Taking Off My BOYFRIEND'S ..... Makeup

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • Alexa, cue careless whisper cause today we’re taking off my boyfriend’s……. makeup. To do that, we’re throwing down an uno reverse card & doing this video backwards. Makeup first, questions in between, clean face last. If you skip ahead to the end a headless ghost will appear at the foot of your bed tonight.
    Seriously though, he’s the absolute best. If you’re not totally sick of us by the end of this video, check out some cute pics of us on insta! mykie

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  • Glam&Gore
    Glam&Gore  Month ago +12585

    By the way, if you’ve already gotten to the end of this video & want something EXTRA fun, check out THIS video from a while ago- the first true reveal of our relationship happens in the last few minutes. (& honestly we still don’t know how she knew some stuff) 😂😳😅 tvclip.biz/video/KcFZbCrqdIk/video.html

    • Maelee Dewitt
      Maelee Dewitt 15 hours ago

      You and anthyony are THE GREATEST couple like omg!!!

    • lilredkillerhood 2003
      lilredkillerhood 2003 8 days ago

      Please do some more videos with Anthony, you guys are sooo cute together. I just want to see more of it. I am also just so glad to see you soo happy Mykie. I love you guys, you two make me so happy.

    • Hanin Bushnaqtyn
      Hanin Bushnaqtyn 12 days ago

      @pudge wrinkle x.

    • Hanin Bushnaqtyn
      Hanin Bushnaqtyn 12 days ago


    • pudge wrinkle
      pudge wrinkle 17 days ago

      Hi I've watched this so much lol love u guys both can't believe my too favorite TVcliprs started dating!!!!!!!!

  • Lux Meh
    Lux Meh 58 minutes ago

    Okay wow now I love this couple 😍 such a fine couple 💗💗💗

  • Lily Mac
    Lily Mac 2 hours ago

    Please tell me they are still together

  • Fleur Buter
    Fleur Buter 2 hours ago

    OMG this is my first time i watched you (And not the last time) And i love smosh (i know hes gone ) And when i sad him at the last i was mindblowed!

  • Sash
    Sash 3 hours ago

    *22:10* reminded me so much of the grinch

  • cutieneko chan
    cutieneko chan 4 hours ago

    when he has the makeup he looks like a sad grandpa merman and the voice is feating as well for the makeup

  • king serb
    king serb 11 hours ago

    Apart from throwing up in my mouth an uncountable amount of times..... not bhed good size 🤙🏽

  • BobaBear2356
    BobaBear2356 11 hours ago


  • Tiger Heart
    Tiger Heart 12 hours ago

    Am I only one who can reconizehis voice from beginning now that you know

  • Daffy’s Bot sub
    Daffy’s Bot sub 12 hours ago

    Beauty and the beast

  • Icnarf68
    Icnarf68 13 hours ago

    I love this so much. Had to watch it again!

  • Lily 12
    Lily 12 14 hours ago

    Omg once he got the eye contacts out I was like is that no but oml it was him he is one of my other favorite youtubers

    PIE VLOGS 15 hours ago

    his cute

  • Amanda Diaz
    Amanda Diaz 16 hours ago

    Whats... thata go? A chiwawa husky?

  • LOLurD00D00
    LOLurD00D00 17 hours ago

    25:46 the face when ur REALLLY gaming

  • Jenni Amgelia
    Jenni Amgelia 18 hours ago


  • Teagan Barton
    Teagan Barton 18 hours ago

    i want mykie to meet James from the odd1sout

  • The Unicorn Queen Plays
    The Unicorn Queen Plays 18 hours ago +1

    I thought he was a fish no offense! xD

  • __american_psych__
    __american_psych__ 19 hours ago


  • Leslie Touart
    Leslie Touart 19 hours ago


    Anthony: *here being a fish monster*

  • Candii Rivera
    Candii Rivera 19 hours ago

    Wow I
    Really late to this! But
    What happened with Chase her former BF? Right before tony?

  • Demure Darling
    Demure Darling 20 hours ago

    Well damn🥰

  • Sharon Jacobs
    Sharon Jacobs 21 hour ago

    Your boyfriend is a handsome hunk, you’re one lucky young lady! 👫💑💏

  • Kitty animates
    Kitty animates 21 hour ago

    Literally I’m serious when you took the rest of the head piece off to reveal the hair I thought ITS ANTHONY! And here he is and this is for you Anthony!
    Keith,Noah,Olivia,Damian and Ian and obviously Shayne of course They all miss you!

  • Jody Howard
    Jody Howard 23 hours ago

    He looks so different!😱😰

  • Starry Gacha
    Starry Gacha Day ago

    Wait wait is the one off the guys that used to work at smosh!

  • Kathi
    Kathi Day ago

    It’s Daniel Howell 😉

  • Johan Alexis
    Johan Alexis Day ago

    It is anthony padilla

  • Pooja Anand
    Pooja Anand Day ago

    Her teeth are brighter than my future😁😁😁

  • Sakura Garnica
    Sakura Garnica Day ago

    *Wait what the fuck? he looks like anthony from smosh years ago*

  • Jennifer Humpres

    I’m sorry but am I the ONLY one who swore up and down this was dr mike?!

  • ThatBitch
    ThatBitch Day ago

    Omg I had no idea until I skipped to the end ahhh I’m so happy for u 2

  • samantha rants
    samantha rants Day ago

    I'm so happy because the day that you both found love is on my birthday and I'm crying because of it 😢😢😢

  • Van Cupp
    Van Cupp Day ago

    OMG isn't he from Smosh

  • Christian Tangerine

    I saw the face reveal, thought....
    that is the guy from Smosh...or is it? ...it is....I think😅

  • Cristal Garcia
    Cristal Garcia Day ago

    Wow your such a good couple 💕

  • unpopular squad
    unpopular squad Day ago

    I new it was Anthony from the first words he said in the beginning

  • Vivian henlo
    Vivian henlo Day ago

    My face went from 😐 to 😮

  • May Bracy
    May Bracy Day ago

    When he started laughing
    That’s when it hit

  • dayna barton
    dayna barton Day ago

    Ripley looks like half husky and half Chihuahua

  • goth angel ϟinner

    i didn’t watch the full video but i saw anthony padilla and i was shook wtf

  • peachi
    peachi Day ago

    5 minutes in the video and I already knew who he was based off of his hand gestures and eye placement lmaoo

  • thespace bungirl
    thespace bungirl Day ago +1

    When ripple eat the apple i love ittt

  • Cerys Atkinson
    Cerys Atkinson Day ago

    Wait is that a chuwawa or a husky ?..,

  • Hi sit
    Hi sit Day ago

    Omg I though he had a face deformity

  • MissBlueMermaid
    MissBlueMermaid 2 days ago +1


  • Olaia Gabard
    Olaia Gabard 2 days ago


  • Aeyphriil
    Aeyphriil 2 days ago

    oh my god i had no idea

  • Oliver Braley
    Oliver Braley 2 days ago


  • charizard xox
    charizard xox 2 days ago +1

    i was like wait. ANTHONY PADILLA-

  • Parker Pavlikovsky
    Parker Pavlikovsky 2 days ago

    Me who reads the end of the book every time I get one: Yeah, what kind of weirdo would do that?? I’d never, heh plz love me!

  • kindy NoName
    kindy NoName 2 days ago

    I knew it was Anthony. it was the laugh that gave it away.

  • _ SaiNT.WhisKey
    _ SaiNT.WhisKey 2 days ago


  • CayMACC
    CayMACC 2 days ago

    He is so cuttttte omg yes girl

  • Maria Jose
    Maria Jose 2 days ago

    OMG.... is he a actually your boyfriend

  • ZeXplain 1
    ZeXplain 1 2 days ago

    He looks like grinch if he shaved for the first

    Im talking about the make up

  • ss Johnson
    ss Johnson 2 days ago

    Any thing?

    Will you get marred any time soon

  • Shaylee Elise
    Shaylee Elise 2 days ago

    i thought it was colby brock

  • ᗪᗩᗪᗪY’ᔕ ᒪITTᒪEᗰOᑎᔕTEᖇ

    Me:he looks like Anthony
    Also me: goes to comments

    Literally me: oh it is him LUCKY

  • jenelle clark
    jenelle clark 2 days ago

    Are those he's real teeth