Kellyanne Conway: Nobody here talks about Clinton


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  • AWC95
    AWC95 12 days ago

    9 months later on Oct 10 and Kellyanne Conjob is STILL whining about Clinton. Such a delirious ho'flake, LOL.

  • David Dacus
    David Dacus 22 days ago

    I feel like they’ve fucked before

  • Nemanja Stefanovic
    Nemanja Stefanovic 25 days ago

    she is hot! Hilltards are jealous hahaha

  • Harris Assment
    Harris Assment Month ago

    How are they going to lock her up if they don't even talk about her? I don't understand.

  • ralemc1960
    ralemc1960 Month ago

    Today’s news. M 13 gang members use California farm as a base. Build the wall!

  • Aaron I
    Aaron I Month ago

    Manipulating soulless woman still trying to impeach Hilary Clinton.

  • V d
    V d 2 months ago


  • ZedK49
    ZedK49 2 months ago +1

    Literally everybody supporting Donald the fucking moron Trump

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 2 months ago

    She's a master!

  • Janice Van Horn
    Janice Van Horn 3 months ago

    🇺🇸 “We won the election and we’re going to win the next one.” 🇺🇸

  • Saint Michael
    Saint Michael 3 months ago

    0:36 Oh no!!! Obama's Muslim Prayer curtains!

  • Greg Altarac
    Greg Altarac 3 months ago

    Kelly ann conyourman

  • Midnight Rambler
    Midnight Rambler 3 months ago

    I admire her patience putting up with this jerk

  • Henok Geb
    Henok Geb 4 months ago


  • Henok Geb
    Henok Geb 4 months ago

    CNN fake news!

  • Gaétan clermont
    Gaétan clermont 4 months ago

    This woman she out of is mind if Trump say to her tomorow i will snow even if it is 80 degrre outside she yes it is Trump just say it she is crazy sorry .

    LAGERUNG3 4 months ago

    CNN = Fake News

  • Rikza Nawaz
    Rikza Nawaz 4 months ago

    Oh good, just return the favour 💀💀

  • BitByBit
    BitByBit 4 months ago

    Lol this dumbfuck bitch can’t answer one fucken question! Why bring her on...

  • cov ky1
    cov ky1 4 months ago

    Has anybody told him 19 MF have been indicted. And everybody seems to be snitching

  • Jay Million
    Jay Million 5 months ago

    What is the name of show douchebag Chris Cuomo

  • Jay Million
    Jay Million 5 months ago

    I wanna punch this moron in the face and beat the shit out of Chris Cuomo

  • Pamela Collins
    Pamela Collins 5 months ago

    Cnn knows Hillary’s a criminal they cant face that Hillary lost he tries to bring up old crap kellyann moped the floor with mr

  • Pamela Collins
    Pamela Collins 5 months ago

    There is no collusion it’s cnn delusion that’s going on a tshirt

  • Klee Klee
    Klee Klee 5 months ago

    She always talks about the goddamn campaign! Someone tell her to just stop. She’s not fooling anyone. And we don’t talk about Clinton because she’s not the fu king president you moron. She keeps deflecting it’s so goddamn frustrating. Someone needs to punch her in the face.

  • steve matt
    steve matt 5 months ago

    F CNN Cuomo yur a moron

  • Jonah McDowell
    Jonah McDowell 5 months ago

    Cuomo is a complete tool hahahaha

  • Shuby Duby Pro blackness

    He drowned her lying ass..

  • Shuby Duby Pro blackness

    Her ship is sinking!

  • Shuby Duby Pro blackness

    He’s still on conclusion? He is way deeper into trouble now and what the fuck does Clinton have to do with it, he’s not the President! No, CNN has has been the only ones reporting the truth, because on Trump...I mean on “FOX” whenever I watch their usually lined right up with Trump’s Tweets..

  • Shuby Duby Pro blackness

    Clinton is not president

  • Maple Bacon
    Maple Bacon 6 months ago

    This woman is the devil.

  • raymund usi
    raymund usi 6 months ago

    Chris Cuomo is a dumbass he hits personally and wont let other hit back, whats the point of having a guest if you wont let them talk, you just want to shame if they are against your agenda

  • Maximum Potential
    Maximum Potential 6 months ago

    Will somebody please define what 'collusion' and 'interferance' mean?

  • Jerry Wilegus
    Jerry Wilegus 6 months ago

    A Big Fishing Expedition. What Did You Know, And When Did You Know It. A Big Trap Of Lies. A Big Red Arrow Is Pointing That Hillary Colluded with Russia, And Where still throwing spit balls at the wall and hoping something sticks.

  • Barry Wong
    Barry Wong 7 months ago

    "Those apple don't be a banana"

  • Frank Perino
    Frank Perino 7 months ago

    Kelly Anne....did you know that the Clintons are not in the White House!

  • Sajad Ali Khan
    Sajad Ali Khan 7 months ago

    this creature is a fugitive from same insane assylum as her boss, Worlds most powerfull and respected in the hands of lying morons, now a laughing stock. Are you tired of winning bigly? of all the intelligent well educated population of USA this dangerous racist fool. Anyone shaking hands with this regime will need to disinfect their hand with a blowtorch.
    Even Kim Jon Un has ten times more knowledge the this POTUS and his skin crawlling Kelly Ann crawlway.
    I cried when JFK and Bobby Kennedy were murdered, it felt like my family member has been killed. I will celibrate when Orange idiot is killed by a gun and his remains are eaten by dogs. Come on Kim do your thing, you got the experiance, you can keep north Korea, we will give you south korea and throw in Hawaii if you rid us of this blot on humanity.

  • Anthony C
    Anthony C 7 months ago

    At the 7 minute mark to 8 minutes, Ms. Conway destroys Mr. Cuomo's narrative. Cuomo ends up with that dumb look on his face which mirrors his "intelligence". Cuomo wants to link a 20 minute meeting with a russian lawyer who was offering "dirt" on Ms. Clinton as some sort of grand illegal scheme ??? What a cry-baby Cuomo is. When CNN fails to help their candidate (Clinton) win the 2016 election, they continue after the election with their non sense

  • B H
    B H 7 months ago

    Why don't they attack crime, poverty, and illegal immigration? Get your cameras on what is deplorable about America instead of attacking the current administration.

  • B H
    B H 7 months ago

    CNN is so anti-Trump. How can people watch it?

  • Daryl Pettiford
    Daryl Pettiford 8 months ago

    Holy shit this lady needs to represent me, she could talk me out of debt. I want her to be the next president.

  • fried spaghetti
    fried spaghetti 8 months ago

    Projectile pukes at Kellyanne

  • Timothy G.
    Timothy G. 8 months ago

    I feel so bad for her. She so tough yet has to defend soo much false truths.

  • candofitness
    candofitness 8 months ago

    Does Trump keep Conway around to make his hair look good?

  • Just a mustard seed
    Just a mustard seed 8 months ago

    let her talk

  • Garrick Dew
    Garrick Dew 8 months ago

    Can the lock up Kellyann for being a lier.

  • Timemachine Eddie
    Timemachine Eddie 8 months ago

    Bernie Talks about the Big One Hillary Gave Him. cnn is doing their best to fabricate and rewrite American History. Hillary Clinton should be prosecuted for her Crimes against America, God Bless the Honorable President Donald J Trump Fighting each and every day for Truth, Justice and the American Way. "Captain America." Hillary leader of the Moral Turpitude democrap Movement."

  • vintagevideogamegeek
    vintagevideogamegeek 8 months ago +1

    Chris Coumo, the dumbest of the Coumos.

  • Damian Eadie
    Damian Eadie 8 months ago

    This is like listening to a very unhappy couple arguing in the kitchen while the kids watch TV.

  • Kenan Dervish
    Kenan Dervish 8 months ago

    so many bots commenting here. Chris Cuomo is a paid liar, he knows it, we know it, he literally oozes liar!

  • John K
    John K 8 months ago

    Mueller had 7 months and what? No evidence? Zero, Nada, Nothing!

  • Eazy Street
    Eazy Street 8 months ago


  • Mr and Mr Smith
    Mr and Mr Smith 8 months ago

    I watching this for an hour before I realized it wasn't the kardashian's...

  • Felix Brown
    Felix Brown 8 months ago

    1:47 (me screaming in agony)

  • Edward Baggett
    Edward Baggett 8 months ago

    she's a crack head bitch

  • Vittoria Natale
    Vittoria Natale 8 months ago

    TAXES transparency

  • Vittoria Natale
    Vittoria Natale 8 months ago

    I have no interest in paying for the Wall Kelly Ann. The states that boarder México can pay.

  • Vittoria Natale
    Vittoria Natale 8 months ago

    Who’s talking over who Kelly Ann. Chris don’t invite this disgusting person again.

  • Vittoria Natale
    Vittoria Natale 8 months ago

    More distractions. No tax release? Why? Money trails or ties to Russia? Stock market is down Kelly Ann. Release Fusion GPS testimony.

    NICOLA FRAZIER 8 months ago

    Please stop interviewing her. She’s all done very he place.
    In case anyone is wondering, the question was... will the pres sit down one on one w/Mueller?

  • Velo1010
    Velo1010 8 months ago

    The Russia issue is beating a dead horse. American politicians are fat hypocrites. How many elections has the U.S. meddled in?

  • wayne casey
    wayne casey 8 months ago

    Just watch its the end CNN fake news

  • Ali Mohammond
    Ali Mohammond 8 months ago

    how about if u like your doctor ,u can keep your doctor;!! big lie from Obama cause 3 month after he said that ,they made me switch doctor!!

  • nazir parmjit
    nazir parmjit 8 months ago

    I felt embarrassed for Chris. He was babbling and not listening to what Conway had to say.

  • Bobby Collins
    Bobby Collins 8 months ago

    Nobody needs to talk to Clinton! that'S why!

  • Rob Allen
    Rob Allen 8 months ago

    Fuck I can't stand this fucking cunt

  • Rob Allen
    Rob Allen 8 months ago

    She is so obnoxious she makes me sick.

  • Leslie Vincent
    Leslie Vincent 8 months ago

    The way this "frat boy" guy interviews people that are on opposite sides of his father's political party is loathe some. It is disrespectful to the interviewee & the viewer. Should we expect anything left? If I were Donald Trump and/or his attorney, I wouldn't have them walk in my office. Especially after what we are fixing to find out & the text from these clowns in FBI.

  • low down
    low down 8 months ago

    I'm just curious what dumpster did trump fine you? You are an extremely annoying bitch.stupid uneducated filpid boring and ugly, u look like a washed up 20$ whore, Kelly get a life

  • T G
    T G 8 months ago

    Defend someone who paid 12 million for a document that was completely fabricated, by trying to talk about a guy simply meeting with a lawyer implying that it was wrong...😂 only on CNN. Actually no only on 90 percent of MSM.... 🧐🤔 yea it's sad.

  • T G
    T G 8 months ago

    When will CNN admit they have been on a witch hunt for over a year? Let alone that our president is delivering on every front. They will probably never be able to admit they are biased and wrong.

  • j hason
    j hason 8 months ago

    Over a year talking about this shit.

  • Anthony Johnson
    Anthony Johnson 8 months ago

    I hate see a woman that hott!!! lie so dayum much

  • Donna Sweeney
    Donna Sweeney 8 months ago

    Do u people really Believe the b.s the media spits out,, really

  • Donna Sweeney
    Donna Sweeney 8 months ago

    Somebody bunch cuomo in the face,,, please

  • Music City Imports LLC
    Music City Imports LLC 8 months ago

    I want Kelly Conway on the team

  • Music City Imports LLC
    Music City Imports LLC 8 months ago

    This is a waste of time

  • Barry Smith
    Barry Smith 8 months ago

    CNN is so bias , and hates women .especially smart women .

  • Barry Smith
    Barry Smith 8 months ago

    he said he would talk to muller , but keep talking about it 24/7 meantime America gets richer , unemployment goes down , illegals get caught ,jobs come back , stock market goes up , gdp at three percent , and the wall goes up . but keep talking Russia Russia , Trump is president .

  • Caroline Cooke
    Caroline Cooke 8 months ago +1

    So much for not interrupting Conway😂

  • John Podesta Is a Luciferian Pedophile

    Cheap PEDOPHILIA coverupper for John Pedosta and sick pedo satanic HILLARY CLITON. Watch the footage and shame on you for harming that children by slowing down the awareness of amaricans and people world wide.

  • cindi 0
    cindi 0 8 months ago

    This nutcase is GOOOOOOD! There a special place in Hell for liars like her.

  • Donald Cook
    Donald Cook 8 months ago

    Haven't these leftists yet learned that Trump has them 'wrapped', signed, sealed and delivered? And he is the 'star' to their wandering ship (aka CNN, MSNBC et al). Their very survival relies upon their hatred of him, as well as the hatred of their disciples, promoting disdain and helplessness and animosity. So very sad for them.

  • Peter H
    Peter H 8 months ago

    What Mr. Trump wants to do, and is more than willing to do, may differ from his legal counsel's advice, and the president is smart enough to listen to his advisors.
    I'd like to see Mr. Trump cross examine Mueller in an interview. That would be awesome!

  • Henry Brown
    Henry Brown 9 months ago

    I wonder how many times she suck a dick to get by

  • Henry Brown
    Henry Brown 9 months ago

    why do they bring this crackhead bitc on the show and knowing that she going to lie

  • kens 616
    kens 616 9 months ago

    CNN.. shithole news"................. faker than a three dollar bill

  • TheRonmaio
    TheRonmaio 9 months ago +1

    Como is a joke , He is the face of whats wrong with our Democratic party, completely out of touch with reality. A Delusional party full of Narcissistic tendencies . All aimed at Bringing down Trump. Did we act that way during Obamas administration? Republicans have more class , they are educated and much more willing to live in peace.We read through the Democrats BS, A party filled with hate and division aimed at creating a civil war in America. These guys just can’t get over they lost the election after so much money they spent the lies they hid from honest hard working Americans, We could have done the same thing and rightly fully so during those 8 years under Obama, Enough is enough, its our turn to fix these problems the Obama ERROR created! We are now light years away from fixing the damage he created!

  • Elvis Yang
    Elvis Yang 9 months ago


  • Don’tGetScaredTV
    Don’tGetScaredTV 9 months ago

    Is this Kate McKinnon?

  • dick richard
    dick richard 9 months ago

    somebody needs to put her back in her stable.

  • hoottasshell
    hoottasshell 9 months ago

    ...She pretty much just went up there and went "Lalalalala blah blah!! WHAT ABOUT HILLARY THO!? Trump is the shit, U MAAD?? U MAAD..!! U just mad Trump won lmao"

  • Lastly More
    Lastly More 9 months ago

    Who's worse Anne Coulter or this woman?

  • Sai Neel
    Sai Neel 9 months ago

    she is literally rahul gandhi with more confidence and evilness

  • Mark Mengelberg
    Mark Mengelberg 9 months ago

    Dont waste breath on these fools kanne

  • Evolutionary Level Above

    "COLLUSION" is a Trump manufactured BS word to get the media to use that word. Mueller was never investigating for collusion. There is no such thing as collusion in the law books! Trump does not say he didn't obstruct justice, commit money laundering or treason because THOSE ARE THE THINGS HE'S UNDER INVESTIGATION FOR and he sure did those things. He is going to be impeached and he is going to prison for a very long time. Post impeachment comes the indictment as private citizen and then he is going to prison. First thing is to throw his ass out. He lost by three million votes. He is a crook. Mueller has him on the run and he knows it.

  • Evolutionary Level Above

    LOL @ nobody talks about Clinton. No reason anyone would. She's not president. She was the most investigated person for over two decades & is actually so innocent that not even a parking ticket came up against her. It is a case closed pertaining to Hillary. Taxpayers have spent tens of millions on investigations on her over the years. Time is to bring Trump to justice for his obstruction of justice, money laundering and high treason and that is exactly what Mueller is doing. Try to change subject all you want on idiot side but it's not working. Kellyanne will be looking for a new job soon if she's not locked up too. She's a liar, con artist and crook. A totally worthless scumbag.

  • Scott Pomeroy
    Scott Pomeroy 9 months ago

    Lol cnn good lord get a life already the FISA scandal should be front page top story!

  • Russell VanWye
    Russell VanWye 9 months ago

    Cumo is a little bitch ass crying liberal. LOL You dumb asses lost the election even though you cheated every way you possibly could. Now this fisa memo coming out is going to prove how dishonest the Democrats have been. Your party is falling apart because they dont no when to shut up accept your loss and regroup.