T.I., Killer Mike, Candace Owens, & More Talk: Black Agenda, Voting, & Donald Trump | REVOLT Summit

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
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    T.I., Killer Mike, Candace Owens, Steven Pargett Of Trap The Vote, Katrina Pierson, & Tamika D Mallory have an open and honest conversation about politics, and the culture we live in today.

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Comments • 53 378

  • Tito Perez
    Tito Perez 15 hours ago

    Whos that guy Tea-Eye he mentioned in the beginnin?

  • Jason Craveiro
    Jason Craveiro 16 hours ago

    This should have 4 million views

  • Jason Craveiro
    Jason Craveiro 16 hours ago

    I wonder why isn’t this getting more reviews?

  • Zachary Anderson
    Zachary Anderson 16 hours ago

    Seems white supremacy is only the law of the land to Democrats.... In my honest opinion, I believe affirmative action has run a muck more so than white supremacy ever has.

  • Saun Daugherty
    Saun Daugherty 18 hours ago

    I was watching your Netflix show. I am just telling you what I think, and I dont mean any offense to anyone... even though I am sure that someone will take offense to it. The reason why we cant make things work is that, when it comes to the success of our community... there are too many who want to be 'the main man' if you will. Instead, we should do things that make our children benefit with a community growth in their future... not ours. We, simply, have to change our thought pattern so that we do not hate on each others success, and work as a collaborative effort. We, as adults, wont do that. However, we can establish those ideas for our children. In short, our black community is not about one man or woman... it is about every man and woman. All are equally important. Until we wrap our minds around that... we are going to get screwed. And yeah... I'm mixed. However, according to my birth certificate... I've been black since 1976. I believe that I have the right to speak here, and i think it is beyond time for a unification of direction for all shades of black people. That is... humbly... what i think.

  • Danny Tat
    Danny Tat Day ago

    When blacks are on the panel there will always be yelling.

  • Danny Tat
    Danny Tat Day ago

    Let's get ready to ruuummmblle..... Really, that is the problem right there. As a host or a leader of a community, the most important voice should be a voice of unity and respect. If the first thing that comes out of your mouth is to fight then you have no idea how to bring people together. Go home and wait for instructions, you are done here.

  • Mumra 2K
    Mumra 2K Day ago

    12:36 Panda. Panda Panda Panda.

  • New Horizon
    New Horizon Day ago +2

    The crowd didn't clap when they said Trump over turned 3 strikes rule. TI, who's done time for weapon violation; didn't say one fkn thing about black on black violence, though he profits off it in his early music. Un fkn real.

  • Jim Beam
    Jim Beam Day ago

    I appreciate what Killer Mike is saying but with reference to the issue regarding young black men losing HOPE scholarships, we just have to teach kids to follow the rules regardless of how petty the rules are. We as black men have to be twice as better than anyone else to succeed.

  • Ryan Fehr
    Ryan Fehr Day ago

    Killer Mike for POTUS?

  • BroNathaniel _1
    BroNathaniel _1 Day ago

    Good job "Killer Mike"

  • BroNathaniel _1
    BroNathaniel _1 Day ago +1

    Candace is an amazing and smart woman !!! Well educated

  • Rational Thought and logic please

    I'd say the fact that TI is on the panel as a thought leader is part of the problem. Candace Owens is the only one spitting facts up there and nobody wants to hear it.

  • WingsOfTruth
    WingsOfTruth Day ago

    AT&T - speaks no more! FAKE GLOBALIST PAID !

  • SilentMovement 305

    You can't be Pro Black and be married to a white person

    • SilentMovement 305
      SilentMovement 305 Day ago

      Kio 316 Thats where you are wrong.
      I can never be racist since my group of people never oppressed another group of people.
      Prejudice yea n im proud of saying it.
      How can one Black Person not marry a person that looks like themselves n say im all bout reparations, financial freedom etc but sleep in bed wit the same kind of people that murdered my people. A white person WILL NEVER feel a Black Persons pain Can Never go through what a Black Person has gone through past ( through generational poverty, generational pain , generational misstreatment ) n present.
      It aint nonsense, nonsense is what ( all due respect but disagree) Martin Luther King was talking bout. Having my people dine and politic wit the same devils that hung castrated our very own people.
      Miseducation is one of the main factors why Black People fail. We were to caught up wit the white teachings on 5 day week period, to caught up wit sunday church gatherings. And none of those " educational " opportunities ever taught us Our Real History or any type of self economic empowerment but simply teaching us that this is the white way to do it and the ruler is the white man ( cuz they dont even view their women as equal) n that a white deity will some day come down n save us.

    • Kio 316
      Kio 316 Day ago

      First Of All, you are being "RACIST". Actual Racism. Second, yes you can because you have been living as a black person all your life. If you are gonna mention poverty its a different issue. Please educate yourself and stop spouting nonsense because it will just make black people look bad.

  • mike bell
    mike bell Day ago

    Candence is staying quiet, so she can set the bar later lol

  • Micah Burkman
    Micah Burkman Day ago

    Malcolm x was right. tvclip.biz/video/H3GQgW40C-M/video.html

  • Fly Music Group Tv
    Fly Music Group Tv Day ago +2

    Sad part is after all this discussion niggas will still be niggas

  • Micah Burkman
    Micah Burkman Day ago +4

    Killer Mike could be doing much more for the black community if he would come around to Candace and Katrina's view. Unfortunately he focuses more on the division of race, rather than races working together.

  • Mariam Nisa
    Mariam Nisa Day ago +1

    I feel so bad for Candace.

  • A Plus C LLC
    A Plus C LLC Day ago

    Why wasn’t David Banner here to get these people all the way together?

  • Love Lace
    Love Lace Day ago

    Voting is another fake process.. there’s no this side that side because they’re all friends and lovers.
    Half of them went to law school together, they will fight against each other on the floor and kiss each other behind closed doors.
    It’s a game .. the Republicans pillages through until we hit a depression/recession then the EC hands it over to the Democrats to repair and rebuild the economy and then the EC stems in and the cycle keeps going.
    If we Boycott Voting .. we’ll have Real Power to demand Protection from the Racial profiling, fearful murdering police.
    We can start our own wealth and businesses and schools

  • Dorian W
    Dorian W Day ago +1

    Wait why it cut out at this part??? Who Anthony somthin tvclip.biz/video/jyo_bFBfoOA/video.html

  • A Plus C LLC
    A Plus C LLC Day ago +1

    Not a single one of these people represents me or my interest...

  • Krock The Indigo
    Krock The Indigo Day ago +3

    Man this moderator aint even neutral'

  • Krock The Indigo
    Krock The Indigo Day ago +7

    Mike lost me with Bernie'

  • Anthonie Seymour
    Anthonie Seymour Day ago +1

    The same Marcus Garvey that took American Blacks to Liberia where they are some of the poorest in Africa? Blacks here are doing better than Blacks in any other country? We're all mad at America as a country, but we're doing better here than the blacks are doing there. Forget Marcus Garvey. Read some Booker T. Washington and what it takes to lift ourselves out of the slavery of poverty.

  • Fly Music Group Tv
    Fly Music Group Tv Day ago +2

    This shows us that white America has done good job of corrupting our women minds on us

  • Anna Leigh
    Anna Leigh Day ago +1

    The Democrats are going to straight up replace the black vote with the illegal alien vote, if they’re allowed to get power again....Candace Owens is right. Also, the parties never switched sides, seriously, imagine today... could the parties just start calling each other the opposite side ? No, that argument is stupid and it’s been debunked. The situation that started that dumbass rumor was 3 Democrats turned Republican because they were against slavery like the Republicans were against slavery. What did that leave on the Democrat party? Only pro-slavery people!! Research outside of your usual “bubble” if you’re a Democrat. Please. Socialism ( what Democrats want) = A job you can’t pick, forced on you by the government. Don’t show up? Jail time. Your paycheck has at LEAST 77% taken out that goes to the government before you even get your money!! The highest percentage on record is 93% out of your check to government!!!! Don’t believe the free shit promises, it’s lies. Sound good, or does it sound like a form of slavery? Democrats are NOT good for anyone, and they keep certain groups down in society.

  • Anthonie Seymour
    Anthonie Seymour Day ago +1

    Farrakhan has taught black men to hate. How's that benefit anyone? Farrakhan is an anti-Semitic and a general racist.

  • Anthonie Seymour
    Anthonie Seymour Day ago +1

    I don't know why Killer Mike suggested to research Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams. It's obvious that he doesn't follow them. Guaranteed that Candice does.

  • dd d
    dd d Day ago

    i love how many white people are in the comments defending candace. to the rest of the world she just seems like another unhinged black woman. the majority of people see her this way. she gives black women a bad name.

    • Joshua Chamberlain
      Joshua Chamberlain Day ago +1

      No that would be ignorant blacks like TI and most of that audience. This is a woman who testifies in front of Congress tell me how many people in that Room has done that. Also killah Mike ba k her up all the way so who is the ignant one here?

  • Nicky Tziotis-Guerrios

    Who is this guy with yellow he is useless

  • Ray Milligan
    Ray Milligan Day ago

    Mike wouldn't let her speak !

  • Xavier Miller
    Xavier Miller Day ago

    Killer Mike for the win

  • Ray Milligan
    Ray Milligan Day ago +1

    the Dems want the Illegals to vote, they love it , Candice is a Truth Machine , she points out Facts !

  • mlm2099
    mlm2099 Day ago

    Black mentally at its best.

  • Ryan Shelby
    Ryan Shelby Day ago

    Over 93% of black victim homicides are committed by perpetrators who are also black.
    In 2016, 16 unarmed black Americans were shot and killed by law-enforcement. That’s .0004% of black Americans. Meaning, you’re more likely to be struck by lightning then be an unarmed black person gunned down by a police officer in America.
    In 2019, it was 7.
    Numbers DO NOT lie. Please stop believing the media!

  • Erick Cazares
    Erick Cazares Day ago

    Killer Mike had the most coherence here. He harnessed emotion, facts and logic.

  • Erick Cazares
    Erick Cazares Day ago

    Wow, this is almost un-watchable. I'm starting to like the bumper sticker I saw awhile ago more and more. Meteor Crash 2020: Just end it already! 😂

  • Empire State Audits

    Wtf is that dumb bitch talking about the second speaker is retarded.

  • Empire State Audits

    So sad that African Americans dont realize that Candace Owens is right about the Democrats being the biggest issue.

  • Empire State Audits

    Tip sounds like an ignorant fuck.

  • roundedges2
    roundedges2 Day ago

    After Killer Mike gave the homework assignment, needed to close it up and come back, AFTER study. And give a quiz to get in. Who didn't study--don't be there.

  • wecome72
    wecome72 Day ago

    Ti...he has so many facts but is still that ignorant?

  • zj shando
    zj shando Day ago


  • Bluefeet
    Bluefeet Day ago

    That audience is a bunch of emotional retards man and that is exactly why we are so easily manipulated. You can disagree with someone without being disagreeable. This is so embarrassing to see and the rest of the world is watching. How the hell are we suppose to change our situation when we don't to listen to the facts. What is wrong with saying make America great again. to an educated ear who knows their true history meant when the true Native Americans now called black Americans ran this country. Facts!

  • A Garcia
    A Garcia Day ago

    TI is just there to spin things and keep Candence information from being herd! I'm lerning a lot of things Trump did for the black community that I wasn't aware of.

  • Bluefeet
    Bluefeet Day ago

    OMG I love Candace Owens. This lady have presidential tenancies. I would vote for her in a second. She tells the raw unadulterated truth and some people cannot handle it. We cannot keep voting democratic or republican to a fault. Illegal immigrants have taken over the fucking country and that is why our people cannot find any jobs that will hire is. They will hire a Juan before a Tanisha. I mean I have experience some straight up raw racism from these conquistador offspring. Mexicans hate black Americans and they don't like white Americans either. Candace is speaking facts that our vote will not matter in a few years because the Mexican/Spanish community have replaced us. They own more business than we do and their communities get more support and funding than ours. So pay attention to your neighborhoods people. You have Mexican restaurants and business in our community but no black people employed there and before you know they start moving in and buying up all the buildings and homes making that neighborhood predominantly Spanish. This is happening all over Chicago. I see and have experienced this agenda and because of that I do not support any Spanish businesses or restaurants and you shouldn't either. Stop supporting your own demise.

  • A Garcia
    A Garcia Day ago

    I think "let's get ready to rumble" is copy right infringement.

  • Amy K
    Amy K Day ago +1

    Getting anxiety watching this, poor Candace.
    TI is so ignorant, why is he even there

  • Mandems96
    Mandems96 Day ago +2

    This isn’t even a debate it’s just people shouting at each other 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Robert Stubblefield

    When people are ready to fight or stand for what really enslaves all of us, stop talking about black vs. White and start talking about the green slave owners. Money and the Federal reserve enslaves all Americans and makes us all slaves. Big picture man, come on limited hangout.

  • HPT Media
    HPT Media 2 days ago

    Killer Mike is king --

  • Michael Wayne
    Michael Wayne 2 days ago

    It doesn’t make sense to me that there saying that welfare paying more bc the father is absent Is somehow to keep the black community down. So black mothers are booting the dads for the check? Or having them to get a check with men that clearly wouldn’t hang around.To me without the help of the father bringing money in wouldn’t adding to your welfare be ideal? If they were trying to hurt black folks why pay anything at all? Also I’m white was raised with both parent went to a black school that I dropped out of where I was treated with racism for being one of few white people. Seems to me every race, and political party are just trying to gang together and see who can get who, when this platform could be really helpful it just sounds like they only care about the black community we need people that give a shit about everyone.

  • Jeff Dolmer
    Jeff Dolmer 2 days ago

    Jesus is the only way. Enough with the racism convos

  • Jeff Dolmer
    Jeff Dolmer 2 days ago

    Facts/truth over feelings😂
    Black people who are woke?😂😂
    These Blacks make themselves look funny

  • Mike Thompson
    Mike Thompson 2 days ago

    I love these two strong ass women for fighting against a bunch of dumb ass people on stage and the black sheep audience is embarrassing. Black on black crime continues and rich black people are the killers. SMDH. God Bless you Candace Owens.

  • Ricky Richardson
    Ricky Richardson 2 days ago +1

    Michael could be PRESIDENT..