RiceGum Is Caught Snitching (Mystery Box Part 2)


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  • AquaDump Entertainment

    Captain Hazel Hank Murphy said it best when he said "Snitchin' is bitchin'."

  • Andrew
    Andrew 9 hours ago

    jake was lowkey makiong fun of the mystery box thing... he lost a shit load of money

  • Plebeian Media
    Plebeian Media 19 hours ago

    I only occasionally come to h3 to get seemingly unbiased news on the current ecelebs my siblings are watching this shit is all so pathetic

  • DbzFan2021
    DbzFan2021 Day ago

    Gumby, taking the Whataboutism out of politics.

  • NC Aråb
    NC Aråb 2 days ago

    Guava Juice is apart of the illuminati and has a 2 percent greater chance than all the mortals to beat shaggy

  • Cien Almas
    Cien Almas 2 days ago

    I won the lambo guys

  • The Shaper
    The Shaper 2 days ago

    RiceGum is the worst type of person. People like him need to be forcefully removed from the internet.

  • Pat G
    Pat G 3 days ago

    I’m thirteen and I watch asmr slime. So do all my friends. Even my 15 old brother. It helps us sleep.

  • Bog Saggot
    Bog Saggot 3 days ago

    What happen to "snitches" getting "stitches"

  • diecast jam
    diecast jam 3 days ago

    Why do you keep giving this guy the oxygen of publicity, I wouldn't even know about Ricegum if it wasn't iDubbbz, imagine that what a double edged sword, I loved Ian's video on Ricegum, but I had to pay for that enjoyment by now knowing about the Gumoid, but you guys keep talking about him, and you know the old saying there is no such thing as bad publicity...but I actually know why you guys talk about him, cos he has like 10m subs and is a big utoober, so you know if you feature him in your videos you will get a lot of views from it, he is a big draw.

  • Lareg Man
    Lareg Man 3 days ago

    What a magnificent shirt you are wearing, Ethan.

  • Matt Sheppeck
    Matt Sheppeck 4 days ago

    I hate rice gum

  • Muddy miko
    Muddy miko 4 days ago

    Rice gum is so uncomfortable to listen to & watch.

  • Realez TheBeast
    Realez TheBeast 5 days ago +2

    Ricegum be the kind of guy to go at the principals office
    and tell them they forgot to schedule a temporary teacher in your class

  • Todd Schultz
    Todd Schultz 5 days ago

    I’m younger then rice and I already know what I do I on me and not on others

  • Uncle Henry
    Uncle Henry 5 days ago

    The Amazon gift cards were expired

  • The James channel
    The James channel 6 days ago +1

    3:48-whoop whoop

  • Miguel Flores
    Miguel Flores 8 days ago +1

    2 words BETTER HELP

  • Jackson D'Albini
    Jackson D'Albini 8 days ago

    Yo my grandma had the same keyboard in the back

  • FilthyGaming [FilthFriends]

    Ricegum sounds like a wanna be NigaHiga. Just the way he talks

  • Cosmic Roasters
    Cosmic Roasters 8 days ago +1

    Hey fellow Ethan/Hila Kleiners! I have a picture of a MASSAGE sign in a PAPA JOHN'S window. Can someone with a reddit account help me out and post a twitter link and message for me on the h3h3productions reddit? I tried creating an account to post, but can't actually post anything for a week since it's a new account. If you can help me out let me know, and I'll send you the message/link to post on reddit. I'll also mail the person who helps some COSMIC ROASTERS' coffee if they want it. My goal is to get the picture/tweet seen before Valentines Day. Thanks!!

    ELROBO ON YO MOM 9 days ago

    Order Chinese now

  • Beau Wolf
    Beau Wolf 9 days ago

    Every time you hear RiceScum talk its about money, money and oh , just Gambling to Kids for MONEY.

  • Jedi by Knight
    Jedi by Knight 10 days ago

    Aight but you snitchin the snitch

  • Sam Mercedes
    Sam Mercedes 10 days ago

    "you're a grown up. I think."

    JACKSHMACK101 10 days ago

    i kinda got rice gums angle for a second then it fell apart.

  • Pancake
    Pancake 11 days ago +1

    *selling drugs* My friends were selling drugs too so, why can’t I do it, huh. John, James, Jacob and Luke sells drugs but I can’t?!?!?
    *police officer writes down their names*

  • 45shfifty
    45shfifty 11 days ago

    I had never heard of ricegum, nor Jake Paul until the idubbbz content cop.

  • Richard Zhang
    Richard Zhang 12 days ago

    7:02 Shots fired!!!

  • Olle Nilsson
    Olle Nilsson 12 days ago +1

    "No one said anything, it wasn't a problem back then"
    No one said anything about the holocaust or the slavery and it wasn't a problem back then either then?
    Thinking that way just proves that his ability to think by himself is so non-existent that he just looks at his surroundings and let the surroundings decide what's right and wrong for him.

  • M&Ns
    M&Ns 13 days ago


  • 311 Jazzy 🌸🎀💖

    I'm 19 and I watch guava juice unironically

  • DuffMatic
    DuffMatic 14 days ago +1

    "Teddy" fresh
    Coincidence i think not

  • Best Of Kpop
    Best Of Kpop 14 days ago +1

    The fact that Rice called out Zane Hijazi's video and acted as if it was the same, when you can tell he didn't even watch the video because if he did he would know that Zane's video shows how fake the app is because in his video he gets the same 3 items in a row literally so many times and they were all getting annoyed and the items were the cheapest in the specific box which shows that it wasn't rigged like Ricegums because everyone that plays it never ever gets the expensive items just like Zane didn't. He just looked up everyone that did it and called them out,

  • Primus
    Primus 16 days ago

    plus the codes he gave were used LOL

  • Danio Meither
    Danio Meither 16 days ago

    Lolol. "Ya snitch."

  • yung hubert
    yung hubert 16 days ago

    Okay so when is someone really gonna snap and beat the shit out of him?

    • Antonio Hernandez
      Antonio Hernandez 16 days ago

      Ewon bro I know I want somebody to slice his ears off and stuff his mouth with rice until he suffocates

  • beatmetodeath
    beatmetodeath 16 days ago

    12:00 this just proves that he doesn't care...

    FRISHR 16 days ago


  • Chief Queef
    Chief Queef 17 days ago

    Ur new vids are so bad compared to old h3

  • Kacj Aioig
    Kacj Aioig 17 days ago

    I want a loop of Ricegum saying rat

  • Drew Ferraro
    Drew Ferraro 17 days ago

    Ricegum brags about how much money has but still can't get audio without a ton of echo

  • Drew Ferraro
    Drew Ferraro 17 days ago

    Ricegum brags about how much money has but still can't get audio without a ton of echo

  • M
    M 17 days ago

    Just delete his account, TVclip. Just do it.

  • M
    M 17 days ago

    I feel like I say this on every video involving him, but I really want to punch RiceGum

  • StayDown OrElse
    StayDown OrElse 18 days ago

    Him and Snitch9ine are probably best friends

  • stephen reynolds
    stephen reynolds 19 days ago

    fucking love it great video!

  • thanatip Manothummetha


  • Brettisen
    Brettisen 19 days ago

    "yeah of course i'll do a video about that i don't think about anything" im crying

  • eduardo saverin
    eduardo saverin 20 days ago

    ricegum bring shame to the asian community in america , remember when he went to hongkong to bully those who can't speak english.

  • Spencer VanOchten
    Spencer VanOchten 20 days ago

    there is like a switch in jake paul, where he can go from super mature to a complete idiot in seconds



  • harley futalan
    harley futalan 21 day ago

    Ricegum has ligmaballs, and he also his nose only has one hole

  • MrBrucelee117
    MrBrucelee117 21 day ago

    Ya know after seeing ethan bomb with bill burr i was wondering why he’s so popular. But after seeing other vids and this one you can tell why. He’s a good guy with a great personality. Cheers H3. You gained an older fan. As much as that’s worth. Lol

  • The James channel
    The James channel 21 day ago

    Remember kids


  • Mark Branham
    Mark Branham 21 day ago

    I see TVclip has its priorities straight.

  • Jill A
    Jill A 21 day ago

    There are probably vehicles other than police cars with red flashing lights. Like... snowplows!

  • Misogynist
    Misogynist 21 day ago

    that jake paul response, i mean i hate the guy, but...this is kind of a good way to damage control, i have to admit.

    • Misogynist
      Misogynist 21 day ago +1

      +Jill A internet error.

    • Jill A
      Jill A 21 day ago

      Why did you write this thrice?

  • Bojangle Dorlyp
    Bojangle Dorlyp 21 day ago


  • sarah d.
    sarah d. 21 day ago

    lmaooo, watched the 2 vids about this and am subscribing

  • Famous Banana
    Famous Banana 21 day ago

    I usually pick to ignore all the youtube drama but this... promoting gambling should be prohobited by YT and any fuck (ricegum, jakepaul or any other idiot that promoted that scam) should be permamently banned from YT.

  • Dick Longflop
    Dick Longflop 21 day ago

    13 minute video...not one fucking ad. Respect 👌

  • Eryk Dymecki
    Eryk Dymecki 21 day ago

    oh shit he sounds like logan but with a different accent

  • GreenBlitzVEVO
    GreenBlitzVEVO 21 day ago +4

    It wasn't PewDiePie...

    It was Gloria Borger

  • Rockems
    Rockems 21 day ago

    But this doesn't apply to PewDiePie... Influential, responsibility.

    SAD BEAR 22 days ago

    this shirt is really nice

  • Paluigi5987
    Paluigi5987 22 days ago

    Slime coffin

  • GREASER1959
    GREASER1959 22 days ago


  • LV.1 CROOK :/
    LV.1 CROOK :/ 22 days ago

    Ricegum has naruto soundtracks in his video... oh wait i just thought of something

  • Azztronaw
    Azztronaw 22 days ago

    How are people even watching that bitchass ricegum. Dudes a total beta fuckboi

  • The dark Ringmaster
    The dark Ringmaster 22 days ago

    the amazon codes were already used lol

  • FuckNugget
    FuckNugget 22 days ago

    mm I was kinda hoping that ricegum would have been assassinated by the end of 2018/start of 2019 but I guess you cant get everything you wish for

  • Danl Chimmon
    Danl Chimmon 22 days ago

    He deserves more subscribers than RiceGum after this.

  • Unfair World
    Unfair World 23 days ago

    If ricegum is born during WW2 he is a traitor for sure

  • Jacob Adelman
    Jacob Adelman 23 days ago

    ricegum is an idiot holy

  • Superchris234
    Superchris234 23 days ago

    Hey, MY child labour camp, is totally cool, bro. You see those guys in China, those guys with more kids than me. I’m totally innocent, cause those guys are doing it “worse”.

  • zildjian1884
    zildjian1884 23 days ago

    this could have been half the length, you said the same things twice

  • EDvised
    EDvised 23 days ago

    The best part is, check some of those give away codes. They were claimed months ago! he cant even do a give away without being shady as hell.

  • Lance Svensson2
    Lance Svensson2 23 days ago

    people in my school still use slime till like idk 15

  • Shayboii808
    Shayboii808 24 days ago

    Jake Paul is being controlled by the Illuminati

  • Kang Seulgi
    Kang Seulgi 24 days ago

    Whats the title of themusic at the end?

  • Random Videos - FR19 InFeRnO

    Who falls for this...?

  • three bedrooms
    three bedrooms 24 days ago

    Ricegum is a pube.

  • Heather Barnes
    Heather Barnes 24 days ago

    These TVclip streets don't take kindly to snitches 😂

  • Unknown Uknown
    Unknown Uknown 25 days ago

    Have you seen "kid cannabis"?

  • clyden hughes
    clyden hughes 25 days ago

    sees cliff
    jumps off of cliff
    sees jake fall and ricefoam

  • Desiree Sanders
    Desiree Sanders 25 days ago

    Everyone already did not like rice gumby but now that he messed with you and your wife, every hates him. He is the worst.

  • astronomic danny
    astronomic danny 25 days ago

    ricegums logic of other people promoting gambling makes it okay for him to because others didn’t care, is like saying that because there are a bunch of other people who stabbed someone and people don’t really care, it makes it okay for him to stab someone

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 25 days ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Giovanni Muciaccia
    Giovanni Muciaccia 25 days ago


  • Annette Ruiz
    Annette Ruiz 26 days ago

    "I guess I'm kinda relevant again" hahahahahhaha that's gold

  • pattibjee
    pattibjee 26 days ago +1

    those amazon gift cards run out month before he posted that video

  • Lucy Darling
    Lucy Darling 26 days ago

    When's the next video

  • Yuwib
    Yuwib 26 days ago

    not guavabjuice :)((h((; omg

  • Nyusha Nokz
    Nyusha Nokz 26 days ago

    Ricegum has every right to defence himself because this mystery box thing(whatever) was promoted by many TVcliprs way back before he did...but everyone is picking up only on him thats not fair.. also he clearly said he didn't mean to scamed..on top of that he is a human so he did made mistake but he already did apologized for it so stop accusing him and stop using his name for views 😂

    • Nyusha Nokz
      Nyusha Nokz 24 days ago

      Your average roblox 😂 but I'm not here for English class right?

    • Skeptical frog
      Skeptical frog 25 days ago

      Fix your grammar first

  • Rx2eses_yes
    Rx2eses_yes 26 days ago +1

    Maybe if Ricescum didn’t do something stupid EVERY SINGLE DAY he wouldn’t be called out

  • jonny bandana
    jonny bandana 26 days ago

    Guava juice definitely doesn't like snitches. => If you snitch'n he goes loco.

  • Bunny Elise
    Bunny Elise 26 days ago

    Just a quick question... "Under aged kids" ... as in, just kids. Like can a kid not be under aged? Like what's up Ethan. Much love tho. Rock that bunny.

  • Bjorn Hansen
    Bjorn Hansen 26 days ago +1


  • Stella McVey
    Stella McVey 26 days ago

    Seeing guava juice has unearthed some buried memories, him and Alex?? I can’t remember what the channel was called damn it