taking off is ridiculous.

  • Grace Morgia
    Grace Morgia Month ago

    I live like 35 mins away from u lol

  • Ferret Fett
    Ferret Fett Month ago

    I hate that place. It smells so bad and it's right beside the Starbucks :( my lunch breaks were difficult

  • PaulaZ13
    PaulaZ13 Month ago

    Ummm... Why is his thumb nail soo long??? XDXD

  • Phoenix Hansen
    Phoenix Hansen Month ago

    I love you girl but I think that the girl went before you because she had a reservation 😘😘

  • Ava White
    Ava White Month ago

    I wonder if they did a better job or sent a better artist because you had a camera 📷

  • Lin. Bonbon
    Lin. Bonbon Month ago +1

    I went to get my nails done they turned out nice but get this I’m mexican right so I went and told them I wanted my nails done waited like an hour, some white lady walks in and says the same thing I said then gets attended right away ;-;

  • Hammy Love
    Hammy Love Month ago


  • Hammy Love
    Hammy Love Month ago

    * I -*

  • Court
    Court 2 months ago

    Holy shit for a full acrylic set in my city is $22 for great quality

  • this is me
    this is me 2 months ago


  • Matt Atkins
    Matt Atkins 2 months ago

    You remind me of Sandra bullock

  • Isabellboo815 M.
    Isabellboo815 M. 2 months ago

    Omg I’m the hardest to please on nails like they have to be perfect

  • Stxise
    Stxise 2 months ago +1

    I first thought the employee was James Charles

  • sohini sengupta
    sohini sengupta 2 months ago

    I feel like the nail tech was just my type but ugh :( anyway good work. 🤩