SpongeBob SquarePants "Sweet Victory" Performance 🎤 Band Geeks | Nick

  • Published on Dec 3, 2018
  • SpongeBob, Sandy, Patrick and Squidward give you all the feels at the Bubble Bowl when they sing SWEET VICTORY! 🎤 Catch more SpongeBob SquarePants on Nickelodeon.
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Comments • 10 937

  • Nickelodeon
    Nickelodeon  6 days ago +26200


    • WolFiemx
      WolFiemx 8 hours ago

      Wise words

    • asdasd dada sd sdknw ad
      asdasd dada sd sdknw ad 8 hours ago

      Nickelodeon Play it at the super bowl 2019 with the cast of spongebob.

    • Drew Kosman
      Drew Kosman 16 hours ago

      cant wait to see this at the super bowl half time show

    • BJ Blitz
      BJ Blitz 20 hours ago

      Nickelodeon PLAY IT AT THE SUPER BOWL!

  • Mario Valdez
    Mario Valdez 6 hours ago

    Nickelodeon is a real one for this.

  • Anthony_flips [dont read this part]

    Rip Shephen Hillenburg 😭😭😭😭

  • Lou
    Lou 6 hours ago

    The one episode we were rooting for Squidward....

    Also. Really shows Squidward is a icon in the history of America Culture or just world Culture in general

  • Sound Coleman
    Sound Coleman 7 hours ago

    This episode is a moment we have to hold on to.. This have changed so much since.. 😞😢😭

  • Dedi Alfariki
    Dedi Alfariki 7 hours ago

    factory no victory

  • Eric Lindh
    Eric Lindh 7 hours ago

    I’m gonna be so mad if they don’t play this during the superbowl

  • Stunday
    Stunday 7 hours ago

    Play this at the Superbowl

  • shadowjago fanboi9
    shadowjago fanboi9 7 hours ago

    I swear if this actually doesn't make it to the real superbowl im gonna be so disappointed

  • GamerLogan1903
    GamerLogan1903 7 hours ago

    When this show ends they better play this song on the series finale

    • GamerLogan1903
      GamerLogan1903 7 hours ago

      Because this show is a sweet victory for hillenburg

  • Martin The creator
    Martin The creator 7 hours ago

    😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 my childhood 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • TRSS/ Turnbuckle Tabloid

    Who would give this a thumbs down?

  • Tokar
    Tokar 7 hours ago

    Finally!! The full scene in a decent quality

  • Oopyy
    Oopyy 7 hours ago

    This is my favourite episode, it literally never aired though.

  • Mr SoloHd
    Mr SoloHd 7 hours ago

    Everyone sign the petition on change.org

  • Crazyemonster
    Crazyemonster 7 hours ago

    well for one, you’re not suppose to puff your cheeks out that much, coming from a Trumpet Player

  • Trashhead2
    Trashhead2 7 hours ago

    iF tHIs IsNt pLAyEd aT tHe nEXT SuPeR BoWL

  • Eli GiantMedal
    Eli GiantMedal 7 hours ago

    dear, nickelodeon; please put this song in the 2019 or 2020 superbowl besides @nickelodeon we need all the help we can get because of the spongebobs creator.. passing.. and further more this just has to be apart of our lives because spongebob squarepants is a true inspiration to us all in conclusion we all will miss him.. your fan. @Eli GiantMedal...

  • thelastholdout
    thelastholdout 7 hours ago

    Not gonna lie, this may have been my favorite SpongeBob episode ever. It was so nice to see Squidward get a W for once.

  • Theresia Atmojo
    Theresia Atmojo 7 hours ago

    Best episode eveeeeeeerrr

  • altersack
    altersack 7 hours ago

    When I was a kid, this was the most epic episode ever...

  • Mediterrean Rose
    Mediterrean Rose 7 hours ago

    I still get happy seeing Squidward break it down at the end.

  • Drift The hedgehog
    Drift The hedgehog 7 hours ago

    This should be played at the super bowl and hillenburg's funeral

  • Hayate Music
    Hayate Music 7 hours ago +1


  • Nathan Weatherspoon
    Nathan Weatherspoon 7 hours ago

    Is mayonnaise an instrument

  • George The Friend
    George The Friend 8 hours ago

    We're going to be fine. Hillenburg wouldn't want us to be sad. He'd want us to celebrate his work.

  • Erratic Noman
    Erratic Noman 8 hours ago

    There's a petition for those who didn't know to get this played at the super bowl. 500,000 people have signed it don't be afraid. SIGN THIS PETITION

  • Nathan Bonbrake
    Nathan Bonbrake 8 hours ago

    Ow right in the childhood

  • Tim Tolltroll
    Tim Tolltroll 8 hours ago

    RIP Stan Lee

  • Noah Meserve
    Noah Meserve 8 hours ago


  • theplush toygamer96
    theplush toygamer96 8 hours ago

    When people pay their tributes to Stefan Karl, he has earned a sweet victory.

  • Randy White
    Randy White 8 hours ago

    Name a better Spongebob episode than Band Geeks I’ll wait

  • Chlorine
    Chlorine 8 hours ago


  • Oscar Sal14
    Oscar Sal14 8 hours ago

    I rather see this than a person singing crappy and cringey hip hop

  • Marin Eduard
    Marin Eduard 8 hours ago

    in honor of stephen ,this better play at this next superbowl

  • FireComedyCold axh
    FireComedyCold axh 8 hours ago

    For everyone going to the superbowl, please sing this at halftime. Eveyone Please......

  • Eric Rossoni
    Eric Rossoni 8 hours ago

    Please get in contact with the NFL and have them play this song for the Super Bowl in honor of Spongebob

  • Kylez vidz
    Kylez vidz 8 hours ago

    What should be played at the super bowl
    Like: goofer goober rock
    Reply: sweet victory

  • Clinton Cook
    Clinton Cook 8 hours ago

    You should try and get it played at the super bowl next year!

  • Emo Neko
    Emo Neko 8 hours ago

    Ahh this takes me back 🙂

  • The Muffin
    The Muffin 8 hours ago

    Drop an F in chat for Stephen :(

  • asdasd dada sd sdknw ad

    Play it....

  • patat
    patat 8 hours ago


  • E Prushan
    E Prushan 8 hours ago


  • Tristan D
    Tristan D 8 hours ago

    If this doesn't play at the Superbowl I'm not watching

  • keemstar_joey_denis_jumin superstarfan

    This took a long time to find an HD version of this scene and all i have to say is congrats to nickelodeon for finally uploading this.

  • Adrian Baggio
    Adrian Baggio 8 hours ago +1

    Coming to a Super Bowl performance near you...

  • KivaMarieTurbo1
    KivaMarieTurbo1 8 hours ago

    This should be at Super Bowl 53 halftime show in honor of Stephen Hillenburg #SweetVictory53

  • U・ェ・U 🎧💘
    U・ェ・U 🎧💘 8 hours ago +1

    This song is my national anthem

  • Jmbabwe frøm Zimbabwe

    Stephen hillenburg made my childhood a sweet victory

    We miss you stephen

  • Yohane Skauto
    Yohane Skauto 9 hours ago

    Holy- I got goosebumps the first time I watched this when I was a kid, still amazing as always

  • Mr. Pixel Ninja
    Mr. Pixel Ninja 9 hours ago +1

    when the pregnancy test comes back negative

  • Mystery Bri
    Mystery Bri 9 hours ago

    Who’s here after watching the bohemian rhapsody version

  • Kaneki Ayato
    Kaneki Ayato 9 hours ago +1

    *Will Never Sacrifised Their Will !!!*

  • TerraRiku
    TerraRiku 9 hours ago

    I guess Nick finally realized that if people would not stop uploading this only for it to be taken down or needing annoying alterations they ought to upload it officially themselves. Well done Nick, it only took years and years.

  • Bygoreak
    Bygoreak 9 hours ago

    1:40 RIP Stephen

  • JP Trj
    JP Trj 9 hours ago

    IF this is gonna be played, personally I want (Aerosmith) Steven Tyler to perform this.

  • Mike Da Finesse God
    Mike Da Finesse God 9 hours ago

    Ski Mask Anyone 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • aries chara
    aries chara 9 hours ago

    This is the happiest spongebob ending scene

  • Enzo The Meme
    Enzo The Meme 9 hours ago +1

    Where can I get tickets for the *Bubble Bowl* ?

  • Steven S.F
    Steven S.F 9 hours ago

    I've just received word that Maroon 5 is being removed in favor of Spongebob Sweet Victory in order to honor the legendary and great Stephen Hillenburg at the Super bowl 2019.

    Did I get you? If I did leave a like if you want.

  • TEM!!! _
    TEM!!! _ 9 hours ago

    R.I.P Stephen Hillburg. Thanks for the countless memories :(

  • AZW512MKW (official 3 star Ninja General) hurricane andrew

    me after Atlanta United Won the Mls cup last night

    THERSX 9 hours ago

    I never saw Squidward that happy

  • serious gentleman
    serious gentleman 9 hours ago


  • Kegan Potter
    Kegan Potter 10 hours ago +1

    Wanted this to be our graduation theme song. Needless to say It was not. I failed you spongebob.

  • Superslash
    Superslash 10 hours ago +1

    Does anyone else remember watching this as a kid and the episode not ending with the freeze frame? I coulda sworn it went on longer, but that’s probably just want I wanted to see.

  • Ian Cordoba
    Ian Cordoba 10 hours ago

    Please sing this at the Superbowl 2019 For Stephen Hillenburg

  • Talon Týr
    Talon Týr 10 hours ago


  • Oppe Street
    Oppe Street 10 hours ago

    i love you stephen hillenburg and i love you spongebob squarepants

  • Fanta Mania
    Fanta Mania 10 hours ago

    Legend episode

  • Nisa Qatrunnada
    Nisa Qatrunnada 10 hours ago

    One of my fave episodes

  • Matthew Nadler Media
    Matthew Nadler Media 11 hours ago +1

    Rest in peace Stephen Hillenburg you're the best ever I was 7 years old when SpongeBob SquarePants was made I got into it when I was 9 / 10 years old and I still love it just like The Fairly OddParents Jimmy Neutron boy Genius♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️.!.

  • Ty DreadedCone
    Ty DreadedCone 11 hours ago


  • BlueWatch Master
    BlueWatch Master 11 hours ago +1


  • NbaAndre
    NbaAndre 11 hours ago

    If this isnt played at the *super bowl* then humans are cold hearted.
    It better be played at the NBA finals or NHL finals too...

  • NbaAndre
    NbaAndre 11 hours ago +2

    *_I think we are all wondering... who's mouth goes like this?_* 1:56

  • Opet kun
    Opet kun 11 hours ago +1

    Thanks stephen :)

  • Queen Forever
    Queen Forever 11 hours ago +1

    Play this at the super bowl plz!!

  • Mustaf Hersi
    Mustaf Hersi 11 hours ago +1


  • Stealzy
    Stealzy 11 hours ago +1

    Seeing this I really wish it was 2001 again

  • Winchester
    Winchester 12 hours ago +1

    Still getting goosebumps watching this. Just the best episode imo

  • JH AM
    JH AM 12 hours ago

    Song name😃

    • Anus
      Anus 9 hours ago

      Cant tell if this is a joke or not

  • Blupon
    Blupon 12 hours ago +1

    Look! Squid got a victory royale!

  • matysek Petr
    matysek Petr 12 hours ago

    rip sthephen we all missed

  • Refi Bayu
    Refi Bayu 12 hours ago

    Superbowl LIII here we go

  • ᖇEᗪ ᔕᑌᑎ ᖇIᔕIᑎG

    Forget Maroon 5...we need this!

  • VainGloriousBastard
    VainGloriousBastard 13 hours ago


  • Chace Shinohara
    Chace Shinohara 13 hours ago +1

    My proudest fap

  • Pieter-Bas Peppelenbosch

    This needs to be played at the superbowl

  • Space Pirate
    Space Pirate 13 hours ago

    RIP Stephen Hillenburg thanks for a great childhood

  • Dorian Sz
    Dorian Sz 13 hours ago


  • I have to wait 90 days to change my name

    Could you imagine if this was the final episode in the series? We would all cry

  • Benjamin Michael von Lichtenwald

    Can you see it there guys? RIGHT THERE? *THAT'S OUR CHILDHOOD GUYS!*

  • EV 1
    EV 1 14 hours ago

    Patrick tho...

  • Chris Soul Gamer
    Chris Soul Gamer 14 hours ago

    This. One of my BEST Episode since my childhood

  • crunchbar777
    crunchbar777 14 hours ago

    Love this episode, too bad they speed up the song to save time now on the network reruns

  • Señor Taxation
    Señor Taxation 14 hours ago

    753 people don't know what REAL MUSIC is

  • Manami Akabane
    Manami Akabane 14 hours ago

    Geil! Kindheit! Ich liebe diesen Song😍❤

  • костя Ририс
    костя Ририс 14 hours ago