10 Craziest Incidents on a Commercial Airplane!


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  • Gudel 21
    Gudel 21 Year ago +602

    I love these vids Matthew!!! Keep up the great work 👍👍👍

    • NickPearlTV
      NickPearlTV 5 days ago

      Is that fortnite

    • Flight_ Night gaming
      Flight_ Night gaming 3 months ago

      Yay mat is the best better than the Richest

      THIRT REVOLTS 10 months ago

      MatthewSantoro that background just makes your video so dull change it bro

    • Leecicle
      Leecicle 11 months ago

      Just smoked me a doobie and the poop segment lead me to an 18 minute of laughter burst -.-

      SOURCESUM Law 11 months ago

      lol people who watch overwatch also watches Matt's vids

  • Xx_Anime Meme_xX Potatoe09

    Anyone else get a Airplane Ad or an Airport Ad while watching this? Cause I did

  • Enderforce The One
    Enderforce The One 6 days ago


  • Brother αgαr & more
    Brother αgαr & more 10 days ago

    I lost thought in humanity today for like the 12 time

  • Rodrigo Oliveira
    Rodrigo Oliveira 12 days ago

    10:16 why does it always have to be my president

  • Leia_thebeastkid
    Leia_thebeastkid 12 days ago

    Love the video 🗺

  • Brandon Jamie
    Brandon Jamie 16 days ago

    1:41 is nuts

  • Da uggy Baby
    Da uggy Baby 17 days ago

    Don’t press read more otherwise U *SUCK*

    You suck

  • Summer Paws
    Summer Paws 17 days ago

    Honestly ur the only TVclipr that is actually interesting.

  • Jonny M
    Jonny M 22 days ago

    You forgot 9/11

  • For the memes
    For the memes 22 days ago

    Are you sure wasn't R.Kelly on that flight where the lady got peed on

  • Scrapyard24c
    Scrapyard24c 23 days ago

    Buying drinks for everybody
    But the pilot, it's a party
    Got this 737 rocking like a G6

  • Brody Martin
    Brody Martin 25 days ago

    Beginning of number 9:that’s what she said

  • ErinnVsZombies
    ErinnVsZombies 26 days ago

    Why do I choose to watch videos like this before I go on a 9 hour flight?

  • snipershot 299
    snipershot 299 26 days ago

    You know you gotta get that nut

  • Windy Miller
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  • mr toast
    mr toast 29 days ago

    I freaking love his videos keep up the good work man

  • Lance Jones
    Lance Jones 29 days ago

    🚅🛁🚽 ✈🚷

  • Lance Jones
    Lance Jones 29 days ago

    I seen the man who got dragged off the plane on the news

  • cute kitty cat gamer

    I hate Air lines that kick people of for no reason.

  • Robert Campbell
    Robert Campbell Month ago

    imma guess 9/11 is on here

  • Zachary Drewes
    Zachary Drewes Month ago

    I don't blame Steven, you can only kick a dog so much before he learns to bite

  • Charlie Plush Productions

    Where's MH370

  • Nick H
    Nick H Month ago

    Lol I don't feel bad for David D.

  • Squawk 7700
    Squawk 7700 Month ago +1

    2:52 it wasn’t United it was united express which is ran by sky west

  • Stitch A Mitch
    Stitch A Mitch Month ago

    I was on Naomi's flight, it was scary

  • Ben Zordan
    Ben Zordan Month ago

    #8 Who else saw that on the news

  • Darran Awesome
    Darran Awesome Month ago

    Lol, he said poop 💩

  • Ryker Irontooth
    Ryker Irontooth Month ago +1

    1:47 When you crave nuts.

  • OneStop Tripreports

    Yaaaaaaaa, Ramp or taxiway. Not TARMAC

  • Daniel Felic
    Daniel Felic Month ago +1

    #1: 9/11

  • phillip lewis 1987
    phillip lewis 1987 Month ago

    Number 6 woman gits peed on like rkelly

  • Brooklynn Breckner
    Brooklynn Breckner Month ago

    7:45 I heard that once this guy pooped in the bathroom in the airplane and it stank so bad that they had to do an emergency landing I’m not even joking 😂

  • Alex McBeth
    Alex McBeth Month ago

    RIP *United Airlines*

  • Jaberjit Singh
    Jaberjit Singh Month ago

    Good way to explain things 😉

  • Orange juice & Demo Gamer

    whats uhh ... "faf n haminity"? is dat how u say it

  • Godly dirt YT
    Godly dirt YT Month ago

    I'm watching this at the air port so I'm now a worried

  • Tom Animations Gamings And Other Things

    United Airlines Is The Worst

  • Schnick Fitzel
    Schnick Fitzel Month ago

    So you're a official victim of Mandela Effect

  • Khalidkk1285 Khankk1852Ķıĺłəř

    good I go on air arabia!

  • Aeromexico 18
    Aeromexico 18 Month ago

    Was number 10 Ryanair

  • Aeromexico 18
    Aeromexico 18 Month ago


  • yanii torres
    yanii torres Month ago

    Matt cracks me up

  • Luna Summer
    Luna Summer Month ago

    upon beggining to watch this video I hoped not to hear the words "Heathrow airport, 2008" and those words wre in the FIRST story now I'm not sure if that was my flight or not. You try to remember something that happened when you were 5

  • What the Fish?
    What the Fish? Month ago

    Louisville is pronounced Lew-uh-vlle

  • Eeveeevolutionlover101 Chdhdhdhdhdddhhhded

    I got a ad for Hulu before this video of a man flying first class on an airplane and saying to never fly first class and that Hulu is horrible and stuff

  • The lol Surprise queen

    U ; yo u got the nuts
    Purson next to him ; no

  • weird one
    weird one Month ago

    I love your videos they keep me entertained when I'm bored or just doing nothing (which is always),keep it up😃 (very nice👌)

  • Yaqub & Aasiyah Ali

    Can you please make a video about the top ten most highly praised movie/wrestling/boxing fights in history involving Jackie Chan's fight against Benny the Jet?

  • Ojo Joshua
    Ojo Joshua Month ago

    Your list is definitely not complete without the story of the "Underwear Bomber"!!!

  • BlankSpace
    BlankSpace 2 months ago

    the worst thing that happened to me was really bad airsickness. Im talking to a point were i couldn't stand

  • deborah mckinney
    deborah mckinney 2 months ago

    Love this vid. #3: another

  • xXxLuna SimsxXx
    xXxLuna SimsxXx 2 months ago

    I was so nervous flying my first time because I'd heard so many horror stories. It was with United Airlines too. This was before that incident with the doctor, but I'd still heard quite a few bad reviews about the airline. Luckily, the only annoying thing that happened was that the gate number changed at the last minute and the flight was delayed. Still, I'm very, very reluctant to fly again.

  • Sky Guy Aviation
    Sky Guy Aviation 2 months ago

    There is so many South African refriences.

    RETARDIS 2 months ago +1

    9:19 is that a sample from Goofy’s trial by Papa Franku?

  • WD Gaster
    WD Gaster 2 months ago

    This video is... nuts

  • Bel CJ
    Bel CJ 2 months ago

    When ya in the mood, ya in the mood. Lol.

  • Otto Günsche
    Otto Günsche 2 months ago

    In West Virginia someone tried breaking into a house and he got lassoed

  • Yeti Gamez
    Yeti Gamez 2 months ago

    Srsly mathew... YOU SAID TARMAC!!!


  • Addison Bray
    Addison Bray 2 months ago

    I've lost all fair in humans

  • The Sim Designer
    The Sim Designer 2 months ago

    ahahha I'm from Portugal and didn't know that story, that the president was in that plane when that happened... xD

  • rejoice yu
    rejoice yu 2 months ago

    Flight attendants should be trained to knock out rowdy people and alcohol ban

  • Cool James
    Cool James 2 months ago

    1:47 you mean _deez nuts_

  • Jack Hembroff
    Jack Hembroff 2 months ago

    I remember vomiting up some starbursts when the plane was about to land,for some reason it smelled like apple juice.

  • Steeljaw XXI
    Steeljaw XXI 2 months ago

    The Jet Blue toilet eruption didn't make it on the list . . . . that's pretty crazy and I wouldn't want to be on that flight.

  • Robert Grajewski
    Robert Grajewski 2 months ago

    You are awesome man.....love your channel.... i am glad i subscribe

  • Mariona Springtrap
    Mariona Springtrap 2 months ago

    You- Number 8 is David Dao dragged off of a flight. Oh, you heard about dis. EVERYBODY heard about dis.

    Me- I've never heard about this.

    Friend- *walks away* bye.

    Me- *chases after them* Waitwaitwait!! WHERE YOU GOINGGG??!

  • yoshimanrpg
    yoshimanrpg 2 months ago

    No Nut November happens every month on Commercial Flights

  • Christer Wickman
    Christer Wickman 2 months ago

    Hi. If I remember correct. One time when I was flying from Hong Kong to London. We had a passanger that was bad. First he complain about the airline. Second he said all the tine that he wouldn't fly with Cathay Pacific Airways. About two hours in to the flight he became bad at the flight crew because they weren't allow to give alocohol to passanger. This is a rule that Cathay had. He yelled at her and was very rude to her. I was a bit worried since I was siting beside him I felt bad about what he did. This happen if I remember correct 2008.

  • Minionpal Channel
    Minionpal Channel 2 months ago

    Each day we stray further away from god

  • FtCrystalFlower Star
    FtCrystalFlower Star 2 months ago

    I was eating when that story of a woman being peed on and pooping thing qiut gross

  • A Person
    A Person 2 months ago

    “U wanna get nutz?,LETS GET NUTZ!”- Matthew Santoro 2012-2018

  • Lauren Nelson
    Lauren Nelson 3 months ago

    #3 sounds like a band name

  • Aditya Gupta
    Aditya Gupta 3 months ago

    I though, there would be Kapil Sharma too, in this video.

  • urpieceofheaven 2
    urpieceofheaven 2 3 months ago

    The last one, bet they had AIDS

  • urpieceofheaven 2
    urpieceofheaven 2 3 months ago

    Oh God, going to Mexico with my mom but we are meeting there so I’m relying on her being there, any way we are flying with United 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • stephanie stahlballs
    stephanie stahlballs 3 months ago


  • Anime Potatoe:/
    Anime Potatoe:/ 3 months ago

    5:30 ah yo Jerome that u?

  • Maria Kelly
    Maria Kelly 3 months ago

    With all of the times that Naomi Campbell has been charged with assaulting people, I'm still trying to figure out why she's never served any jail time. She's been doing things like this for the last 15 years. It's ridiculous.

    OLIVER DRAPER-BLACK 3 months ago

    My craziest flight was.....


  • Maya makes videos or something

    Casual appreciation comment for this channel

  • Maddie_ LOL
    Maddie_ LOL 3 months ago

    United Airlines, You do what we said, when we said. And there won't be a problem..

  • TOsoraFY
    TOsoraFY 3 months ago

    he never fails to make me laugh i rewatch his videos all the time XD

  • Brennen Ping
    Brennen Ping 3 months ago

    What about 9/11

  • Tijana Banjac
    Tijana Banjac 3 months ago

    wat number 1 is just to crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Tijana Banjac
    Tijana Banjac 3 months ago

    DOnt POop ON PLane

  • Tijana Banjac
    Tijana Banjac 3 months ago

    UNited YOu HAve TO MAny PRoblem

  • Liza Sanders
    Liza Sanders 4 months ago

    Naomi campbell… she shares the same first name as me Xd

  • Gabriel Fox
    Gabriel Fox 4 months ago

    I don't think it was united Airlines rights to kick him off there plane if they overbooked in the first place, I mean he did pay for his seat

  • Mucus Drizzle
    Mucus Drizzle 4 months ago

    #1. 911

  • Lucas gamer916
    Lucas gamer916 4 months ago +1

    Don’t like flying pfh I haven’t ever Flynn

  • mirabirdy
    mirabirdy 4 months ago

    Im going on a flight next week thanks for this Matt 😓😂😫.

  • Angela Cowie
    Angela Cowie 4 months ago

    Another great movie thx for all these up load's

  • kinky kendo stick
    kinky kendo stick 4 months ago

    number one nine eleven lol im funny

  • Harvey Quinn
    Harvey Quinn 4 months ago

    I'm surprised nobodies made a 9/11 joke
    Edit: Oh there they are

  • Hello my Dudes
    Hello my Dudes 4 months ago


    *Read More*

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  • Missionary Man
    Missionary Man 4 months ago

    Oh you heard bout dis airabody heard bout dis

  • Victoria Stielow
    Victoria Stielow 4 months ago