World's Best Guitar Player Unbelievable

  • Published on Apr 6, 2012
  • Amin Toofani at Harvard shows his jaw dropping skills with guitar. It is Jaw Dropping. See yourself to believe it. Subscribe to my channel for more Jaw dropping videos.
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  • Ahmar Ali
    Ahmar Ali  8 months ago +386

    Learn to Play Guitar like a pro in a step by step course:

  • mudir jindal
    mudir jindal 2 hours ago

    Isme dislike karne wali kon si cheej h 🤣

  • Kolbeinn Rökkvi
    Kolbeinn Rökkvi 7 hours ago

    Worlds best? Ehh.
    Estas Tonne holds that title in my opinion, man releases a 64min long amazing song without any notes and can play it whenever he wants just from memory. Check out his Golden Dragon, Cuban Dance, Cuban Rhapsody, or Introspective.
    Luca Stricagnoli, Morf, Fingers Mitchell Cullen are also all way better than this guy.
    This guy is pretty decent though, but the audio in this clip is terrible.

  • Shack Man
    Shack Man 22 hours ago

    Google SRV

  • W X
    W X Day ago

    play guitar 😲

  • Blake Gilliam
    Blake Gilliam Day ago

    Hardly could be tagged best

    DELTAMANE 98 3 days ago

    He got laid so hard that night

  • Ti Ha
    Ti Ha 4 days ago +1

    that sucked

  • Claus Andersen
    Claus Andersen 5 days ago

    playing a guitar has such a massive varriation too it... and too declare the best all the sudden becomes much more complicated than simply putting a line and say this is how far the world record is. music is art. and emotions. show me the happist or saddest or angriest person in the world. show me the person most lonely or most in love. u cant. thats why my favorite art form is music. too me it has the ability too transfer emotions better than any other art i know. and there for also too simply make a statement in who is the worlds best. is absurd. u can say who is the fastest guitar player.. sure... but that tends too move the focus on the speed rather than playing the instument with passion. this guy has passion. but stateing hes the best... or anyone is the best. thats a matter of taste. that is my opinion.

  • Nicholas Dragonas
    Nicholas Dragonas 5 days ago

    If you're going to use a phrase like "worlds best guitar player", do us all a favor and make an attempt at knowing what the hell you're talking about.

  • Nicholas Dragonas
    Nicholas Dragonas 5 days ago

    Ok. Maybe you're unfamiliar with flamenco and Spanish style guitar. If this is what you're into check out Paco de Lucia or Al di Meola. This young man is good, but neither one of those gentlemen would let him even open for them.

  • Nkosiyethu Matshoba
    Nkosiyethu Matshoba 7 days ago +1


  • ssssharkkkk
    ssssharkkkk 8 days ago +1

    This guy is an amateur at best.

    • Roxxy-
      Roxxy- 7 days ago

      ssssharkkkk def not an amateur but still not the best

  • Joe Sherry
    Joe Sherry 8 days ago +1

    Now play classical gas

  • Ralf Ostertag
    Ralf Ostertag 9 days ago

    Hardly the worlds best guitar player -- sloppy as a matter of fact ---

  • Louis-Gabriel Dehaut
    Louis-Gabriel Dehaut 11 days ago

    My friend is better than him now calm down..

  • Adam saoud
    Adam saoud 12 days ago

    when someone says they hate Arabs or Islam just say shut up the audience were so cool just saying when u do something nice r beautiful everyone will like it

  • Adam saoud
    Adam saoud 12 days ago

    ok i can play with my hair too lol hes awesome i saw him but came here again

  • Karam Veer
    Karam Veer 14 days ago

    Love from india

  • Yar9
    Yar9 15 days ago

    but can he play with cat's whiskers taken through the screen?

  • Fernando Gonzalez
    Fernando Gonzalez 16 days ago +2

    Best? The guy is not even a competent player. His sound is dirty.

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith 22 days ago

    Ummmm.....yeah....maybe up there as a comedy piece , but not a great or greatest guitar...sorry.
    This is what today's college's do...take mediocre and blow tons of smoke up they're asses. This is why are society is going straight down the crapper.

  • Astor saldana
    Astor saldana 22 days ago

    Good one ☝️ finger guitarist 🤫👏👍

  • MJ Chu
    MJ Chu 24 days ago

    2:37~ start

  • The Nickster
    The Nickster 25 days ago

    What's the name of the technique where he strums all of the strings at once fast several times?

  • Mohit Pandey
    Mohit Pandey 26 days ago


  • moon lovers
    moon lovers 27 days ago +4

    Fun fact the guy just took 7 hours of lesson rest is lygometry

  • Gary Williams
    Gary Williams 29 days ago

    He is not very good. But at least he got in to Harvard?

  • Peter Walton
    Peter Walton Month ago


  • gustavo felix
    gustavo felix Month ago

    Jajajajaja the best guitarist, not even close but good his friends support him!!

  • ayyy ayyy
    ayyy ayyy Month ago

    Daran daram daran the ladies love him daran daran his nose is never itchy daran daran

  • Scorpion Jimmy
    Scorpion Jimmy Month ago

    Left handed!!!???
    God damn it...😂😂😂

  • Niladri Banerjee
    Niladri Banerjee Month ago +5

    Well he plays good guitar.. but far far away from claiming the title - "World's best guitar player".. nowhere close..

  • wankydoodle
    wankydoodle Month ago

    fucking trash i can fart on my guitar and it would play better than this

  • ASimpleLine
    ASimpleLine Month ago

    4:07 the song starts

  • Andrewx3421
    Andrewx3421 Month ago

    "LooKs lIkE mExIcAN mUsIC tO Me"

  • Lennart Hedlund
    Lennart Hedlund Month ago +2

    I would say this youtuber is world’s best click baiter.

  • Selina Mosconi
    Selina Mosconi Month ago

    Amazing. Guitar god

  • Zantek Gaming
    Zantek Gaming Month ago

    he is from pakistan

  • Gaul Montes
    Gaul Montes Month ago

    Very Latin style JAJAJAJA

  • suresh sharma
    suresh sharma Month ago

    What guitar is this??

  • BigZZZ 04
    BigZZZ 04 Month ago

    2k19 or 2k20 ??

  • cornelius van boven
    cornelius van boven Month ago +1

    Best guitarist doesn't exists every guitar player is as good as another if they can play and it me makes people happy or sad ok skil does something in guitar but it's the sound that matters you can make every kind of music hard or easy to play that's just my opinion so if youre a musician and you can play you're instrument you're great in my eyes in wat you do

  • briam tv
    briam tv Month ago

    i bet he smashed at least 10 bitches that night

  • The Tug is the Drug Fishing Channel

    I think that title goes to Doyle Dykes or Tommy Emmanuel.

  • Metalboi 666
    Metalboi 666 Month ago

    The best guitarist? Go check paco de Lúcia, this guy ain’t any close to paco

  • Harsh Singh
    Harsh Singh Month ago


  • Hadi Nouri
    Hadi Nouri Month ago

    Is he Iranian?

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki Month ago


  • Ramil Jaurigue
    Ramil Jaurigue Month ago

  • Gr 8
    Gr 8 Month ago

    Good, But can you play the *B A S S*

  • m3h_03
    m3h_03 Month ago

    I bet he has calluses on his fingers

  • Milan Dilan
    Milan Dilan Month ago +1

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  • T -Series
    T -Series Month ago

    Which guitar

  • Lucius Oculus
    Lucius Oculus Month ago

    sounds like the 'z like zorro intro' ;D

  • URE YourEX
    URE YourEX Month ago

    Why does your bass have 6 strings ??? Weird.

  • sachin kohli
    sachin kohli Month ago

    Awsome he is the

  • OverDriven X
    OverDriven X Month ago

    He's not the greatest guitarist ever, but he's good tho.

  • Der Zohan
    Der Zohan Month ago

    Bruh thats nothing against this