Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones - Review

  • Published on Sep 2, 2019
  • Dave Chappelle has a stand up comedy special on Netflix that some have called "offensive". So here are my thoughts on DAVE CHAPPELLE: STICKS & STONES!
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  • BigJatt
    BigJatt 8 hours ago +1

    There is a very small portion on the population which is offended by this, maybe 2 to 3 percent but the media over hypes it because otherwise the media is irrelevant.

    DELIBRIUM 8 days ago

    and this is why i love the jahns man :)

  • Alan R
    Alan R 9 days ago

    Best comedy I've seen in years - looking at the imdb and rottan tomatoe user reviews it's clear the ultra loud woke culture truly is just the vocal minority thank god.

  • Nik Miller
    Nik Miller 17 days ago

    I agree. But the question is ....how much coke do you do before these videos ?

  • Freedom Cobra
    Freedom Cobra 23 days ago

    I enjoy how Dave brings all the women onboard for the abortion joke and then slaps them in the face with the “my money my choice” line. There is a girl in the back who starts wagging her finger at Dave. Such a powerful insight. If you can kill the kid, then a guy can choose to pay for it, women don’t like that

  • Mr Swagg
    Mr Swagg 26 days ago

    Come onnn broo!!

  • Mr Swagg
    Mr Swagg 26 days ago

    Money Heist Netflix Review!!!

  • Mr Swagg
    Mr Swagg 26 days ago

    Money Heist Netflix Review!!!

  • Mr Swagg
    Mr Swagg 26 days ago

    Money Heist Netflix Review!!!

  • woof beast
    woof beast 28 days ago

    DO NOT watch Dave Chappelle!
    He is a white supremacist.

  • james huffman
    james huffman Month ago

    If you can take a dick in the ass you can take a joke
    Ralphie May

  • Luke Crompton
    Luke Crompton Month ago

    Shit was fucking hilarious.

  • Ben  Daulton
    Ben Daulton Month ago

    I'm offended by Jeremy's liberal use of hair gel!
    I'm always trying to see if there is something trying to surf that wave.

  • HaveASmokeAndRelax
    HaveASmokeAndRelax Month ago

    This was pure gold.

  • shaleen karanjit
    shaleen karanjit Month ago

    “My money, my choice” - Dave Chappelle

  • dolerbom
    dolerbom Month ago

    I think a lot of peoples issue is that this " anti cancel-culture, " thing has become kind of a grift for comedians. Does cancel culture exist? Yeah, but not nearly to the extent that the alt right frames it. It also exists throughout the political spectrum. Go on stage and make jokes about the US military, see what reaction you get from the right. Bill Burr downplayed the existence of "Internet Police" in an interview with Bill Maher, and only a year later suddenly it became an issue for him. Somehow it became an issue the second it was profitable to hop on the train...

    I like your point about Dave Chappele making points worth talking about, but it is an argument against him. Chappele has historically used his comedy as social commentary for black issues. His jokes are usually nuanced and make you think. His jokes about trans and lgbtq? A rehash of of the attack helicopter joke that only functions to punch down. Yeah the joke works for the easily entertained anti-pc audience, but it isn't good humor outside of that circle.

    There is a conversation happening, conservatives just claim that the conversation is "Pc censorship," as if Dave Chappele didn't make millions of easy dollars off of gullible chuds. Dave Chapelle is free to do his comedy special, and people are free to criticize it.

  • Chase C.
    Chase C. Month ago

    I wonder if Jeremy would like it so much if his demographic was attacked in the special.

  • Andrew Baxter
    Andrew Baxter Month ago

    Loved this video! You are the absolute best reviewer and now I will be rewatching the Dave Chappelle special!

  • Lee Christian
    Lee Christian Month ago

    Dave is in like the ten greatest ever and people should be pleased he’s still at it.

  • Guild176
    Guild176 Month ago

    Fantastic, thoughtful, articulate review.

  • t
    t Month ago +1

    It's crazy. Most of Dave Chappelle's comedy veers liberal. No one got offended. The one special that he talked about liberal leaning trends, all the liberals are crying. I side heavy left by the way and I can appreciate the points made in the special. Yes there is bigotry in the world and it should be stopped but the whole "being pc" trend has gone completely overboard. That was the point Dave was making.

  • YouCanCallMeMich
    YouCanCallMeMich Month ago

    Louis CK would put it like this 'You got offended by Dave? Stop being a faggot! Not that you are a faggot, but stop acting like a faggot!'

  • Patrick Pacheco
    Patrick Pacheco Month ago

    I watched this special in a hotel at midnight. Long story short: knock at the door to keep it down. 😬

  • ethanarc
    ethanarc Month ago

    Watched it. Wasn't offensive. Was insightful as Chappelle always is. Laughed my fucking ass off

  • Jimmy TwoTimes
    Jimmy TwoTimes Month ago

    What the fuck, where’s the review of Bill Burr’s Paper Tiger Burr’s Paper Tiger?

  • jazeb khan
    jazeb khan Month ago

    It was the best Shi t

  • magicgoku
    magicgoku Month ago

    Indeed the comedy is controversial but then...its supposed to be and it is hilarious. Appreciate the honest review from Jeremy. Finally an unbiased review. This is what made me click the subscribe button...

  • wogabovkid
    wogabovkid Month ago

    i like the icarus analogy. where does cillian murphy right now?

  • Le reddit silver member

    I love Jeremy he has to be the biggest channel who has no fear when confronting these topics. I’m so happy we have TVcliprs who actually have a normal taste in things instead of these legacy media critics. I noticed a lot of reviewers were to afraid to review this and especially getting into it this deep. This was a hot topic so you know every reviewer watched it but they didn’t even have the balls to leave a review on rotten tomatoes which is why it only has 16 reviews.

  • Sara Mantilaro
    Sara Mantilaro Month ago

    Alright I initially commented that I didn't find him funny cause that's how I remembered feeling about his specials. Then I went and watched sticks and stones and yeah alright I get it. Like, he doesn't kill me with laughter but I do like the way he says things, even when I disagree. That's. Comedian I like right there

  • DH_Artist
    DH_Artist Month ago

    Just watched it. It was actually super damn funny. I also found myself agreeing with and thinking a lot about some points he made. Only thing that kinda put me off was his joke(?) about Anthony Bourdain killing himself. Idk personally I just didn’t laugh or even see the joke. What was the setup, what was the punchline? If you caught it and you laughed, good for you, I’m happy. I just personally didn’t find it that funny.

  • Rehmit
    Rehmit Month ago

    man u havent changed.

  • AeneasGemini
    AeneasGemini 2 months ago +1

    He literally said that he only makes fun of people he relates to. His humour wasn't hiding a negative prejudice, his humour humanised the people who are the subjects of his jokes. His jokes didn't smear trans people, he made the more relatable by making fun of them

  • samur2121
    samur2121 2 months ago

    I wasn’t offended but the problem was it wasn’t funny either. Louie CK, despite his recent issues, is/was the best at “flying close to the sun”. Again Chappelle just wasn’t funny.

    • samur2121
      samur2121 Month ago

      @Jordan Davis - Nope, he's not.

    • Jordan Davis
      Jordan Davis Month ago

      Chappelle is way funnier than Louis CK

  • Danny Le
    Danny Le 2 months ago +1

    He’s doing exactly what Stephen Colbert did, played devils advocate to its satirical limit to show us how dumb it all is

  • Hammad Anwar
    Hammad Anwar 2 months ago

    I didn't get offended at all

  • Tanuvein
    Tanuvein 2 months ago

    I'm amazed that it has a 99% on RT from almost 40 thousand users. That many people agreeing on anything to a 1% margin is beyond impressive.

  • masterofrockets
    masterofrockets 2 months ago

    You are at the top of the search results on google when searching for this.

  • Jay Waters
    Jay Waters 2 months ago

    Hey everbody am chineseeeeee

  • Mark Langston
    Mark Langston 2 months ago

    If today's cancel culture really wants to be violently and morally offended by a past comedian's jokes, before he makes his return to stand-up comedy, check out Eddie Murphy in *Raw* and *Delirious*. Chappelle's special will feel like an episode of Kim Possible after watching those.

  • palaniuki
    palaniuki 2 months ago +1

    Reviews of that show are a good way to know what channels i could like or not. Here, i subscribed

  • Jedadiah Tucker
    Jedadiah Tucker 2 months ago

    you should review bill's special paper tiger as well

  • Attack Helicopter Jr
    Attack Helicopter Jr 2 months ago

    i still never forget that gay french actor

  • Sanghoon Lee
    Sanghoon Lee 2 months ago

    My respect for Jeremy went up 2 notches.

  • Ken Crowley
    Ken Crowley 2 months ago

    Thanks for having the balls to review this show, you're one of the few!!!
    Good for You!!! Subscriber for life!!! You're the BEST!!!

  • Randy Parker Formerly Huckabone

    Jer, if I may call you Jer, your perspective is awesometacular...can you or a rep reach out to me?

  • sheamus
    sheamus 2 months ago

    Anyone else go check rotten tomatoes?

  • Boots
    Boots 2 months ago

    Loved it. Also as of 9/24 the critic score is up to 35%, but the audience score is at 99%.

  • No Name
    No Name 2 months ago

    We won’t be told what to like, think, watch.
    Fuck the Young Turks

  • garattyfisher
    garattyfisher 2 months ago

    As the citizens of communist China are fighting for democracy in China, the liberal left is fighting for a communist America. The left think that communism is the answer. Look at what has happened to every single communist country and currently in China. Censorship of every single thing is the pathway to communism. We are living in dangerous times.

  • Inactive Account
    Inactive Account 2 months ago +3

    “Find out where Kanye West was last night” lol

  • Nate Da Black
    Nate Da Black 2 months ago

    All of these panty waist, moist, pie back clowns in this cancel/sjw/outrage culture, including their main cheerleaders: the
    (L)imp wrist
    (B)itch made
    (Q)ueefs community
    Can go fuck themselves!
    I'm sick of these overly sensitive clowns always crying about nothing!
    All they do is whine about their feelings and look for shit to be offended about...SMH

  • Alex DeLarge
    Alex DeLarge 2 months ago

    Great, Jeremy. You’ve conjured all the incel/alpha bro dorks in the chat -_-

  • Wyatt Phillips
    Wyatt Phillips 2 months ago +1

    I loved it. It’s my kind of humor. I hate that comedians aren’t allowed to make these kinds of jokes anymore

  • jzbossgaming FTW
    jzbossgaming FTW 2 months ago

    I personally didn’t really enjoy sticks and stones, but that’s mainly because he’s not my style of comedy. I’m into a lot more dry wit, stuff like zero punctuation and Kathleen madigan

    QUEENDOM 2 months ago +1

    It actually wasnt controversial at all. Also it took way too long for him to finally come to the conclusion on many topics but I'm glad he did. It took a few years but his conclusions on the gay stuff, the PC stuff and the race stuff is finally in the logical place. Hopefully the sheep follow him lol

  • R35
    R35 2 months ago

    Huge respect for dave Chappel he's a real one

  • Job Acevedo
    Job Acevedo 2 months ago


  • Chad Oliver
    Chad Oliver 2 months ago

    I laughed a lot, and Chappelle is a master. However it is starting to ring hollow to me that comedians can't say anything, especiall when they are counting our money while still saying pretty much whatever the fuck they want. You aren't entitled to your joke being funny. You aren't entitled to it being inoffensive. If you are going to skate the edge, take responsibility when your joke falls flat or turns out to be hurtful or hateful.
    Kevin Hart's tweet was not a joke. It wasn't funny. It was gay-bashing. It was punching down, this from a man who made it to the mountaintop, a man with instant access to millions of fans -- probably including a bunch of gay kids -- you have words condoning the bullying of gay children. No one fired him from the Oscars, he fired himself. He issued an insensitive non-apology, threw a tantrum and quit. And we are supposed to believe he was the victim here.

  • Ace A
    Ace A 2 months ago

    good job dude