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  • Katja Horvat
    Katja Horvat 3 minutes ago

    And now find the difference!!!😀😁😀😁😀


  • Katja Horvat
    Katja Horvat 4 minutes ago

    My stomach and head hurts after watching this😭😭😨😵😷😿💔👍🏨🔜🔛🔚🕦🕛🕧🕐🕜🕑🕝🕒🕞🕓🕟🕔🕠🕕🕡🕖🕢🕗🕣🕘🕤🕙🕥🕚🕦🔊

  • Gianna Hartman
    Gianna Hartman 24 minutes ago

    6:28 looks kinda FUN😀

  • CrystalPearlEditz
    CrystalPearlEditz 47 minutes ago +1

    I have ridden almost all the rides in 6 Flags and I can't ride the superman or Harley Quinn because I'm too scared

  • Max Havens
    Max Havens Hour ago

    The first clip was when the girl wanted to play fortnite irl

  • Moanastasia Zaifan

    I don't think the one that carries you upside down should be even built/made because your blood can flow down to your brain and that's bad...and you'll get really dizzy.

  • CharlieAndNathanPlays

    That was scary

  • Satisfying_. Rays

    I’ve gone on the mind racer in Elitch gardens in Denver it was my firs time on a roller coaster and I ended up crying after 😂😂👌

  • Noor Rabi
    Noor Rabi Hour ago

    I did it on the one you said I don’t know if I would do that

  • Gerda Brazdziunaite
    Gerda Brazdziunaite 2 hours ago

    3.21 I was on this

  • Bunny4 Gaming
    Bunny4 Gaming 2 hours ago +1


  • Melissa McKinney
    Melissa McKinney 2 hours ago

    your voice was werd and not nomol

  • Lps Biscuit
    Lps Biscuit 3 hours ago

    Azzy have you been to Disneyland paris? I was there hyper space I was excited to go on the rollercoaster I thought it would be fun but then I went on it I was like I cant wait daddy!!!!! And then it went I WENT ITS TO FAST TO FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought it would be only fast but it went UPSIDE DOWN SIDE WAYS I pretended it was fun because I would be called a cry baby! So I went on Holly wood hotel it went SO HIGH UPSIDE DOWN SIDE WAYS OUT OF THE ROLLERCOASTER AND YOU WERE DONE

  • Alaina Robbins
    Alaina Robbins 3 hours ago

    I felt like I was on it...

  • jose h20
    jose h20 3 hours ago


  • Tayandre Adebogun
    Tayandre Adebogun 3 hours ago

    Why can you fall 5 feet to damage

  • Texting story’s
    Texting story’s 3 hours ago

    I went on the second and third ride

  • emily li
    emily li 3 hours ago

    I wanna ride the rides I mean I rode some stuff similar to this

  • Mark Fitzpatrick
    Mark Fitzpatrick 3 hours ago

    poped while watching

  • Makeup by Ali Ail
    Makeup by Ali Ail 4 hours ago

    3:27 I got SOO dizzy

  • Lydia Beamer
    Lydia Beamer 4 hours ago

    Did anybody hear at the very end where it’s her singing like at 7:18 I think it’s her new song

  • Elizabeth Bucalo
    Elizabeth Bucalo 4 hours ago

    I like riding roller coaster

  • Ethan D'Andrade
    Ethan D'Andrade 4 hours ago

    I feel scared on those rides

  • Speck The Cow
    Speck The Cow 4 hours ago

    4:54 i live in Vegas and I wanna try it.

  • Smol Potato
    Smol Potato 5 hours ago

    OMG your videos lag so much

    ProWOLFGAMER 20 5 hours ago

    3:50 it has a restaurant on the top

  • Kumar Nugent
    Kumar Nugent 5 hours ago

    Can. You. Come. To. Canada

    • Kumar Nugent
      Kumar Nugent 5 hours ago


  • Ali Alnaami
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  • Kumar Nugent
    Kumar Nugent 5 hours ago

    That. Is. Cool🎡🎢

  • Ellieana Frazer
    Ellieana Frazer 5 hours ago

    i can do all of them!

  • רינה ולינוי כץ

    aim prom noih-zilnd

  • Iris Contrino
    Iris Contrino 5 hours ago

    if i went on a loop one i would puke like if you would!:3

  • Pretty Youlanda
    Pretty Youlanda 5 hours ago

    Love. You. Form. Arielle. And kacey

  • Mohammed Alsaggaf
    Mohammed Alsaggaf 6 hours ago

    Love you to azzy

    LUCYS LEGO TOO 6 hours ago +1

    The roller coaster at 4:29 that is just like the green lantern ride at movie worlds on the gold coast

  • BoldDoughnut908
    BoldDoughnut908 7 hours ago

    Oh my

  • Georgia does Whatever
    Georgia does Whatever 7 hours ago

    I going to die 😭

  • Megan hodgson
    Megan hodgson 7 hours ago

    Haha that was so funny 😂 when the phone hit the man

  • zombieHero & toiletHero

    I know this japan rides

  • Me like masked singer Cuz me don’t care

    After I saw the first video

    My legs got paralyzed

  • corina GEORGIANA
    corina GEORGIANA 9 hours ago +1


  • haikee chieu
    haikee chieu 10 hours ago

    Ya they look SUPER funnnn

  • Stephen Haunts
    Stephen Haunts 10 hours ago +1


  • Fredthe apple
    Fredthe apple 10 hours ago

    NO 📱

  • Fredthe apple
    Fredthe apple 10 hours ago

    6:03 into 3019 thats what the trains will look like 😄

  • Fredthe apple
    Fredthe apple 10 hours ago

    Put ure hands in the air if you really don't care about your life atol.

  • Fredthe apple
    Fredthe apple 10 hours ago

    1:45 i thought he fell of the ledge .

  • Nanami T
    Nanami T 10 hours ago

    Uh. Uh huh. Yo I'm Azzy,I'm not careful enough for this kind of stuff

  • ProGamingMinion
    ProGamingMinion 11 hours ago

    im in new zelnd

  • Archie Bird
    Archie Bird 11 hours ago

    I have never been on a roller coaster this scary!

  • Valerie6293 Edits
    Valerie6293 Edits 11 hours ago

    this is why I do not ride anything I just stay.. home.. watching anime :3

  • Tammysue5717 Hutchins
    Tammysue5717 Hutchins 12 hours ago

    I threw up this whole vid after Japan

    Like if you almost

  • Marie Parrott
    Marie Parrott 12 hours ago

    The first one gave me chills cuz he was dancing at 130 feet tall

  • Jolee Page
    Jolee Page 13 hours ago


  • Maayan Mazar
    Maayan Mazar 14 hours ago

    I was to scared to go on a rollercoaster a LEGO land! Why do people want to kill themselves?!

  • Ashley Chavez
    Ashley Chavez 14 hours ago

    In 4:29 that roller coaster I tried one of those an it feels like your aboit to fly out... Or is that only cause I'm 10

  • RikkiJean Tawera
    RikkiJean Tawera 14 hours ago

    i live n new zealand

  • Alyza Anderson
    Alyza Anderson 14 hours ago +2

    Your voice is doplciting

  • gaming with kawaii cupcake 10

    I once been terrified on the trunk in Disney and I still am I'm still afriad of rollercoasters

  • KingK's Gaming
    KingK's Gaming 15 hours ago

    it is at bush gardens

  • Alina Deng
    Alina Deng 15 hours ago

    My sisters went on a scary roller coaster and they did it 4 times strate my oldest sister was in horrer after the 1st on but my other sister was fine and i was liking my popsikle

  • KingK's Gaming
    KingK's Gaming 15 hours ago

    I have been on the 3rd one it was so fun

  • Hutchiav 2027
    Hutchiav 2027 16 hours ago

    Once I was on a roller coaster and my flip flop fell off and started flying around

  • Fortnite To_Fight
    Fortnite To_Fight 16 hours ago

    My brother had his phone out on my sisters birthday party on a roller coaster and he was SOOOOOOO high he wanted a picture so they charged FAST SO FAST it flew my brothers phone FLEW now I wasn’t alive so I didn’t know but my sis says it FLEW past her head and once the phone landed on the ground it Cracked SOOO bad that he went and got it and it turned on and back off FOREVER

  • sara m
    sara m 16 hours ago

    If my friend EVER want's to go on one I'll say HECK NAHH!😂🤣👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂

  • Phoenix Hansen
    Phoenix Hansen 16 hours ago

    Her face is so disappointed

  • Cloudy max Animations
    Cloudy max Animations 16 hours ago

    2:00 I’ve been on that one and I’m twelve and it’s awesome!

  • Fong
    Fong 16 hours ago


  • Bennie Neal
    Bennie Neal 16 hours ago

    🤔 Her Voice.

  • oscar weaver
    oscar weaver 17 hours ago

    azzy you are so amazing

  • Rylee And Beyond

    What if the net breaks

  • Rylee And Beyond

    What it the net breaks

  • Alondra Santiago

    I went to cedar point that roller coaster is amazing

  • Pete D
    Pete D 8 days ago


  • robloxgirl funny
    robloxgirl funny 8 days ago

    Oh to ai hate dat brrrrrrr😝😫

  • Yuliana Miranda
    Yuliana Miranda 8 days ago

    H ft. Hdj jet

  • Kitty The Cookie
    Kitty The Cookie 8 days ago

    I went pn the last one you showed before ;-; super scary

  • #kitten love14
    #kitten love14 8 days ago +2

    Happy Valentine’s Day.

  • XXwinter woldXX
    XXwinter woldXX 8 days ago

    I went to the german ride

  • XXwinter woldXX
    XXwinter woldXX 8 days ago

    On that first ride amagine if your hair got stuck in the smrews when you where going down RIP

  • sflorshinger
    sflorshinger 8 days ago

    Ve ges

  • Vanie Boss
    Vanie Boss 8 days ago

    Scary awwwww!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Silje the KitCat
    Silje the KitCat 8 days ago

    9:20 i've try this

  • Silje the KitCat
    Silje the KitCat 8 days ago

    U look like kira korsain

  • MayaL
    MayaL 8 days ago

    Press them multiple times....
    2:59 2:59 2:59 2:59

  • Georgi5 Sharples
    Georgi5 Sharples 9 days ago

    #novalantinegorme I don't have a valantine IM FREE😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Lee . Com
    Lee . Com 9 days ago

    so i live in Norway in a small city called Kongsberg, and every year in February, this market would come. it had a few rides like teacup and what not. a fairly new one come a few years ago and i looked terrifying to me. it was about 100meters tall and you would spin. it has two ends. (really important) a few people i knew about was stuck at the top for 30 minutes because somebody at the bottom didn't know if they wanted o go so the people on top were upside down for a dangerous amount of time

  • Georgi5 Sharples
    Georgi5 Sharples 9 days ago

    Cool there all cool

  • Arwa Safrar
    Arwa Safrar 9 days ago


  • Dev Gamer
    Dev Gamer 9 days ago

    When I went on a roller coaster my sister and her friends screamed in my ear and I was like this is fine...

  • Arwa Safrar
    Arwa Safrar 9 days ago


  • Arwa Safrar
    Arwa Safrar 9 days ago


  • Arwa Safrar
    Arwa Safrar 9 days ago


  • Diamondlover 123
    Diamondlover 123 9 days ago

    My hands were sweatie too

  • anabeth chase
    anabeth chase 9 days ago

    So I was in Harry Potter universal studios and I got this hugglrpuff hat I’m a hufflepuff I’m hufflepuff proud anyway so we got on this roller coaster and I got so scared that I had a mini panic attack because I thought I was gonna fall off and I don’t remember my hat flying off when we got off the roller coaster I was like shaking and everything and then I was like where is my hat where is my hat and then we’re just joking that we’re gonna find a hat on the concrete next to us and then the ride stopped and I think it was because my hat was on the tracks

  • Ethan Golden
    Ethan Golden 9 days ago

    I went on one I went ☝️👇👉👈 and upside down when they took the picture I looked like I was smiling

  • Lina Salim
    Lina Salim 9 days ago

    01:36 looken like a bunny

  • XxlazarixX _gatchalife_

    I look up the song lighthouse it doesn’t come up

  • eliza benally
    eliza benally 9 days ago

    god its scary

  • xXGoldenLion GachaxX
    xXGoldenLion GachaxX 9 days ago +2

    "What if u miss da net?!"
    -- Azzy 2019