DIY CLEAR EGG & The Negg - egg peeler test | Raindrop Egg

  • Published on Mar 9, 2018
  • I made a clear egg because I wanted to imagine what it would be like to taste a penguin egg. Am I weird? πŸ€”No need to answer that...just watch. I also tested The Negg, a gadget that claims to be the best egg peeler. Big thanks to Lee for sending me The Negg. πŸ’•
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  • Helyn Heaven
    Helyn Heaven 5 hours ago

    i’ve watched you a lot a few years ago and i have now just went back to your channel and can i just say that your quality is so much better ( not that it was bad before ) but its just crazy to me that you’ve gone so far !!! proud of you

  • kaylashalaylaaaaa
    kaylashalaylaaaaa 12 hours ago

    wouldn't it have made more sense to mix the sardine oil WITH the agar during cooking??

  • Zombie Girl
    Zombie Girl 15 hours ago

    I hate eggs... I just wanted to see a clear egg. :/

  • Ryan haquim
    Ryan haquim 2 days ago

    14:58 "Oh that one broke (baroque)"

  • Anayah Harris
    Anayah Harris 2 days ago

    This channel is awesome

  • The Glamorous Life of Nae

    Emmy, you would be a perfect judge on Food Network! You are always so perfectly descriptive when you try foods. lol πŸ’•

  • Justhings Anstuff
    Justhings Anstuff 2 days ago

    You need to stir the egg while cooking for the yolk to be more round

  • i breathe air
    i breathe air 3 days ago


  • Bigdaddyhognuts666
    Bigdaddyhognuts666 3 days ago

    I'm at 1:50 and I am repulsed!! Oh... My... God!

  • sscfc1
    sscfc1 4 days ago

    You discuss volume in millilitres but temperature in Fahrenheit

  • sscfc1
    sscfc1 4 days ago

    Emmy the colour of the yolk is governed by the feed quality the bird has access to

  • min bannister
    min bannister 4 days ago

    egg bound?

  • Diego Alejos
    Diego Alejos 5 days ago

    A quail egg at your store Where the fucking fuck do you live?

  • Diego Alejos
    Diego Alejos 5 days ago

    A quail egg at your store Where the fucking fuck do you live?

  • sara slater
    sara slater 5 days ago

    Have tried an ostrich egg?

  • BeefAndPumpkinSoup
    BeefAndPumpkinSoup 6 days ago

    Please Try Turtle Eggs! I don't know about other parts of the world, but here in Malaysia's East Coast, it's completely legal!

  • tripack Zobi
    tripack Zobi 6 days ago

    It would be cool to be able to have the yolk in the middle of the jelly ;-)

  • Lim Shang Yi
    Lim Shang Yi 6 days ago

    Try konyaku jelly powder they are transparent

  • brie marie
    brie marie 8 days ago

    Quail eggs are my favorite eaten raw in a shooter with some soy sauce and other stuff yumm!!

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin 8 days ago


  • Emily Bellows
    Emily Bellows 9 days ago


  • supersqueak
    supersqueak 9 days ago

    ooh you should have tried it with those little easter jello jiggler molds

  • Le Po
    Le Po 9 days ago

    Breast implants

  • John A Neufeld
    John A Neufeld 9 days ago

    can you use those for breast implants

  • jdekayable
    jdekayable 9 days ago

    u need to pour 1/3 of the agar let that cool then put egg and rest in

  • Dhesyca
    Dhesyca 9 days ago

    It was very satisfying to watch you cut those eggs

  • Enticing Earlobe
    Enticing Earlobe 9 days ago

    Or you could put one in vinegar for a week

  • Arianna Paletta
    Arianna Paletta 10 days ago

    Trending! Haha I love this channel. So simple

  • Reggie K
    Reggie K 10 days ago

    We raise Indian Runner Ducks and their egg yolks are a beautiful orange, much brighter than the duck eggs you used.

  • Killersentra
    Killersentra 10 days ago

    Geek ewwwww

  • kawwie sloth
    kawwie sloth 10 days ago

    Find out if your a penguin or and egg
    1. Do you like darkness
    A. Yes(3pts)
    2. Do you like fish?
    A.yes (8pts) (5pts)
    Do you like to play with Freinds?
    A.yes (10pts) (0pts)
    Count yp your pts. To get your score
    Egg: 18
    Penguin: any other number

  • kawwie sloth
    kawwie sloth 10 days ago

    Riddle time: which came first the penguin OR the egg???πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ£πŸ£πŸ§πŸ§

  • Kaitlyn Linner
    Kaitlyn Linner 10 days ago

    the eggs best quality: it’s wiggles 🐧

  • Rothbane
    Rothbane 10 days ago

    I'm sorry, this is inappropriate, but for a second I thought the broken one was a failed attempt at "Emmy makes her own implants".

  • KpopMusicFTW
    KpopMusicFTW 10 days ago

    Congrats on getting on trending Emmy! It's on #45 as of right now. Love your content β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️

  • Paul Mathew
    Paul Mathew 10 days ago

    OH NOOO... You're eating happy feet...Oh wait...My bad....

  • littlenapsss
    littlenapsss 10 days ago

    they all came out beautifully!!! makes me want to try out agar agar :0

  • Laura TheHockeyFan
    Laura TheHockeyFan 10 days ago

    Everybody loves eggs? I do not, in fact, love eggs. I don't even like them. Bleh!

  • Ant Sturd
    Ant Sturd 10 days ago

    Did she say childeren? She looks sooo young

  • x y
    x y 10 days ago +1

    Now grow a chick inside of it

  • terrahawk2003
    terrahawk2003 10 days ago


  • Karen Grace
    Karen Grace 10 days ago

    I'm allergic to the white part of the egg so this recipe is so perfect for me!

    • Charlene C
      Charlene C 8 days ago

      I recently baked for someone with multiple food sensitivities and allergies. She was the opposite: egg whites were OK, but no yolks. You two could share eggs. :-)

  • Jenn Pelletier
    Jenn Pelletier 10 days ago

    When you own quails x.x and couldn't ever eat one.

  • shannara fryer
    shannara fryer 10 days ago

    45th on trending

  • Emily Coy
    Emily Coy 10 days ago

    Emmy you are one of my favorite TVcliprs, I've been watching you since the beginning and I never miss a video (:

  • Shaun Eames
    Shaun Eames 10 days ago


  • Edwina Fruitaloop
    Edwina Fruitaloop 10 days ago

    10/10 would not want to eat.

  • First Light
    First Light 10 days ago

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  • ForEva Young
    ForEva Young 10 days ago

    *She’s so relaxing to watch*
    My body just chills and my pussy just hovers

  • Allen Benjamin
    Allen Benjamin 11 days ago

    Must watch black panther best fight scene
    If u r a movie fan u would surely love this

  • Angie Lim
    Angie Lim 11 days ago

    Oh my, it feels so weird when u cut the clear egg open, so weird 😦

  • Matt Nobrega
    Matt Nobrega 11 days ago

    Emma is so cute with all of her videos. The egg looks real nice. That would be cool to make an edible dragon ball.

  • SB Kids tv
    SB Kids tv 11 days ago

    *What is your biggest money saving DIY?*

  • ging er
    ging er 11 days ago

    I don't how I feel about eggsπŸ˜“

  • Jeff Hasben
    Jeff Hasben 11 days ago

    Looks like. boobs

  • Goated
    Goated 11 days ago +1

    Rain Drop, Drop Top
    Smokin' on cookie in the hotbox

  • R Publicover
    R Publicover 11 days ago +1

    Once we made the mistake of feeding our chickens lobster shells. For a couple days afterwards the whites of the eggs our hens layed were a pinkish-orange tinge, and they tasted distinctly of lobster! It was pretty cool, but we decided not to give lobster shells after that 😁

  • michael Mike
    michael Mike 11 days ago

    Bitch it looks like an eye

  • chuthulu luve
    chuthulu luve 11 days ago

    Blechhh! Eat your own eggs freak !

  • ESKIMOCHIC mantor
    ESKIMOCHIC mantor 11 days ago +1

    That looks pretty bizarre.

  • Arrington Capehart
    Arrington Capehart 11 days ago

    Hmmm... I thought you would have tried the one you mixed the agars. To see the texture. HaOh well! (:

  • milo55545
    milo55545 11 days ago


  • Luna Lourdes
    Luna Lourdes 11 days ago

    That look like it smell like my bald headed granny vagina babuh

  • jasmine tucker
    jasmine tucker 11 days ago

    You should have used the egg boiler to shape them lol

  • Carlos Danger
    Carlos Danger 11 days ago +1

    This vid reminds me of how my neighbor Hillary crafted her daughter Chelsea on Jeff Epstein's island paradise

    LBM_LIBBY 11 days ago


    RAGING ALPACA 11 days ago +1

    13:13 That's what she said

  • Kathryn Franklin
    Kathryn Franklin 11 days ago

    When you cut something with a knife, you want to try to use the part of the knife closest to the handle rather than the part closest to the end (pointy part). You have better control this way & don’t risk cutting yourself as easily :)

  • Alissa Radish무
    Alissa Radish무 11 days ago

    Quack 🐧

  • Mr. Tonedeaf DV
    Mr. Tonedeaf DV 11 days ago

    yea I don't think making the clear egg is neccesary at all πŸ˜…

  • Hobbes84
    Hobbes84 11 days ago

    How are you popular? You're incredibly awkward on camera. You look like you're in constant pain while you talk.

  • msdogooder
    msdogooder 11 days ago

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  • Alex Tayler
    Alex Tayler 11 days ago

    Go vegan 🌱

  • Phil J.L Fig
    Phil J.L Fig 11 days ago

    At least she’s not soaking hard boiled eggs in pre teen virgin piss (true story)

  • Mootzen
    Mootzen 11 days ago

    I've fried duck eggs before and you're right the whites are thicker raw as well I had no idea and when I was cooking them the white wouldn't cook all the way through on one side like a chicken egg would so by the time the white was cooked the yolk was overdone lol it also tasted much greasiest than a chicken egg as expected, I couldn't eat the yolk it was so rich

  • mari 1998
    mari 1998 11 days ago

    Why am I watching these? I don’t even like eggs. I still think the video was kinda interesting

  • Prince Blake
    Prince Blake 11 days ago

    Wyd . who eats penguin eggs? They mate like once a fucking year

  • Taylor
    Taylor 11 days ago

    Neggs are the neopet eggs lolol

  • Auset RGB
    Auset RGB 11 days ago

    She will eat anything.

  • kambo209
    kambo209 11 days ago

    Can you use mungbean paste to substitute the egg yolk?

    • rinofthemill
      rinofthemill 11 days ago

      as a protein i'd say yes but i don't think it would taste the same

  • Mrs La Harris
    Mrs La Harris 11 days ago


  • Juliette Watkins
    Juliette Watkins 12 days ago

    hey yeah lemme just [eats all the yolks]

  • Cademan Caden
    Cademan Caden 12 days ago

    Neat trick :)

  • sofee !!
    sofee !! 12 days ago

    It made me happy to see this on trending πŸ™Œβ€

  • saintcharlezful
    saintcharlezful 12 days ago

    No more Happy Feet movies now u stank!

  • a b
    a b 12 days ago

    Duck eggs are FUCKING DELICIOUS
    So savory ... better than dat gud dyck

  • Erik
    Erik 12 days ago

    Lmao that salty face

  • Garrett Norris
    Garrett Norris 12 days ago

    negg seems cool but is it gonna give me backhanded compliments...?

  • Darkness
    Darkness 12 days ago

    τι τσουμποκοχΡιλα Ριναι αυτα καυλα ΞΌΞΏΟ…

  • Mma Quick hits
    Mma Quick hits 12 days ago

    Too much effort

  • FoxPack 101
    FoxPack 101 12 days ago

    What is it with people making things clear

  • katie !!
    katie !! 12 days ago

    i mean really what’s the point of eating an unborn animal? like tasty, completely just a hint of blood and shattered dreams.... wow. i guess humans are super desperate πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

    • rinofthemill
      rinofthemill 11 days ago +1

      just because they lay them doesn't mean they're fertilised...... πŸ™ƒ

    • katie !!
      katie !! 11 days ago

      rinofthemill i’m pretty sure penguins don’t lay eggs other than to have a baby....... πŸ™ƒ

    • rinofthemill
      rinofthemill 11 days ago +2

      eggs aren't unborn animals though, its unfertilised, not a murdered foetus, a more accurate description would be a period

  • HUNTER Fuson 1
    HUNTER Fuson 1 12 days ago


  • lobo
    lobo 12 days ago

    what did i just watch.

  • ETM
    ETM 12 days ago +1

    The color of the yolk is dependent on the feed given the bird.

  • Riley Courtier
    Riley Courtier 12 days ago

    We are in the midst of a clear food revolution.

  • GardnerLewisShow
    GardnerLewisShow 12 days ago

    My chance.🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧

  • bo dean
    bo dean 12 days ago
    Trying to reach an audience outside my circle

  • cheeky monkey
    cheeky monkey 12 days ago