Rod Wave - PTSD (Official Audio)

  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
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  • And i Oop-
    And i Oop- 3 days ago +1

    the fact that my name daijah.

  • Shari Carter
    Shari Carter 5 days ago

    Who was Deja to him?? You can hear the pain and love in his voice when he raps about her!!!

  • N.B.A. Never Broke Again
    N.B.A. Never Broke Again 12 days ago +1


  • Neil Beck
    Neil Beck 14 days ago +13


  • Paola Sobe
    Paola Sobe 17 days ago +9

    Yooo, can we get 2 verses?!!! Damnnnn these songs be too good to only get one! 😩

    • Trill Will MediaTM
      Trill Will MediaTM 15 days ago

      Paola Sobe I said the same shit he’s too 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • cK Sosa
    cK Sosa 18 days ago

    The OG Loot Lake

  • Planerz Mcbeam
    Planerz Mcbeam 19 days ago



    😭 In my feelings 🧩💙

  • Junior Wizkid
    Junior Wizkid 21 day ago +4

    "I tried to smile to hide the pain but i can't seem to shake it!"- Rod Wave (1:14)

  • melvin dowdell
    melvin dowdell 21 day ago

    I try Smile to hide the pain but I can't seem to Shake it ' It's Like Tht shit Be On my Brain on The Daily Base 💯

  • Taydayoungin Music
    Taydayoungin Music 21 day ago +1

    He caught 20 at 18 in 2018 ?

  • Caleb Ellis
    Caleb Ellis 23 days ago +1

    So deep. PAIN MAKES US WHO WE ARE!!! Felt that def hit home.. Been watching you grow and you really underated. This is 🔥, All the way to the TOP!!

  • tatispoon
    tatispoon 28 days ago

    Rod! 🚀

  • Itz The Edits
    Itz The Edits 28 days ago

    When he said “I never smoked so many FAKE FRIENDS” ! I lost it !! 🤯😂

  • 1st48_ chiraq
    1st48_ chiraq Month ago

    This nigga said let me goin and drop PTSD before herb🤦🏽‍♀️

  • ItzBobbyJack
    ItzBobbyJack Month ago

    Who is deja ?

  • Henry Davis
    Henry Davis Month ago

    Rod spit real shit

  • Arthur watson
    Arthur watson Month ago


  • brabrabadazzsavage
    brabrabadazzsavage Month ago +4

    Dawg got so much pain in his music you can feel it

  • Don Bloodworth
    Don Bloodworth Month ago +1


  • Milk Man Snoop
    Milk Man Snoop Month ago

    They say true love never dies

  • Keren Jean
    Keren Jean Month ago +12

    Ooh, this a Mac beat
    Ayy, yeah
    See, it's a lot of shit left me scarred
    I need chains to protect my heart
    It's a lot of shit left me scarred
    But pain makes us who we are
    And they say true love never dies
    But I felt that way when Deja left
    Even though they say I can't blame myself
    Still ain't forgave myself

    From the 'jects to a private jet, reminiscing and wishing
    I could take back the past and I could do it somethin' different
    Way before the rapping, the record labels, and bitches
    Way before my homies was dead and goin' to prison
    But the good go young, them other niggas, they don't last, yeah
    Chaz caught 20 at 18 and it was last year
    One down, 19 more to go
    Mama told me that karma real, son, slow your roll
    Go ask them niggas, we never spoke
    So many fake friends and smiling faces
    I try to smile to hide the pain but I can't seem to shake it
    It's like that shit be on my brain on a daily base
    Remember Deja died, I cried just like a baby, that pain shit made me
    It's a lot of shit left me scarred
    I need chains to protect my heart
    It's a lot of shit left me scarred
    But pain makes us who we are
    And they say true love never dies
    But I felt that way when Deja left
    Even though they say I can't blame myself
    Still ain't forgave myself, yeah

    • indirdfgs09
      indirdfgs09 Month ago +1

      Hahahahah THANKS FOR THE LYRIC 😏

  • Dead Pool fan
    Dead Pool fan Month ago

    Who was deja he said they died?

  • Willis Goat
    Willis Goat Month ago +6

    You and young boy need to make a song together 🤘🏾

    • Willis Goat
      Willis Goat 28 days ago +1

      How they would be a fye duo

    • NawfSide K
      NawfSide K Month ago

      Willis Goat Hell Nahh Get Off Rod Nuts

  • TMTgaming1
    TMTgaming1 Month ago

    This shit go hard

  • Malcom Merriweather

    Who was deja?

  • Keegan Pyle
    Keegan Pyle Month ago +9

    My new favorite artist ‼️🥵 every song is a banger 💯🤪

  • Lance hows
    Lance hows Month ago

    him and fat trel if u know what im talkin bout

  • Octavia Robinson
    Octavia Robinson Month ago +3

    I swear🤚 it sounds like he said my name, 💁‍♀️ijs

  • Amarion Washington
    Amarion Washington Month ago +1

    This shii go hard no cap

  • Robert Harris
    Robert Harris Month ago +16

    you can’t just listen to wave, you gotta listen to him in the car alone

  • Floridaboy Fry
    Floridaboy Fry Month ago


  • Lor. Shanti
    Lor. Shanti Month ago

    Idc what nobody rod wave dat nigga ‼️🔥#Fl shit 🍊🌴

    KYOBEATS ! Month ago


  • Luh Samm
    Luh Samm Month ago

    Rod speaks sum tru ass shii I neva get tired of fuckin wit his music💯

  • Julia Huerta
    Julia Huerta Month ago

    The KAME HOUSE... lol

  • OfficialBabyB
    OfficialBabyB Month ago +19

    Who liked this before listening ?🤩

  • Ken Escobar
    Ken Escobar Month ago

    Pain makes us who we are facts rod wave pain is the truth

  • me me
    me me Month ago


  • Journey Washington
    Journey Washington Month ago +1


  • Jizzy fatigue
    Jizzy fatigue Month ago

    Y’all gotta check me out @jizzyfatigue I’m 🆙 next 💯 I’m coming from nothin

  • Melisss Solone
    Melisss Solone Month ago

    This is the best song so much pain repeat repeat

  • Onrae Wright
    Onrae Wright Month ago

    Keep going young on go !!!bottom boy survivor

  • Ashley Chriss
    Ashley Chriss Month ago +1

    Rob wave is a whole vibe 😻

  • complex lifestyle
    complex lifestyle Month ago

    This man never disappoints...

  • Lucky Brown
    Lucky Brown Month ago


  • shamicka crowder
    shamicka crowder Month ago

    This shit go so hard! Wish it was longer...🎶🔥☄️

  • TRG Chris
    TRG Chris Month ago +7

    Rod better than weed🤣🔥🔥🎬

  • Leelee Jones
    Leelee Jones Month ago +4

    😔got damn🤦🏻‍♀️felt this to the core💯

  • Tre Gibson
    Tre Gibson Month ago +2

    Hardest song drop today!

  • Deon Gordon
    Deon Gordon Month ago

    "So many fake friends & smiley faces I try to smile to hide the pain but i can't seem to shake it It's like that shit be on my brain on the daily bases " "See It's A lot Of Shit Left me Scared"

  • Schenterrial Lowe
    Schenterrial Lowe Month ago


  • Bankroll Ash
    Bankroll Ash Month ago +1

    best song on the tape hands down!!

  • Donivan Smith
    Donivan Smith Month ago +1

    He needs more recognition!!

    NLRBG Month ago

    Bro you hard asf 🔥🔥gotta come Little Rock


    Super ! je fais aussi de la musique passez donner un avis ;)

  • MahdiThaBarber
    MahdiThaBarber Month ago


  • Unknwon BOSS TV
    Unknwon BOSS TV Month ago

    Tuff me g god bless

  • Tyrese Daniels
    Tyrese Daniels Month ago


  • Dennis Jurassik Scott Jr

    Another 1 💯💯💯💯💯

  • Jerimiah Dickens
    Jerimiah Dickens Month ago

    fucking goat

  • Narcotixx
    Narcotixx Month ago


  • Criss Howard
    Criss Howard Month ago

    Produced by @lilmac_gs9

  • Supa Slime
    Supa Slime Month ago

    Damn this shit here.....

  • Supa Slime
    Supa Slime Month ago

    How the fuck I get the notification 7 hours later

  • Real Hustla
    Real Hustla Month ago +3

    Dat Melody in his song juh makes me feel better already

  • ANTONIO Randolph Jr
    ANTONIO Randolph Jr Month ago +5

    Played this like 3 time this that crack!!💯💯🔥🔥

  • WavyBoyCam
    WavyBoyCam Month ago

    He drop nun but dat fye🔥

  • Renee James
    Renee James Month ago

    I felt all that

  • Mimi Robinson
    Mimi Robinson Month ago


  • Heavy Ammo
    Heavy Ammo Month ago

    Pain makes us who we are...WaveGod

  • King Tip Wavy
    King Tip Wavy Month ago +1

    Rod Take Your Mind Waaay Back To Places You Didn’t Know It Could Go ....

  • Nathaniel Cabico
    Nathaniel Cabico Month ago

    My dude rod consistent 🔑

  • Zachery Means
    Zachery Means Month ago +1

    I need chains to pertect my heart 💯❤️

  • Regine Adrien
    Regine Adrien Month ago

    this my shittttt

  • King Marley
    King Marley Month ago +3

    I Get Chills Rod I Stg I Get Chills 😪🤞🏾🦋

  • sheloves Rome
    sheloves Rome Month ago


  • Brandon Prophet
    Brandon Prophet Month ago


  • Erna Goofy
    Erna Goofy Month ago +20

    🤧🤧🤧🤧Mane this is deep, hitting spots I’ve went through I was good from. “A lot of shit left me scarred.... but pain is what makes us who we are”

  • Key Smith
    Key Smith Month ago

    Rodarius 😍😍😍😍

  • D _thabest
    D _thabest Month ago

    I just felt a shock 😢🕊🕊🕊🕊

  • Soulja Tank
    Soulja Tank Month ago

    Pain makes us who we are

  • Soulja Tank
    Soulja Tank Month ago

    Click on it so fast didn’t even hear it yet

  • Ericka Simmons
    Ericka Simmons Month ago +1


  • FiestaBoy
    FiestaBoy Month ago


  • FMG Keazyboa
    FMG Keazyboa Month ago +34

    Haven’t Heard A Bad Track From You Yet My Guy.🥶 Keep Making Music. You Inspire Me So Much Bro.

  • Queens Haseyes
    Queens Haseyes Month ago

    Every song he drop Issa hit on my momma 🙏🏾

  • Trap Early
    Trap Early Month ago

    Soulful music

  • Trap Early
    Trap Early Month ago


    KING TINY DAWG Month ago +1

    Been waiting for dis joint to droppp💯💯💯🔥🤞🏾

  • Kenasha Bras
    Kenasha Bras Month ago

    i love it💕💕!!!

  • Kerbo r.i.p x
    Kerbo r.i.p x Month ago +4

    Rod and Kevin Gates will have a song together by the end of this year 🖕🤓

    • sfecuzzo727
      sfecuzzo727 Month ago

      Kerbo r.i.p x gates was pose to remixed heart for sale

  • Longway Tonyb
    Longway Tonyb Month ago


  • dada 1k
    dada 1k Month ago

    Stay snapin🏌🏿🗣‼

  • SoFlOrIDa
    SoFlOrIDa Month ago

    Turn this blue if rod wave a GOAT🐐

  • Zae Adams
    Zae Adams Month ago


  • James Sosox
    James Sosox Month ago

    Forever wave

  • TrellyTrell MOGB
    TrellyTrell MOGB Month ago


  • Luke Samojlik
    Luke Samojlik Month ago

    Please put this on Spotify or SoundCloud 🔥🔥

  • trey filthy
    trey filthy Month ago +9

    He a real one fr man be healing pain fr 🤝💯