POWERFUL Boeing 777 Takeoffs From CLOSE UP | Sydney Airport Plane Spotting

  • Published on Mar 15, 2018
  • Sydney Airport features an amazing variety of B777 flights that can be seen throughout the day. It's by far one of the most thrilling aircraft to view because of the sheer power produced by the worlds biggest jet engines; the GE90s. The incredibly loud whine of the engines as it flies past never fails to amaze!
    Featured in this video is the majority of regular Boeing 777 operators that serve Sydney. It's taken from a few vantage points to showcase the power of these huge birds from different perspectives!
    Without further ado, I hope you enjoy!
    00:22 | Air Canada Boeing 777-200LR Takeoff to Vancouver
    00:57 | Delta Airlines Boeing 777-200LR Takeoff to Los Angeles
    01:42 | Virgin Australia Boeing 777-300ER Takeoff to Los Angeles
    02:30 | Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-200ER landing from Singapore
    02:58 | Emirates SkyCargo Boeing 777-200LRF Takeoff to Hong Kong
    03:59 | Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER Takeoff to Hong Kong
    05:04 | Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Takeoff to Singapore | Star Alliance Livery
    07:03 | British Airways Boeing 777-300ER Takeoff to London via Singapore
    08:00 | Air New Zealand Boeing 777-200ER Takeoff to Auckland
    Airport: Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport [ YSSY / SYD ]
    Country: Australia
    Spotting locations: International Carpark, Swamps Road, Domestic Carpark
    Camera: Panasonic HC VXF995
    External Mic: Rode VideoMic Pro + Deadcat
    Editing Software: Adobe Premier Pro CC
    Tripod: Libec LX7 Tripod System
    Facebook - HD-Melbourne-Aviation-1665713550335569
    Google+ - plus.google.com/b/112121946864481385641/+HDMelbourneAviation?pageId=112121946864481385641
    Instagram - hd_melbourne_aviation
    This footage is property of HD Melbourne Aviation and can not be used without permission from HD Melbourne Aviation.
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  • Joao Carlos Bueno dos Santos

    This quality of filming is unbelievable. It's amazing that we watch this for free.

  • Dhony Rifaddin
    Dhony Rifaddin 7 months ago

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      Dhony Rifaddin 7 months ago

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  • Agobakwe Mokgoko
    Agobakwe Mokgoko 8 months ago

    Best plane spotting TVclip channel.

  • Vlado
    Vlado 9 months ago

    These huge birds really fascinate...
    I appreciate it !
    Thank You so much dear HD Melbourne Aviation for Your decent job !

  • apgardude
    apgardude Year ago

    Excellent shot of the semi-levered gears in-action! Look at 8:18: just as the gear doors begin to open for the retract sequence, the gear trucks rotate toe-down. This was an ingenious Boeing solution to decrease tailstrike risk and increase rotation pitch (and therefore gross takeoff weight) with the lengthened 777-300 fuselage. By locking the gear trucks parallel to the fuselage on takeoff, the plane rotates on the axle of the rear pair of tires, effectively lengthening the gear strut WITHOUT having to raise the plane higher when compared with the original 777-200. Then -- to fit within the existing-design wheel wells -- the gears unlock and tip toe-down prior to retraction. Very cool -- thank you.

  • cell pat
    cell pat Year ago +3

    NOW WE ARE TALKING! this is how you catch powerful takeoffs!
    Great job! 👍

  • Tommy Harkin
    Tommy Harkin Year ago

    When was the footage of the DL777 taken? I might know the FO on that flight.

  • Amanda Milford
    Amanda Milford Year ago

    Outstanding quality filming. Such a pleasure to watch 😍

  • Ted Everett
    Ted Everett Year ago +2

    I've watched several of your videos now and the quality of the photography is really excellent. Keep it up!

  • ReverseThrustAviation

    Why I love the 777: 0:00-8:58 ^^

  • Plane Trekka
    Plane Trekka Year ago

    Awesome compilation mate, really enjoyed it! Huge 👍

  • emercycrite
    emercycrite Year ago

    The GE90 is the most beautiful engine in the world

  • YMML Plane Spotting

    Incredible compilation!! Amazing angles and stunning sound!! Fantastic filming and quality!! Massive like!!

    • HD Melbourne Aviation
      HD Melbourne Aviation  Year ago

      Thanks a lot man! There's some great angles around Sydney, hopefully you're able to explore a bit on your next trip!

  • Kage Krôss
    Kage Krôss Year ago

    What an awesome video! Very stable footage. One of the best aviation channels on TVclip. I wonder why I am not subscribed yet. Gotta hit that sub button.

  • Michel
    Michel Year ago


  • Norges Spottingchannel

    Beautiful compilation! The 777 is surely always an impressive sight! Liked!

  • Ryon Atkinson
    Ryon Atkinson Year ago


  • fdesmet2nerds
    fdesmet2nerds Year ago

    HD Melbourne Aviation... I doubt I shall ever find a better collection of plane spotting videos on youtube. Or anywhere else, for that matter. What a brilliant set of work. Do tell: by what sort of black magic do you manage to produce such silky smooth long-lens shots?

    • HD Melbourne Aviation
      HD Melbourne Aviation  Year ago

      Truely appreciate that mate, thank you so much! Nothing too magical, just a sturdy tripod and a touch of post stabilisation to patch up a few of the jitters you get when you film with long focal lengths

  • Nick Stamelos
    Nick Stamelos Year ago

    Absolutely stunning video!!

  • DaNihsel
    DaNihsel Year ago

    Hear those GE90s roar. Great to see some action from them.

  • gangster3591
    gangster3591 Year ago

    Spectacular, professional quality, big like. 777 forever!

  • Aviation Videos
    Aviation Videos Year ago

    My favourite scene and spot is at 2:35 amazing video, liked and have a good weekend.

    • HD Melbourne Aviation
      HD Melbourne Aviation  Year ago

      Thanks mate! I was surprised that the footage worked out for the SQ 772. It started raining which destroyed the visibility and it rotated miles before the others!

  • AJ Aviation
    AJ Aviation Year ago

    Nice video mate! Loved the different spots that you chose! The 777 is an amazing Aircraft to film, and the sound of them are amazing! And also love to see some more Sydney videos come out! Sadly Melbourne doesn’t get all the 777 like British airways, and Delta. But amazing video! Massive like!!

    • HD Melbourne Aviation
      HD Melbourne Aviation  Year ago

      Thanks a lot mate! Always a treat to see the 777s in action, its the only twin engined aircraft that captures my attention haha! Plenty more Sydney footage to come! Yeah its a shame that Melbourne doesnt get a few of the good 777s that Sydney gets, although we have a few that they don't have ;)

  • Brendan Bayer
    Brendan Bayer Year ago

    Noticed the AirCanada undercarriage doors did not close together

  • TimSchone
    TimSchone Year ago

    Nice filmed and that nz104 sound

  • TheHDAviation
    TheHDAviation Year ago +2

    Excellent compilation of 777 action, it's always impressive to see these powerful heavies in action!

    • HD Melbourne Aviation
      HD Melbourne Aviation  Year ago

      Thanks a lot mate! Sure is, they're the only twin engined aircraft that can capture my attention these days!

  • Planes123
    Planes123 Year ago

    Huge thanks for your hard work and for sharing. Super Like!

  • AvGeek NZ
    AvGeek NZ Year ago +1

    Loved the AC B77L and Air New Zealand B772 my favourite 777s

    • HD Melbourne Aviation
      HD Melbourne Aviation  Year ago +1

      Two huge highlights for me too! Air New Zealand in particular because you're able to catch it using 34R which has some awesome spots!

  • Kerryn Carter
    Kerryn Carter Year ago

    Thank you very much. Love them all. Wow!!! That Emirates is one giant machine.

  • Michelle Murphy
    Michelle Murphy Year ago

    Gorgeous! One of my favourite airliners! THANKS!!

  • CreeperXSR Aviation

    I’m at lane cove tourist park and seeing the GE90s fly over is just amazing
    I’m seeing every 777 in this video..and also I’m seeing 380-330 A340 and all the planes that go to Sydney

  • EtihadLovers 463
    EtihadLovers 463 Year ago

    Loved that virgin one!

  • ANU Aviation
    ANU Aviation Year ago


  • Syed Hoque
    Syed Hoque Year ago

    Love the British Airways 777. :-)

  • atlubeck Aviation

    Amazing 777 takeoff compilation! Gorgeous aircraft and filming! Liked!

  • jelmerpilotHD
    jelmerpilotHD Year ago

    What a wonderful video mate! I love this view! Thanks for sharing man! Liked!

    • jelmerpilotHD
      jelmerpilotHD Year ago

      Sadly not! It was raining that day and I didn't know about this spot!

    • HD Melbourne Aviation
      HD Melbourne Aviation  Year ago

      Thanks a lot mate! Did you manage to check it out whilst you were in Sydney?

  • German Korb
    German Korb Year ago

    Fantastic video!

  • CSpotting
    CSpotting Year ago

    The Triple Seven is an absolutely impressive aircraft, especially those versions equipped with GE90 engines! Looks like SYD gets a nice variety of 777 airlines, liked a lot! :)

    • HD Melbourne Aviation
      HD Melbourne Aviation  Year ago

      Sure is an impressive aircraft! All 3 engine types are amazing on the 777s I reckon, cant get enough of the lot! Sydney sure does get a nice variety of them! Thanks guys!

  • Dave Glo
    Dave Glo Year ago

    Fantastic! The Air New Zealand flight didn’t appear to use any runway!

    • HD Melbourne Aviation
      HD Melbourne Aviation  Year ago

      Thanks Dave! I cut out a fair bit of the takeoff roll because I was struck with a few big gusts of wind

  • Hiro's Aviation
    Hiro's Aviation Year ago

    Those overheads are preeeeeeeeeettty

  • Willamis Bezerra
    Willamis Bezerra Year ago

    Interesting video, very beautiful. Congratulations.

  • ASJE Aviation HQ
    ASJE Aviation HQ Year ago

    OMG Yes! Brilliant video, gotta love those GE-90's! Please do a video like this, but of the 787 Dreamliner. Liked!

    • HD Melbourne Aviation
      HD Melbourne Aviation  Year ago

      Thanks mate! The GE90s are magic along with the Trents ;)
      Sure thing, I should hopefully have enough Dreamliner footage to whip something together!

    • AvGeek NZ
      AvGeek NZ Year ago

      ASJE Aviation HQ How about the Air New Zealand B772 with the sexy Trent engines 😏😏

  • German Aviation
    German Aviation Year ago

    Wow, you zoomed in the aircraft and never had a shake or wobble the camera, nice job!

  • dfens360
    dfens360 Year ago

    Brilliant work HD, another amazing video, of the best aircraft in the sky. Liked. Keep up the good work.

    • HD Melbourne Aviation
      HD Melbourne Aviation  Year ago

      Thanks a lot mate! Have to agree with you there, definitely one of the best around!

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  • Exo Penetration
    Exo Penetration Year ago +1

    Love the Air Canada in the old colours!

    • HD Melbourne Aviation
      HD Melbourne Aviation  Year ago

      Same, they brought some much needed colour to the terminals!

    • Syed Hoque
      Syed Hoque Year ago

      Soon all Air Canada 777s will be repainted in their new Delta Airlines colour scheme.

  • Fernousdu972 HD Aviation

    Amazing footage as always. Love the GE90 sound! Thanks for sharing!

  • Dee Plane
    Dee Plane Year ago +1

    Lovin’ these Sydney videos. Nice one getting the NZ 772 off 34R!

    • HD Melbourne Aviation
      HD Melbourne Aviation  Year ago +1

      Fantastic to hear that! I was really glad to have caught something bigger than a 737 on that runway haha!

  • Becker Aviation
    Becker Aviation Year ago

    Outstanding footage, love how much 777 is there. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Erratic Jeff99
    Erratic Jeff99 Year ago

    Wow nice video

  • László Vígh
    László Vígh Year ago

    Nagyon jó videó Gratulálok! ✈️🛬🛫

  • ThePerthAviator
    ThePerthAviator Year ago

    That sound of the engine was 😍. Love the B777s

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    V1 Aviation Year ago +2

    Sublime sound and footage mate!....brilliant work, Big Like 👍

  • JB Aviation
    JB Aviation Year ago

    Brilliant work mate. I love the sound of the 777's engine. Great quality and smooth footage so relaxing to watch. Amazing job mate i appreciate that vid

  • PlaneSpottingBerlin ✈ Aviation Videos

    They are always smoother than the smoothest landing i have seen so far! GREAT JOB!!
    (I will be spotting in MEL+SYD next month, my first trip from Europe to Aussi) :D

    • HD Melbourne Aviation
      HD Melbourne Aviation  Year ago

      Thanks a lot man, really appreciate it! Always trying to improve the smoothness where I can! Wow thats awesome, both airports offer some great opportunities for footage! If you need any advice with spots, what comes when etc, feel free to chuck me a message on Instagram

  • Smart Vibes
    Smart Vibes Year ago

    Sucks QANTAS doesn't have any 777's, gotta get our fix from all the other airlines flying their heavies in, in this day and age that's unacceptable :-) Should have bought 777's instead of the A380's. And speaking of the 380's when are they going to put them on the Sydney to Melbourne route, could probably ease some congestion with a well timed gate slot.

    • HD Melbourne Aviation
      HD Melbourne Aviation  Year ago

      Thats actually I really good idea, if Qantas ever get their remaining A380s that they've ordered, atleast one could easily be justified to be restricted to the SYD-MEL leg. They could free up a lot of their A330s constantly flying the route and expand internationally with them too.

  • Lee’s Aviation
    Lee’s Aviation Year ago

    There are still B747
    I thought they were extinct in 2014

  • manchestair
    manchestair Year ago

    very nice video! I like the T7 but my favourite is the A346 :)

    • manchestair
      manchestair Year ago

      are there coming much a340s to sydney?
      have you ever been on the a340?

    • HD Melbourne Aviation
      HD Melbourne Aviation  Year ago

      Thanks a lot mate! I'm with you on that one, although the 777s are awesome, I like the A345/6s a lot better

  • Vito John Amato
    Vito John Amato Year ago