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Top 30 Unexpected Thug Life Moments


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  • 18 Cats Sat
    18 Cats Sat Day ago

    the musics suck.

  • GhostNtheShel13
    GhostNtheShel13 Day ago

    Old ass Nokia phone!!

  • Scott Benoit
    Scott Benoit Day ago

    The boomerang one is extremely unprofessional. That shit aint right how many other ppl did he laugh at 4 real

  • Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews

    that cat was gangsta

  • Ben the Bulldog
    Ben the Bulldog Day ago

    20:12 clash of clans fortune tree. Like If u know what i mean

  • tony mcdaniel
    tony mcdaniel Day ago

    I had to watch the tv show one twice just way to funny

  • tony mcdaniel
    tony mcdaniel Day ago

    The talk show holy fuck I was crying fr9m laughing so hard guess not a long term job .lol

  • Undertale Fangirl
    Undertale Fangirl Day ago +1


  • KParks
    KParks Day ago

    Guys face on the right at 17:38 πŸ˜‚

  • Jacey Clark
    Jacey Clark Day ago

    Actually the new thug life cigarettes are juuls

  • ODonskey14
    ODonskey14 Day ago

    "thug life" dude what the fuck not every video has to end in thug life

  • Nico Buono
    Nico Buono Day ago

    Why did I get rick-rolled when I clicked on one of the links? πŸ˜‚

  • chunkymonkey55555


  • Tony Major
    Tony Major Day ago

    9:55 OMG.

  • Unboxing Things
    Unboxing Things Day ago

    Fuck horses worst animals on the planet

  • Ben Archer
    Ben Archer Day ago

    18:30. His name is Jack English, and he hates the British. That guy must spit bile every time he sees his own name.

  • C2Alcatraz
    C2Alcatraz Day ago

    The cop killed it :D

  • Baeromez
    Baeromez Day ago

    Worth it

  • Joe Mac
    Joe Mac Day ago

    the cat doesn't belong in a video about ironic thug life moments

  • Sebstruction
    Sebstruction 2 days ago

    for number 30, stands back up with a board that says ''he will slap me and think i didnt know'' *reporter intensifies*

  • Lucky SHekhawat
    Lucky SHekhawat 2 days ago

    Feeling bored :/ worst compilation ever

  • That1Grl
    That1Grl 2 days ago

    #25 and # 13 LOL!

  • Tracy Robinson
    Tracy Robinson 2 days ago

    The guy who laughed at the wrong time on the TV show was just super sad. The rest was a hoot and a half! Saving this to my playlist lol. Lmfaooo

  • Bass Bros
    Bass Bros 2 days ago

    You know future, get a slap on yo' ass and you will see the past too XD

  • Kristine Smart
    Kristine Smart 2 days ago

    Love The Pug Life Tobogganer!

  • MassEffectFan113
    MassEffectFan113 2 days ago

    Good gosh most of these sucked. like this channel.

  • Tippy thecrab
    Tippy thecrab 2 days ago

    Are we not gonna acknowledge that the horse literally made that person retarded? K cool

  • Khubilung
    Khubilung 2 days ago

    that cat deserves an oscar though 5: 27

  • KasaShime Kyo
    KasaShime Kyo 2 days ago

    17:30 - disclaimer - all this show is fake

  • Brandon Doungel
    Brandon Doungel 2 days ago

    71k likes 17k dislikes!
    Like if you saw!

  • Srijan Agrawal
    Srijan Agrawal 2 days ago +1

    Boemerang was hilarious xDDDD

  • Adam Gardiner
    Adam Gardiner 2 days ago

    I don't like cats...but dat thug cat. Fuckin' dead set legendary mate.

  • Robert Goodale
    Robert Goodale 2 days ago

    Couldn't stand watching it for more than a few minutes, the "mewzik" ruined it.

  • Malik Diaz
    Malik Diaz 2 days ago

    5:25 cats a hero

  • creed gaming
    creed gaming 2 days ago

    dat cat doe

  • Darcy L
    Darcy L 2 days ago

    19:12, I hope the little fella was yelling "Later Beeeaaatch!" at the hyena while he was running away.

  • Darcy L
    Darcy L 2 days ago

    I was so hoping this was real but the Boemarang part is from a Flemish sketch comedy show called 'in de gloria', and everyone in it are actors. Some of you might recognize the guy with the funny voice as Lucas Van den Eynde and the talk show host as Tom Van Dijck. They both appeared in 'The memory of a killer' which aired in the US some time ago. My info is from here: The whole thing seemed so obviously contrived, especially when the messed up vocal cords guy started on about "sweet talk" and then yet another fellow with the same type of injury joined in. After that I had to do some investigating. LoL.

  • TheDeadKingdom
    TheDeadKingdom 2 days ago

    Wishing that there was a video about the people who say one dollar above the previous answer on the price is right-

  • dave capps
    dave capps 2 days ago

    just one good ass whipping would be good for the host.

  • Lordimur
    Lordimur 2 days ago

    Dallas... Stranger danger...

    ... Ice cream. You wanna bite?

  • Derek Smith
    Derek Smith 2 days ago


  • Licho Tropical
    Licho Tropical 2 days ago

    #13 at 15:10 did any one say Das Auto?

  • Doc Diddles
    Doc Diddles 2 days ago

    25 would've been so much better if she broke her spine and wound up paralyzed.

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees 2 days ago

    The gay ass hip hop music and stupid editing was retarded. We don't need that crap. Just want to see the vids

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees 2 days ago

    Don't want to hear the music

  • TripleTreuViet
    TripleTreuViet 2 days ago

    that boemerang thang has gotta be a prank or else he is one fucked up kid. like, wtf?! r u retarded?! if its real someone shouldve got up n punched him dafuck out. that was disrespect, rude, racist, cross the line, distasteful loser fucked up at the MAX!!!

  • Brian Taylor
    Brian Taylor 2 days ago

    Ok. I watched it. Now can you take the fat skating bastard thumbnail 14:47 away TVclip. thanks. Oh yeah and the fluctuating audio was wonderful--and by "wonderful" I mean unwatchable

  • Muketsu The Great Sage of The East

    that horse one isnt even funny that chick just died

  • Ashish Sabu
    Ashish Sabu 2 days ago

    BEST PART 5:30............OMG THAT CAT LOL

  • panagiwtis samiwtakis

    10 !! BY FAR ..!!

  • pithecus lacksapiens

    I feel so bad for erik

  • Fauxtool
    Fauxtool 3 days ago

    you got any more of dem pixels?

  • Mystery Science Gaming 3000

    4:47 damnnn that's fukn ice cold

  • Michael Minino
    Michael Minino 3 days ago

    25 was so satisfying

  • T Orrent
    T Orrent 3 days ago

    What "music"? All I hear is a pile of shit.

  • Mong man
    Mong man 3 days ago

    We should of told America to shove it up their arse when they brought us into an illegal war! Accusing Blair of war crimes was a joke!
    The inflatable trump balloon shows how much we love you...
    Discuss....don't shoot the

  • Bobbi Hamm
    Bobbi Hamm 3 days ago

    This whole thing was F’ing hilarious!!!

  • Sananas sananas
    Sananas sananas 3 days ago

    u was shooketh at 6:16 cuz i understood what it said cuz it's dutch

  • Bobbi Hamm
    Bobbi Hamm 3 days ago

    β€œThe sweet talk is important too!” Hahahahahahaha

    KYLE PADUA 3 days ago

    Ice cream.

  • Philippe Eggerickx
    Philippe Eggerickx 3 days ago +1

    Number 18 is not real; it's satire.

  • Mike Krazer
    Mike Krazer 3 days ago

    18:36 rofl god damn right

  • Forestfire
    Forestfire 3 days ago +21

    I hate myself for enjoying this poorly made shit. That said. It was funny.

  • Dallas Maldonado
    Dallas Maldonado 3 days ago

    Stupid music

    CHUNGUS 3 days ago


  • kevin murphy
    kevin murphy 3 days ago

    did u get passed?

  • billzhang2004 Zhang
    billzhang2004 Zhang 3 days ago

    this is the funniest video in the history of youtube

  • Daniel Duverge
    Daniel Duverge 3 days ago

    and dr pepper is good for you. fact.

  • Daniel Duverge
    Daniel Duverge 3 days ago

    but icecream

  • Mason
    Mason 3 days ago

    The Bomerang show bit ruled.

  • Logan Seriani
    Logan Seriani 3 days ago

    The nostalgia from all these videos.

  • Caleb Reagan
    Caleb Reagan 3 days ago

    number 20, that cat bulldozed that dog straight off the side walk

  • Kylie Burg
    Kylie Burg 3 days ago

    Dallas, we don’t know him, stranger danger...

    *ice cream*

  • The Hidden Face
    The Hidden Face 3 days ago

    19:35 That's just called being a woman πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Zane Estrada
    Zane Estrada 3 days ago

    Honestly I’m pretty satisfied

  • Shy Shy
    Shy Shy 3 days ago

    "ice cream"

    MIGUEL PINEDA-DRAWS 3 days ago

    i fucking died at 7:53

  • KeyboardKrazy49
    KeyboardKrazy49 3 days ago

    16:04 FUS RO DAH!!!

  • Thor OdinSon
    Thor OdinSon 3 days ago

    I’m sorry, we founded America

  • HealingChurchPotluck

    There was a shocking lack of Boris Johnson in this video. Please try to rectify that

  • Sun RaTheThird
    Sun RaTheThird 3 days ago

    I dident expect to see a snuff film in this, youtube getting realy lax with their censoring ^^

  • Hakael
    Hakael 3 days ago

    last one is the best

    BOB BOBBSIN 3 days ago

    13:19 Motivational shiet

  • Unagr Inc.
    Unagr Inc. 3 days ago

    He’s literally called Jack English... ENGLISH

  • YungG
    YungG 3 days ago

    #21 isnt thug life. If farmers can't break a horse or if they kick and possibly kill someone via kick to the head. Then the horse usually gets put down.

  • Nuno Moto
    Nuno Moto 3 days ago

    20:29 he was playing clash of clans

  • Nico Wagner
    Nico Wagner 3 days ago

    the last is my favourite.

  • Tyrouge
    Tyrouge 3 days ago

    15:23 Did someone order tofu ?

  • Tom Hall
    Tom Hall 4 days ago

    18:19 'Merica!!

    • Aaron Archual
      Aaron Archual 2 days ago

      Literally, coming from a dude named Jack ENGLISH. lol

  • Ben s
    Ben s 4 days ago

    was actually a great speech until Hulk took over

  • TM Lean
    TM Lean 4 days ago

    3:18 i never laughed so hard!

  • Diego Las Heras
    Diego Las Heras 4 days ago

    Fuck all this thug life i want the playlist of all the nigga songs

  • mxsxkxcrc
    mxsxkxcrc 4 days ago

    The guy laughing at the guest with the high-pitched voice has me dying. What an asshole hahahahahaha

  • 3X73RM
    3X73RM 4 days ago

    What was that bit about Boomerang? Nothing thug about laughing at people's medical conditions. Just cringey tbh. I was waiting for some sort of punchline or something, but just nothing but a TV host disrespecting his guests? The fuck?

  • Dirtydan Gaming
    Dirtydan Gaming 4 days ago

    5:35 that cat though

  • Hauke Geirnaert
    Hauke Geirnaert 4 days ago +1

    number 18 is a sketch from an old belgium tv show

  • IntrinsicSuave
    IntrinsicSuave 4 days ago

    #19 @5:45 that kid was disappointed that the kid who slid down didn't get hurt so he had to do it himself

  • Godsnondeju
    Godsnondeju 4 days ago

    That boomerang video is epic

  • sugabearization
    sugabearization 4 days ago

    5:20 Guess what breed of dog that was on #20 that was about to maul that little kid to death had the cat not come to the rescue. Yep, just another good little dindu nuffin pit bull. Cue all the tards that will tell you how good they actually are and they just get a bad reputation due to bad owners.πŸ™„ You know what every other breed of dog doesn’t do, even with bad owners? Maul people to death.

  • Brad Kannry
    Brad Kannry 4 days ago

    Mf really unplugged his dead moms vacuum πŸ˜‚πŸ’€