DIY CLEAR EGG & The Negg - egg peeler test | Raindrop Egg

  • Published on Mar 9, 2018
  • I made a clear egg because I wanted to imagine what it would be like to taste a penguin egg. Am I weird? πŸ€”No need to answer that...just watch. I also tested The Negg, a gadget that claims to be the best egg peeler. Big thanks to Lee for sending me The Negg. πŸ’•
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  • Amanda B
    Amanda B Day ago

    We always peeled our eggs in a cup cover with hand or in a container with a lid add a little water shake.

  • Bryon Yamada
    Bryon Yamada Day ago

    6:00 Well you just saved me some $$ and I'll have to try that trick ( I hate peeling eggs always a mess)

    • Amanda B
      Amanda B Day ago

      Just putting in a cup cover top with your hand & shake is cheap & easy. Thats how we have done it for years

  • Jacob Alcaraz
    Jacob Alcaraz 2 days ago

    your personality reminds me of my aunt so much LOL.

  • kai ilustre
    kai ilustre 2 days ago

    I love the way she talks! New subscriber here πŸ’•

  • nadya kinchen
    nadya kinchen 3 days ago

    I would've added Himalayan black salt and the sardine oil to the agar and let the first layer of agar agar set before adding the yolk and the rest of the agar. So it tastes like a fishy egg and the yolk is in the middle

  • Melissa Peterson
    Melissa Peterson 4 days ago

    Very interesting and oh so cute

  • Resting Bitchface
    Resting Bitchface 4 days ago +2

    A half-gallon pickle jar is the traditional farm method to instantly peel a dozen hardboiled eggs....
    The duck eggs are so pale because they're being fed corn and wheat. Find a better supplier.

  • B
    B 5 days ago

    You are very intelligentπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Adrian Achong
    Adrian Achong 5 days ago

    I don’t believe taste should be compromised for aesthetics. I cannot stand these modern recipes that are so concerned with looking a certain way that taste is horrible or compromised. It is disrespectful to the ingredients on the plate and defeats the purpose of eating. We are becoming a society of shallow surface lemmings.

  • Alexia Workman
    Alexia Workman 6 days ago

    Bigger mason jar for the duck egg and a little more water I don't know how much I always eyeball it

  • - Sam -
    - Sam - 6 days ago


  • Nansbbgrand
    Nansbbgrand 6 days ago

    Would be fun to see you make an Itty-Breakfast, with tiny toast, or petite pancakes, perhaps (?), and quail eggs! With maybe a miniature meat..a sausage, or bacon you might know about! I’ve always loved tiny things, and I’d love it!🍳πŸ₯žπŸ₯“

  • Mason Sanchez
    Mason Sanchez 7 days ago

    Why are you the best? I can't get enough! The clear/translucent videos are amazing!
    Also, I LOVE the intro and outro now. Very lo-fi.

  • mrsvideosurfer
    mrsvideosurfer 8 days ago

    I learned to empty the hot water from the pan after the eggs are done then bounce the eggs around in the pan to crack them then add cold water. The shell almost always comes off whole. So all the egg gadgets make me laugh. Try it! It works.

  • Aurora Perry
    Aurora Perry 8 days ago

    It looked a lot bigger when you press on the video.

  • J Cortese
    J Cortese 9 days ago

    Emmy, your videos are charming, but these look a bit like you're eating cataract-ridden eyeballs. o_O

  • Cathy Buffum
    Cathy Buffum 19 days ago

    That’s strange because duck eggs are usually bright orange in color my neighbor had ducks and chickens and was always giving me the duck eggs for my baking I’ve never seen such a light colored yolk but they are rich in flavor and delicious. I’ve never tried a quails egg I will have to try that. I like your videos I just started following you about a month ago.

  • agatha303 C
    agatha303 C 19 days ago

    Chickens have adapted to be eaten even before they hatch...

  • Christopher Lacey
    Christopher Lacey 23 days ago

    Duck duck duck GGOOOOSSSEEE. sorry couldn't help it.

  • figmo397
    figmo397 24 days ago

    They look more like eyeballs and boobies.

  • turtletowers
    turtletowers 26 days ago

    As someone who has had to peel several dozen eggs in one go, the best way to peel them is to knock it on the counter and gently roll it, then peel it under a faucet. Just my little tip.

  • jess2u2282
    jess2u2282 26 days ago

    The easier way and best way is to use the instant pot for hard boiled eggs my shells just fall off simple

  • ElisaAvigayil
    ElisaAvigayil 29 days ago

    I came here looking for people freaking out that Emmy called it the Falkland Islands. Crickets....

  • Britney Vlogsmore
    Britney Vlogsmore Month ago


  • Tremisec
    Tremisec Month ago

    Don’t be a negger

  • dltdgb dltdgb
    dltdgb dltdgb Month ago

    Gelatin sheets stay relatively clear compared to the powder

  • Teri Soto
    Teri Soto Month ago

    Sorry LOVE.

  • Teri Soto
    Teri Soto Month ago

    So "SINKING" amazing. Awesome. Live watching your vlogs.

  • stephanie m
    stephanie m Month ago

    Kind of creepy that that duck yolk looks like a peep.

  • Softheart of Wildclan


  • Softheart of Wildclan

    I think the shell thickness changes because of where the environment is, like most chickens are fatm raised and they aren't as threatened and suprisingly, this affects the thickness of the shell beithe eggs are safer
    But with the other eggs, they are out in nature and very threatened, so the thicker the shell, the safer the egg

  • Evergreen
    Evergreen Month ago

    Wonderful experiments! If you take a poll, the clear is gorgeous, but so is the "pearl"! And wonderful penguin egg chef history and info! The history of puffins as they relate to Friday Fish and the Church is also interesting! I learned from a Danish chef to royalty, to peel shells from hard boiled eggs by rinsing the eggs under cool water then, right away, tapping tghe egg's air bubble end and slipping a stainless steel teaspoon's "bowl" between the egg and shell. Viola! The shell easily falls off. (}-: Question please: why do you boil chicken eggs 8 instead 3 minutes for hard-boiled? Have you ever made the Traditional-American New Year's breakfast "Eggs Goldenrod"?

  • Pratik saha
    Pratik saha Month ago


  • Alice Yerby
    Alice Yerby Month ago

    why is it not called a clegg

  • Potato Dose Things
    Potato Dose Things Month ago +1

    Fun fact from a 14 year old!
    Any shape container works for peeling an egg.

  • Roberta Lee
    Roberta Lee Month ago

    I love your channel .the yolk I think is larger in a Duck egg and has a richer taste too.

  • Jeiku Furame
    Jeiku Furame Month ago

    I read Negg, and thought of Neopets, and by extension, the PS2 game The Darkest Faerie.

  • Sky Watcher
    Sky Watcher Month ago

    I'm sure the duck eggs would be darker had they been fed differently.

  • roxcyn
    roxcyn Month ago


  • Jaliyah
    Jaliyah Month ago

    Penguins 🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧


    Is any animal safe from the human GUT ?
    Poor penguins..... Whos eggs are next. ? πŸ’πŸ©πŸˆπŸ‚πŸͺπŸπŸ„πŸ¦‡
    I'm just kidding around...

  • Romeo Datan
    Romeo Datan Month ago

    Yolk color depends on the diet of the bird πŸ‘πŸ»


    Your videos are awesome but the only problem is they are too lengthy

  • Hazel Hazelton
    Hazel Hazelton Month ago

    Is this some sort of yolk?

  • Based Jesus
    Based Jesus Month ago

    bitch u dont have to YEEEEEE so fuckin loud im using a damn speaker

  • Percy Stanford
    Percy Stanford Month ago

    Ewwie you didn’t cook the eggs long enough

  • Ivan Hairnandez
    Ivan Hairnandez Month ago

    Do ostrich egg next!!

    • emmymadeinjapan
      emmymadeinjapan  Month ago

      I cooked one here:

  • Rachel Colameco
    Rachel Colameco Month ago

    Guys I know this video is old but everyone is freaking out about penguins eggs because they think that people were just going and stealing baby penguins? The chicken eggs you eat at the grocery store, with a yoke, would never hatch into a baby chick. It would never hatch at all. Its unfertilized. Just like ones that used to be eaten from the Gentoo penguins. The only reason you cant get the eggs now is that there has been a war over the Falkland Islands and with the penguins being a protected species their breeding and hatching grounds are a no-go zone. No one was running around eating half formed penguins in eggs that's they stole from the parents. Chicken eggs and every other type of egg that isnt fertilized is essentially a chicken or penguin period. No one is defending munching on half formed penguin fetuses. There are some Asian cultures who do enjoy one type of fertilized egg. That's the only one I've ever been familiar with. The penguins aren't protected now because humans were stealing their babies.

    • Doc Moore
      Doc Moore Month ago

      Actually, I have seen videos here on TVclip where a guy takes a couple dozen store bought quail eggs, incubates them and about 1/3 of them hatch. He says that chicken eggs bought from some farms also hatch. Of course they have to be fertilized, but evidently some sources are and some are not.

  • RecycleBean
    RecycleBean Month ago

    roll the boiled eggs with your hands pressing lightly on the table, it should have the same crack patterns that are easy to peel.

  • Player 9
    Player 9 Month ago


  • K. Schothuis
    K. Schothuis Month ago

    Thank you for making wonderful content that fits in with my family and our curiosity!

  • Morgan Higginbotham

    That's strange because we had a duck when I was a teenager, and I vividly remember the yolk being VERY vibrant orange. I cooked them on their own and used those duck eggs in recipes and they were much more substantial than chicken eggs. They just seemed like they were almost PACKED with protein. I'm not sure why your yolks were pale yellow. I've heard that it has nothing to do with diet, but our little duck was taken care of very well and fed a great diet. Maybe you used a different type of duck egg than the standard pekin farm duck.

    • Morgan Higginbotham
      Morgan Higginbotham Month ago

      +Doc Moore Absolutely not.

    • Doc Moore
      Doc Moore Month ago

      I wonder if you fed them some food died with red food coloring...Somehow, I think that might affect the color?

  • Stormy Yt
    Stormy Yt Month ago

    I’m 18 And I just want to say she is beautiful AsfπŸ–€

  • Pretty Political
    Pretty Political Month ago

    I don’t think people should eat penguins. Nor their fetuses.

  • Marcin Pawski
    Marcin Pawski 2 months ago

    goose egg

  • Ayla Carter
    Ayla Carter 2 months ago


  • Marsha Alexander
    Marsha Alexander 2 months ago

    You could make some awesome eyeballs for Halloween

  • Ryan Woolsey
    Ryan Woolsey 2 months ago

    The ones from the wine glasses look like silicon implants...:)

  • Natalie Tran
    Natalie Tran 2 months ago

    emmy-you look so beautiful in this picture! you never fail to make me smile :)

  • olarky arkansas
    olarky arkansas 2 months ago

    Emmy love your channel you are full of surprises . Now I have to try sardines with boiled eggs maybe with some Sriracha sauce .

  • Ingrid and Josephine
    Ingrid and Josephine 2 months ago


  • Paul Lambert
    Paul Lambert 2 months ago

    The duck egg yolk can be much darker, even orange in color, depending on care and diet. I get fresh duck eggs from friends who have ducks as pets. The yolks of the eggs I receive from them are very dark yellow to orange in color and are, to use a term often disliked in culinary circles but I can find no better word to describe them, absolutely unctuous.

  • AilΓ­n Γ“'S
    AilΓ­n Γ“'S 2 months ago


  • Dreissen Stock
    Dreissen Stock 2 months ago

    That is translucent, not clear.

  • Alex Ella
    Alex Ella 2 months ago

    have you ever tried soaking an egg in vinegar? not necessarily for eating but it's a fun science experiment

  • MsDilly Reviews
    MsDilly Reviews 2 months ago

    New word for the day...cartilaginous!!

  • Fries
    Fries 2 months ago

    What is the intro and outro song oof

  • Chris Darry-Rose Elrod
    Chris Darry-Rose Elrod 3 months ago

    I like the translucency of the Japanese agar and the flat bottom eggs. I love eating eggs. Quail eggs are a treat for me. This looks like a fun um thing to do with the kids.

  • John Beckham
    John Beckham 3 months ago

    Never use fresh eggs for boiling. Learned this the hard way. they have to be at least a week old. Just about impossible to peel

  • Pandora Fox
    Pandora Fox 3 months ago

    You can do the same thing in the pan you cook it in. Learned that from Jacques Pepin. Empty the hot water, run cold water over the eggs add some ice, shake the pan with the lid on. Works like a charm

  • Lucynda Riley
    Lucynda Riley 3 months ago

    I absolutely LOVE quail eggs.

  • Marcello T
    Marcello T 3 months ago

    make it with gelatine guys, youll ha a perfect one

  • Marcello T
    Marcello T 3 months ago

    cant tell if she is 12 or 50πŸ‘Œ

  • abraham loza
    abraham loza 3 months ago

    I found out using running water and using ur hands works the same just crack the whole egg and peel

  • Mindy Vaughn
    Mindy Vaughn 3 months ago

    Very cool stuff! I have never been exposed to β€œAgar” My Dad used to fix me sardines on saltine crackers. Totally yummy! Thank you!!

  • The DohDoh
    The DohDoh 3 months ago

    : ( the thought of eating penguin egg makes me sad..... Then proceeded to me questioning my desire to eat a chicken egg... 😭😭😭😭🀒

  • Robin Frady
    Robin Frady 3 months ago

    Here in St. Augustine, FL we pickle quail eggs in vinegar flavored with our local Datil peppers. They are phenomenal!!

  • Nabiha Zaidi
    Nabiha Zaidi 3 months ago

    14:24 looks like eye balls

  • Becky Hetrick
    Becky Hetrick 3 months ago

    The duck yolk looks like a marshmallow peep

  • Diana Meany
    Diana Meany 3 months ago

    @emmymadeinjapan. Did you know that if you are allergic to chicken eggs, you are probably able to eat DUCK EGGS WITHOUT ISSUES?

  • Tatum Walker
    Tatum Walker 3 months ago


  • Chris Gordon
    Chris Gordon 3 months ago +1

    If you go to Iceland in June/July you can eat Guillemot (sea bird) eggs and their whites are semi-translucent when boiled- and yes they taste a bit fishy too.

    • ShayPeee
      ShayPeee 3 months ago

      Chris Gordon thanks for that fun fact! Cool!

  • Christine's Creativity Cabinet

    Excited Emmy is so cute!

  • Christine's Creativity Cabinet

    I LOVE your English accent!!

  • Ronald Owens
    Ronald Owens 3 months ago

    When you boil a lot of eggs at the same time( deviled eggs) all eggs same time in collender under running water shake side to side vigorously remove eggs as the shells come of. You should end up with 11 eggs peeled perfectly 1 egg with shell cracked and easy to peel by hand. Always under running water. And a 1/4 of vinegar in the water when boiling it reacts on a chemical level with the shells making it easier to peel.

  • Kimiko Jackson
    Kimiko Jackson 3 months ago

    A clear boob

  • Andrea Griffiths
    Andrea Griffiths 3 months ago

    My duck’s eggs don’t have the yolk that pale - hers are a really beautiful yellow.

  • Γ…ce The Γ…Ε‚ien
    Γ…ce The Γ…Ε‚ien 4 months ago

    Neopets vibes~

  • ejw2002
    ejw2002 4 months ago

    What do u call the egg white now tho?

  • Jennifer Bauters
    Jennifer Bauters 4 months ago

    When you said you loved eggs, have you made "munavoi" yet? its too simple for a video but its basically hardboiled eggs mashed with butter (not melted but semi cold) and the spread on karelian pasteries. It's very popular here in Finland, and amazingly delicious even for me who has a someehat strained history with eggs.

  • Fanny Widiasari
    Fanny Widiasari 4 months ago

    agar agar

  • toastys roastys
    toastys roastys 4 months ago +1

    Wonder I'd you can do the same with a ostrich egg in the negg

  • Cat Lover
    Cat Lover 4 months ago

    I usually boil my eggs in my smallest pot. Once the eggs are done. I pour the hot water out & put cold water a few times. Then I leave the eggs in the pot & shake the pot & you can see the egg shell start to break apart. I find it so much easier to remove the shells this way instead of putting them individually in a jar or cup. Btw, do you ever respond to our comments? How can I share some of my poor man/woman recipes with you ?

  • Nanda Rox
    Nanda Rox 4 months ago

    You want to 🍽🐧... I just want πŸ‘ΌπŸ§. I'll send you her eggs.

  • William Brown
    William Brown 4 months ago


  • Sarah Elmira Royster Shelton

    this is crazy! you did amazing.
    maybe you can try EMMY VS...Tarte au Cafe by Pierre HermΓ©.
    would be so fun to see you follow a pastry chef recipe.

  • jenn jeffs
    jenn jeffs 4 months ago

    You should get an ostrich egg and boil it and eat it or make something with it! :)

  • Not just another guy
    Not just another guy 5 months ago

    Would you eat your own eggs?

  • Sisi Charriere
    Sisi Charriere 5 months ago

    13:40 I think you meant opaque there. ^_^

  • Tilly Divine
    Tilly Divine 5 months ago +1

    Ima go out on a limb here and say that maybe those sheep shagging inbreds eating the eggs contributed to the endangered status of the penguins.