Scary True Stories Told By The Fire | Campfire Video | (Scary Stories)

  • Published on Nov 26, 2017
  • Listen to these creepy as hell TRUE stories next to a crackling campfire, with an amazing lakeside view in the background...
    This is the first volume in my compilation of stories appearing in my brand new series:
    "Scary Stories By The Crackling Fire"
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    Deserving of Credit for Scary Stories By The Crackling Fire | TRUE Stories | Campfire Video:
    -Virtual Fireplace-(Video Footage)
    -Piano Horror-(Music)(Cover of COD: Black Ops-Zombies)
    -Kerri T.
    -Chris G.
    -Pink S.
    -Tara D'Onofrio.
    -Heidi G.
    -Antonio Contreras.

    HIDDEN RECOMMENDATION: Watch this video late at night with a bottle of wine!!!
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  • Being Scared
    Being Scared  2 years ago +165

    I very much hope you enjoyed Volume 1......
    Should I begin working on Volume 2??
    Don't forget to visit Virtual Fireplace's Awesome Channel!!!

    • martha rubio
      martha rubio 5 months ago

      Yes I'm learning the street signs welling.....................

    • Q Ball
      Q Ball Year ago +1

      Yes you should.!👻👻👻👻👻

    • Brenton Lee
      Brenton Lee Year ago

      Loved deez

    • Ryno Art
      Ryno Art Year ago

      @African Black yes! I just listened to that one.

    • Ryno Art
      Ryno Art Year ago


  • it's not delivery it's digoorno

    Am I the only 1 that heard bo2 zombies music?

  • Myron Ghost Dog
    Myron Ghost Dog 17 days ago


  • Amy Primrose
    Amy Primrose Month ago

    Hey thats an insult to witches ..... not all of us are bad

  • destiney Edwards
    destiney Edwards Month ago


  • Les Rosin
    Les Rosin Month ago

    Tells stories like he is pissed.

  • John Lee
    John Lee 2 months ago

    The mystery is always scarier than the answers. Story #4 from 12:50 onward kind of brings it down.

  • Aero
    Aero 2 months ago

    Thought for a minute you were using nazi zombies music

  • Donna Jackson
    Donna Jackson 2 months ago

    The Sasquatch/Bigfoot story. If this person had truly scoured the internet for proof of the creatures, they would have found plenty. I dont understand why people are so adamantly, skeptical, of their existence. Go back 100 years, and check out newspaper articles. Go back to a time, not so long ago, when people knew of their existence, and it was just part of daily life. Losing a cow, or other livestock, to a Sasquatch. They saw them, and knew that they were there, and death with the loss of livestock, because of them. Folks reported to the papers, so that the community could be aware that one was in the area, so that they could protect their livestock, jus as they would a mountain lion, or bear. I could go on, and get in depth about this subject, but if anyone is interested, the information is readily available. You dont have to go back 100 years, there are prominent people who research, and hunt them, in today's times. They are primarily benign creatures, who wish to be let alone, and are very good at avoiding people. Look it up yourself. The info is readily available, and you dont have to take my word for it. There is SOO much information out there, that I truly dont believe that this person really looked. There are many recordings of the sounds that they make. I'm sure that you could find one that matches what you heard. For some reason, our government began telling everyone that their existence is not real. I'm not sure if this is to try and keep people from seeking them out, or if they have other reasons, but their claims, are lies. Forest rangers are aware of their resistance. There are SOOO many reports of sightings, that it is ridiculous to remain narrow minded, and refuse to believe in their existence. If you really want to know, do the research. You will find plenty!!!

  • Loa Knight
    Loa Knight 3 months ago

    I actually tried2submit story to swamp dweller but it kept closing be4 I could even type in my name I wanna submit to any1 that will read it but I haven't had any luck

  • Loa Knight
    Loa Knight 3 months ago

    I would like to submit a story but idk how to even do that any suggestions for a technologically I impair'd person

  • UK Paranormal Study
    UK Paranormal Study 3 months ago +2

    Another classic set of stories cheers mate.

  • Weeb Hunter
    Weeb Hunter 3 months ago

    Does anybody else here the Black ops 2 zombies music in the background.

  • 420Country Brooke
    420Country Brooke 3 months ago


  • Naomi
    Naomi 4 months ago

    Your voice is so satisfying it makes me fall asleep ❤️😂

  • Naomi
    Naomi 4 months ago

    Should post more videos , bc i love them while going to sleep . I already watched all your videos

  • C Burgos
    C Burgos 4 months ago

    First story is fake, too many rhymes.

  • M s
    M s 4 months ago

    Somebody get the fuckin author of the story around 15 minutes a thesaurus please!

  • Cecilia Spears
    Cecilia Spears 4 months ago

    I love scary stories around a campfire! It's my favorite! ^+^

  • Wes Paul Hazell
    Wes Paul Hazell 5 months ago

    Stemming frm an old inside joke with my uncle, I love U and refer 2 U as "Pontom" of Dark...

  • menelmacar3
    menelmacar3 5 months ago

    7:04 went pee?

  • Emerald Ray
    Emerald Ray 5 months ago +3

    Currently sitting at the campfire listening to this😊

  • Kitfugl
    Kitfugl 6 months ago +3

    "Everybody was wierd expect for my father and me."
    Later: Father killing a woman.

    • Kitfugl
      Kitfugl 6 months ago

      Oh, the ironi

  • mimi
    mimi 6 months ago


  • Thanatos1991
    Thanatos1991 7 months ago

    You should watch out for this mic-plopping. It is physically painful to listen when this happens and in one of the stories it happend repeatedly, I was unable to continue listening.
    Otherwise you are quite good in telling stories.

  • nonu bidness
    nonu bidness 8 months ago

    Yaaa whoooo no ads. Yessss.

  • kiki :p
    kiki :p 8 months ago


  • shantavanee
    shantavanee 8 months ago

    Loved 💜

  • The Rxckstar
    The Rxckstar 8 months ago

    The scariest part was...that guy was now a full grown man still calling his father "Daddy"....serial killer traits

  • CONstitution
    CONstitution 10 months ago

    Nice Black Ops Zombies menu theme, "Damned" if anyone didn't know.

  • Chelsea
    Chelsea 11 months ago

    That back and forth nurse lady actually had me scared as hell lol

  • Shauni Starbuck
    Shauni Starbuck 11 months ago +1

    Your the best ❤️

  • Destin
    Destin 11 months ago +1

    Can this channel be any better? Like i love these kinda vids.

  • Mary Helton
    Mary Helton 11 months ago

    So....has anyone evee seen the things on # 26?

  • C. Inorite
    C. Inorite 11 months ago

    "the bridge had felled"
    ??? jfc some of those stories could used a decent rewrite solely to avoid embarrassment.

  • Monica Ivey
    Monica Ivey 11 months ago

    Thanks again

  • blue genes
    blue genes Year ago

    (-.- )

  • yo its tim
    yo its tim Year ago

    Ahhhhhh I've been listening to your spooky narrations none stop 😂😂 I love your channel so much 💖💖 keep up the good work man 🤙🏻💖

  • jenn perez
    jenn perez Year ago

    Love these stories.😱👻👻💀☠😨

  • Sabertooth 444
    Sabertooth 444 Year ago +1


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  • Shaeanne Long
    Shaeanne Long Year ago +1

    Great video Being Scared!!!

  • Domagoj Stivic
    Domagoj Stivic Year ago

    Why was this skinny dude eating chickens? High fibre raw protein i say!

  • Sophie Brook
    Sophie Brook Year ago

    Spooky but if it helps, you speak in the same spooky, soldier tone, and you really emphasise random words sometimes which was distracting. My tip - change your tone for situation, (beginning more conversational). Practise speaking with pausing (at periods) but then not emphasizing these pauses. But I like the stories.

  • Dusty Riblett
    Dusty Riblett Year ago

    Anyone notice the background music is from Cod??? Absolutely love it !!

  • Raziel Gonzalez
    Raziel Gonzalez Year ago +1

    That cod Nazi Zombie music though!!!

  • Zeke Perez
    Zeke Perez Year ago

    My favorite is number 11

  • Sherita Mines
    Sherita Mines Year ago

    I love this! Tomorrow’s the 1st day of October!!!!!

  • Słøppÿ Çłïp


  • Słøppÿ Çłïp


  • Słøppÿ Çłïp

    𝓢ʆσԹԹ¥ 🅒🅛🅘🅟

  • GUAP 0
    GUAP 0 Year ago +1

    I really like this. No comerciales. Only one on the beginning 😎

  • the country life
    the country life Year ago

    Why do you have blacks ops 2 zombies music theme in the back ground

  • donald maclean
    donald maclean Year ago

    Thank you for these stories,your narration is very soothing and it helps me fall asleep.

  • J E
    J E Year ago

    Love the back drop noise! Great as I lay in the dark drifting off to these stories!

  • partizan forces
    partizan forces Year ago

    I cannot get over the Call of Duty Black Ops zombie music in the background the whole time this is literally what that is I mean I've invited like 10 dudes over just to make sure what I was hearing is what I thought it was hearing and we're all in agreement it's Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies theme song

  • Nick Gates
    Nick Gates Year ago

    Lol this is the zombies menu song from call of duty black ops

  • Pandaman
    Pandaman Year ago

    As someone who camps pretty regularly in big sur and lives right by there, those woods have some really creepy shit sometimes. I’ve heard noises And seen things I can’t logically explain. I had a friend who lived out there most of his life, and there’s bad juju in those woods. And I’ve here that fucking cackling, I don’t think it’s a sound I’ll ever forget, and I think God I was in his house at the time and not the woods because I would have shit myself. Everyone who I know that lives out there has heard that cackling.

  • NuKiE00
    NuKiE00 Year ago

    I went outside, *went pee* , then got back into my sleeping bag

  • Snoww Bunni
    Snoww Bunni Year ago

    Listening to this at 1am while my husband is gone is probably not the best idea but oh well lol