The Ultimate Steak Sandwich - Gordon Ramsay


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  • Darby
    Darby 2 hours ago

    This is food porn. People just watch it and salivate but know they will never get to eat it.

  • Marcos Pimentel
    Marcos Pimentel 8 hours ago

    Amazing food!!! Delicious...

  • Daniel Swift
    Daniel Swift 14 hours ago

    The thing is, that’s a lot of washing up:/

  • Ben Williamson
    Ben Williamson 17 hours ago

    Gordon you forgot the mustard mayonnaise 😂😂😂

    TWISTED LEGEND 2 18 hours ago

    If Gordon was my dad Daym I would Eat Vegtables every single day😂

  • Joe Hutton
    Joe Hutton Day ago

    Who in the world has a sandwich that small

  • rasmus antonsson

    4:58 holy shit i got triggered when you cut that beautiful steak with a fucking bread knife.. Gordon you should know better then that ❤️😂

  • Steven Michael St.Amand

    I'm imagining Randy Marsh from south park masturbating to this, Fuck yeah roast that fucking garlic roast it!

  • Terence Lee
    Terence Lee 2 days ago +1

    2:05 when they forget to cut out the camera man talking

  • Brandon Escalon
    Brandon Escalon 2 days ago

    Can I be part of filming crew? Will work for food.

  • Wackson Gaming
    Wackson Gaming 2 days ago

    You’re amazing

  • Mario Cesar Lerma Argueta

    What's up with the megaman esque music

    CORY SEXTON 3 days ago

    While he is really the best chef in the world nobody is better

  • Christian McClaine
    Christian McClaine 3 days ago

    "Thyme" to take it out

  • Nathaniel Bresnock
    Nathaniel Bresnock 4 days ago

    What was the oven temp??

  • The Ewok Lord
    The Ewok Lord 4 days ago

    What doesn’t Gordon Season?

  • Rolling Thunder
    Rolling Thunder 4 days ago

    No pickles?
    What the hell's a matter with you!

  • Oro
    Oro 5 days ago +1

    0:05 There HHUUEGHHHS to be fillet

  • Zippomustang05
    Zippomustang05 5 days ago

    Straight orgasmic

  • Sarah Bomber
    Sarah Bomber 6 days ago

    Imagine if Gordan became vegetarian

  • Aariyanna Moon
    Aariyanna Moon 6 days ago

    *bathes in olive oil*

  • Hasuki mave
    Hasuki mave 6 days ago

    those down thumbs.. go vegans!

  • Artem bless u
    Artem bless u 6 days ago

    Gordon when he fingers his wife :" 3 finger rule honey , 1 in front , 2 in the back , beautiful"

  • Kelly Gervais
    Kelly Gervais 7 days ago

    Oh ya!!

  • BluRR_PolarTyphoon
    BluRR_PolarTyphoon 7 days ago

    It looks delicious!

  • Johan van Meeuwen
    Johan van Meeuwen 7 days ago

    For f*cking BRUNCH?!

  • Gorilla Chilla
    Gorilla Chilla 7 days ago

    Generous with the olive oil

  • Naseeb Kozhikode
    Naseeb Kozhikode 7 days ago


    KNOCK -OUT 8 days ago

    I think Chef Ramsay should join Bear Grylls in a Survivor episode.

  • BlackPepper Kitchen
    BlackPepper Kitchen 8 days ago

    lovely steak sandwich

  • AsianAlex 123
    AsianAlex 123 8 days ago

    Imagine spending loads of money on this recipe just to try it out and not liking it to then find out you blew your credit card on it cuz you’re broke

  • cheertest cheertest
    cheertest cheertest 8 days ago

    I thought it said "ultimate fake sandwich" bad

  • caddilac19
    caddilac19 8 days ago +1

    how the fuck can u eat pink meat bleahhhhhhhhhh cook the damn meat stupid brit

  • Halbinoni
    Halbinoni 8 days ago

    5:54 "... and then, for extra richness, knobs of butter."
    Okay, I've buttered my penis and put it in the sandwich. Now what?

  • Lalitho Carmona
    Lalitho Carmona 9 days ago

    Ive never tasted medium rare meat

  • jeff Moosewaw Cardinal

    I'm sitting here with my PB&J ....................................

  • BotMe
    BotMe 9 days ago

    I love charcoal flavor

  • Alex Rumlover
    Alex Rumlover 9 days ago

    He's so good at chopping stuff! HOW?

  • Alex Rumlover
    Alex Rumlover 9 days ago

    He's so calm here, It's cool. I love his cooking tutorials

  • Stone Reaper
    Stone Reaper 9 days ago

    olive oil has became a gordon ramsay meme

  • Erico Slash
    Erico Slash 9 days ago

    Me: How to Massage?
    Gordon: Use OLIVE OIL then Massage💆👆

  • Monanche ?
    Monanche ? 9 days ago

    Im hungry now

  • V1per_ 226
    V1per_ 226 9 days ago

    Now im hungry good video

  • angxl aint here
    angxl aint here 9 days ago

    4:29 two shots of vodka

  • The uncle you’d Rather forget

    ‘I always found the best way to waterboard people is with some beautiful olive oil’

  • Scoox
    Scoox 10 days ago

    I feel sorry for the poor fuck whose job it is to clean up after the likes of Gordon Ramsey and Jaimie Oliver

  • Krypto
    Krypto 10 days ago +2

    I want gordon to butter my croissant

  • Josh Peters
    Josh Peters 10 days ago

    This lunch time snack probably exceeds my weekly shopping budget.

  • Jason O leary
    Jason O leary 11 days ago

    Gordon seasons his wifes pussy before he eats it

  • Sherif Myers
    Sherif Myers 11 days ago

    Just give me some steakums

  • Herr Vorragend
    Herr Vorragend 11 days ago

    i always thought olive oil and pepper should never be heated that much in a pan...

  • thy aztec gamer
    thy aztec gamer 11 days ago

    Jake from adventure time made a better version of this sandwich

  • Ronnie Patrick
    Ronnie Patrick 11 days ago

    Tooomaatoo I like the accent

  • tannyboy28
    tannyboy28 11 days ago

    Let the knife do the work

  • saleendriver
    saleendriver 11 days ago

    Love to see how Ramsay does his take on a Philly Cheesesteak......

    CHUNKT SNIPES 11 days ago

    So many people ruin steaks by not letting them sit

  • Do what you must, I have already won

    God that looks good.

  • Giancarlo D'Agnillo
    Giancarlo D'Agnillo 12 days ago

    at what temperature?

  • S4h4r4
    S4h4r4 12 days ago

    To be honest I prefer my bread layer not that Crispy for a burger when cutting into it

  • Petra J
    Petra J 12 days ago

    Looks great, But I would call that a bleeding gum sandwich

  • marramama a
    marramama a 12 days ago

    Que mania con la puta carne cruda

  • Drew
    Drew 12 days ago +1

    Comments are almost better than the video

  • Kennedy Mbogo
    Kennedy Mbogo 12 days ago

    The way he smiles at the end of the video...Gordon is really pleased.

  • razeen mohammed
    razeen mohammed 13 days ago +1

    Eighty ten minutes lol

  • Brandon Chen
    Brandon Chen 13 days ago


  • Wow Gret
    Wow Gret 13 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay's videos :
    2% = Actual cooking
    1% = Salt,pepper,garlic,butter
    97% = OLIVE OIL

  • LeSean Walston
    LeSean Walston 13 days ago

    All the idiots criticizing all the olive oil use realize that is not only the healthiest thing to use, but it decreases smoke and burning 👨‍🏫

  • c. wong
    c. wong 14 days ago

    3:57 THYME to take it out

  • WandomWill
    WandomWill 14 days ago

    Thats a tiny sandwich...

  • Kyle Schwin
    Kyle Schwin 14 days ago

    0:05 “It HAS to be filet”

  • FondDot
    FondDot 14 days ago

    Literally made my mouth nut

  • berry winston
    berry winston 15 days ago

    the beef would look better if it was well done

  • Aaron Aitchison
    Aaron Aitchison 15 days ago

    I hate Ramsey

    He makes me hungry

  • Tiffany Loccisano
    Tiffany Loccisano 16 days ago

    I need to stop binge watching these before bed. I just make myself hungry

  • Golden Terrorist
    Golden Terrorist 16 days ago

    I love your work so much

  • 57 Vette
    57 Vette 16 days ago

    This is how media gets you to believing your own bullshit......

  • Constant Mayhem
    Constant Mayhem 16 days ago

    Gordon uses oil for mouthwash

  • Jonny Just Blaze
    Jonny Just Blaze 16 days ago

    Me goin in the store askin for some RolceRoyce Steak😁

  • aldin 3103
    aldin 3103 16 days ago


  • MR. Saunders
    MR. Saunders 16 days ago

    That nigga Ramsey be whipping the pot .

  • angel rochel
    angel rochel 16 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey is a fucking beast

  • Qasim Malik
    Qasim Malik 16 days ago +5

    I just cried when he cut that steak😭🤤😭.
    Thank you,
    Gordan, you absolute legend.

  • Silver GMG
    Silver GMG 17 days ago

    I am 15 and follow cooking at school, ive always wanted to take something special to school to eat during our breaks

  • Stop Trolling
    Stop Trolling 17 days ago

    Looks good but I could crush 5 of those easy

  • Werner Haydam
    Werner Haydam 17 days ago

    I think Gordon teared up at the end

  • lfyfain
    lfyfain 17 days ago

    i would freak out with that much smoke in my kitchen and no fan running lol

  • Wolffen51
    Wolffen51 17 days ago

    and for the record I like my steak cooked well done...not medium rare

  • Wolffen51
    Wolffen51 17 days ago

    must be nice to have all that money he has to buy beef Tenderloin when it costs $25 per pound ...

  • Dati Bytyqi
    Dati Bytyqi 18 days ago

    Gordon please tell me at what temperature should i cook the steak in the oven?

  • Joe Heid
    Joe Heid 18 days ago

    Where's the cheeze wiz?

  • David Ochoa
    David Ochoa 18 days ago

    Breh imagine him rolling a blunt
    "You want to remove any stems as it may taste barbaric in your blunt "

  • David Melton
    David Melton 18 days ago

    The Steak Sandwich Recipe Is Delicious And It Will Be Added To Our Kitchen Recipe Book. Thanks Gordon For Sharing The Recipe With Our Family!

  • WeedEmOut
    WeedEmOut 18 days ago

    Gordon used that same oil and rubbed it all over his wife’s ass before he ate it

  • Harry Chen
    Harry Chen 19 days ago +6

    " Now roast that garlic". Proceeds to insult garlic

  • JB Kregs
    JB Kregs 19 days ago

    What kind of salt is he using?

  • Sebastian Oñoz
    Sebastian Oñoz 19 days ago

    Un tremendo Pan con bistec

  • Micaella Lumanlan
    Micaella Lumanlan 19 days ago

    *i have to restart mY pOtAtOeS.*

  • Fernando Lucero
    Fernando Lucero 19 days ago

    Who are the 1.7k assholes that hate America?

  • BoogazRetroGamingYT
    BoogazRetroGamingYT 19 days ago

    lmao the rolls Royce of steak "fill it" if thats how its pronounced im crazy, always said it as "fa lay"

    MRVIPERZXX 19 days ago

    Do i have my buzzon or did he just season bread ??