Shia LaBeouf on His Arrest

  • Published on Oct 14, 2014
  • Shia reveals the story behind his arrest at the Broadway show “Cabaret.”
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    Shia LaBeouf on His Arrest
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 8 722

  • Sweet Tart Tartin ass
    Sweet Tart Tartin ass 7 minutes ago

    Love Shia

  • John Roberts
    John Roberts 7 minutes ago

    Hahaha , I thought that was a funny story about Shia Lebouf ! 😂😂😂

  • Rath YHWH
    Rath YHWH Hour ago

    Yes funny satanist 👁👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Anthony Salmon
    Anthony Salmon Hour ago

    Best story I've heard in a long while 😂

  • Dan Minter
    Dan Minter 3 hours ago

    How do you not accept a drink from Shia?

  • Kirkulese
    Kirkulese 4 hours ago +3

    Kimmel: Ride along?
    LaBeouf: Naw...It was a... come to the station...

  • Uncle Melanin
    Uncle Melanin 6 hours ago

    Anyone remember Even Stevens 😂😂

  • Jp Herrera
    Jp Herrera 6 hours ago

    He should be given a job just for this interview

  • Ced Walker
    Ced Walker 8 hours ago

    That story was 2 shots of awesome! 😆😆😂😂💯✊🏾

  • Piyush Samtani
    Piyush Samtani 8 hours ago

    Do It 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Karmic Shitshow
    Karmic Shitshow 10 hours ago

    Performance art. All of it

  • Samantha hallmark
    Samantha hallmark 11 hours ago

    People can say what they want but I love Shia.Hes an interesting cat.

  • H2Da Crypto
    H2Da Crypto 22 hours ago

    15 sec add. You serious making more money on this clips.

  • Alexander Dupuis
    Alexander Dupuis 23 hours ago

    Totally redeemed

  • Ercilia Encarnacion
    Ercilia Encarnacion 23 hours ago

    Can anyone say, mental issues??

  • jack Ferguson
    jack Ferguson Day ago


  • Han Skinslo
    Han Skinslo Day ago

    MK Ultra Mind Control.

  • Marcus Rondo
    Marcus Rondo Day ago

    He's good at telling a story.

  • Sohejl 8
    Sohejl 8 Day ago

    hes so good in acting that he gets actually drunk just by imagining it xD

  • Caitlin Morrow
    Caitlin Morrow Day ago

    This guy is me lol

  • Jadon
    Jadon Day ago

    But wait he's not in jail shia surprise!


    Scares a homeless guy an then and paid his bar bill!
    Decided to go spend some 💰 on partying! 🤔🤢 Cool!!!!

  • Valmer Livesmatter
    Valmer Livesmatter Day ago +3

    He was drinking and one side said no the other side said


  • Willie Mendoza
    Willie Mendoza Day ago

    I had the pleasure of meeting Shia LaBeouf and he is one grade A plus individual. Genuinely warm-hearted slash Kick-Ass cool guy and if you don't like him f*** you and your kids

  • Tatum Bradford
    Tatum Bradford Day ago

    That was awesome.

  • poweredbyadam
    poweredbyadam Day ago

    Blah blah blah I’m still a dumbass

  • Dime Wash
    Dime Wash Day ago

    A possum told him to do something? I've been wasted before, but not talking marsupial wasted.

  • Junior Raymond
    Junior Raymond Day ago

    Hes a strange guy..
    Everyone seen the video of him just staring at a biker guy on the freeway?
    TVclip it up, it's the strangest thing ever

  • drew snacks
    drew snacks Day ago

    One of the greatest told stories to ever happen in mankind...

  • farakan Cartman
    farakan Cartman Day ago

    This guy makes weird to 10000000 percent

  • broomsterm
    broomsterm Day ago +1

    Awesome! That's the greatest talk show Story Ever Told!

  • K-LAWN
    K-LAWN Day ago

    TVclips been recommending this video for me for like 5 years.

  • Richard Bursey
    Richard Bursey Day ago +2

    Apparently he hadn’t left Ireland during the interview

  • Jay R
    Jay R 2 days ago +18

    "What are you in for?"
    "Cabaret man"

  • Abdelfattah Ben Mahdjoub

    His story should be a movie

  • OneEyegroup
    OneEyegroup 2 days ago

    This dude radiates prick

  • Miguel Trujillo
    Miguel Trujillo 2 days ago

    Gosh Shia is such a nice guy he was just going through a lot of stress FO SHO !

  • Jeremy Lunning
    Jeremy Lunning 2 days ago

    I wanna party with that guy!

  • TunedRAMS
    TunedRAMS 2 days ago

    This is why I like Shia, what a stand up guy, great actor and always fun to listen to

  • L W
    L W 2 days ago +1

    Fruit plate aka bartender's garnish dish. Gotcha. Lol ☕

  • ogrebattle22763
    ogrebattle22763 3 days ago +1

    You think there's a possibility that SHIA LABOUF is very angry about his name? Just asking...

  • detroitplaya1004
    detroitplaya1004 3 days ago

    This story is legendary.

  • Arturo Rodriguez
    Arturo Rodriguez 3 days ago

    Dude just wants to be alive he's from the wrong century

  • rustamtheshadow
    rustamtheshadow 3 days ago

    I want him to tell me bedtime stories

  • asholeyt
    asholeyt 3 days ago

    I really think Hollywood should give Shia Lebouf a chance, and probably a counselor.

  • Whatever Happened To Fun?

    Arrested for bad actin' and for complicity in ruinin' Indiana Jones franchise.

  • Bob Abooey
    Bob Abooey 3 days ago

    No wonder I never heard about this....It was on Jimmy Kimmel

  • Ashley Williams
    Ashley Williams 3 days ago +1

    I literally effin love him!!! Sooo funny !!! Loved him since even Stevens

  • Ready Freddy!
    Ready Freddy! 3 days ago +2

    There's a time square in Ireland?

  • Rodney
    Rodney 4 days ago

    He will not divide us. Lmao at this psycho

  • Thomas Chapman
    Thomas Chapman 4 days ago +2

    Because no great story started with a glass of milk😎😎

  • Random555
    Random555 4 days ago

    People like to peg Shia as being crazy, but he always seems very intelligent, creative, and down-to-earth in his interviews. I like the guy.

  • RoughRider757
    RoughRider757 4 days ago

    Shia is a awesome dude. Mad respect for him.

  • djk
    djk 4 days ago

    Wow...that story showed so many different elements. He seemed so mentally stable...but also a little bit not. I missed what he got arrested for in the 1st place. I don't remember him sounding so much like me...he's also had a southern accent thing with the mixture of intelligence but poor grammar while speaking?

  • ghostie7790
    ghostie7790 4 days ago

    Shia was just born a funny guy. He was cracking jokes ever since Even Stevens.

  • Man Things
    Man Things 4 days ago

    "Cabaret Homie" lmao

  • Kailani Cooke
    Kailani Cooke 4 days ago

    He's definitely drunk while talking about being drunk

  • Burnsy fishing and outdoors

    lmao I lived that same story except no Alen Iverson

  • Michael Mills
    Michael Mills 4 days ago

    I love Shia! He is just a dope kid. Smart & witty!

  • Big Rod
    Big Rod 4 days ago

    I miss this guy

  • anthony
    anthony 5 days ago

    rip transformers

  • Kennedy Tactical Concepts

    How much whiskey did he have before this interview?

  • N G
    N G 5 days ago

    I want to drink with Shia

  • lanadel bae
    lanadel bae 5 days ago

    He's so attractive

  • Eli Chavez
    Eli Chavez 5 days ago +6

    “Could’ve been Alan Iverson at this point”... Hahaha!🤣😂

  • Count Dracula
    Count Dracula 5 days ago

    Lol I think I would get along with Shia

  • Superior Advanced DNA

    Trump derangement.

  • Viktor Sligo
    Viktor Sligo 5 days ago

    Framed by Johnny Walker

  • Angel Prime
    Angel Prime 5 days ago

    What would Optimus think smh

  • Mike Lee
    Mike Lee 5 days ago

    Greatest story teller

  • Justin McIntyre
    Justin McIntyre 5 days ago

    Holy cheeseballs what a boring story

  • Nightceasar
    Nightceasar 5 days ago

    Shia's problem is he is too intelligent and intellectual for Hollywood.

  • A_a_ron B
    A_a_ron B 5 days ago

    He is still drunk

  • SSVida
    SSVida 5 days ago

    Just do itttt

  • SealTeam Ryx
    SealTeam Ryx 5 days ago

    Actual cannibal Shia LaBeouf

  • clickbait 7
    clickbait 7 5 days ago +1

    He still drunk.. Lmao

  • Hawic
    Hawic 6 days ago +124

    *Cops attempts to arrest Shia Labeouf*
    *Shia Labeouf:* BUMBLEBEE!!!

  • The Maestro
    The Maestro 6 days ago

    Hes either the best goddamn actor ever or the best storyteller ever.

    GOLDY PEE 6 days ago

    After the film fury shia started going crazy

  • The Elite Killa
    The Elite Killa 6 days ago +1

    Imagine he grabbed a woman's ass while he was drunk, watch how all the feminazis hate on him

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle 6 days ago

    He probably meant south korea vs algeria

  • Estron Kadar
    Estron Kadar 6 days ago


  • Dennis Goebelt
    Dennis Goebelt 6 days ago

    I wish both of these shitheads would disappear.

  • Chris Abbett
    Chris Abbett 6 days ago

    Watch his arrest video that's a real joke what a dipshit he is it's funny when your drunk shows your true self

  • Lynch Mob
    Lynch Mob 6 days ago

    Too many CUCKS in this video👎.

  • Jon Mcadams
    Jon Mcadams 6 days ago

    So he got arrested for assaulting a Males buttock? He completely avoided saying what he was arrested for? Smoking inside? Disorderly conduct? Sexual battery?

  • Just Bobby
    Just Bobby 7 days ago

    I miss Shia 😕😂

  • Roger C Williams
    Roger C Williams 7 days ago

    I still think what 4 Chan did with his flag is funnier

  • Mitchell Loughlin
    Mitchell Loughlin 7 days ago

    Great story man 🤣

  • FifaHacksHD
    FifaHacksHD 7 days ago

    14 million views
    Uploaded 14 October 2014
    Illuminati confirmed

  • Ruga Rell
    Ruga Rell 7 days ago

    I just can't understand FOR THE LOFE OF ME how a person can be so good looking (SHIA) and grow those nasty weird beards! I just don't get it. Beards do not make u look better

  • Abdi Biru
    Abdi Biru 7 days ago +17

    Lithuania wasn't in the world cup wtf. He need some milk.

  • Omar Bertaiba
    Omar Bertaiba 7 days ago

    Dude can tell a story lol should of been short film

  • Viral Awakening
    Viral Awakening 7 days ago

    Trump 2020

  • Terrance Miller
    Terrance Miller 7 days ago

    Can an Emmy be awarded for an interview?!.Bloody freaking Brilliant!

  • 100bullets miranda
    100bullets miranda 7 days ago

    i ate the fruit

  • dbloo1
    dbloo1 7 days ago +5

    Never liked this guy but after watching this I like him now.

  • Savage Vikes
    Savage Vikes 7 days ago +22

    He was probably screaming for bumblebee during his arrest.

  • SpinOnAllFours S3/Ralliart

    Great story teller. So fluid

  • reagraham 10
    reagraham 10 8 days ago

    Happy bday Shia 🥳