My Mom Left Me In The Airport When I Was 3 And I've Never Seen Her Since

  • Published on May 17, 2019

    Hello, guys! My name is Mathew, for now, though I used to have another name until I was three. As well as another last name, another home, and... another mother. How did this happen to me? Let me tell you.
    I vaguely remember my early childhood. I was adopted, when I was very little. But I remember the day that I got lost, the day when my mother left me.
    I was very happy that morning, because my mom said we were going to Disney World on a big plane. I was so excited! When we got to the airport my mother placed a little suitcase on the floor and sat me on it. She said she would be back in a minute. But that minute lasted for ages. I was sitting there, squeezing my little red backpack with my eyes filling up with tears. I am not sure how much time passed, but soon I found myself surrounded by a lot of people, police officers, airport workers... and they were all asking me questions. But I couldn't remember my mother's name or even my own. I couldn't even speak properly at that time, to be honest. And in addition to that, I was stunned and shocked. I also didn't know where I lived, so, I wasn't much of a help to the police, who were trying hard to find my family. They checked the suitcase and my backpack and found a note, which said: "Take care of him." with no name or address on it.
    Time went on, but it seemed like nobody was looking for me, and my mother was gone and was never found. The airport workers tried to follow her with the cameras, but she just vanished without a trace. After the police lost any hope of finding my relatives, I was adopted by a very nice family. I got another name and a new home. My new parents gave me all their love and tried to do their best to help me to forget that horrible day at the airport.
    It's been eleven years now, which have been absolutely happy and I grew up to be a totally normal kid. Of course, gloomy memories hit me from time to time and that painful question: 'Why?' was a constant question in my mind, until I finally found out the answer.
    My new mom and dad are pretty rich and busy people, and since we live in a big house, we've always had maids. We had a wonderful maid, Mrs. Ally, for many years, but she left us a while ago because she moved back to where she was from. I was very upset about it, because we were really close. She was the one I used to spend my time with when my parents were at work. My parents placed an ad on the internet, and we got a call that very day.
    The next morning a very nice young woman appeared at the front door. I liked her at first sight. Her smile was so charming and it seemed like I'd known her for ages. Though when she talked to me, it seemed like she was a little bit nervous and uncomfortable the whole time. She came to clean the house every day and soon after we became good friends. She didn't tell me much about herself, but she always complained that her life was not a bed of roses and that she was always out of money. Once she came up to me and asked if I could lend her some money because she had gotten into trouble. She looked so embarrassed that I got really worried for her and gave her my pocket money. Shortly after that she asked me for money again, and again, to the point that after a little while of this, I had nothing left.
    So when she asked me to do her a favor again, I offered to talk to my parents, because I believed they would not refuse to help a poor woman that was in trouble. I was telling her how kind and generous my mother was, when suddenly she burst into tears and cried out: "I am your mother!"
    I got choked up. I literally could not believe my ears. She told me how much she loved and missed me and that she knew I was adopted and continued to watch me all those years, but didn't have the courage to reveal herself. She said that she was so young and stupid and was not capable of raising a child. I think she said she was sorry more than a million times.
    These words immediately brought all my memories back. I became the same three year old boy, squeezing his red backpack and waiting for his mom. She hugged me tightly and said she would never ever leave me again and that she had come up with a great plan. She said we could start all over again and leave together, but we needed money for living. She suddenly became very strict and serious. She said: "You have to steal your father's credit card and find out the password. We will take the money and run and have a happy life together, Rob!" It turned out that my real name was Rob.

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    What would you do if you were him? Would you have run away with your real mother or would you have stayed? We are looking forward to hearing what you think. You can also share this story with your friends, if you think it was a valuable lesson.

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