Gordon Ramsay Steak


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  • George Mollohan
    George Mollohan 5 months ago

    why does GR look so odd here

  • Dwi Djoko
    Dwi Djoko 8 months ago

    Tried the dry-aged one Dec2017. Even the one-month to three-month one so tasty. Worthed though pricey. Dont argue! Micheln class.

  • steffen r
    steffen r 9 months ago

    Hope they just edited out the rest time

  • Canuck88
    Canuck88 Year ago

    none in NYC anymore

  • Eddie Gooden
    Eddie Gooden Year ago

    Fuck. Shouldn't have watched this when I'm high as a falcon.

  • sfdtjr
    sfdtjr Year ago


  • Abitamim Bharmal
    Abitamim Bharmal Year ago

    Hee hee hee hee hee

  • Dmitri
    Dmitri Year ago

    Egg-wash?? You must mean "the most amazing Egg-wash."

  • Rollingtreesgenetics

    Looks terrible

  • Bravo GotSwag
    Bravo GotSwag Year ago

    Sexy steak man

  • PRiMENuVaL
    PRiMENuVaL Year ago

    Its very pink, its not cook yet! thake your time boy

    • peen dawg
      peen dawg Year ago

      First of all, your grammar is shit.
      Second, the beef is not raw, it's actually cooked perfectly

  • NG Slot
    NG Slot Year ago

    I was here a lot of time,and i can say this is my first favorite place for dinner !

  • Taxi's Capati
    Taxi's Capati Year ago

    Beef auckland next

  • LV
    LV Year ago

    I was underwhelmed by the beef Wellington I got at this restaurant. The one I made at home was better.

  • Light
    Light Year ago

    where’s the lamb sauce?

  • бесшумный снайпер


  • Adzman Abdul Wahab

    its still rawwww u donkey

  • Bryan L
    Bryan L Year ago

    just check the menu online, 56 USD for the wellington and such a small portion . fuck outta here

  • Alpha Omega
    Alpha Omega Year ago


  • Gordon Jeff
    Gordon Jeff Year ago

    Imagine him showing up to one of his restaurant for kitchen nightmares

  • garayjayemt
    garayjayemt Year ago

    "Wheres the lamb sauuuce??!"

  • Bread man
    Bread man Year ago

    people be like "omg that so small"

  • Juan Salirrosas
    Juan Salirrosas Year ago +2

    Thee thalt

  • IcyGV
    IcyGV Year ago

    My name was Keven and change to khevin

  • John D
    John D Year ago +10

    0:49 Gordon Ramsay has 16 Michelin Stars !

  • Maria Lopez
    Maria Lopez Year ago


  • Hugo Chan
    Hugo Chan Year ago

    Gordon Ramsay said that Beef wellington don't require any technique in an interview

  • Charles Shi
    Charles Shi 2 years ago

    Wait grs head chef isn't christina

  • rosesaler
    rosesaler 2 years ago

    Its pink and uncooked. How can you eat that?

    • Trevor
      Trevor Year ago

      It's rare you idiot.Do you eat your fucking steak at 180 F? Do you like the texture of rubber?

    • K N
      K N Year ago

      rosesaler moron

  • Alex
    Alex 2 years ago +2

    there's only one problem...ITS RAWWW!

  • Ian May Madron
    Ian May Madron 2 years ago

    "Chef Gordon and I, We Collaborate on the Menu. He has some ideas that he want to put on the menu, and ill just kinda work within his idea, or i have an idea and we'll kinda bounce it back and fort until he wins"
    -that what it should be.

  • Guillermo patiño
    Guillermo patiño 2 years ago

    recipe for the brown sauce please

  • Buck Buck
    Buck Buck 2 years ago

    fuck that cunt Ramsey

  • Anthony Gabriele
    Anthony Gabriele 2 years ago


  • Ice The masked
    Ice The masked 2 years ago


  • Rahim Khan
    Rahim Khan 2 years ago

    It's fucking raw inside

  • Bludika
    Bludika 2 years ago

    hes a bit sloppy, no attention to detail like the way Ramsay does

    • anthony26812
      anthony26812 Month ago

      yeah cuz you would know what that looks like

  • Ken Alcoriza
    Ken Alcoriza 2 years ago

    Gordon mentality loool

  • Jack 'The Lad' Stevens

    I'd tell him to take that back, I don't want my steak that pink in the middle may as well not bother cooking it at all. For me, my personal taste is medium/medium well depending on the size of the steak, if it's a big piece of rib eye beef then it's medium well and for a smaller rib eye cut it's medium.

    • Jim Pimmers
      Jim Pimmers 2 years ago

      If you weren't retarded you would realize I wasn't speaking to you to begin with.

    • Reoa
      Reoa 2 years ago

      Jim Pimmers So mature

    • Jim Pimmers
      Jim Pimmers 2 years ago

      You lick them after wet taco shits.

    • Reoa
      Reoa 2 years ago

      Jim Pimmers I actually dont eat assholes

    • Reoa
      Reoa 2 years ago


  • andre courreges
    andre courreges 2 years ago

    u forgot to brush bt with English mustard , then mushroom duxelle and prociutto must be all around beef , puff pastry is FUCKING RAW!!!!!....

  • Nik Murphy
    Nik Murphy 2 years ago

    Oh, get real. It's a dish that Gordon Ramsay is proud of and if you disagree then you can fuck off you donut!

  • Almighty So
    Almighty So 2 years ago +1

    White people like their meat raw

  • omwtfyb
    omwtfyb 2 years ago

    To the people who are crying about people saying, "ITSS FUCKING RAWWWW," It's a fucking joke for fuck sakes. Clearly you guys don't watch Gordon Ramsay's shows.

  • Genuwine6799G
    Genuwine6799G 2 years ago

    I go to Vegas every year and tried to get into a Ramsey steakhouse and jam packed, went to the Olives but later this year I'm trying a beef Wellington

  • Malek Merdad
    Malek Merdad 2 years ago

    where is the mustard ?

  • Histewy
    Histewy 2 years ago

    is Hee a good cook?

  • Mike
    Mike 2 years ago

    i just ate here last week.

  • Chill Bill
    Chill Bill 2 years ago

    Its fucking Raw!

  • hien le
    hien le 2 years ago


  • hien le
    hien le 2 years ago

    Ramsey makes 300 k per restaurant a year just with his name, i loathe it

  • hien le
    hien le 2 years ago

    400 a night at 40$ that's 16000 x 365= 5840000

  • Dukie Blade
    Dukie Blade 2 years ago

    Been there, good place with expensive stuff for small portions. A place where you bring a date eat small because you're gonna bang later type of place. If you're starving there is a nice chipotle 2 blocks down.
    I'd say 7/10 for microscopic portions (even by european standards)
    10/10 athmosphere

  • Hellzyead
    Hellzyead 2 years ago +5

    Shitty service, salty as a motherfucker with that volcanic sea salt, and $25 for a bottle of water ...

    • omwtfyb
      omwtfyb 2 years ago +5

      You should have shoved that bottle up your ass

    • Hellzyead
      Hellzyead 2 years ago +1

      I'm glad i could give your life meaning by you commenting on my comment ... in the meantime, crawl your worthless gay ass back under your rock, cockgobbler :D

    • omwtfyb
      omwtfyb 2 years ago +2

      Should have shoved it up your ass

  • ugie88
    ugie88 2 years ago

    damn im hungry now

  • Xzel Pelonia
    Xzel Pelonia 2 years ago

    How much? Like 300$?

  • Nukkeproof Turnup
    Nukkeproof Turnup 2 years ago

    Wheres the lamb sauce!?

  • Alonso Arreola
    Alonso Arreola 2 years ago

    Where is the "DONEEEEEEE"

  • Bubby Brown
    Bubby Brown 2 years ago

    You forgot the lamb sauce

  • Abdullah Saud
    Abdullah Saud 2 years ago

    saltbae makes the best steak

  • Charlie Knight
    Charlie Knight 2 years ago

    Shouldn't there be some shitter from Hell's Kitchen in that position instead 😂😂