The Dynamic Ebbinghaus

  • Published on May 19, 2014
  • 1srt prize winner of the 2014 Best Illusion of The Year Contest
    Christopher D. Blair, Gideon P. Caplovitz, and Ryan E.B. Mruczek
    University of Nevada Reno, USA, USA
    The Dynamic Ebbinghaus takes a classic, static size illusion and transforms it into a dynamic, moving display. A central circle, which stays the same size, appears to change size when it is surrounded by a set of circles that grow and shrink over time. Interestingly, this effect is relatively weak when looking directly at a stationary central circle. But if you look away from the central circle or move your eyes, or if the entire stimulus move across the screen, then the illusory effect is surprisingly strong -- at least twice as large as the classic, static Ebbinghaus illusion.

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  • celinhobrasil
    celinhobrasil 2 years ago

    Mind mind can´t believe on that! But wen i block the vision on those circles around....then i see only the circle on the center. That way my mind does believe!!! Awesome!

  • Dragon_Nya
    Dragon_Nya 3 years ago


  • kaykemqs
    kaykemqs 4 years ago


  • NaNo
    NaNo 4 years ago

    Meeu deeeuus!! Kkk

  • G C
    G C 5 years ago

    Thank you for enjoying our illusion. You can read more about the underlying principal that we call: Dynamic Illusory Size Contrast by reading our recent Open Access Peer-Reviewed paper published in the Journal of Vision:
    We have more empirical work in the pipeline that we look forward to sharing in the near future. In the meantime feel free to visit our lab website:

    • Tom Kennedy
      Tom Kennedy 5 years ago

      I wish it lasted longer - hard to experiment with the illusion in only 5 seconds