I Want A New Face

  • Published on May 16, 2019
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  • Sydney McDonald
    Sydney McDonald 42 minutes ago

    Thank you, I know, BEACH

  • Allyson Mackenzie
    Allyson Mackenzie 2 hours ago

    but you know here we are

  • Sara Nelson
    Sara Nelson 4 hours ago

    She looks like the pink panther in drag

  • Veda Shepherd
    Veda Shepherd 5 hours ago

    Me when my moms not home:

  • Virbra Ligo
    Virbra Ligo 5 hours ago

    this is scary as shit lol

  • Maria Craig
    Maria Craig 6 hours ago +1

    is this thanos cosplay?

  • Purplepuppy Lover
    Purplepuppy Lover 11 hours ago

    She knows simply

  • Purplepuppy Lover
    Purplepuppy Lover 12 hours ago

    In the thumbnail it looks like mashed potatoes on your face

  • Ericka Cronin
    Ericka Cronin 14 hours ago +1

    7:01 who else sees a mix between grinch and trigger that is pink

  • Olivia Peresich
    Olivia Peresich 16 hours ago

    Literally nobody at all:
    Me at 2 am: *tries to copy Jenna’s click, kiss,whistle thing and fails*

  • PreciousTheKit
    PreciousTheKit 16 hours ago

    This made my night so much better

  • Briana Smith
    Briana Smith 16 hours ago

    I’m literally 💀 LOLLLLL

  • Lavender Skies
    Lavender Skies 17 hours ago +1

    You should give Julian a new face ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Spring Chicken
    Spring Chicken 17 hours ago

    Just imagine this is what a superhero’s process of transforming into their superhero form every time someone called for help.

  • Sketch n' Drawz
    Sketch n' Drawz 18 hours ago

    Thanos but fused with James Charles

  • Ohdanomi
    Ohdanomi 18 hours ago

    this was the first video i ever watched from you.

  • Sister Sinister
    Sister Sinister 18 hours ago

    It’s holo

  • AprilandLuke
    AprilandLuke 18 hours ago


  • Take Me To Neverland
    Take Me To Neverland 19 hours ago

    9:42-9:49 gorgeous

  • Mia Harris
    Mia Harris 20 hours ago

    if the real life grinch and the real life cat in the hat had a baby

  • I Love To Tour But I Hate Touring

    The background Tchaikovsky nutcracker is my favorite. LITLITLIT

  • deeresthetix
    deeresthetix 23 hours ago

    Glam and Gore is shook

  • Gee x
    Gee x 23 hours ago

    Ive never laughed so much at a video before omg I'm cryinggggg

  • Katherine Krajewski
    Katherine Krajewski 23 hours ago +1

    Jenna needs to do this again and then take the dogs for a walk.

  • StidwellStudios
    StidwellStudios Day ago +1


  • Jaclyn Rivera
    Jaclyn Rivera Day ago

    why do you look like the cat in the hat?

  • Alexandria Rae
    Alexandria Rae Day ago


  • Don’t bother me Imma Jamin

    All of Jenna's videos are just completions of everything you didn't know you needed until you watched it

  • ХоМяК :D
    ХоМяК :D Day ago

    Блять это же гиниально!

  • twenty one Cats
    twenty one Cats Day ago

    Looks like Tana

  • Cassy F
    Cassy F Day ago

    This is fantastic! It kind of looks like the Grinch and a muppet had a baby though.... or maybe the mayor off of the grinch....I guess that is pretty magical! lol

  • Tory Marciline
    Tory Marciline Day ago

    How do I delete someone else’s video?

  • Storm Hunter
    Storm Hunter Day ago

    are we just gonna ignore Kermit and Peach making out in the background?

  • Lilly Taylor
    Lilly Taylor Day ago +1

    She should collaborate with Glam and gore.

  • Tanaja Novak
    Tanaja Novak Day ago +1

    Quality content over here👏❤️

  • stella productions

    Become a human cheese ball

  • Breanna Church
    Breanna Church Day ago

    I have caveman number #2,
    ~VeRy SiMiLiAr To MaMbO NuMBER FiVe~

  • Paranormal Activity

    Part 2, please?

  • Ди Софа
    Ди Софа Day ago


  • Martine Bakker
    Martine Bakker Day ago

    I need a new face NOW!!!!!

  • Shmur Jack
    Shmur Jack Day ago

    Pause at 9:10

    you won't regret it

  • Adediran Laditan

    Jefree star who

  • YagirlSam P.
    YagirlSam P. Day ago +1

    Omg I just remembered who she looks like

    She looks like a “who” from the Grinch
    But like a super creepy one

  • LukeA Mendez
    LukeA Mendez Day ago +3

    “Is she judging me, the nerve I taught her how to walk up stairs” love that

  • sphinxkbngold31
    sphinxkbngold31 Day ago +1

    If Tank Girl and Booga had a kid😂😂😂 rabwitch would be it.

  • WolfiiBoos
    WolfiiBoos Day ago +1

    If the grinch and thanos had a baby..

  • Vivile
    Vivile Day ago

    why does she remind me of cat in the hat and the grinch at the same time

  • Corkscr3ws
    Corkscr3ws Day ago

    I lost track of you for a few years and I’ve never been happier with the TVclip algorithm for reuniting me with your genius. This video had me in tears of laughter. I haven’t smiled this much in months. Thank you for being you, Jenna, you glorious butterfly.

  • The MurchMop
    The MurchMop Day ago

    8:06 she looks like Trisha Paytas.

  • Mochi Eevee
    Mochi Eevee Day ago

    Looks like she got lost in whoville and then got sunburned 😂

  • Shane Kidd
    Shane Kidd Day ago

    I can't explain how many times I've watched this. ICONIC

  • Alfie_1702_ YT
    Alfie_1702_ YT 2 days ago +1

    I Choked On My Pizza When Jenna Was Doing The RabWitch Run

  • Pia Nickname
    Pia Nickname 2 days ago

    Please do something with Mykie from Glam and Gore

  • JustTooli
    JustTooli 2 days ago +2


  • katherine7444
    katherine7444 2 days ago

    The best part is that the edges and the blending is actually pretty decent!

  • Katie Glanville
    Katie Glanville 2 days ago

    Jenna made the female Grinch

  • tuğçe m.
    tuğçe m. 2 days ago

    The female Frankenstein

  • Lily Martin
    Lily Martin 2 days ago

    Jenna look’s like the dragon from Shrek let’s be real

  • Megan Harper
    Megan Harper 2 days ago


  • Bad Mercy
    Bad Mercy 2 days ago +1

    Jeffree Star in 20 years

  • Kenzie Worden
    Kenzie Worden 2 days ago

    Bro... if Jeffree Star was a who in whoville....🤯😂

  • moomoogirl colon
    moomoogirl colon 2 days ago

    You look like the whoville mom

  • Hamster Whisperer
    Hamster Whisperer 2 days ago

    Why does this look like the pink grinch

  • Maddie Eclipse
    Maddie Eclipse 2 days ago

    Someone get glam an gore on the phone 😂 Jenna gonna make her run for her money 😂 lol


    Boyfriends parents: so, what do you do for a living?
    Jenna: *yes*

  • JadedJules
    JadedJules 2 days ago


  • kiwi-maestro
    kiwi-maestro 2 days ago

    Jenna you look like the grinch are you ok

  • Cristina M. Garcia
    Cristina M. Garcia 2 days ago

    @ 8:16 why does she look like the great value version of the grinch

  • Hexy Ko
    Hexy Ko 2 days ago

    With the prosthetics, you look like Iggy Azalea but prettier

  • Hailey V
    Hailey V 2 days ago

    We need a rabwitch 2.0.

  • Christa Maribel
    Christa Maribel 2 days ago

    Can someone link the two gold necklace she always wears ?? 🙏🏼

  • Noelle R
    Noelle R 2 days ago

    ok... why does she kind of look like Julien...

  • sophie
    sophie 2 days ago

    im a rab witch u cant kill me

  • nicole s
    nicole s 3 days ago

    We're in the same field of study and yet she's having way more fun

  • Random Mac
    Random Mac 3 days ago

    This was made on my birthday....wow AMAZING

  • My_Socks_are_wet 3
    My_Socks_are_wet 3 3 days ago

    Is that? is that? is that the grinches ex girlfriend?

  • My_Socks_are_wet 3
    My_Socks_are_wet 3 3 days ago +1

    I just found jake pauls new boxing opponent

  • Azela
    Azela 3 days ago


  • Unicorn Magic
    Unicorn Magic 3 days ago

    Omg im dying 😂😂

  • Liz V
    Liz V 3 days ago

    😂 I was watching this with my 5 year old son and he was like, “ is this from Dr. Seuss” 💀

  • Lou Parisi
    Lou Parisi 3 days ago

    Why does Jenna looks like Julien???

  • Emily Jane
    Emily Jane 3 days ago

    please do this to julian 😭😂😂

  • I Am oxPierceTheVeil

    Just Put A Paperbag Over Your Head Works For Me

  • LA NeNa
    LA NeNa 3 days ago

    The part she starts running I can't stop laughing

  • Luliana
    Luliana 3 days ago

    You should make get a prosthetic for julien XD

  • music monkey covers
    music monkey covers 3 days ago

    She looks like the woman in the video who has dementia or something tryna get Into a guys car

  • That kid Hugo
    That kid Hugo 3 days ago

    Jenna looked like a dr sues character and tana mongeau had a baby

  • Teagan Olson
    Teagan Olson 3 days ago +1

    You should go into public like that and run past people 😂😂it would be the funniest shit ever

  • a person
    a person 3 days ago +1

    at 6:51 i see thanos so that must mean


  • Daily Daniel
    Daily Daniel 3 days ago

    Holy fuck

  • JackAndRemi Here
    JackAndRemi Here 3 days ago

    Omg she looks like thanos

  • Bianca J
    Bianca J 3 days ago

    Jenna looks like what the live action Cat in the Hat would look like with no fur adfkgadfgjk

  • minch butter
    minch butter 3 days ago

    I think Jenna should be in a live action pink panther movie

  • Breona O’Connor
    Breona O’Connor 3 days ago

    This is by far one of the most terrifying videos you’ve made

  • Lauren Israel
    Lauren Israel 3 days ago

    If the grinch did drag

  • Steamed Buns
    Steamed Buns 3 days ago

    People from Halloweentown be like:

  • Makeupguru
    Makeupguru 3 days ago

    Please do moreeee of these

  • Gellarfan666
    Gellarfan666 3 days ago +7

    This is literally the first video of yours I've watched. I think... I might sub.

  • Galaxy Toad
    Galaxy Toad 3 days ago

    Is that holo makeup

  • Elena Brady
    Elena Brady 3 days ago