Tik Tok GAMER girls - TikTok - Part 9

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
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  • XRain_PX
    XRain_PX 2 hours ago +1

    5:30 TheRE iS nOT eNOugH mOVemEnt

  • polishkid.mp6
    polishkid.mp6 Day ago

    49% : 9 year olds
    41% : 8 year olds
    10% : teens/adults

  • Egiptianmau aj
    Egiptianmau aj Day ago +1

    I got a tik tok ad before this

  • The Firework Actor
    The Firework Actor 2 days ago +1


  • nashire animation
    nashire animation 2 days ago +2

    I feel as if 11:26 could easily be edited over a Darksouls death, just me?

  • Da lazy Wolf
    Da lazy Wolf 6 days ago +1


  • Mason Nightingale
    Mason Nightingale 6 days ago

    4 ads!!!!

  • Ciuwas
    Ciuwas 8 days ago

    Does nobody care about Pewdiepies deathbed conversation with his Grandpa? I want that.

  • Sub.topewds Ok
    Sub.topewds Ok 8 days ago

    Chase 🥰🥰🥰

  • thisbrokenmachine
    thisbrokenmachine 9 days ago

    Norway was once conquered by 20 people fact

  • Jaylene Polanco
    Jaylene Polanco 9 days ago

    just me or did the sound cut out at 4:16

  • Jaylene Polanco
    Jaylene Polanco 9 days ago +2

    how'd you know i was watching the scrEEn

  • Sweet Virus
    Sweet Virus 9 days ago +3

    Pewdiepie: tik tok is the best thing ever
    *couple seconds pass*
    Pewdiepie: Nope! I take it back. Stop!

  • Zed 1
    Zed 1 12 days ago

    Say what pewds, sorry i got distracted with the tv

    xxMIXEDSIMMERxx 14 days ago

    ..i was born in norway and i am norweigian .pewds ....it hurts...;-; *PULLS OUT MEAT SCEPTAR

  • Isabel Valdez
    Isabel Valdez 14 days ago

    I finished RDR2, am I a gamer girl?

  • Bruno Game
    Bruno Game 15 days ago

    this is funny

  • Bruno Game
    Bruno Game 15 days ago


  • The sheep and the bread

    Norge er best sucker

  • Maxene Cruz Mustache
    Maxene Cruz Mustache 16 days ago +1

    I think pewds just roasted a filipino pewd fan... We FoRgIvE yOu FeLiX

  • Aubrey Kennon
    Aubrey Kennon 17 days ago

    Did you replay justvtoo seecif it hit the corner

  • Hoo Goo
    Hoo Goo 18 days ago

    1:330 he's hit corner

  • Unique Pistachiooos
    Unique Pistachiooos 18 days ago

    the tf is up with his headphones

  • Shy Guy
    Shy Guy 20 days ago

    Bro 4:16 I restarted my phone

  • RiverBlocksTV
    RiverBlocksTV 21 day ago

    It hit the corner

  • Deniz Can Çalışkan
    Deniz Can Çalışkan 22 days ago

    what's the name of the song at 1:57 ?

  • mouseman 123
    mouseman 123 22 days ago

    how do u still have a tiktok channel after having the name 69fingerbanger

  • Truthful
    Truthful 22 days ago


  • Samuel Fontinel
    Samuel Fontinel 22 days ago

    @pewdiepie i... Go to that church and we i saw the video i was crazy to know who did it xD

  • KBGlitch
    KBGlitch 22 days ago +1

    we need the wholesome tik toks

    ALIEN NATION 24 days ago +1


  • Amelia Manzara
    Amelia Manzara 24 days ago

    It’s fucking Janaury

  • cool faces
    cool faces 26 days ago

    At 48:68:94 the DVD icon hits the corner

  • bebe
    bebe 29 days ago

    i came here because of the james charles drama and now im a lifelong pewdiepie fan

  • jonas jacobsen
    jonas jacobsen 29 days ago

    you pewds i am from norway

  • Annabelle Lubis Briones

    everyone make pewdipie be the 1st to have 100 million subs or else t -series will be the 1st pleasssseeeeee #100millionforpewds

  • sammy the owl
    sammy the owl Month ago

    my god, stop being a cynical little baby

  • rida fatima
    rida fatima Month ago


  • Lil kev 1233
    Lil kev 1233 Month ago

    I was looking at the dvd thing like every time I could the whole thing

  • DigiSpecMedia
    DigiSpecMedia Month ago

    The yelling into the piano guy is certainly doing a cover of the "Speak" seal indicated by the sharp inward breath.

  • Tate Kawamoto
    Tate Kawamoto Month ago

    You have a life and it's great.....but you're DUMB!

  • nahhson nahhh
    nahhson nahhh Month ago


  • Ollies Life
    Ollies Life Month ago


  • Pınar Baybaş
    Pınar Baybaş Month ago +1

    11:54 I am from Turkey. And that was not funny. Really. Pls. Stop it. Get some help.

    ΔLΣX CLΩШΠ Month ago +1

    Felix: Tik tok is so fffgfgggfffking dis-

  • Laurits Nielsen
    Laurits Nielsen Month ago +1

    The Swedes stole Norway from Denmark.......REEEEEE!!!!!!

  • smart wolf
    smart wolf Month ago

    Im turkish and im offended by that gobble gobble bish 👌

  • Error SMEERRO9007QD1
    Error SMEERRO9007QD1 Month ago +1

    F u puds for making fun of norway

  • Kiki Bugg
    Kiki Bugg Month ago

    *A hit or miss perhaps?*

  • Lunatic 3
    Lunatic 3 Month ago

    I had to rip off my earphones 4:16

  • Nameless Pharaoh
    Nameless Pharaoh Month ago

    What a nice death bed lecture

  • Sophie Poynts
    Sophie Poynts Month ago

    Just for men and Jenna marbles!

  • beazek malandro
    beazek malandro Month ago +1

    i hate tik tok but this shit 12:56 is just way too good!! 😂 🤣😂

  • H1ghsky !!!
    H1ghsky !!! Month ago

    haha, im from norway og pewdiepie er ikke noe snill når han sier det. åøåø this is norwegian 🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith Month ago +1

    All this makes way more since when your really stoned.

  • B-riley
    B-riley Month ago

    *watches DVD screen not paying attention*
    Pewds: “yes I’m talking. Shut up!”
    😂😳 psychic?

  • Evelene Maye
    Evelene Maye Month ago +1

    that thing he screamed into was part of a piano

  • Battle cat Boy
    Battle cat Boy Month ago

    10:31 don’t you mean jojos bizzar adventureest now in girl vervision

  • sk8rbeau1
    sk8rbeau1 Month ago

    there was no audio

  • Thoth
    Thoth Month ago

    Notice how the second guy outside seems to be holding a Canada Dry Ginger Ale

  • Kermit Da frog
    Kermit Da frog Month ago

    12:56 wanna sprite cranberry

  • Alihasan Hasan
    Alihasan Hasan Month ago


  • 53ksc53
    53ksc53 Month ago

    10:45 ik its just a joke but the thing about "just for men" products is that most of the time they're literally the same as "women's" like... hair dye is just hair dye, lotion is just lotion, razors are just razors. It's just marketing that's catering towards what people are comfortable buying, bc self care for men was/is seen as gay lmao

  • Aaliyah Gacha
    Aaliyah Gacha Month ago

    can we make this happen pewdiepie vs LeBronJames

  • griffin hillner
    griffin hillner Month ago

    Yo the dvd logo hit the wall at 13:59

  • NAHOO 77
    NAHOO 77 Month ago

    what des january have to do with anything? am i missing something?

  • NAHOO 77
    NAHOO 77 Month ago +1

    0:36 I FEEL SO OFFENDED!! I was definitely watching that dvd screen 😭

  • James Palma
    James Palma Month ago

    3:03 Fitz intro

    SS ZUTONGAMES Month ago

    Turn on captions and read the captions at 1:11

  • M T
    M T Month ago

    You lilhuddy thirsty thots need to gtfo u don’t belong here

  • Maleck Elfareh
    Maleck Elfareh Month ago

    Eh im from norway

  • WillCal27
    WillCal27 Month ago

    i stay because the service you provide is far greater than the cost. why do you play them with us? why do we not just go watch it yourself? basically you screen the content for us and we get consistently funny content without having to find it ourselves. and your persona is also very entertaining. (replace we/us wth I/we in your head if you dont feel represented in this comment)

  • Rhya Johnson
    Rhya Johnson Month ago

    Omg ninja at New Years was the cringiest thing I’ve ever seen

  • Audrey Flores
    Audrey Flores Month ago

    0:32 how did he know I was getting distracted by it

  • The Killer Gamer Poorman

    Chunga chunga chunga chungis

  • Unstoppable Oreo
    Unstoppable Oreo Month ago

    LOL I was watching the dvd thing in the beginning and when he blocked it was I was like HOw dId he kNoW? 😂

  • 3v3rL4ST1NG D4WN
    3v3rL4ST1NG D4WN Month ago

    11:15 u got me on that one 😂😂😂 pewds reaction though

  • Rose bud
    Rose bud Month ago +1

    Pewds i’m scared I just ate four bowls of cereal and whole milk and I’m lactose intolerant I think I might die soon

  • b##chboy 69
    b##chboy 69 Month ago

    Article: What is tik tok?
    Pewdiepie: No

  • Hassan Mohamad
    Hassan Mohamad Month ago

    Pewdiepie:shows hand.
    Media:he’s making fun of disabled people

  • Hassan Mohamad
    Hassan Mohamad Month ago

    When is will Smith hosting meme review.

  • XelanddX
    XelanddX Month ago


  • Mixed Gaming
    Mixed Gaming Month ago

    11:51 i find this very racist to my language

  • Nico Derp
    Nico Derp Month ago

    i am from norway

  • jade garcia
    jade garcia Month ago

    all the comments are about LiL hUdDy but i’m just tryna find the part dvd hits the corner

  • Adelaide Flowervalley SSO

    in my art class at school, one of the boys in my class made a big chungus clay figure

  • Knob Firredaughter
    Knob Firredaughter Month ago


  • Knob Firredaughter
    Knob Firredaughter Month ago


  • Pandaboi274
    Pandaboi274 Month ago

    11:57 im offended of what she just said its so digusting dont use my languge in that way ever agian

  • Mackenzie Hines
    Mackenzie Hines Month ago

    hit or miss

    she took the f u c k i n g k i d s

  • Hydro _ revoL
    Hydro _ revoL Month ago

    Why are we here, just to suffer

  • Xedz The Queen
    Xedz The Queen Month ago


  • Renee Bal
    Renee Bal Month ago

    Why is everyone talking about that chase Guy and not about that hot felix😍

  • Mitchell Bailey
    Mitchell Bailey Month ago

    Lol he covered the tv knowing full well that I watching it instead of him

  • Salty Dog
    Salty Dog Month ago

    6:56 he looks so proud of himself. I'm happy.

  • Ransored
    Ransored Month ago

    He was like this cause he was reading philosophy books

  • F1sh Ghost ???
    F1sh Ghost ??? Month ago

    Bro 8:28 the sound got me good

  • Anxetti Draws
    Anxetti Draws Month ago

    Who still watch at DVD's logo?

  • Steve Van eyk
    Steve Van eyk Month ago


  • VJtasha
    VJtasha Month ago

    9:24 look at the person's username