Kellyanne Conway: Nobody here talks about Clinton

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  • ThridDegree Watch

    Arrogant CNN

  • Simon
    Simon Hour ago

    Kate Mckinnon imitaded her so good!

  • Method 2 Madness
    Method 2 Madness 12 hours ago

    She got the best of him he is a fucking puppet

  • fromdust todust
    fromdust todust 14 hours ago

    Take that apple and stick it in your mouth Kellyanne and while your at it, take that banana and shove up your ass.

  • Guns N' Moses
    Guns N' Moses 16 hours ago

    Hillary Clinton is not the president, and if she's so concerned about her and her crimes she should take it up with her boss. Since he's the one who promised to lock her up and 3 days after taking office publicly announced he would not

  • Alexis Calanthia
    Alexis Calanthia 20 hours ago

    Whhhhyyyy does he keep interviewing Skeletar's mother?

  • Nyte
    Nyte Day ago

    She is so slippery there is absolutely no way to corner her. She gets out of any question asked

  • Adrian Becker
    Adrian Becker Day ago +1

    I hate this fucking whore bitch that loves her pussy grabbed every fucking bloody day in the oval office!!! 😡. This bitch whore is mentally ill. I feel sorry for her children! It's such a waste of time to book this fucking lizard face! Psycho Bitch!!! HRC 2020!!! 😡

  • Adrian Becker
    Adrian Becker Day ago +1

    Kellyanne Maytag Conway!!! 😁
    Maytag because she spins so much during interviews!!! The spinner bitch!!! 😡

  • marvinbanjo
    marvinbanjo Day ago

    Someone ought to tell this woman to shut and answer the damned question straight on .

  • Ted Williams
    Ted Williams 2 days ago

    U idiots are clueless about anything besides left wing propaganda talk CNN stands for communist news network blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah fake NEWS.
    Trump didn't sell 20% of our uranium to the Russians such as Obama and Hilary Clinton did.
    Hilary Clinton made $250 million dollars
    Obama got a $12 million dollar mansion in New York and he's now went from piss poor and walked out worth around millions of dollars $40 million dollars so wierd and both Obama and his tranny lover wife both had their lawyer's license revoked as in cancelled.
    Hilary Clinton paid $12 million dollars for a fake made Russian story of tax payers money which none of u know ANYTHING about because u live with ur parents and pay no taxes because ur jobless.
    Trump lowered taxes which Hilary Clinton was goin to raise taxes u idiots are just plain RETARDED!!
    HILARY CLINTON went behind the United States PEOPLE and Congress backs thru Obama to sell our uranium do u idiots know what it's used for ???? Back in 2010 when u all were either crawling on the floor and or graduating junior high when everyone was busy with work and the new president obozo..
    Hilary Clinton can bleach and steal and lie and kill people and rig a FUCKING presidential candidate and turned Haiti into a nightmare opportunist shithole and u idiots think Trump is the one to blame lol too funny.
    U idiots most likely were watching his shows ur fired and such lol
    Hey Chris do u have a ranch along the border???
    Didn't think so ur a FUCKING idiot seriously dude wow yes a wall would make a difference..
    Chris go talk to a rancher or house owners who live along the border ask what happens and what they find most of the time

  • Thomas Buchovecky
    Thomas Buchovecky 2 days ago

    LMAO WHAT? Trump literally ran on a platform that included "#lockherup"

  • LK
    LK 2 days ago

    Kellyanne Conway, Stop covering up for Trump! You start to sound like a whore for Trump.
    Keep some integrity!

  • Joseph A
    Joseph A 2 days ago

    I hope I can still walk after watching this

  • Tina Roberts
    Tina Roberts 2 days ago

    Chris Cuomo is a complete ass. My guess is that he is also very short.

  • vasily202
    vasily202 2 days ago

    I am not sure if these people know what the word collusion means. Even WE can see there was collusion.
    With all the russians they met? That is the definition of COLLUSION! They conspired with them. End of story.
    She brings up Hillary then complains that Hillary was brought up. This is a millionaire who has a consulting firm? She must have wealthy wombats like Orange Man, because frankly if a consultant is this stupid, it means his/her clients must be something special... Well orange Man despite buying his way in so-called great schools is a genius only to those with limited brain power.

  • Cosmic Queen
    Cosmic Queen 2 days ago

    there is a TON of proof that Hillary has done many crimes that would put anyone else in jail....yet all cnn talks about is trump saying shithole when he may not of even said it!! FUCK YOU CNN

  • MJ MJ
    MJ MJ 2 days ago

    "Republicans should take control of the investigation." Really? Mueller and his ilk are in control. If the Republicans actually "took control" of the investigation, liberals would squawk, throw fits, retreat to safe spaces, don pink hats, and yell "Misogyny, sexism, racism, party-ism, unfair, boo hoo! Follow the money, it leads to the Clinton Foundation.

  • Michael Butler
    Michael Butler 2 days ago

    This President wants to put up a wall, you want to put up a slip n' slide. Burnnnnn.

  • Paul Morphy
    Paul Morphy 3 days ago

    That phony smile disappeared quickly.

  • Paul Morphy
    Paul Morphy 3 days ago

    Conway is a total BS artist. She never answers a direct question. She's asked if Trump will sit down with Mueller. She says the WH is cooperating. She's asked But will he sit down with Mueller. Then she says but there's been no collusion. Then she just takes the conversation away from the main question going into the border, Clinton and blah, blah, blah. Then she brings up Clinto and then says no one there talks about Clinton. All she does is talk about nothing in an obvious effort to use up time without saying anything of any value.

  • Rashan Reeves
    Rashan Reeves 3 days ago

    So funny reading these dumb ass Trump supporters who call everything fake but believe all the fake news Trump puts out! The Russians knew we had a stupid section in this country, lol!

  • CopperBob
    CopperBob 3 days ago

    No evidence fo7nd..You need evidencee to subpoena.apparently there is none.

  • Scene N. Herd
    Scene N. Herd 3 days ago

    She has no discernible human emotion. Zero. ALL of them have this look. Stephen Miller. Trey Gowdy. Huckleberry Sanders. Pence. Not one has ever given an interview where it seemed they were in ANY way human beings. Zero empathy. Zero warmth. ALL lying.

  • Scene N. Herd
    Scene N. Herd 3 days ago

    Possible upside: she will get shivved in women's prison for stealing someones meth

  • Dylan Schumacher
    Dylan Schumacher 3 days ago

    Haha i just think its wierd ... Bam

  • Dylan Schumacher
    Dylan Schumacher 3 days ago

    There no evidenec why would he wste his time hes running the country.........

  • Ana Garcia
    Ana Garcia 3 days ago +2


  • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ
    ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ 4 days ago

    guys rent a room!

  • mrfifi29
    mrfifi29 4 days ago

    Il a une tete a gifles.

  • Clyn Row
    Clyn Row 4 days ago

    Miss Khan is her way your makeup person should change because all the makeup they have on you decided to meet up under your eyes. (Lol)

  • Clyn Row
    Clyn Row 4 days ago

    You was not invited on on CNN MRS. Con-IS-HER Way be to talk about no God damn drug epidemic let's just be honest here that phat ass white man do not give a damn about who's on drugs and who's not on drugs that was a ploy to try to make him look interesting as the Imposter President!

  • Clyn Row
    Clyn Row 4 days ago

    What f****** 16 election he is not talking about that you idiot you are kellyanne Conway you are a dummy!

  • Clyn Row
    Clyn Row 4 days ago

    Miss con did you forget the song that you wrote collusion confusion? You said, right on this thing and said that Trump and no one in his party or ministration have ever had contact with Russians on anything illegal. You also stated, that Junior met with Natalia and her attorneys which turned out to be eight people in the room including Wonderboy Jared Kushner that they only talked about Russia and adoption.

  • Clyn Row
    Clyn Row 4 days ago

    This chick is insane!!!!!! One minute she crying that they only want to talk about what happened today. The next minute when it's time for her to answer one question she runs on and on and on and on Kelly and con set SHUT IT!!!

  • Gustavo Galicia
    Gustavo Galicia 4 days ago

    CNN please stop booking her to go on she is such a broken record and I’m sure people are tired of seeing her, she’s not bringing anything new.

  • Matthew North
    Matthew North 4 days ago

    This is by far the best show on CNN.

  • pie
    pie 4 days ago

    Criminal cnn

  • ghostrider007ist
    ghostrider007ist 4 days ago

    Dude has no class . There is no Russian collusion. A year and a half, based on a fake document paid for by democrats . CNN is irrelevant in the real world .

  • alisa Guerrieri
    alisa Guerrieri 5 days ago

    Well they should also shut your mouth Cuomo. And others that are putting their mindless comments on the air and getting paid to report the TRUTH only.

  • Carl Torjusen
    Carl Torjusen 5 days ago

    he should have thrown a blueberry pie at her face

  • Dennis Grass
    Dennis Grass 5 days ago

    Cuomo keeps asking weird questions.

  • darin palmer
    darin palmer 5 days ago

    Good thing shithole gate happened. Cnn is grasping at straws

  • Blue Brick Wall
    Blue Brick Wall 5 days ago

    Chris Cuomo is a cunt, ...of course Trump said there is no collusion because he ought to know jackass. He's the target of the investigation, ...of course he's going to defend himself and deny the charge. You Chris Cuomo are a petulant, condescending, patronizing ASS. YOU admit know one knows what Mueller has, ...but YOUR WHOLE SLANT is that Trump is guilty. This is why you are FAKE NEWS. This is why you are SHITHOLE news.

  • Blue Brick Wall
    Blue Brick Wall 5 days ago

    1) If Mueller had evidence Trump colluded with Russia Mueller would not need to interview Trump, he would have indicted Trump.
    2) Trump made a promise 11 months ago that was localized to that time period. Mueller wasn't even appointed the special investigator.
    3) The purpose for the interview is to hope Trump misstates some obscure fact so that they can charge him with lying to the FBI
    4) This is clearly a set up and NO ONE should talk to the FBI under these circumstances.
    5) Again, .....the fact that the FBI wants to interview Trump means they don't have jack sh--t on Trump.
    6) CNN is Fake News.
    8) Chris Cuomo is acting like a cunt, usual.

    • Blue Brick Wall
      Blue Brick Wall 5 days ago

      This is not an interview, ...this is an interrogation.

  • Michael Lemmon
    Michael Lemmon 5 days ago

    "Be an apple, don't be a banana"? she's so weird.

  • Thorus Adama
    Thorus Adama 5 days ago

    Just keep her off the TV

  • Chi
    Chi 5 days ago

    @9:34 "Yes, we have, what are you TALKING about..." hahaha... great job, Mrs. Kellyanne!
    "If you watch CNN, then you're living in a different planet"! Here are QUITE A FEW achievements of the president so far -- just to name a few! Enjoy it, my #fellowsnowflake:
    +) Security: Cut ILLEGAL immigrants by 60-80%, enforce the border as never before; the reduction of violent crimes of all kinds (MS-13, terrorism,...) in domestic America as well as abroad!
    +) Judicial and justice: Neil Gorsuch to the SCOTUS, 12 circuit judges, restore "law and order" in general,...
    +) Military: RESTORE the American army to one of the most, if not the most, strongest point ever -- every soldier and commander would feel "the wind", North Korea is isolated and squeezed like never ever be, EU nations are paying their fair shares of funding NATO, ISIS perished...! People start to feel "the wind of peace through strength".
    +) Economic: stock market's booming, flows of capital driven back to the U.S., lowest unemployment rate in 17 years (4.1 or so), highest GDP growth in decades (3.1 and higher), consumers' confidence,... JOB, JOB, JOB,...
    +) International relations: the standing of the U.S.A. on the global political stage is respected at ANY corner of the world in an obvious manner -- anywhere the president ever put his footstep on! "The words" from the United States of America is becoming HEAVY than ever -- backed by the overall strength and confidence at home!
    +) ... and on and on and on... which is coming out...

  • Sanka Mon
    Sanka Mon 5 days ago

    This is sad too see. Kellyanne is as dumb as a rock. This president is making America Stupid again. The White House is the new shithole, and everybody in it are pieces of shit. They are literally doing the unimaginable... polishing the biggest Turd of all.

  • John C Pickens
    John C Pickens 5 days ago

    Yeah but cnn is still fake news

  • Mr.Heath Bar
    Mr.Heath Bar 5 days ago

    My head hurts from how she never answered one question.

  • EM ILY
    EM ILY 5 days ago

    Hold on

  • Dark Ghøst
    Dark Ghøst 5 days ago

    She needs a big black penis inside her ...

  • David Qiu
    David Qiu 5 days ago

    Last I checked Clinton wasn't the president.

  • ThisIs Slammin
    ThisIs Slammin 5 days ago

    What an insufferable cunt that woman is.

    IMOVER IT 5 days ago

    You poor snowflakes 😂😂😂😂 TRUMP 2020 guys, better get use to it and grab your Kleenex. And Kelly Ann looks FABULOUS , Chris looks like a meth head CTFU HAVE A GREAT DAY MORONS 😎✌✌✌

  • Max
    Max 5 days ago

    I think these two are sleeping together.

  • Billy C
    Billy C 5 days ago

    Kellyanne nobody cares about YOU!

  • Jean D
    Jean D 5 days ago

    Hillary is a piece of shit! TG Trump whooped her ass!

  • NS Farm
    NS Farm 5 days ago

    CNN lol

  • Marco Esteban
    Marco Esteban 5 days ago

    Dumb bitch..

  • genocide amerika
    genocide amerika 5 days ago

    America is a complete shithole country

  • Phil J.L Fig
    Phil J.L Fig 6 days ago

    He’s just putting up more restrictions; prohibition doesn’t work, let the fentenyal in for crying out loud, If someone wants to use it, it’s their choice and would do it no matter what

  • Chicken Permission
    Chicken Permission 6 days ago

    She made clear points against him about how he is still extremely centered on the 2016 election. I went to eat at mcdonalds a couple days ago and they were playing CNN, then all I see is them complaining about president Trump's first press confrence where Trump roasted CNN. 😂Such a classic. Still cant get over it. CNN, dont you remember how much of a nothing burger Russia is? You stated it. Just cant let the election go, can't you? Your viewers are full of Hillary Shills wanting to hear them constantly vent out the 2016 election to make them feel better for their loss 😂

  • David Keller
    David Keller 6 days ago

    CNN all bunch of lies

  • Rachel Flores
    Rachel Flores 6 days ago

    She sounds more and more tired with every new interview.

  • DrDread
    DrDread 6 days ago

    Given her reliance, or lack thereof, why would anyone want to interview Kellyann Conway about anything?

  • otengammai
    otengammai 6 days ago

    These two need to get a room.

  • Michael Whale
    Michael Whale 6 days ago

    Dear god Chris has know idea what he’s talking about do people only listen to him because he’s loud?

  • newoneintownful
    newoneintownful 6 days ago

    I just want one person talking one at a time. I wanna punch them, just talk one at a time!

  • 3atarfire
    3atarfire 6 days ago

    The Clintons made Haiti a shithole.

  • dejaentendu247
    dejaentendu247 6 days ago

    She is the worst. And I realllllllly enjoyed watching her ass get handed to her.

  • Judith H.
    Judith H. 6 days ago


  • 3vil3lvis
    3vil3lvis 6 days ago +1

    What it looks like is Democrats are being poor sports about losing the election. It would be nice if they worked toward governing the nation and accepted that Trump is the President, so that we can move forward and actually fix some of the problems that we collectively face. The over saturation of the Russian Collusion scandal is rapidly approaching the point where the general public just doesn't care anymore. This is what I call the Ollie North effect. Its time to move on from this petty bickering of partisan politics, and remember that we are Americans first.

  • Dog Man
    Dog Man 6 days ago +1

    Trump 2020

  • projectvincent
    projectvincent 6 days ago

    Why is her head never aligned with her neck

  • David Howard
    David Howard 6 days ago

    It's impossible to believe that she's only 50. She looks like Jane Fondas great grandmother and Jane is 80

  • Calvin Hobbes
    Calvin Hobbes 6 days ago

    Smellyanne needs to be bitchslapped hard.


    Kelley refuses to see how she only fuels anti Trump fever! please go bake cookies and not liberals!

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 6 days ago

    CNN needs to be bombed

  • Apophis
    Apophis 6 days ago +2

    Conway is a pathetic parasite

  • Luke Lucas
    Luke Lucas 6 days ago +2

    Nobody talks about the racist stuff Hillary has said

  • Greg Whitener el
    Greg Whitener el 6 days ago

    Fake News is GOP Tourettes. When you're caught in a lie or can't defend the faces they just blurt that shit out like RainMan on meth.

  • Haley Green
    Haley Green 6 days ago +2

    Cuomo is such a little weasel.

  • John  Clarizio
    John Clarizio 6 days ago

    Trump University, Trump Steak, Trumps Chumps.

  • museblock
    museblock 6 days ago

    No, no. What got Trump elected was Hillary being one of the worst candidates to ever run for the office.

  • YoYO Semite
    YoYO Semite 6 days ago +1

    Isn't Clinton some SHITHOLE in Upstate New York, the state the Cuomo Crime family turned into a SHITHOLE?

  • VHTesla
    VHTesla 6 days ago

    8:02 She looks a bit unbalanced.
    8:16 There's something scary about how she says "Hey, Chris, nobody talks about Hillary Clinton."

  • Kevin Parsley
    Kevin Parsley 6 days ago

    and she just slips and slides from talking about how the wall will help keep drugs out to actual immigration (within one sentence that was supposed to be on the topic of drugs)...

  • Kevin Parsley
    Kevin Parsley 6 days ago

    and the guy never said drugs don't come over the border. he most of them dont...

  • Kevin Parsley
    Kevin Parsley 6 days ago

    this bitch is delusional.... "the idea that we would have to look past hillary clinton to beat hillary clinton is itself a fantasy" - saying that about someone that had 3 million more votes than donald, and she's gloating about a candidate that had 46% of the votes i.e. 64% against him. again, she is delusional.

  • Kevin Parsley
    Kevin Parsley 6 days ago

    this person he's interviewing makes me want to damage my tv...

  • King John
    King John 6 days ago

    We would be spared all these useless arguments if Trump had just said "Change. Yes, we can." and leave the voters to imagine their dream world to be created for them by the new messiah.

  • Pat W
    Pat W 6 days ago

    The State of the Union address is just a few weeks away.
    I'll be very surprised if he gets through it without once mentioning Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or how he won the election.
    "Believe Me!"

  • Extremely Right
    Extremely Right 6 days ago +1

    CNN is an underground drug heaven that's why these miserable losers are always high and cant answer a single question

  • Pabcde. Babcde.
    Pabcde. Babcde. 6 days ago

    Poor KAC... she's stuck with "him" -- just like the rest of us.

  • Matthew Beggs
    Matthew Beggs 6 days ago

    fuck she's stupid

  • I’m too old to be on YouTube

    Seeing her face makes feminism repress for another 8 years... just like breaking a mirror.... and my soul.

  • F M
    F M 6 days ago

    The wall has became a politically correct way of saying I hate Mexicans.

  • F M
    F M 6 days ago

    The wall is not going to stop shit stupid trump never seen a drones that hop over a dumb ass fucking wall trumpets are ignorant and racist