Paul Pierce says he was a better wing shooter than Klay Thompson | NBA Countdown

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
  • Chauncey Billups of NBA Countdown breaks down game film to compare Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors to Richard "Rip" Hamilton of the Detroit Pistons, then Paul Pierce and Michelle Beadle join in to discuss whether Klay is the best wing shooter in the NBA, with Pierce also saying Stephen Curry will beat out Ray Allen for the best wing shooter of all time. Then they debut a new segment called Truth Serum (4:33), in which Pierce claims he was a better wing shooter than Thompson.
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Comments • 6 458

  • rolonda williams

    The utter disrespect of this man pp

  • Victor Ortega
    Victor Ortega 2 days ago

    Boogie had moving screen on last

  • Edward Aturuocha
    Edward Aturuocha 2 days ago

    "I met Madonna before she was virgin"
    Paul Pierce

  • Evan The Beard
    Evan The Beard 5 days ago

    "What's a wing guy ??? "

  • Hannahmichi
    Hannahmichi 5 days ago

    Oh he’s absolutely better than mj hes a better shooter than steph curry and better defender than stephen a smith jmt 🤷‍♂️

  • F1nalB0zz
    F1nalB0zz 5 days ago

    everyone laughing at paul pierce but he could ball and he led that team to their only title, and it was only one i believe because kg got hurt and he was never the same, they rolled everyone the title year including lbj, pre and during miami years

  • Glenn Hauk
    Glenn Hauk 6 days ago

    Stfu paul klay fckn better than you:)!!

  • NiceVid Channel
    NiceVid Channel 7 days ago

    "I can dunk the ball and fade away at the same time"

    -Paul Pierce

  • Luigi Rebollos
    Luigi Rebollos 7 days ago

    😂🤣😅 someone stop this man

  • Jeffrey Vences
    Jeffrey Vences 7 days ago

    "I let LeBron go to 9 Finals in a row."
    -Paul Pierce

  • Random Grove Street Thug #4

    Before I even clicked I saw the title and laughed

  • fat boy
    fat boy 7 days ago

    "I smoke more weed than snoop dogg"
    -Paul Pierce

  • gogetit 500
    gogetit 500 9 days ago +1

    Paul Pierce was one of my fav players at a point in time but the stuff he be saying sometimes is Ludacris 💯

  • Caleb Bellamy
    Caleb Bellamy 9 days ago

    It's like he doesn't want to be taken seriously.

  • King Dom
    King Dom 10 days ago

    “Steph is a wing player” - Paul Pierce

  • Tunechie 3Hunna
    Tunechie 3Hunna 10 days ago

    Im The Reason Lebron Got 3 Rings - Paul Pierce

  • E Lorenzo
    E Lorenzo 11 days ago +1

    "I invented basketball."
    -Paul Pierce

  • TheCao
    TheCao 12 days ago +2

    "I am white"
    -paul pierce

    CLASING TEACHER 12 days ago +1

    Paul Pierce: I taught Michael Jackson the moonwalk!

  • fləˈmiNGgō
    fləˈmiNGgō 13 days ago +2

    “Only reason Shaq was so dominant inside was because I got injured”
    -Paul pierce

  • Ian Folmar
    Ian Folmar 13 days ago


  • Ian Folmar
    Ian Folmar 13 days ago

    Paul P WAS NO JOKE!!!!!!! PUT SOME SPECT ON HIS NAME!!!!... Paul would light yo ass up, everybody!!! YOU CANT COMPARE PLAYERS OF PAUL'S CALIBER; TOO ELITE... often imitated

  • KyMyers
    KyMyers 13 days ago

    “Klay Thompson is shooting 3s cause of me” -Paul Pierce

  • KyMyers
    KyMyers 13 days ago

    “Allen Iverson worn Cornrows cause of me” -Paul Pierce

  • Michael Hart
    Michael Hart 14 days ago

    I'm the reason white men don't like blacks around there Wives and girls
    - Paul Pierce

  • Adam Carter
    Adam Carter 14 days ago

    Paul is better than klay he led a team for over a decade.........

  • dragon dawng
    dragon dawng 14 days ago +4

    Me failing math
    Teacher: hey do you need help like extra credit?
    Me: 5:26

    MONTENEGRO Land 14 days ago +1

    ‘ i was the man that invented basketball ‘
    -Paul Pierce

  • Gargola18
    Gargola18 15 days ago

    Paul pierce is the greatest celtic of all time

  • Brianna Quarrie
    Brianna Quarrie 15 days ago

    I saw the title and almost passed out

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 15 days ago

    "I was smoking crack before crack was discovered"
    - Paul Pierce.
    What a dumbass.

  • Yared 1401
    Yared 1401 16 days ago

    This was the year Paul found out he ain't shit, stay humble my guy

  • Ayanda Zulu
    Ayanda Zulu 16 days ago

    Klay doesn't do it in the clutch? Uhm... ever heard of game 6 Klay? It's not a dynasty without game 6 Klay

  • DavEyOne SlimObi
    DavEyOne SlimObi 16 days ago

    "I was Ryan Hollins before Ryan Hollins"
    -Paul Pierce

  • CroPETROforeverNBA
    CroPETROforeverNBA 17 days ago

    I just lost it (from laughing) when Billups say; "Klay", and Pierce says; "cammon..." hahaahahhaha

  • Xisting One
    Xisting One 17 days ago

    "The only reason LeBron won his 1st Championship is because I felt sorry for the the little guy and give him a chance"
    -Paul Pierce

  • Craig Hauser
    Craig Hauser 17 days ago

    Joe Harris

  • Jaime 1700
    Jaime 1700 18 days ago

    Klay Area has the sweetest jumper in all of basketball. What folks neglect to pay attention to is Klay is asked to guard the best guard on the other team night in and night out. The energy he expends on defense and still have the ability to consistently knockdown jumpers is remarkable. Klay is one of the greateat pure shooters the game has ever seen! Klay Area🏆

  • Jamie Thomas
    Jamie Thomas 19 days ago

    Any sentence that begins with Paul Pierce said will end with some bullshit

  • John Walls
    John Walls 20 days ago

    Bill Russell idolized me he was a kid! Paul Pierce

  • Omari 'The Champion' Craddock

    I saw the title and. Said. Aw Shit. Here we go. Paul actin retarted. Again

  • MCFoultier
    MCFoultier 20 days ago

    "I killed Chuck Norris."

    -Paul Pierce

  • andre sapiter
    andre sapiter 20 days ago

    When I was 14, I was about 15years old or something - Paul Pierce

  • Julius Caesar
    Julius Caesar 21 day ago

    "I'm the greatest of all times"..
    -Paul Peirce

  • clint fowler
    clint fowler 21 day ago

    I love Paul pierce..... can he please stop!!!!!!!!!

  • JustTheSteakGuy
    JustTheSteakGuy 21 day ago

    "I used to do a no-hand shot"

    -Paul Pierce

  • Troll Man
    Troll Man 22 days ago

    “ I was kobe before kobe”
    Paul pierce

  • JMixtape Productions
    JMixtape Productions 23 days ago

    😂😂😂Paul Pierce is High

  • Carlos Callirgos
    Carlos Callirgos 23 days ago

    “I fucked more girls than Johnny Sins” - Paul Pierce

  • Jae'Len Biddings
    Jae'Len Biddings 23 days ago

    Paul pierce be talking like he ain’t have Rondo, Ray and KG

  • Evan DeRouen
    Evan DeRouen 24 days ago

    I invented the Popeyes chicken sandwich -Paul Pierce

  • comeonman
    comeonman 25 days ago

    Paul Pierce looks like someone tried to dress a homeless man. He looks like he reeks of alcohol and cigarettes... and I'm a life long Celtic fan. " I never got stabbed, I was just stopping the knife".

  • joe m
    joe m 25 days ago

    At least he's funny

  • Changer 5302
    Changer 5302 25 days ago +4

    " I coulda won 2 championships, but I decided to give Kobe the 2010 Championship"

    - Paul Pierce

  • Anthony Porter
    Anthony Porter 26 days ago

    Im sorry but yall hell w the comments💯😂😂😂😂

  • Jesus Hernandez
    Jesus Hernandez 26 days ago

    "If I was with the Washington Generals, the Harlem Globetrotters would've never beat us"...Paul Pierce

  • kash s
    kash s 27 days ago

    these comments are freaking hilarious

  • Justin Wilson
    Justin Wilson 27 days ago

    If you guys notice, Beatle didn’t think anything was wrong when Pierce called Steph the best wing shooter. It wasn’t until Chauncey said he wasn’t that she replied, “what?” She needs some attention too.

  • BlacK Bull
    BlacK Bull 28 days ago

    That nigga ain’t a better ANYTHING than Klay.