TERRIFYING Motorsport Crash Compilation | NO FATAL | *Pure Sound* - Full Part | 2016

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  • Lone Unity
    Lone Unity 11 months ago +496

    10/10 Love your compilations they are 100% raw and thats how i like them !

  • William Poindexter
    William Poindexter 3 days ago

    This entire compilation is me I forza lol

  • Gike Von Anime
    Gike Von Anime 6 days ago

    So many beautiful cars, so many sent to the scrapper

  • _BlancheousHD_
    _BlancheousHD_ 6 days ago

    “No fatal”

  • Thomas Shriver276
    Thomas Shriver276 7 days ago

    You know on other videos and stuff I’ve come to say that they are not humans first they have a horrible crash then they get out fast

  • Corrosive turtle
    Corrosive turtle 10 days ago

    those formula x crashes were quite scary

  • Kamikaze GingerCat
    Kamikaze GingerCat 16 days ago


  • VarDen Clips
    VarDen Clips 16 days ago

    Longer shots next time please...

  • AIRSOFT907
    AIRSOFT907 16 days ago

    The little fiat crashes are hilarious 😂

  • gremlinuk1968
    gremlinuk1968 17 days ago

    wish could have a race in any car !!!

  • callum_moore
    callum_moore 17 days ago

    Why does this look fun to me

  • Nicoleta Radu
    Nicoleta Radu 18 days ago

    ai loviu

  • spracker8
    spracker8 25 days ago

    Awesome Video! What’s the name of the Song at the End of the Video???

  • Jade Dickens
    Jade Dickens 28 days ago

    Ppl are so evil they didn't even try to help

  • Christina Prachniak
    Christina Prachniak 29 days ago

    He need some milk

  • knowrules
    knowrules 29 days ago


  • Toxicguy
    Toxicguy Month ago

    I feel like most of these racers are dead

  • 1904
    1904 Month ago

    Aussie commentator: well I didn't expect tp see that car upside down on the track

  • Dark Project
    Dark Project Month ago

    why is this so satisfying

  • Mr. Satan
    Mr. Satan Month ago

    Video made in Russia

  • Noice
    Noice Month ago +1

    For fuck sake, god does not exist.
    Thoose people were saved by ENGINEERING, not from some stupid fantasy character.

  • Brad Griffin
    Brad Griffin Month ago


  • TCBOldColt
    TCBOldColt Month ago

    Know any games that have crash physics and vehicle deformation like in this video?

    • TCBOldColt
      TCBOldColt Month ago

      Okay then, I'll just google those games myself.

    • TCBOldColt
      TCBOldColt Month ago

      I have that already actually, I was thinking something more like a racing game. Is the newer Forza games or Project Cars 2 like BeamNG?

    • Mr. M
      Mr. M  Month ago

      BeamNG Drive

  • R33C3
    R33C3 Month ago

    That 037 looking sexy at the end

  • Atech
    Atech Month ago

    wow motorsport is really safe! (since none of these insane crashes were fatal)

  • Jakub Szczepanik
    Jakub Szczepanik Month ago

    Name of outro song?

  • Nate 78463
    Nate 78463 Month ago

    If I was in tho cars I would need some extra underwear!!!!😱😱😱

  • cpgaming001
    cpgaming001 Month ago

    How do you DOOOOOO! 😂😂😂

  • Jens Martin Hedegaard Andersen

    1:41 when you´ve been a rally driver and see a dirt road

  • Patt
    Patt Month ago

    @0:49 looks like everyones first time playing a racing game on a mountain course, playing pinball with the car lol

  • felix brettschneider

    That NOT good

  • Vitor Hugo
    Vitor Hugo Month ago

    Just filming a crash he- OH SHIT!!!

  • That Nigga Right There

    How in the fuck did any of them survive

  • Jonalciito
    Jonalciito Month ago


  • LBM Turbo
    LBM Turbo Month ago

    fiat 500 a gt ? this is fucking shit girl car not traction

  • Andy andy
    Andy andy Month ago

    1:31 omae wa mou shindeiru

  • C Han
    C Han Month ago

    3:05 aaaaw shit it's gonna hurt

  • Giovanni Settonni
    Giovanni Settonni Month ago +1

    5:14 That guy sounds like he just saw someone get shot

    RAAAP Month ago

    These drivers can thank all the countless drivers before them who woulda 100% died in most of these crashes. Because of them, the safety regulations in place today exist.

  • Spark Beats
    Spark Beats Month ago


  • ナツカル
    ナツカル Month ago


  • Nm Productions
    Nm Productions Month ago

    0:45 final destination

  • Chupi Chupi
    Chupi Chupi Month ago

    Que gritones que son los franceses :b

  • ChickenNugTV
    ChickenNugTV Month ago

    how do you DOOOOO

  • James McCrystal
    James McCrystal Month ago

    There are some people that are totally chill that someone crashed, but then some people scream at the top of their lungs.

    TEHLORDOFNAP 101 Month ago

    3:59 put the captions On it funny AF

    TEHLORDOFNAP 101 Month ago

    1:05 Is so cute but sad!

  • Dalton Newbold
    Dalton Newbold Month ago

    outro was beautiful!!!

  • shanvuara
    shanvuara Month ago

    0:06 how do you DO *flips* OH NO NO NO

    I died

  • walt wayman
    walt wayman Month ago

    eh.. . was OK

  • TimTheAmazing HD
    TimTheAmazing HD Month ago +1

    I can't even walk them. Or any TVclip video for that matter.

  • Stefan NR
    Stefan NR 2 months ago

    Blessed are the poor in spirit,
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
    Blessed are those who mourn,
    for they will be comforted.
    Blessed are the meek,
    for they will inherit the earth.
    Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
    for they will be filled.
    Blessed are the merciful,
    for they will be shown mercy.
    Blessed are the pure in heart,
    for they will see God.
    Blessed are the peacemakers,
    for they will be called children of God.
    Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

    • jason R
      jason R Month ago

      Stefan NR ok but gods not real so what does any of that matte at all?

  • Tanner Nelson
    Tanner Nelson 2 months ago


  • A N A R C H Y
    A N A R C H Y 2 months ago

    Outro song? Please

    JACOB THIBODEAUX 2 months ago

    1:18 eh what could happen 1:19 HOLY SHIT THATS BAD

    MLG_420 QUICKSCOPE 2 months ago

    That shit'll buff out

  • MrGiboz24
    MrGiboz24 2 months ago

    Le crash terrible!!!

  • Hulago Astana
    Hulago Astana 2 months ago

    Good news: The drivers survived. Bad news: Insurance costs just went way up.

  • Rafael Da Silva Pinha
    Rafael Da Silva Pinha 2 months ago


  • AlexJets44
    AlexJets44 2 months ago

    Everytime its french commentator, they scream like fcking pig

  • Mustafa Abdallah
    Mustafa Abdallah 2 months ago


  • Rini Blu Toys
    Rini Blu Toys 2 months ago +1

    0:03 Transformers: Dark of the Moon

  • Rini Blu Toys
    Rini Blu Toys 2 months ago

    2:45 Transformers: Dark of the Moon

  • iScxxy
    iScxxy 2 months ago

    Thank God no one died

  • FatMonsterIsEatin
    FatMonsterIsEatin 2 months ago

    2:11 basically Forza Multiplayer in a nutshell

  • PvZ Rini
    PvZ Rini 2 months ago

    0:20 The Island Car Crash 2

  • PvZ Rini
    PvZ Rini 2 months ago

    2:45 The Island Car Crash

  • Job Nonnekens
    Job Nonnekens 2 months ago

    why do the french guys scream like they've seen a croissant rotting away

  • DogZbarkZ
    DogZbarkZ 2 months ago

    And who’s good idea was it to race with smart cars?

  • Snow-ghosT
    Snow-ghosT 2 months ago

    When you thought gta races were realistic

    • Antti-Jussi Vuori
      Antti-Jussi Vuori Month ago

      What kind of an utter idiot thinks GTA races are realistic

  • walid erfad
    walid erfad 2 months ago

    جميل قليلا

  • Beast Mode2006
    Beast Mode2006 2 months ago

    They were very bad crashes

  • carina meza
    carina meza 2 months ago


  • Jacko Da Wako
    Jacko Da Wako 2 months ago

    Bot to be racist or anything but the Chinese overreact on their crashes

  • BeamNG gaming
    BeamNG gaming 2 months ago

    6:35 game over restart game? [NO] [YES]

  • TheTruth IsOutThere
    TheTruth IsOutThere 2 months ago

    The 458 Ferrari will polish out with some elbow grease.

  • Nrhfbfb
    Nrhfbfb 2 months ago

    And after this every racer hates airbags

  • Haaru
    Haaru 2 months ago

    5:12 *French intensifies*

  • jan v n wäg
    jan v n wäg 2 months ago

    2:50 ohh le crash terrible

  • Guy Van Brussel
    Guy Van Brussel 2 months ago

    Oh that french drama queen,.....shutfkup !

  • News And event channel
    News And event channel 2 months ago

    What stops head injury's in the formula one cars apart from a helmet

  • rilebto11
    rilebto11 2 months ago

    2:34 perfect blowover like HOLY SHIT!!!!!!

  • rilebto11
    rilebto11 2 months ago

    0:43 at this moment they knew they fucked up

  • Purple Guy
    Purple Guy 2 months ago

    This is exactly why I don’t like motorcar races

  • nabil nuqman
    nabil nuqman 2 months ago

    4:12 MALAYSIAAA !!!!

  • The Mighty Spirit
    The Mighty Spirit 2 months ago

    5:11 Calm down!

  • dziad5
    dziad5 2 months ago

    Where is Kubica crashs?

  • TOMsPiC
    TOMsPiC 2 months ago

    2:48 ✌️ Karma

  • Steven Sanjaya
    Steven Sanjaya 2 months ago +1


  • Steven Sanjaya
    Steven Sanjaya 2 months ago +1

    hey guys

  • duccioh
    duccioh 2 months ago

    I'm not that much into racing, but how can a Porsche 911 and a Porsche 910 Hybrid race against each other?

  • Polyansky Max
    Polyansky Max 2 months ago

    1:19 nor.. omg omg OMGGG

  • Polyansky Max
    Polyansky Max 2 months ago

    You're bestseller so...:)

  • Hunter Railcar
    Hunter Railcar 2 months ago +2

    5:22 was that a Mexican driver?

  • 42Larson Fan
    42Larson Fan 2 months ago

    'We are the champion(nnsss)' *Car comes flying into stands*

  • Cody Nicholson
    Cody Nicholson 2 months ago

    1:17 'landed it'

  • adog is bos 53
    adog is bos 53 2 months ago

    So satisfying

  • Moua Xiong
    Moua Xiong 2 months ago

    Fact. F1 cars are very light and if the the car goes 3 inch off the road the gt wing will lift the car up.

  • Miguel Iniguez
    Miguel Iniguez 2 months ago

    4:51 that's grip

  • Rally FR 63
    Rally FR 63 2 months ago

    Please link of the video at 0:40