• Published on Nov 3, 2015
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Comments • 3 158

  • KaleTrolling
    KaleTrolling 15 days ago

    Anyone 2019?

  • Zach Lirst
    Zach Lirst 11 months ago


  • SlimGucciMayne
    SlimGucciMayne Year ago


  • TANDO benya
    TANDO benya Year ago

    Am prestige master so its not spoiler for me😉

  • Bilal Sheikh
    Bilal Sheikh Year ago

    2 days left😊😄😆😆

  • Hamdan Rashed
    Hamdan Rashed Year ago


  • beest The YouTube
    beest The YouTube 2 years ago


  • ItsNoahScott
    ItsNoahScott 2 years ago

    I made it to prestige 6 (but then I reset) & in zombies I'm prestige 2.

  • Knasigt
    Knasigt 2 years ago

    2017 throwback, anyone?

  • Its_Infinityy
    Its_Infinityy 2 years ago

    2:35 Medusa!

  • phantom night
    phantom night 3 years ago

    3 and 10

  • Goated Chris
    Goated Chris 3 years ago

    number 6 number 6

  • The Cock
    The Cock 3 years ago

    u said #6 twice and u forgot #7 u just went to #8

  • Xaiver Bennett
    Xaiver Bennett 3 years ago

    I'm at p1 lvl 40 bout to be a p2 soon

  • Kreze202
    Kreze202 3 years ago

    that is more brtter than the original one

  • byron norris
    byron norris 3 years ago

    happen to me

  • Dawson Rocha
    Dawson Rocha 3 years ago

    It isnt purple it is red

  • stephen collins
    stephen collins 3 years ago

    is this what entertainment means now? all you have to do is say what I can already see ( green dragon, blue eyes) say you really like it and that's classed as content.

  • ????? r.I.p Hans solo
    ????? r.I.p Hans solo 3 years ago

    these look like Greek mythology

  • 屍鬼
    屍鬼 3 years ago

    why do the emblems remind me of God of War?

  • Man like Rivy
    Man like Rivy 3 years ago

    +josh medina thx for finding out

  • Fred Smoove
    Fred Smoove 3 years ago

    I saw every prestige accept 11

  • Mono Kuma
    Mono Kuma 3 years ago

    Your channel is cancer lmao.

  • ding nico
    ding nico 3 years ago

    I love the hydra

  • Dragonking0001
    Dragonking0001 3 years ago

    I run into players as high as level 300 they must be Hacking/Modding TRASH then I don't play black ops 3 much because there are way to many of cheaters on that NEW game

  • Joey W. *Rise*
    Joey W. *Rise* 3 years ago

    I'm so sad that 11th prestige is the only one that's purple

    • globoymarls
      globoymarls 3 years ago

      It's red not purple this was before the game actually came out

  • Tyrone B.
    Tyrone B. 3 years ago

    They dont look like that


    look at doge in the top left😂

  • Andrea Mendi
    Andrea Mendi 3 years ago

    sono italiano fottetevi

  • Alexis garcia
    Alexis garcia 3 years ago

    when you get prestige master can u go into a higher levels

  • Guillermo Garcia
    Guillermo Garcia 3 years ago

    Where did you get the hat from?

  • Lesley Brown
    Lesley Brown 3 years ago

    Blue dragon

  • Jaimyn Harrington
    Jaimyn Harrington 3 years ago

    im prestiged 1 on bo3 and im level 19 im gonna be prestige 2 in one week

  • rushilahluwalia7
    rushilahluwalia7 3 years ago

    7th is my favourite, I am prestige 4 right now

  • Jude The Man
    Jude The Man 3 years ago

    Anyone noticed that he says number 6 twice

  • Redrockgamer _
    Redrockgamer _ 3 years ago

    The. 5 looks like orax from destiny the taken king

  • Franco
    Franco 3 years ago

    You said number 6 twice

  • James 25
    James 25 3 years ago

    I am master prestige with dark matter unlocked for ps4 add me on kik jamesmohite007

    • Jaimyn Harrington
      Jaimyn Harrington 3 years ago

      My user name is cozy-sniper246 please add me and just asking did you have someone mod your account

  • gamingbendy36
    gamingbendy36 3 years ago

    A lot of those emblems are based around Greek mythology I looks like cause (Hydra) (Minotaur) (madausa) (crybes)or the three headed hell hound

  • Rapid_YAZZ ツ
    Rapid_YAZZ ツ 3 years ago

    Thanks I really wanted to no that

  • Kai Morrison
    Kai Morrison 3 years ago

    It goes to 1000 after prestige 10 I'm 119

    • Justinhulk
      Justinhulk 3 years ago

      +Kaitlyn Morrison What level are you now?

  • NeedsMoreMoe
    NeedsMoreMoe 3 years ago

    Damn your one ugly ass chick.

  • Reborn Legacy
    Reborn Legacy 3 years ago

    I like number 10

  • Tawmis
    Tawmis 3 years ago

    the 3rd one is a clown LOL

  • Máté Mindák
    Máté Mindák 3 years ago

    there are 47 prestiges not 11

    RAPIDGAMR 3 years ago +1

    Number 10 im a huge Red fan n___n

  • Andrew Norman
    Andrew Norman 3 years ago

    You missed 7

  • Sangha Sangha
    Sangha Sangha 3 years ago

    U skipped 7

  • Richard Berthel
    Richard Berthel 3 years ago

    today is DECEMBER 13 and im presteige is 6 its alittle disappointing that tgey may not add more

  • Richard Berthel
    Richard Berthel 3 years ago

    today is DECEMBER 13 and im presteige is 6 its alittle disappointing that tgey may not add more

  • aranf
    aranf 3 years ago

    Pause it at 1:36

  • Sir Zero
    Sir Zero 3 years ago

    Personally my favorite
    at the moment would have to be Prestige 10 because in my eyes it looks like the cleanest one

  • xRs Gangster
    xRs Gangster 3 years ago

    I like 8th prestige and 9th

  • Asil Naif
    Asil Naif 3 years ago

    Commander is the best. ( my opinion)

  • Brandon Dorito
    Brandon Dorito 3 years ago

    Prestige 6 looks sick

  • Brody thorson
    Brody thorson 3 years ago

    you mist 7?

  • Gabelovesgames
    Gabelovesgames 3 years ago

    #9 kinda looks like a weird cerberus from the Greek legends

  • iOwn
    iOwn 3 years ago

    Master Prestige Glitch + Dark Matter camo For 5usd PayPal or 10 psn card. Hmu on Kik iOwwnn.

  • Okko Karvonen
    Okko Karvonen 3 years ago

    @2:24 shoulve left that red skull out lol

  • Cythekid
    Cythekid 3 years ago

    These emblems are greek mythology

  • NWK HuntDown
    NWK HuntDown 3 years ago

    I was thinking about not even prestiging, but after seeing prestige 10... ummm I MUST HAVE CERBERUS

  • Sly Cooper
    Sly Cooper 3 years ago

    2:11 That looks like a finnish lion in their ice hockey shirts in the world cups

  • Deena
    Deena 3 years ago

    I really like 8 but 10 is the best one by far. I really like prestige master and I wanna get there but I'm tempted to stop at 10.

  • Dj Rogers
    Dj Rogers 3 years ago

    hey alia love your youtube videos there the best :)

  • Sensational Beats
    Sensational Beats 3 years ago

    Prestige 6 looks like the lion from Barclays premier league

  • Daniel Dymkov
    Daniel Dymkov 3 years ago

    they are changed

  • Distorted Memes
    Distorted Memes 3 years ago

    the mstr prstg skull is accually red but you can change the mstr prstg color and have it pink skull

    SALLAD 3 years ago

    TBH Prestige 11 looks disgusting. Prestige 10 looks beast!

  • Cody Bellmore
    Cody Bellmore 3 years ago

    hey do you get a custom class for every stage prestige? like if you were 10th would u have the 5 basic and 10 more?

  • Spacca Teschi
    Spacca Teschi 3 years ago

    I saw a master prestige online

  • Tortanator ASM
    Tortanator ASM 3 years ago

    Hey, Ali A, you are amazing!

  • I likemagicalpugs
    I likemagicalpugs 3 years ago

    PSN: SkilledGosu looking for a trick shot or quick scoping team

  • iwp m
    iwp m 3 years ago

    I like prestige 6 and 10

  • Dutch Prank Nation
    Dutch Prank Nation 3 years ago

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  • Riley Jones
    Riley Jones 3 years ago

    does he not know what these are?

  • Degit
    Degit 3 years ago


  • Korsal
    Korsal 3 years ago


  • boonstori
    boonstori 3 years ago

    I got it bro

  • Charlie Haro
    Charlie Haro 3 years ago

    prestige 9 looks like madus

  • Mathew Woody
    Mathew Woody 3 years ago

    last one is master perstige im on master perstige

  • UnionJxck
    UnionJxck 3 years ago

    if you guys would like to know more about black ops 3 scorestreaks check my newest video. it has a good review..

  • Peck
    Peck 3 years ago

    i like 4 6 7 10 and the three headed red one! i wish i had a xbox one...

  • Jan Wesdijk
    Jan Wesdijk 3 years ago

    I like 5 and 11

  • Laura Shreve
    Laura Shreve 3 years ago

    It reminds me of Greek gods and stuff like that

  • Harris Iswahyudi
    Harris Iswahyudi 3 years ago

    He said 6th twice

  • zWolfx
    zWolfx 3 years ago

    can you spell Ali a with your eyes closed Alo s I did bad

  • Royal Vaqr
    Royal Vaqr 3 years ago

    Have you 'Ali' and viewers thought that those "Prestige Emblem's" might be fake. Those didn't look that real by the look atm, but hey, i might be wrong so no accusations against me!:) GREAT VID AGAIN AIKEN!:D

  • Connor Stevens
    Connor Stevens 3 years ago

    P2 is the only nice emblem.

  • Lionheart XV
    Lionheart XV 3 years ago

    Ali A thinks he's a G! hha

  • HunTingLess
    HunTingLess 3 years ago

    i like 10th perstige the beast

  • Edward William Ferguson

    love how they are all Greek mythology 👑

  • Iddybombastic
    Iddybombastic 3 years ago

    some of them are greek myths

  • Oliver Desjonqueres
    Oliver Desjonqueres 3 years ago

    onede4dpixel sub to him plz

  • Jacob Bausch
    Jacob Bausch 3 years ago

    its a hydro head ali.....

  • Sdd10 Gaming
    Sdd10 Gaming 3 years ago

    please subscribe to me!

  • Matthew Mason
    Matthew Mason 3 years ago

    im 8th prestige right now

  • Neptune
    Neptune 3 years ago

    4 looks a lot like 6 from BO2

  • Lob_ James
    Lob_ James 3 years ago

    Prestige 8 = HAIL HYDRA

  • Brandon Dorito
    Brandon Dorito 3 years ago

    sooooooooooo..... realistic cool sexy.

  • Yee Brother Hood
    Yee Brother Hood 3 years ago

    They need to switch 10 and 11. I will most likely stay at 10 because that emblem is so dang sick.Also.Yee