Is God of War DOOMED.... For Ragnarok? | Culture Shock

  • Published on Apr 12, 2018
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    The new God of War is an amazing exploration of Norse Mythology. From the trailer we can see that this new setting is going to bring a ton of new characters and monsters. But, what do we know? Today GG is going to figure out what the game has in store for us all by exploring the history behind the games new setting. The new God of War released April 20th, 2018.
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Comments • 3 053

  • guboo hynez
    guboo hynez 23 days ago

    Where's NATO at?

  • Sean Macguire
    Sean Macguire Month ago

    This dude is trippin balls getting almost everything wrong

  • Tom H
    Tom H Month ago

    So this video is a commercial, how unscrupulous

  • Kensei Hayabusa
    Kensei Hayabusa Month ago

    Draugr are more like Wights than Zombies.

  • evan markle
    evan markle Month ago

    This game was phenomenal and it won game of the year

  • Jacob Simkin
    Jacob Simkin Month ago

    I know u only had trailers to work with, (spoilers) but the next god of war game WILL have ragnarok and Thor will probably battle Kratos and the world serpent. Kratos and Atreus already slept through years of that long winter before ragnarok

  • Wavefire
    Wavefire Month ago

    1:35 you coudn't have said that more wrong

  • Gaudium Felidae
    Gaudium Felidae 2 months ago

    8 troll bosses 12 harpy bosses 6 giant bosses 3 gods and 1 dragon talk about a reskins

  • Benjamin_Isacidic
    Benjamin_Isacidic 2 months ago

    My theory, is that the next game will have a new entire person as a main character, that person being......

    At the end of the game it is revealed that Atreus is called “Loki” meaning that sooner or later ragnarök will happen, and knowing that Kratos is a god-killer he probably helps kill the gods, and in Ragnarök who helps kill the gods too? Surtr. He is the king of the fire giants and set to kill gods will the sword of summer. *wait* hold on.
    What was speaking to Atreus in muspellheim? A SWORD which means that ragnarök is starting.. and we are getting a new a knew character. And it’s surtr

  • Nikolay Georgiev
    Nikolay Georgiev 2 months ago

    I love the game

  • jake0663
    jake0663 3 months ago

    Did goomba leave game theory

  • Jan David Serna Esquerra

    i want kratos to kill the avengers

  • Justin_olives
    Justin_olives 4 months ago

    Why has there never been a game theory about kratos?

  • ibraM
    ibraM 4 months ago


  • beware do not go on channel

    That’s what the drowns in Minecraft are

  • WhyDoubleYouMusic
    WhyDoubleYouMusic 4 months ago

    Your pronounciarions are so bad

  • WhyDoubleYouMusic
    WhyDoubleYouMusic 4 months ago

    Wrong cuz Jörmungandr is on kratos's Side and is birthed by atreus, Jörmungandr even imbued his axe in Eitr, which was the only thing that beat thor in their battle in the future. (Eitr is his venom)

  • dr death pranks
    dr death pranks 4 months ago

    Kratos: *BOI*

  • M Zarrar
    M Zarrar 4 months ago

    Can kratos use Thor's hammer well because he is the son of Zeus who use lightning

  • OnePunchSonOver
    OnePunchSonOver 4 months ago

    pat+kratos= patros

  • Christian Spasic
    Christian Spasic 4 months ago

    Been watching since you guys did letsplays

  • Maximilianioan48
    Maximilianioan48 5 months ago

    where is matpat?

  • Hugo Jack
    Hugo Jack 5 months ago

    Actually, i believe that Kratos was always a character with depth and a complex characterisation. He tried to kill himself in one of the old games and though he kills gods he is also a god meaning that he hates himself and he is a hypocrite. He has always ALWAYS been quite a DEEEEP character, not just a crazy spartan god.

  • Vegard Olsen Myklebust
    Vegard Olsen Myklebust 5 months ago

    I think Kratos will team up with Surtur in Ragnarok!

  • Acegoesgaming511 games and animatons

    next god of war game kratos leads ragnarok

  • Jerboa TV
    Jerboa TV 5 months ago

    Who wants Egyptian gods

  • Jess Lipinsky
    Jess Lipinsky 6 months ago +1

    Thor Ragnarok? More like BORE RAGNAROK!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • The Salt Lord
    The Salt Lord 6 months ago

    obi wan kenoBOY

  • TheApeApeman TheApeApemanslastname

    The eyes are cringe

  • Red's Life
    Red's Life 6 months ago

    ⚠Spoiler ⚠

    *loki the boi*

  • fashionista
    fashionista 6 months ago

    what?! no comments on this video!
    i am the first

  • Battlebag 99
    Battlebag 99 6 months ago +1

    Da fuq. Ragnarök happens when The dragon niddhögg Who is a dragon Who is cobstantly eating The bortom of the tree. When he is dome and The tree falls then Ragnarök happens.

  • Levi Thorstone
    Levi Thorstone 6 months ago

    He already had depth and purpose

  • Hungry? Grab a Snickers!

    God of war 10-conquers all realms and universes

  • Palle Andrén
    Palle Andrén 7 months ago

    I don't even know where to start to point out all the failed pronunciations

  • Rino Killer
    Rino Killer 7 months ago

    Well kratos died 3 times and he got out of the underworld 1.000.000 times and hes goin to die xD? B*tch pls

  • Muzamil Hoosen
    Muzamil Hoosen 7 months ago

    My mom won't get me a ps4 until 3rd Sep 2019 for my birthday. Now I have a useless Xbox 360.I need god of war

  • Agent 47
    Agent 47 7 months ago

    The death of kratos is the death of the franchise itself. God of war is nothing without kratos

  • Laughters best friend
    Laughters best friend 7 months ago

    2019 anyone

  • CalebReed
    CalebReed 7 months ago


    TYLER SCHICKER 7 months ago

    Who is this? And where is Matpat!?

  • king of all nanaes
    king of all nanaes 7 months ago

    So is your dick

  • joker go to sleep
    joker go to sleep 7 months ago

    Why is gaijen goomba on game theorist

  • Andy Roopy
    Andy Roopy 7 months ago

    I like how all trolls have different names and are not all the same

  • Dbz God
    Dbz God 8 months ago


  • Jacob Flowers
    Jacob Flowers 8 months ago

    Kratos always has depth.

  • Weird Animations
    Weird Animations 8 months ago

    Wow sure was wrong about enemy variety

  • Deposited
    Deposited 8 months ago

    Do u think that god of war 5 will be for just xbox one and ps4 or do u think it will be for only ps5 and ps4 and xbox one and the new xbox?

  • Kaiden Avacodo
    Kaiden Avacodo 8 months ago

    God of War: Ragnarok
    Hope it comes out

  • The Idiotc D
    The Idiotc D 8 months ago

    #The Game Theorists

  • turbohawk551
    turbohawk551 8 months ago

    I think next game will take place during the three years of winter, Thor being the main Boss of course.

  • Ash Neel
    Ash Neel 8 months ago

    Kratos came back from hell twice.. tried to kill himself twice. Literally killed the god of hell. He went to visit Norse Hell and came back. Hmm nope

  • Bilal Chalki
    Bilal Chalki 8 months ago

    already got the platinum trophy

  • VeganVRking- dGameaCat
    VeganVRking- dGameaCat 8 months ago

    2 minutes into video sees flat earth........

    *hits like button* 2019 aint for morons

  • Echo Delmiguez
    Echo Delmiguez 8 months ago

    Wait did you guys remember before kratos killed zeus rigth theres a black smoke that comes out of him that curupted zeus so which means i mean if kratos have a hole in him some how he manage to be in asgard does the black smoke got in asgard as well and curupt odin and thor now?.i dont know but tell me guys your reaction to this.

  • Yannmergez D
    Yannmergez D 8 months ago

    How is the videos sponsored by god of war ?

  • equalizer1414
    equalizer1414 8 months ago

    It’s Jormungandr

  • Neil murray
    Neil murray 8 months ago


    it turns out atreus is Loki soo
    does that mean atreus is the world serpents dad???

  • Dr. 2.5
    Dr. 2.5 8 months ago

    Are we just gonna ignore Fenrir? Ya know, the son of Loki and the literal father of wolves?

  • Ethan Collins
    Ethan Collins 8 months ago

    Kratos can’t die he went to hell A lot times and came out alive