DIY CLEAR EGG & The Negg - egg peeler test | Raindrop Egg

  • Published on Mar 9, 2018
  • I made a clear egg because I wanted to imagine what it would be like to taste a penguin egg. Am I weird? πŸ€”No need to answer that...just watch. I also tested The Negg, a gadget that claims to be the best egg peeler. Big thanks to Lee for sending me The Negg. πŸ’•
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  • Mimi 101
    Mimi 101 6 hours ago +1


  • MissPopeyes22
    MissPopeyes22 21 hour ago

    Very interesting video but I can’t imagine doing this. I can’t imagine eating cold egg yolk, let alone with sardine oil. Nope, not for meπŸ™ˆ

  • Maggie M
    Maggie M Day ago

    Ok we get it you don't like the negg πŸ˜‚

  • Oo Cris oO
    Oo Cris oO 2 days ago

    i u get the egg and roll it on the counter then peel it under a little bit of running water it peels super easy also

  • Jennifer Jimenez
    Jennifer Jimenez 2 days ago

    13:11 is the cutest reaction ever lol

  • markylon
    markylon 2 days ago

    what does she say before she eats?

    EPΓΆXY 2 days ago

    Decearing egg!!!

  • Mike CorLeonΓ©
    Mike CorLeonΓ© 3 days ago

    Lost me at sardines.. 🀒

  • Leslie Gillman
    Leslie Gillman 3 days ago

    is it just me or did those eggs look like implants?

  • Sabrina Torgerson
    Sabrina Torgerson 4 days ago

    I think to get the yolk closer to the middle what you would have to do is put the agar in half way let it setup so is almost solidified then add the yolk and then the rest of the agar.

  • Gadianton x
    Gadianton x 5 days ago

    lets get going ... shall we . so very julia child
    an old chef showed me that using a rocks glass was amazing egg peeler

  • ABetterWeapon
    ABetterWeapon 5 days ago

    Emmy, you need a better knife. I may be recalling incorrectly, but I believe you're Canadian???
    There's a knife maker up there, called Grohman. They make the Trout and Bird filet knife, you can get it for around a $100, or save $20 and assemble it yourself. Shape and sand the handle to your liking, as I did.
    Only one thing to worry about, when you draw the knife, be mindful of your other hand. That sucker shows up Sharp! I've a got a finger to prove it.

  • Ambience Cain
    Ambience Cain 5 days ago

    5th Emmy binge watch video. Fun 😁

  • John Bagaas
    John Bagaas 5 days ago

    And if you ever need to repair the caulking around a bathroom fixture, that telephone brand looks like it could work

  • Justin Hurst
    Justin Hurst 6 days ago

    ok now I want to have a penguin ranch

  • Rich Laue
    Rich Laue 7 days ago

    I use a canning jars and a little water to peel my eggs. No need for a special container.

  • Tela Lopez
    Tela Lopez 9 days ago

    Just found your channel the other & I never thought I’d be so interested in someone trying food πŸ˜‚ idk I think it’s your soothing voice but I’ve been watching you all through the day lol

  • Kim berly
    Kim berly 14 days ago

    can't believe you had no problem doing this episode. Penguin love their eggs and offspring. This made me sick to my stomach! So mean!!

  • Rebecca Houghland
    Rebecca Houghland 15 days ago

    What’s the music used in this video? Sounds very minecraft esc

  • Vince Dibona
    Vince Dibona 15 days ago

    So, how many quail eggs would it take to make a Rollie pop out?

  • Grumpy InTheMorning
    Grumpy InTheMorning 15 days ago

    As I watched Emmy slicing into the eggs, I think using dental floss instead of a knife may have worked better πŸ™ƒ

  • kilido 342
    kilido 342 16 days ago

    Anyone know the background music? ^-^

  • kota 1225
    kota 1225 17 days ago

    I want to try a quail egg

  • Da'Shalon Marrs
    Da'Shalon Marrs 19 days ago

    What does she say before she eats?

  • Robin Gift
    Robin Gift 21 day ago

    Very neat..i bet you could dye this to look like and eye for holloween time..

  • Inta the LeafAmuet
    Inta the LeafAmuet 24 days ago

    The duck eggs I normally eat was from ducks raise near the sea the yolk is orange that it make the sweets made with them so colorful , I think the ducks diet make much different in color < O O>\

  • Bobby Cratchet
    Bobby Cratchet 24 days ago

    Add a contact lens and you have an eyeball. Saffron for the blood vessels.

  • Willow S
    Willow S 24 days ago

    I feel like you could add kala namak and a lil truffle oil to the "egg white" to give it an eggier taste!

  • KillerGymSox
    KillerGymSox 25 days ago

    14:06 boobs

  • Akbar 7g
    Akbar 7g 26 days ago

    emmy when you planned to make another candy with agar agar can you try to used the indonesian brand like swallow or nutrijel?
    if in your area have any indonesian market try look for it or you can try buy it online. thanks

  • salvatornado
    salvatornado 27 days ago

    I'm in love with emmy

  • Ken Seeber
    Ken Seeber 28 days ago

    After doing my own experiments with agar and finding that I didn’t like the texture, which I found to be granular, I came to the conclusion that agar wasn’t for me. I didn’t realize that there might be another type with better texture. I will try to find the Japanese brand you mentioned. Thanks!

  • Natalia Rodriguez
    Natalia Rodriguez 28 days ago

    You should make a video on how to boil the perfect egg. I always have the worse experience when I try to peel my eggs. I end up tearing them up 😣

  • Carebear McGee
    Carebear McGee 29 days ago

    I'm curious as to your job or schooling. How did you just pull out the word "cartilaginous?"

  • GC QLDRGIRL Persistent Pain Warrior

    Wow. Another one I’m going to have to try. Ty. Some gr8 ideas.

  • adam burdt
    adam burdt Month ago

    Who wants to hear her say look at it jiggle look at it jiggle in a more adult manner? Am I terrible?

  • I Dont Believe You
    I Dont Believe You Month ago

    That first yolk was hilarious! Haha!

  • I Dont Believe You
    I Dont Believe You Month ago

    I never had crunchy Jello! 😨

  • Mary Daile Delatado

    They look like implants

  • Princess Willy
    Princess Willy Month ago

    Though many species of penguin are endangered, not all of them are!
    Little Penguins (New Zealand), King Penguins (Off of Antarctica, southern tip of America and islands mostly), Adelie Penguins (Antartica), and Gentoo Penguins (Antartica) are all labeled "Least Concern" by the endangered species act - the same classification as the raccoons in your backyard.
    Now this may change over time with melting ice caps and warming waters - but you can at least assume that the two species that don't live on the antarctic itself are pretty likely to be fine for the forseeable future.
    Maybe someobdy will start farming one of them! That'd be neat.

  • Rayne Michaels
    Rayne Michaels Month ago

    All she's missing is a chef hat someone certify this woman already!!

  • Penny Thatcher
    Penny Thatcher Month ago

    What type and brand of sardines are you using??? I didn't know anyone else like them besides me. ☺️ mine do not look like this.

  • thenekkidtruth
    thenekkidtruth Month ago

    Ok, Emmy, so if you pour a little agar agar into your container and semi-cure it, then put in the yolk, then pour in the rest and finish curing it, would it then keep the heavier yolk from settling to the bottom? And would it or would it not leave an undesirable "line" separating the two halves?

  • B C
    B C Month ago

    I can never tell if you like what you just ate until you say something about it. Lol.

  • chicken wings
    chicken wings Month ago


  • 216190 cauthen
    216190 cauthen Month ago

    I mean egg the word egf

  • 216190 cauthen
    216190 cauthen Month ago

    I just started watching you today and I like your videos the first video I watched was the cloud egf

  • 도끼 도끼

    Does anyone else think Emmy is absolutely stunning?!!?

  • Jennifer Tsuneo
    Jennifer Tsuneo Month ago

    Try soaking an egg in vinager for a week, its cool how it turns out.

  • Alexishurricane
    Alexishurricane Month ago

    Surely penguin eggs were fertilised eggs?

  • Politically Incorrect

    Yup, Negg isnt needed. If you roll your boiled egg on the counter, table or hard flat surface it will easily peel the same...the more you know πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

  • I’m Free2OffendNE1

    Wrap the egg in a paper towel and roll it on the counter a time or two

  • clolton
    clolton Month ago

    i hate eggs :(

  • Skitzobits
    Skitzobits Month ago

    The quality of the yolk is actually an indicator of the laying animal's diet. Pale yellow yolks indicate a diet that included a lot of grains and yellow vegetation (corn, grain feed) whereas a more orange/red-hued yolk indicates an animal which has fed on a lot of proteins (insects, worms, vermin, high-protein vegetable fodder, etc) and a deep yellow is a balance between the two. Thus it makes sense for a duck yolk to be more pale, especially if it was farm-raised on grain feed... and a penguin yolk to be a deep reddish orange due to a protein-only diet. I raised chickens and did this as a 4-H experiment many many years ago and even among birds of the same type, a drastic difference can be seen in the yolks of those fed only grain, a mix of grain and protein, and a more protein-rich diet. I also noticed the paler the yolk is, the less flavorful and "yolky" it tends to taste. Darker yolks are definitely the best!! Hope that helps!

  • Blame Jade
    Blame Jade Month ago

    Is it just me or does she look utterly disgusted every time she eats what she made...? 😭😭😭 it does look good tho, not gonna lie

  • Schanellica Nell
    Schanellica Nell Month ago

    Mason jar peels garlic too minus the water

  • Penguin 3db
    Penguin 3db Month ago


  • Kara3516
    Kara3516 Month ago

    I'm so used to eat duck egg in salted form.. so saw the color of that yolk makes me kinda... sad....☹ I really like my egg has yolk in orange color

  • elf341
    elf341 Month ago

    I have found that a very fresh egg does not peel very well. I refrig the eggs for about 2 weeks and they peel much better (faster and cleaner).

    • elf341
      elf341 Month ago

      and the fresher egg has the yellower, almost orange yolk

  • Huong Vu
    Huong Vu Month ago

    looks like an eye lol

  • MrCougar214
    MrCougar214 2 months ago

    I'm sorry but they look like breast

  • dani phantomhive
    dani phantomhive 2 months ago

    You could have made two halves with the wine glasses scooped out of circular in the middle and put the Oaken and glued them together with some more warm agar-agar it would have made the yolk in the middle

  • Misskiah
    Misskiah 2 months ago

    Ik this was a while ago but the duck egg has the same ratio of yolk to white like a chicken egg theres just a bit more in a duck egg

  • Alfa Angel 101
    Alfa Angel 101 2 months ago

    yeyeyeye 🐧🐧🐧 its time to dance the penguin dance 🐧🐧🐧🐧

  • Andrea Douglas
    Andrea Douglas 2 months ago

    You're a strange yet, fascinating woman. I just discovered your channel today and now I can't stop watching. Lol

  • Jeremiah Felix Sobrevilla


  • AAA 305
    AAA 305 2 months ago


  • Egypt Johnson
    Egypt Johnson 2 months ago

    I Roll my eggs on the Counter wit my Palm...
    Does the same thing
    100% Free
    No dirty dish or Mason Jar lol

  • Anime Otaku
    Anime Otaku 2 months ago


  • Cynthia Keeman
    Cynthia Keeman 2 months ago

    When life gives you eggs, make pancakes.

  • 666Spectrum
    666Spectrum 2 months ago


  • Sarch Lalaith
    Sarch Lalaith 2 months ago

    Wtf accent is at 02:30

  • king bean
    king bean 2 months ago

    Make it look like boobs next time lol

  • tildessmoo
    tildessmoo 2 months ago

    "Look at it jiggle, look at it wiggle."
    I can't help it; this immediately got stuck in my head:

  • RMDelete
    RMDelete 2 months ago

    FYI not sure if anyone had told you this already but duck eggs are notoriously difficult to peel since they are waterfowl do the eggs have a propensity to repel water and the membrane is harder to tear, best way to peel duck eggs is to roll the egg to crack the shell, peel the top off the fat side and peel Under running water.

  • Nugrahaning Anindita
    Nugrahaning Anindita 2 months ago

    I like duck eggs! And where I live, the yolk is much more yellow-almost orange.

  • Grimm God
    Grimm God 2 months ago

    Looks like a giant albino eyeballs

  • Brittaney Few
    Brittaney Few 2 months ago

    I love penguins as animals but i love your laugh to cute just saying

  • M J
    M J 2 months ago

    You can put the shells in a plant for protein

  • TheWizzylizzie
    TheWizzylizzie 2 months ago

    Oh my goodness Emmy, you are so calm and organised. I love Corinne on Threadbanger too and her approach is almost completely opposite. Brilliant!

  • Beth Lowell
    Beth Lowell 2 months ago

    gigantic monster eyes for a Halloween bash

  • Beth Lowell
    Beth Lowell 2 months ago

    I add 1 T baking Soda to the boiled egg water as it cools. When you remove the egg from the pan a gentle tap starts your peel to slip off almost as a whole.

  • kukuri007
    kukuri007 2 months ago

    β€œSee it wiggle, see it jiggle!”LOL!

  • Chamaine A
    Chamaine A 2 months ago

    I do multiple eggs in a bowl with water and just shake. You get the same results. I love your reviews.

  • Jillian Dodson
    Jillian Dodson 3 months ago

    I don't think I have ever googled something so fast. Clear penguin egg...

  • Nirrrina
    Nirrrina 3 months ago

    I once used food dye to make colorful deviled eggs for an Easter meal.
    They were only slightly tinted but nobody but my mom and me would try them. They even tasted normal.
    The wimps.

  • madestmadhatter
    madestmadhatter 3 months ago

    So did you consider mixing the sardine liquid in with the water you made the "whites" with, rather than just pouring it on it?

  • ImaginaryMdA
    ImaginaryMdA 3 months ago +1

    I think chicken eggs are clearly selectively bred for human consumption, right?

  • Urban Pen Diva
    Urban Pen Diva 3 months ago

    I hate eggs, but couldn't resist watching this. Interesting.

  • wcallisa22
    wcallisa22 3 months ago


  • R Hauser
    R Hauser 3 months ago

    With your divergent thinking you should be back in university majoring in genetics or such. What a waste to humanity.

  • R Hauser
    R Hauser 3 months ago

    Why don't you make two batches of agar-agar pour one in your mold to 1/3 way, let harden, center yoke on top, add remaining agar-agar....may actually look nearly realistic.

  • R Hauser
    R Hauser 3 months ago

    FYI some chicken farmers feed their chickens (layers) a mixture that includes dried ground red peppers. Guess what? The eggs, even if normally pale yellow (and less than healthy looking) come out a nice strong orange yoked healthy looking egg. Good trick eh? I guess even some "organic" farmers can't resist a little scamming.

  • Neon Heart
    Neon Heart 3 months ago

    the Negg...aka a Fart In a Jar.

  • belajadevotchka2
    belajadevotchka2 3 months ago

    Okay, that's repulsive. I thought the bologna cake was vile...that's got nothing on this. Just watching her eat it gave me the heebiejeebies.

  • GreenNastyRabbit
    GreenNastyRabbit 3 months ago

    Duck eggs are normally almost orange, but if they are fed with a lot of corn… they can even be white. and this actually happens with any kind of eggs.

  • Rachel Magowan
    Rachel Magowan 3 months ago

    I hate eggs lol. I wish i liked them! People seem to really enjoy eating eggs and they smell so good when I make them for my family. I keep trying to eat them hoping my tastes have changed......nope, still hate them (:

  • SaltyFlubberFish
    SaltyFlubberFish 3 months ago

    1:57 i hate eggs.

  • Nurul Amirah
    Nurul Amirah 3 months ago


  • jailah henderson
    jailah henderson 3 months ago

    I know this is old but what's the music in the intro?