Rosie O’Donnell On Donald Trump’s Hostility Toward Her | WWHL

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  • Ellie Watson- Eichorn
    Ellie Watson- Eichorn 5 hours ago

    RIGGED YES! YouTube is runned by google a liberal company. So go on Vimeo or something. Sooo many pissed of snowflakes. What are you doing on BRAVO go away snowflakes. Rosie has more balls than your precious cheeto.

  • James Shelnutt
    James Shelnutt Day ago

    Rosie, I think the reason Trump speaks out so negatively against you is because you spoke out against him first. Trump will not let public criticism of him go unanswered. So you better be able to take it as well as you dish it out with him.

  • Mark Fisher
    Mark Fisher Day ago

    rosie calls trump a fraud, she said that she was going to leave the country if he won,, well, what happened ? lie ? I will rent the barge to carry you to another country myself.

    YOUR NAME HERE Day ago

    Muslims don't like Rosie or any other pork products!!!

  • 13blanket
    13blanket Day ago

    Trump is going to be a failure, there's no question about it. I don't know why people get so offended by this statement. Look at the past, have any Presidents in our lifetime really changed things?

  • Brent M.
    Brent M. Day ago

    Go away, you obnoxious whale!!!

  • keeping it real
    keeping it real Day ago

    Why aren't you living in Canada, were you promised to go if Trump became President, you lying pathetic mentally unstable Hypocrite.

  • Vic
    Vic Day ago

    Well, Rosie, Donald Trump is President Of The United States, and you're nothing. So who won?

  • Samuel Quinones
    Samuel Quinones 2 days ago

    That FAT FUCK is still mad at her President? That's some respect you fucking hog!

  • Donald Swink
    Donald Swink 2 days ago

    Theirs two lesbians that should be executed.

  • joe woodchuck
    joe woodchuck 3 days ago

    Rosy's list of her being socially relevant anywhere:

    End of list.

  • - *
    - * 3 days ago

    I ❤️ Rosie

  • catbgood 53
    catbgood 53 3 days ago

    Rosie is hostile towards Mr. Trump and if you sling mud expect to get hit back. Unhuh, You started the crap with Trump therefore, you can blame yourself.

  • C gatz
    C gatz 3 days ago

    what a nasty pig she is, yikes

    RUDY DEL VECCHIO 3 days ago

    Behold two living wonderful ladies. NOT.

  • john mccarthy
    john mccarthy 3 days ago

    Wow I've heard of Hell On Earth but...

  • Professor Liberal Avenger

    If she was a republican pedophile, trump would love her.

  • Yul Yulk
    Yul Yulk 3 days ago


  • Dan Magoo
    Dan Magoo 3 days ago

    Funny that Trump called her a "fat slob", considering Trump now outweighs her by at least 400 pounds.

  • seeburgm100a
    seeburgm100a 3 days ago

    Rosie Please Please Please leave the country... and take Joy with you..

  • Matthew Swartz
    Matthew Swartz 3 days ago

    5k retards that can't deal with anyone bad-mouthing Trump.

  • Cathy Reinhart
    Cathy Reinhart 3 days ago

    Why are you still here?

  • chuck koscinski
    chuck koscinski 3 days ago

    GO Away you Fat DOUCHE !!!

  • denisejustdenise
    denisejustdenise 3 days ago

    He had business bankruptcies, never a personal bankruptcy. Business bankruptcies are not uncommon in the world of entrepreneurship. Business bankruptcies add to one's knowledge and enrich one's experiential résumé. Donald Trump is a successful businessman, not a perfect business man. This President has a wealth of knowledge that is shared by his supporters and is enigmatic to many of the politicians in D.C. Hillary has experience in crime and project incompletion. And Hillary has even more experience telling lies, yet is not a skilled deceiver. Hillary betrayed her country. Trump feels an obligation to his country.

  • Ryan Pierce
    Ryan Pierce 3 days ago

    Why is this downvoted so much?

  • alla stasyuk
    alla stasyuk 3 days ago

    Is she still on TV? Fat pig!

  • Kaela Ghent
    Kaela Ghent 3 days ago

    Two of the most pathetic, lowlife people I have ever seen. Go away please.

  • Christine Y
    Christine Y 3 days ago

    She is so right! All these haters on here just don't like her because she is a woman and she speaks out. She won't back down on the truth. She is a hero to me. People who criticize her make me sick. They like their women skinny and hot and vapid and stupid. How could anyone who is the opposite of that be nervy enough to speak up for herself!? God forbid we normal women have an opinion.

  • Steve Reed
    Steve Reed 3 days ago

    Here are two of the most obsessive hateful women on tv. Behar had to have had some kind of relationship with Trump to be this insanity scorned. Something happened. The other one is just plain nuts.

  • Jack Bower
    Jack Bower 3 days ago

    Two twats that can fall off the earth and no one would care.

  • BlackIrishRy
    BlackIrishRy 3 days ago

    If your asking yourself why there are so many dislikes...butt hurt snowflake republicans are hypocrites. They didn't get enough hugs. Forgive them.

  • Count Chocula
    Count Chocula 3 days ago

    She conveniently forgets to mention she fired the first salvo and now she's butthurt he's firing back twice as hard, she can dish it out but apparently can't take it.

  • andrew simsmister
    andrew simsmister 3 days ago

    Fake, phony, and a fraud, hmmm sounds like a businessman 😂🐐🐐

  • Joey Calcote
    Joey Calcote 3 days ago

    It’s not PTSD you dumb fuck.

  • James Wentz
    James Wentz 3 days ago

    Kill both those dykes!

  • Things & Stuff
    Things & Stuff 4 days ago

    I may lose my equilibrium for 6 months after seeing that wrinkled loose chest skin where cleavage should be.

  • Patrick Baitman
    Patrick Baitman 4 days ago


  • Old Fart
    Old Fart 4 days ago

    I wish both of these sacks of manure would play Russian roulette with each other.

  • FranksDD15
    FranksDD15 4 days ago

    Sounds to me like Rosie is a bit salty. She’s mad that nobody cares about her and her sworn enemy is the most powerful man on earth. I really don’t see why she’s not in Canada yet. Oh right... Because she’s a complete loser and a nobody there.

  • Shawn Taylor
    Shawn Taylor 4 days ago

    Fuckin die Rosie

  • David Sharek
    David Sharek 4 days ago

    256K people has seen this video. 0 people support rosie. Just get over yourself big girl we all are.

  • John Silver
    John Silver 4 days ago

    That FAT PIG still in the USA ???????

  • Arthur Carroll
    Arthur Carroll 4 days ago

    Wow Rosie your hate filled black hearted soul has finally got you to the big time!

  • T Jones
    T Jones 4 days ago

    So Rosie you felt so strongly about your feelings against Trump, you went to his wedding? You are such a fraud.

  • Helen Kistler
    Helen Kistler 4 days ago

    Has Donald Trump ever gloated about being responsible for someone's death? -- Hillary Clinton has.

  • Helen Kistler
    Helen Kistler 4 days ago

    If I don't like the way someone acts, I don't care what they think of me.

  • Jim Jimo
    Jim Jimo 4 days ago

    move to canada

  • Jon Ogden
    Jon Ogden 4 days ago

    Poor Rosie, I thought you were moving to Canada, right?

  • Wayne Smith
    Wayne Smith 4 days ago

    I just came to give a thumbs down for the Rosie O-fatty content.

  • John Write
    John Write 4 days ago

    every time I see her she's bigger and bigger

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 4 days ago

    I hate her so much

  • Slivings911
    Slivings911 4 days ago +1

    Ok, but yet, I still don't understand how HRC's supporters can turn a blind eye toward her corruption, which goes waaay back. Never a word about it.

  • scott wheeler
    scott wheeler 4 days ago

    Aww poor fat Lezbo

  • Darna Bedwell
    Darna Bedwell 4 days ago +1

    Although you've given him plenty of reason, its not President Trump's hostility toward you Rosie; its your resentment toward him. We know you'd like to think you are that important but you're not.
    Now that he is President you are barely a speck on his radar. Like you said, "You don't really travel in his circles." You are not in his league.
    How can you call someone unethical. Let it go Rosie. Stop trying to make a career out of it. I like what another commenter said, "You started it but he finished it."

  • Martin Thomas
    Martin Thomas 4 days ago

    What do you expect frankly anyone even a saint would hate a spiteful monster like Rosie

    LWK LWK 4 days ago

    I thought if he won you would leave the country.. Well get out

  • Lionel Tsinajinnie
    Lionel Tsinajinnie 4 days ago

    Holy shit who fix her face?

  • Family Map
    Family Map 4 days ago +1

    2 Bitter has beens! Please move to Canada!

  • jd jackson
    jd jackson 4 days ago

    I thought u was going to leave the country u lying scum bag .. be gone with ur self ..

  • Galahad
    Galahad 4 days ago

    (takes in deep breath)

  • S Vaughn
    S Vaughn 4 days ago

    He is a fake, phoney and fraud.

  • John Masters
    John Masters 4 days ago

    Rosie O'Donnell is just like Hillary Clinton. Every time she opens her mouth, she lies and she knows she is spilling lies. Rosie O'Donnell is an idiot.

  • Steven Ruiz
    Steven Ruiz 4 days ago

    Fuck all you Trump lovers. Know nothing pieces of shit.

  • Michelle Lee Slayer
    Michelle Lee Slayer 4 days ago

    Do yourself s favor Rosie & kill yourself . That should make you feel better .

  • Kathlene Woods
    Kathlene Woods 4 days ago

    They are only relevant in their own mind.

  • DeathScythe1990
    DeathScythe1990 4 days ago

    Boo mother fucking hoo!! Grow up and take it like an everyone else does

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez 4 days ago

    Rosie fathead loser. Still bitter. Instead of worrying about trump worry about the daughter who wont even speak to you. And for an opinion that isnt relevant your still crying about. Hollywood doesnt get it. We dont care what you thought

  • Z. Roan
    Z. Roan 4 days ago

    You really are ignorant. You made yourself look like a fool. That man has done more for this country in one year than you have in your entire career. Get a life.

  • dank memes
    dank memes 4 days ago

    What about her hostility towards trump

  • viviana bernal
    viviana bernal 4 days ago

    The truth hurts Rosie, and whatever your name is from the stupid show the view

  • Martial Harpist Matthew

    I watched free willy last week. Next.

  • sandee3127
    sandee3127 4 days ago


  • cwbeasy1987
    cwbeasy1987 4 days ago

    ABSOLUTELY NOBODY that has a partially functioning brain falls for this kind of bullshit
    And you will ultimately pay for your deceiving actions

  • bduff007
    bduff007 4 days ago

    Why hasn’t this pig left the country yet?

  • Rick James
    Rick James 4 days ago

    Rosie, move to Canada please

  • Stivan Medicov
    Stivan Medicov 4 days ago

    And why does that other thing have a vagina on its neck?

  • Stivan Medicov
    Stivan Medicov 4 days ago

    Wait. I'm confused. So, it a pig with a wig or a bear with no hair?

  • Julie King
    Julie King 4 days ago

    The media? Really Rosie? The ones who promoted Hillary Clinton 24/7?

  • Cash Cunningham
    Cash Cunningham 4 days ago

    Rosie Joy and a talk show host walks into a bar and the bartender says...”what is this, a joke?”

  • Krista Lofland
    Krista Lofland 4 days ago

    lmbo ❄❄❄❄

  • Hammerhead Productions

    Trending my ass....I hope her extreme fatness gives her a friggin heart attack!!!!!

  • big p
    big p 4 days ago

    2 of the most disgusting britches alive.

  • Rene Elizalde
    Rene Elizalde 4 days ago

    Two of the dumbest women in the world!!!!

  • david bias
    david bias 4 days ago

    these women or what ever there called are morons doneld trump better than you lier

  • holoholo haole no ka oi

    sick filthy Leftist lying scum

  • wrenchin4life01
    wrenchin4life01 4 days ago

    both those women are whats wrong with this country... they dont like it when people treat them the way they treat others...

  • allyson Hansen
    allyson Hansen 4 days ago

    Rosie? Lipstick? Putting lipstick on a bulldyke? What a farce!! Just like this show....

  • JG Perea
    JG Perea 4 days ago

    Trump, the great vindictive con artist. Thanks Rosie for having the balls that his supporters lack. They drank the kool-aid and will not learn their lesson.

  • MT Tr
    MT Tr 4 days ago

    miss Piggy can speak? o wow
    i though all she can do is eat her own feces and go oink oink oink olink

  • DarthPrime71
    DarthPrime71 4 days ago

    2 fugly twatts

  • Felipe Schenone
    Felipe Schenone 4 days ago

    MY WIFE!!!!!!!   PERVERT.

  • Σάρα Ιωάννης

    The thumbs down had a landslide victory on this video does that mean the majority of WWHL viewers are Trump supporters? Just curious 🤔

  • Σάρα Ιωάννης

    Why would you go to someone's wedding that you don't like? 🤔

  • Mark Oliver
    Mark Oliver 4 days ago


  • Colorado Cyber
    Colorado Cyber 4 days ago

    The fugly POS rosie is a has been and no one cares what she thinks. Go crawl back under a rock... libatard tub of lard.

  • Dusk Hollow
    Dusk Hollow 4 days ago

    Why does everyone react politically?? Rosie and Trump are BOTH right about each other...

  • Night City Ryder
    Night City Ryder 4 days ago

    No body likes you "Rosie" you should change your name to something more appropriate to your awful behavior.

  • Gary Kinder
    Gary Kinder 4 days ago

    ok ummm most of america feels that way about her. So why is she so focused on the President?

  • Jerry & Lisa Davis
    Jerry & Lisa Davis 4 days ago

    Looks like two pigs

  • chetyoder
    chetyoder 4 days ago

    Rosie's full of shit