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Chloe x Halle - The Kids Are Alright - Official Music Video

  • Published on Feb 9, 2018
  • The official music video for our song “The Kids Are Alright” shot at TVclip Space NYC.
    Our debut album #TheKidsAreAlright is out now:
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Comments • 1 910

  • Brenda Benjamin
    Brenda Benjamin 6 days ago

    These aren't Girls they're Women . Decency is Attractive,not once has it ever failed!

  • Brenda Benjamin
    Brenda Benjamin 6 days ago

    They slay in a different dimension. Higher level a few get

  • safaa EL
    safaa EL 7 days ago

    can someone tell me the chords to this song, i found Am then C but i need the two others

  • England _Bae
    England _Bae 7 days ago

    The truest and best album of 2018

  • Julia Siqueira
    Julia Siqueira 8 days ago

    Que fofinhas

  • C itcom
    C itcom 13 days ago


  • Bonga Ngombane
    Bonga Ngombane 14 days ago

    These girls are beyond talented .. I'm just looking at Chloe all the time. She's a flame.

  • Jeniqua J.
    Jeniqua J. 15 days ago +1

    Body goals 😭

  • Zinzi Dingaan
    Zinzi Dingaan 18 days ago +2

    This just makes me feel alright😀😀😊and I'm a kid😅😁

  • Derrick Dort
    Derrick Dort 18 days ago

    Replay 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 it sounds like there bruping 😂

  • Best Beauty Brook
    Best Beauty Brook 19 days ago +1

    Who listening in 2019?!??!?!

  • Brad Ingram
    Brad Ingram 19 days ago


  • Barnabas Kathindi
    Barnabas Kathindi 20 days ago +1

    Grammy nomination.......yasssssss Bitch!

  • Tikel Davis
    Tikel Davis 20 days ago

    They’re dope AF. Period.

  • Miss Horror
    Miss Horror 20 days ago

    2019 bitch!!!! 😎

  • it’s jazzy’s land
    it’s jazzy’s land 22 days ago

    my mom don’t like y’all but I do !!

  • Vadrian7
    Vadrian7 23 days ago +2

    I really like this. The "ambient" tone anchoring the song throughout is welcome. I found myself quickly thinking, "This doesn't need any drums. keep it going. I like it just like this." At least when the percussion came in it was kind of subtle. I wish this song was a lot longer actually. I need a ten minute ambient extended remix or something. :) And also, in my opinion, I believe that Chloe and Halle sound like Chloe and Halle. Period. They obviously have multiple influences but their sound is theirs. They have a refreshing one/two punch going on that is rather exquisite. I pray they don't get lost in the giant shadow that a lot of people want to cast over them.

  • Tshimollo Rachabane
    Tshimollo Rachabane 23 days ago

    The kids are definitely alright!💖

  • auxcord
    auxcord 24 days ago

    This song is a whole BOP

  • Maryem Hammedi
    Maryem Hammedi 24 days ago

    Are they sisters

  • Fã da Tinashe Aleatório Paçoca


  • k.o Rocky
    k.o Rocky 27 days ago

    These two girls are so iconic already. God I can’t wait to see them a few years later. Such a beautiful duo.

  • emma jean
    emma jean 29 days ago

    a woke anthem

  • Meedy Stay
    Meedy Stay Month ago +1

    This is just WONDERFUL😭💕😍😍😍

  • Jacob
    Jacob Month ago +1

    The high note at 2:32 gets me every time

  • Natalie Hurd
    Natalie Hurd Month ago

    Love these girls

  • Bajan Girl
    Bajan Girl Month ago +1

    When I tell you I sing this song to the top of my lungs! Off key and all 😁

  • Ruth Hermosura
    Ruth Hermosura Month ago

    I can blast you with some culture. I felt that.

  • Unicorn Resse
    Unicorn Resse Month ago

    Sounds like a Nicki Minaj song

  • nikola
    nikola Month ago +2

    Why does it feel like I heard this song before?

  • Olaitan Kehinde Habibat

    Am so happy they got a Grammy nomination

  • Ángel Rodriguez
    Ángel Rodriguez Month ago +3

    This song makes me feel so young I'm 26

    • Ja'nae be bored bored
      Ja'nae be bored bored Month ago

      nvm but inst that young your not 30 im 11 almost 12 next month the 5th

  • patrick mateus
    patrick mateus Month ago

    2019 ?

  • anaya williams
    anaya williams Month ago +1

    If Rumi and Sir were twin girl, this would be them lol

  • althea
    althea Month ago +1

    The Grammy's finally recognizing raw talent .Congrats on ur Grammy's nominations guys 💞💞💞

  • MelanatedGirl
    MelanatedGirl Month ago +4


  • Stephen Lambros
    Stephen Lambros Month ago

    This is like if Beyonce made music with M83!!

  • j j
    j j Month ago

    New to them. Wow such beautiful harmonizing for real. You can tell they have been inspired by Beyonce/destinys child

  • Iggy Azalea
    Iggy Azalea Month ago +1

    this song is nominated for a Grammy yayyy

  • Edwards Michael
    Edwards Michael Month ago

    I. Thank you two ypung ladies are Amazing

  • Ballygirl886
    Ballygirl886 Month ago

    These ladies are amazingly beautiful and talented. WOW

  • Kimberley Maako
    Kimberley Maako Month ago

    Y'all look fabulous and u are alright 🖤💜🖤# fabulous CxH🖤💜

  • Cuelin Arnolds
    Cuelin Arnolds Month ago

    I love this song. It has Beyoncé scent all over it. This song is fire these girls are fire

  • Lashia Daniels
    Lashia Daniels Month ago +18

    Im 23 And i get picked on for being different. But when i listen ti this song it calms me down. Such beautiful young ladies.

  • Sherika Sherika
    Sherika Sherika 2 months ago +4

    There should be more realistic inspirational music like this great job girls👏💞😍

  • Hollie Life
    Hollie Life 2 months ago

    What precious voice I heard Beyoncé voice and Adrian grande voice ❤️👍🏽🤪

    NINO BROWN 2 months ago


  • Travon Ladarius
    Travon Ladarius 2 months ago


  • Lysz Simmons
    Lysz Simmons 2 months ago

    they actually sound like beyonce in this song