Blenders - My Heart's Desire - Fantastic Uptempo Doo Wop


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  • edison eladio sanchez luarte

    Linda época del ROCK .55 56 57 58 59 60 hasta el 62 edison

  • edison eladio sanchez luarte

    Cómo me gustaría tener estos vinilo 45 del rok de 1957 ya que somos los que vamos quedando de esa época

  • Patricia Kehaya
    Patricia Kehaya 5 months ago +1

    Wild love it

  • Ron Whinnem
    Ron Whinnem 6 months ago

    Love thus song

  • lenord227
    lenord227 8 months ago


  • Celena Rodríguez
    Celena Rodríguez 8 months ago

    Excelente!! Gracias por compartir su música. Saludos desde CHILE

  • Bianca Bagnolet
    Bianca Bagnolet 10 months ago

    Génial j'a d'or 👌❤

  • Bianca Bagnolet
    Bianca Bagnolet 10 months ago

    Trop trop jolie j'a d'or 👌❤

  • Celena Rodríguez
    Celena Rodríguez 11 months ago


  • Bianca Bagnolet
    Bianca Bagnolet 11 months ago

    c'est vraiment vraiment excellent j'a d'or

  • Bianca Bagnolet
    Bianca Bagnolet 11 months ago

    C'est vraiment excellent tout ça

  • nicky0016dd
    nicky0016dd Year ago


  • sergio 87
    sergio 87 Year ago


  • doowop '53-'63
    doowop '53-'63 Year ago +1


  • Rafał Chrząszcz

    great song!

  • la mellas Jiminian


  • Molan Labe
    Molan Labe 2 years ago +1

    all alone by the northern lights has whistling in it, from early 1962.

  • gecko/36a
    gecko/36a 3 years ago +1


  • fiftiessoundforever
    fiftiessoundforever 4 years ago

    Search "The Vels--Mysterious Teenager" for another great whistling doowopper!

  • Will Clark
    Will Clark 4 years ago +2


  • john douglas
    john douglas 5 years ago

    wot about toommy steele knee beep in the bues and guy mitchel singing the blues they both had whistling in

  • MontseAntares
    MontseAntares 6 years ago

    Is one of my favorites so !!! Fabtastic!!!!!!

  • David Mac Donald
    David Mac Donald 6 years ago

    'Felicia' by Bobby and his Orbits has whistling and of course 'Just Walking in the Rain', the pop version by Johnny Ray.

  • 13loomisst
    13loomisst 6 years ago

    PJ, do you know where these guys are from? Thanks.

  • CrisVangel1958
    CrisVangel1958 6 years ago

    Great record, I tend to love records with whistles in them too, oddly enough.. lol

  • PJDooWop
    PJDooWop  6 years ago

    I never thought of that.. Interesting

  • TigerRocket
    TigerRocket 6 years ago +3

    Very cool! A lively and complex vocal arrangement actually. The whistling here makes me now want to find others on record. Never gave it much thought before, but that was something in its own right. Neat.