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Troye Sivan - My My My! (Official Video)

  • Published on Jan 11, 2018
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    [Verse 1]
    Shine on, diamond
    Don't make me wait another day
    'Cause passion is passion
    You know it just as well as me
    Now, let's stop running from love
    Running from love
    Let's stop, my baby
    Let's stop running from us
    Running from us
    Let's stop, my baby
    Oh my, my, my
    I die every night with you
    Oh my, my, my
    Living for your every move
    [Verse 2]
    Spark up, buzz cut
    I got my tongue between your teeth
    Go slow, no, no, go fast
    You like it just as much as me
    Now, let's stop running from love
    Running from love
    Let's stop, my baby
    Let's stop running from us
    Running from us
    Let's stop, my baby
    Oh my, my, my
    I die every night with you
    Oh my, my, my
    Living for your every move
    Oh my, my, my
    I die every night with you
    Oh my, my, my
    Living for your every move
    Oh my, my, my
    Should be the last night ever
    Should be the last night we're apart
    Got my name on this treasure
    On this treasure
    Oh my, my, my
    (Oh my, my)
    I die every night with you
    (I die, I die, I die, I die, yeah, yeah)
    Oh my, my, my
    (Oh my, my, my
    Oh my, my, my)
    Living for your every move
    (Living for, living for, yeah)
    Oh my, my, my
    I die every night with you
    (Oh my, my, my
    Oh my, my, my, oh)
    Oh my, my, my
    Living for your every move
    (Living for your every move)
    Oh my, my, my
    Artist: Troye Sivan
    Released: 2018
    Songwriter(s): Troye Sivan Mellet; Brett McLaughlin; Oscar Görres; James Alan Ghaleb
    Genre: Pop
    Label: Universal Australia
    Producer(s): Oscar Görres
    Length: 3:24
    DIRECTOR - Grant Singer
    PRODUCER - Saul Germaine
    EDITOR - Nick Rondeau
    PRODUCTION COMPANY - Anonymous Content

    © 2018 Universal Music Australia Pty Ltd.
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  • Korv spad
    Korv spad 40 minutes ago


  • Cheyenne Ritter
    Cheyenne Ritter 48 minutes ago +1

    i ADORE the way his eyes pop out when the light is on in this part: 2:35

  • Zhen ZHOU
    Zhen ZHOU 7 hours ago


  • Roxy D Helms
    Roxy D Helms 8 hours ago +1

    I love this! He is so attractive! 😍

  • Asiyah Ali
    Asiyah Ali 9 hours ago +2

    Troye Sivan everyone deserves a Grammy I love his music and his talent and his voice so much it’s utterly amazing I swear he’s a God 😭😂💜

  • Gabriel Rubia
    Gabriel Rubia 9 hours ago

    BL00M T3 4M0

  • Des Cantu
    Des Cantu 9 hours ago

    This is my favorite music video, not just out of his music but out of everyone

  • Jordie Valo
    Jordie Valo 10 hours ago

    Giving me serious take that - pray vibes ... living for it though

  • Kira
    Kira 11 hours ago

    his voice is just so enchanting

  • Tay K
    Tay K 11 hours ago

    If Andy Warhol was a singer

  • Alice Sund
    Alice Sund 13 hours ago


  • Dafne Dalila
    Dafne Dalila 13 hours ago


  • Adilyn Lolox
    Adilyn Lolox 14 hours ago

    You know its a good song when you hear it 13 reasons why. So good you came here just to listen to it again.

  • Adilyn Lolox
    Adilyn Lolox 14 hours ago

    Theres no way you can listen to this song without running around your house screaming "MY MY MY!"

  • Just A Random Fan
    Just A Random Fan 14 hours ago +1

    *We stan a legend*

  • Valerie Voo
    Valerie Voo 14 hours ago +1

    This song is literally the story of how me and my boyfriend got together

  • Hoseok is My J-Hope
    Hoseok is My J-Hope 15 hours ago

    YASSSSSS!!! ❤I love the theme of this video!!

  • Levy Filia
    Levy Filia 16 hours ago +1

    this song drives me crazy....I'm in love.

  • Cozzy koto
    Cozzy koto 16 hours ago

    damn boiii work it ;3

  • Micaela BF
    Micaela BF 17 hours ago


  • shibz T
    shibz T 17 hours ago +1

    He is perfect! Fight me!

    • Chun li
      Chun li 17 hours ago +1

      shibz T I'm not gonna fight you. Coz what you said is true.

  • Merve Gezer
    Merve Gezer 17 hours ago +1

    Troye sivan. I love you like 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Blue Rosario
    Blue Rosario 17 hours ago

    This song. Omg. I can't stop listening to it.

  • Anah Cabral
    Anah Cabral 17 hours ago


  • BuSY LiFe
    BuSY LiFe 18 hours ago +1

    Who would've known this song is in '13 Reasons Why', i literally sceamed _ITS TROYEEEE_ when i heard it lol

  • Fallen Luthfi
    Fallen Luthfi 23 hours ago

    gue suka banget lagunya woeeeee

  • donnydanko
    donnydanko Day ago

    model sivan

  • natty rudd
    natty rudd Day ago

    I can't watch this without dancing aaah

  • Wild Vox
    Wild Vox Day ago

    Impressed at my my my❤️❤️❤️

  • Samantha Sanchez

    Gay men are always the most attractive 🤤🤤

    • Samantha Sanchez
      Samantha Sanchez Day ago

      Neil Cartwright yay for you but not sure what you meant by it?

    • Neil Cartwright
      Neil Cartwright Day ago

      Samantha Sanchez nothing against gay people I'm with a female my love of my life regards caller UK

  • Paige Sicker
    Paige Sicker Day ago

    I love Troye so much! He's so perfect... WHY ARE ALL THE GOOD GUYS GAY OR IN A RELATIONSHIP?!

  • Jovankaa M
    Jovankaa M Day ago


  • kim Taehyung
    kim Taehyung Day ago

    I dont know how i feel when i listen to your music ❤❤❤💋💋💋💋💋💋

  • Army forever
    Army forever Day ago +1

    2018 ?

  • Anam Ibrahim
    Anam Ibrahim Day ago

    Video starts” holy fuck this is sexy *starts rocking my body to the beat”

  • Andy Corrigan
    Andy Corrigan Day ago

    Love Love Love

  • P Latoure
    P Latoure 2 days ago

    This is fantastic

  • emma flores
    emma flores 2 days ago

    there's a lot happening here

  • callie carter
    callie carter 2 days ago +2

    Is anyone else just dancing in there living room 😂

  • Teagan Elisabeth
    Teagan Elisabeth 2 days ago +1

    he's a qt :")

  • Regina Higa
    Regina Higa 2 days ago +1

    Ugh i fucking love this song ❤❤❤

  • Tara Heart
    Tara Heart 2 days ago +1

    Troye dancing around is my aesthetic and also my favorite thing ever at the same time

  • Cade Del Rey
    Cade Del Rey 2 days ago +1

    Honestly one of the best songs I've ever heard.

  • Rhianon Annie McDowell
    Rhianon Annie McDowell 2 days ago +1

    Risking a seizure to watch this 🤤

  • Justin Storm
    Justin Storm 2 days ago

    Schwule sau

  • Cal Conniston
    Cal Conniston 3 days ago

    Idk why I got tagged dissing a CNN video but I like it!

  • Aleksandra Pelc
    Aleksandra Pelc 3 days ago +1

    tribute to MJ!

  • MiloManOfficial - Public Transport Enthusiast

    Oh my, my, my!... My wig is flying.

  • At Wonderclust
    At Wonderclust 3 days ago +2


  • ciara smith
    ciara smith 3 days ago +2

    Did anybody peep a hint of MJ in the beginning when he let the wind take over his shirt? 👀👀

  • Our common fanspage / we our your fans

    omg i love this song !! I love him !! he is amzing and his moves are aaah so beautiful , I listen it every day , every night and every moment , luv ya

    • Pollution X
      Pollution X Day ago

      Our common fanspage / we our your fans You can watch my BTS mashups! ❤ on my channel! ❤

  • Taneisha Narinesingh
    Taneisha Narinesingh 3 days ago +1

    this song makes me feel some kinda way

  • Javier Daniel Tosta ツ

    Y de repente un comentario en español :v

  • Jackson Herrmam
    Jackson Herrmam 3 days ago +1

    How long is the seizure supposed to last...

  • Nyan Cat
    Nyan Cat 3 days ago +1

    It looks like some horror shit whithout the bootiful audio 😂😂

  • Nyan Cat
    Nyan Cat 3 days ago +1

    Im just waiting for a jumpscare

  • lidette711
    lidette711 4 days ago

    He reminds Mr of Thimothee Chalamet (I don't think I spelled his name right) and vice versa.

  • Garren Van Meter
    Garren Van Meter 4 days ago +1

    I love seeing Troye's music videos because he looks so comfortable doing what he feels like

  • Dino Daquin
    Dino Daquin 4 days ago

    What a gayish video...

  • Alex Leos
    Alex Leos 4 days ago


    • Chun li
      Chun li 3 days ago +5

      Alex Leos And what about it?

  • Sam Nicole
    Sam Nicole 4 days ago +1

    whatta icon

  • Kelvin Trindade
    Kelvin Trindade 4 days ago +1

    Hello baby

  • LéoAlmeidaVEVO
    LéoAlmeidaVEVO 4 days ago +2

    *2:45** I STILL CAN'T HANDLE!!!!!*

  • Zinaya Mccrary
    Zinaya Mccrary 4 days ago +1

    Michael Jackson vibes with his shirt lol 😆

  • LolGuy72
    LolGuy72 4 days ago

    Is he gay?

  • Sara Millan Sink
    Sara Millan Sink 4 days ago

    tan sexy

  • Corhen Mybay15
    Corhen Mybay15 4 days ago

    This took awhile for this song to grown on me

  • C T
    C T 4 days ago +2

    The song is amazing !!!!
    i know it would have been #1on the charts in the 80's forsure.
    it has that 80's feel... :)

  • JaNyia Williams
    JaNyia Williams 4 days ago +1

    that moment you pray your parents dont wake up and walk into the room.....
    lets just leave it at awkward.....

  • nathan hall
    nathan hall 4 days ago

    “To die” in old English meant the big O so there’s that

  • zeta mari
    zeta mari 4 days ago

    Check Dua lipa’s cover

  • wai tho
    wai tho 4 days ago +1

    Y am I bald after watching this video

  • Speak Your Heart out vlogs

    Dammit! I want to be gay

  • When AB  Plays
    When AB Plays 5 days ago +1

    How this masterpiece doesn't have a billion views😑😑😑😑😑

  • Juliette Bianchi
    Juliette Bianchi 5 days ago

    There’s nothing that special about this song :(

  • literick pony
    literick pony 5 days ago

    please tell me why he looks so perfect??? *dies from troye sivan's face @.@*

  • Mal
    Mal 5 days ago

    The first thing I thought was
    ‘That’s not how a straight guy moves. He’s gay.’

  • drippy ari
    drippy ari 5 days ago

    who came here from snapchat 👻

  • tito 7
    tito 7 5 days ago +1

    wig: severely snatched
    acne: cured
    depression: healed
    beyoncé: could never

    • Chun li
      Chun li 5 days ago +2

      tito 7 Beyonce and Oldonna can pack. Troye has arrived.

  • Ángela Maciel
    Ángela Maciel 5 days ago

    I love u troye sivan ❤❤💖💖😍😍💕

  • Sara Ungureanu
    Sara Ungureanu 5 days ago

    oh my my my

  • sabrina andriani
    sabrina andriani 5 days ago

    Gay. In positive way. Keep moving troye!

  • pointeshoo225
    pointeshoo225 5 days ago

    Our little noodle twink. We love u

  • J Alexia
    J Alexia 6 days ago +1

    Will I ever get tired of this song?

    I don't think so

  • Chloe Couszins
    Chloe Couszins 6 days ago +1

    I love this song

  • Chloe Couszins
    Chloe Couszins 6 days ago +1


  • Chloe Couszins
    Chloe Couszins 6 days ago +1

    This song is sad

  • Mandy's World
    Mandy's World 6 days ago


  • Juntao Yu
    Juntao Yu 6 days ago

    Just revisit the MV. legendary.

  • s
    s 6 days ago

    *my my my!*

  • faviolanicole96
    faviolanicole96 6 days ago

    *dances like him* yas boi! Yassssss! *repeat*

  • Dany Mendoza
    Dany Mendoza 6 days ago

    ive put this song 10000000 x and i havent gotten tired of it , troye's music is amazing

  • Thordz
    Thordz 6 days ago

    Yep he's lost it..

  • Sapir Amar
    Sapir Amar 6 days ago

    Troy Sivan you got a spot in my heart!

  • lightwood vamps
    lightwood vamps 6 days ago

    oh my my my

  • _Absolutly Cyndi_
    _Absolutly Cyndi_ 6 days ago +1

    OMG. Troye, you broke me again. This song is absolutly amazing. In fact every one of your songs break me. I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

  • Maureen De Jesus
    Maureen De Jesus 6 days ago

    He dance so cute 😭

  • Franz Sutamtomo
    Franz Sutamtomo 6 days ago


  • ThatLostAlice InWonderland

    Crushing on Troye so bad idc that he’s gay, I just wanna stare into those eyes forever lol